MP1st Reader Blog: Did Microsoft Save Themselves, Dig The Hole Deeper, or Both?

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Ever since late February, Microsoft has been looked on as the anti-christ of next-gen consoles, with rumors about always online, and then the confirmation of it, gamers have felt stabbed in the back when it comes to privacy, traveling and most importantly, gaming. After E3 however, Microsoft decided it was time to get rid of those policies, but did they save themselves, dig the hole deeper, or both?

Whether they did it for the gamers as they say they did, or for the investors, Microsoft dropped the ball on always online and decided that it was time to go back to what made their last console a contender in the market. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about it, one gamer by the name of colbycheese3 stated “Good on them for changing, but I think they changed for the wrong reasons. And that tells me something about Microsoft as a company, and I don’t like it.” And while I personally believe it’s a win for gamers as well, it does make Microsoft look weak and I’ll even go as far saying that they surrendered to Sony.

Whether or not they changed it for the wrong reasons, it still baffles me and others that Microsoft did not see this coming months back when the rumors started flying. DRM has always been controversial for consoles and games that are single-player, and the fact that Microsoft still decided that it was okay for these policies to be implemented says to me and many alike, “We don’t care about you”. And yes, they are a buisness and their main goal is to provide a service and make money, but the way you can make even more money is by listening to the people who are going to pay for your service. Companies like EA and Sony are becoming more game savvy, dropping controversial services, adding extra incentives, and providing gamers with new ways to expand their experience.

Overall, I believe that Microsoft did save themselves, the gamers spoke and either they listened to us or the investors, but they did it at the cost of our trust in them, which means they dug the hole deeper. I think the next time they plan on making some policies, they dive a bit deeper into the world of gaming instead.

Author: PI3KY

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  • awkenney

    They considered going the DRM route due to the demand of publishers and developers to provide a way to prevent having their IP stolen. it was that simple.

  • methodicalx

    Boo hoo… Fucking get over yourself. I’m tired of all the crying. They are a fucking business! Nobody bitches when their 401k’s and investments go through the roof because of these money hungry companies. What the fuck?! “I can’t always get online :-(” Cry me a river bitch! I don’t care! I CAN always get online and I want the most bang for my buck. Buy a fucking PS4!

    • methodicalx

      …and I “vote up” my own posts! BOOM!!!

      • AtheistMason


        And it won’t work XD

        • methodicalx

          Sure it does. You should try it.

          • AtheistMason

            I tried to vote my own post. No—

          • paulinacio

            lol it says NEGATIVE 1 up “-1^” LMFAO

    • paulinacio

      WOW Dude comb your tits!! Where did a the hostility come from??

    • AtheistMason

      The guy that cries the loudest says “I’m tired of all the crying”! Dat irony

    • mrup2nogud

      Nice way to express your opinions you foul mouthed animal…

  • Cillian Greene

    I dont give a fuck about DRM or always online, what I do care about is KINECT, I’m not paying 100$ extra for a useless piece of always connected hardware that i’ll never use

    • methodicalx

      I concur.

    • Kidanny Mendez

      and if it breaks you’re xbox one would turn into a brick and you would have to spend more money on a new kinect you didn’t even want in the first place

      • Jason

        A little far fetched

        • Derek

          How is that far fetched in any way, shape, or form?

    • Kidanny Mendez

      and if it breaks you’re xbox one would turn into a brick and you would have to spend more money on a new kinect you didn’t even want in the first place

    • Derek

      Don’t necessarily want to go PS4 but MS is forcing me to lol. I’m not paying money for a Kinect plain and simple. If I could unplug the stupid thing and sell it on ebay or something than maybe…just maybe..

  • swipe_06

    It made the amazon UK top sales list 12 days ago and its already dropping. Currently more people buy Animal Crossing than the one. If MS would drop the Kinect, they might have a slight chance to stay in the game.

    • methodicalx

      It’s dropping, as all things do. However, the preorders will not stop, they will flat line. Slow and steady. What happens is the hardcore gamers, who know they want the Xbox and want it on the first day, go out and order it. That’s where the spike comes from. Just like anything else.

  • James Hoffa

    why don’t you go cry on your twitter PIeky about how no girls like you and how depressed you are

    • Raymond Featherston

      *Why *are. Before you tell someone to go away and make such insults over their opinion why don’t you learn basic kindergarten grammar first.

  • Jason

    I have seen a lot of people (Mostly on Forums) say that MS has “dug themselves deeper” and some are the same people who complained about Having these restrictions in place originally (lol), So I count them out 😉 In the real world and my friends and family I have talked to about it say that they are glad that MS took away these restriction and are looking forward to purchasing a One now. So I think all-in-all most consumers think they made the right move even though it was for the better of the industry just not the right time and manner.

    • paulinacio

      I believe it was for the best since all the restrictions that were in place were the reason I didn’t even think twice about getting a Xbox One but now I will be getting one down the road when the price drops

  • Ryan Schulze

    I think it’ll help their sales. Those bothered by the online reversal are still probably going with the xbone, so it doesn’t really hurt them. Unless, it proves to be Window dressing and the policy didn’t really change. Honestly, I don’t know much about the Ps4’s DRM plans, but they won’t disable my ps4 if it’s not connected and i don’t have to pay for a Kinect or PS eye when I don’t want one.

    Looking forward to some of the creepy YouTube videos we see from Kinect though. I know one friend with a Kinect and because his family uses it sometimes, when we game, I can hear everything going on in his living room and I have to tell him to mute it. Curious if anyone will be able to hack it and turn your camera on without you knowing?

  • FPS Hobo

    If nothing at all they learned the difference between Xbox Fanboys and Conservative gamers. All in all Sony’s open trolling made Microsoft cave not angry netizens. Gamestop and Capitalism Wins!
    Flawless victory!
    but… the conspiracy theorist in me thinks Microsoft purposely did this with no intention of following through with the DRM-Always Online just to see how many “xbox turncoats” would turn away from Sony when the dust settled and as we see in pre-order reports where PS4 went from having a landslide victory to a slight lead over Microsoft. This will be interesting to say the least.

    • paulinacio

      No way in hell would Microsoft pull something as stupid as that just to see the outcome

  • zacflame

    I like where microsoft is going.
    they are making the xbone shitty enough so all gamers get a PS4 and good enough so all douchebags, idiots, etc. buy xbone.
    (It’s terrible compared to PS4, but if you don’t really care, you are more likely to buy an xbone.)

  • Dirtknap

    Realistically It’s too soon to say whether this whole saga will have any long term impact, more than likely, it will all come out in the wash over time. If we examine Sony’s slow (and late) start for the current generation against their current standings, the things that worked against them at launch are of no consequence now, I expect the X1 will reflect this too.

  • Dead-Sync

    My concern with Microsoft, and maybe a core driving factor of me switching to Sony (among a few other reasons), is that I think Microsoft has lost touch with it’s real gamer fanbase.

    They point out that the reason Kinect failed was that not everyone had a Kinect, so developers would be hesitant to build for it. However, if Kinect wasn’t in many households, doesn’t that say something about what the gamers want? Maybe they didn’t WANT to use Kinect. So, why put investment into making gamers pay for it and hope developers develop for it when: simply put, many are not intersted.

    That, and as the article mentions: the dislike for the DRM was seen from a mile away, and rather than show the benefit of it for gamers, they simply took it away. While it’s not necessarily a bad move: I’d rather have seen an effort to explain why DRM should or shouldnt be in the X1 for the gamers. If there aren’t any reasons worth sharing for adding something: then why add it in the first place? Unless you can substantially tell the gamers something about that change that gets them excited.

    I think Sony has done this, whereas Microsoft sadly has not.

  • Aria68

    Sony’s first-party studios have 30 games in development for the PlayStation 4.
    20 of them coming in the first year and 12 of them are brand new IPs.

    What is your answer to this Microsoft ?! Is it your Halo or is it your Time exclusive games like TF/DR3 ?

  • zakrocz

    I’ll do the same as this gen, Xbox 1 first, then PS4 when they have their first exclusive I really want to play, which was KZ2 this gen. Why Xbox, well for me it pretty much just comes down to preferring the Xbox pad to the PS pad. Still not happy with the design position of the PS4 pad’s twin analogue sticks. The only issue with the 360 pad is the d-pad which has now been fixed in Xbox 1.

    Don’t care about DRM, used games and always online before or after the 180.

    Don’t care about streaming movies, TV and all the other media both current gen consoles offer me and I won’t care about all that this gen.

    Just care about the giant leap forward in the tech, just like I have always done with every new generation. 64 player battlefield on console being one example.

  • rhetoricmonkey

    I still hear that one guy saying, “deal with it”. Why did he resign if it was the truth? My ISP has a cap on my usage. A cloud game would eat my usage very fast, not to mention I have multiple gamers in my household. Caps imposed by my ISP are not Microsofts fault, but they should be considered because I have no control over them.