MP1st Reader Blog: Is the PlayStation 4 Worth It?

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Since the night of February 20th in New York City, when the PS4 was finally announced, specs specified, and the new Dualshock and PlayStaton Eye were revealed, I’ve been blown away by the improvement on Sony’s part to make the ultimate console for both gamers and developers. Here’s why.

I’ve always been an Xbox guy, I never did like any of the PlayStations except for the first one, (which i sometimes break out) I’d always hear about how laggy the network was, how the social aspect was terribly built and difficult to use, and how expensive it was. The only good things that the PlayStation had were it’s collection of exclusive games and free multiplayer, unlike Xbox’s subscription based system. Now with Sony’s big announcement, and everything that i have read, I’ve gained much more respect for them. They took suggestions from developers, added more of a social platform for gamers to share, connect and even showcase their own gameplay, redesigned their controller for better fit and easier navigation, and they even specified the specs of the PS4 which are fantastic compared to the current generations.

So the question is, is the PS4 worth it? I strongly believe it is. Sony has truly learned from it’s mistakes and has upped the ante in the gamble of consoles. Whenever Microsoft decides to showcase their next-gen console, they better be on par with Sony, otherwise I may switch from being Xbox only to PlayStation only.

Author: Denny Kovacs.

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  • Alexander

    first and i am no fanboy. PC gamer 4 Life.

    • MikePembo951

      I used to play PS1 (it’s still in the loft somewhere).
      The PS1 was a great console but after that I switched to PC gaming.

      These new consoles benefit us too though!

      New consoles = better PC ports since the PS4 is x86 based.
      It also means we get better graphics as the VG industry can now invest in new graphics technology

      • The Army Ranger

        Also means the cost of developing games will rise, and the cost of buying a game might increase temporarily until later in the the PS4’s life span.

    • Fraz

      Aye. I havn’t owned a console since the dreamcast (n64 before that, snes was the best console ever). I don’t count my 360 cos I dont play it.

  • The one thing that pisses me off with my PS3 is that every time I turn it on, there’s an update, never anything to bring new features, just some mandatory update that rarely does anything to the experience. Every year with the Xbox, it gets a completely new interface. If the PS4 is anything like the PS3 in regards to endless updates that don’t bring anything to the table, no thank you. Another issue was how painfully slow the downloads were. If a game has a day one patch, I don’t want to sit there doing updates for an hour or more just to play a game.

    • QwietStorm

      You can’t play very often if you have an update every time you turn it on?

      • If I was going to play some MP on it, yeah, the update process is an annoyance when you are wanting to play and have to install updates first.

    • Dirtknap

      Yeah, what QwietStorm said. And game patches generally don’t tend to take more than a minute or so, unless you’re referring to the epic BF3 re balancing patches that weighed in at 1.5GB, but that’s a different scenario entirely.

      • Tried playing Starhawk day one, it had a first day patch. Took me a while to finally download the patch and start playing. I have a reliable connection, but when it comes to the PS3, I get no where near the speeds that I should be getting. Little updates for the PS3 alone take 15 minutes for me for downloading and installation. The patches for BF3 would make me throw my PS3. It takes me about 15 minutes to download the BF3 patches on Xbox.

        • Dirtknap

          That’s weird dude, maybe you have some sort of connectivity issue with your console? I take you’re hardwired with ports forwarded etc (not that you should really have to do that for general online activity)?

          • Jason

            No, My PS3 and Friends PS3 were/are the same with BF3 I have it for Both 360 and PS3 and it always takes longer for the big patches to download on my PS3 almost 2x!? I thought it was my Console until many others have said the same.

            • Dirtknap

              Odd, I don’t have BF3 on both consoles so don’t have a direct comparison there, but I haven’t really seen a noticeable disparity with other titles I own on both platforms. I can see how that would be a frustration, but I’d rather manage my time for updates rather than exclude myself from superior hardware (should that be the case), it would be a crying shame to base a buying decision on the speed at which you can download and install updates.

        • jonchr2

          what is your internet speed connection?? small update take me 30sec and for example the BF3 patches or map packs take me 30min

  • therapiist

    I’m for sure be getting a PS4 for sure. And maybe later on get the new Xbox too.. I’m a gamer freak, I love playing video games on my PC too..I just can’t wait to get my hands on the next gen..A true gamer play just about any console and not being a fanboy like others.

    • Fraz

      Well if you’re a pc gamer too, then you already have your hands on the next gen:)

      • therapiist

        True lol..But it’s very nice to play some friends that cant play on some pc..I wish i can put a downpayment at gamestop for next gen now..

      • RyGuy

        The hardware may be ‘next-gen’ but the software isn’t. Let’s just face it, PC gamers have been getting terrible PC ports for too long. Hopefully the PS4 alleviates that for a time.

        • Natemag1

          What? Really! Dude that pc ports are shitty ps3 and Xbox 360 games. One great game arma2 which just made a mod into its own game. Look at mount and blade it had mod made into a game as well plus mount and blade has least 1000 mods most likely more. Then Lol and dato the list goes on and on.

          • Jamic

            Those arent “next gen software” though.

      • didn’t next gen start with crysis 1 😛

      • Jason

        No it’s not…

      • true gamer without $$ what should he do ??

      • Jason

        True to an extent, Listen, The best GPU on the market NOW is the GTX 680 SLi (Crossfire) with a total of 4GB of DDR5 at a memory bandwidth of 192gb/sec. The PS4 is a Custom AMD GPU that has 8GB GDDR5 (GDDR= Graphics Double Data Rate 5x, AKA 8 Gb of memory JUST for Graphics) at a Memory Bandwidth of 176gb/sec but TWICE as much of it. Nvidia is also releasing their new Titan GPU this year That has 6gb GDDR5 and cost $1,000! So in a way the PS4 is currently more powerful than Top Gaming PC’s in the Graphics and Raw Computing Power area @ 1.84 Teraflops vs PS3’s .25 Teraflops, and it will supposedly cost around $400 vs the $1,000 you will have to spend JUST for a PC’s GPU to come close to matching the PS4’s. I could also go into how a Console architecture Utilizes it’s hardware around 35% more than a PC, But only if you want me too 🙂 or you could try running games on a 512mb GPU on a PC and see if it can put graphics out the same as an Xbox 360 that utilizes the same Memory? (Spoiler) IT CAN’T COME CLOSE!

        • Mostly true. The PS4 uses an “APU” which has a CPU and GPU on a single die that shares the 8GB of GDDR5. So there is no dedicated GPU RAM in the PS4, and no dedicated CPU RAM in the PS4. The good thing is, I’m fairly certain that the CPU and GPU sections both will be able to address the entire 8GB.

          • Jason

            Right, because of “G”DDR so it will utilize all 8gb if needed, The APU set up is the same deal they did with PS3 sort of, Also the CPU has a 1gb Blitter VRAM that also can be shared between CPU and GPU if i heard correctly which the Xbox is rumored to have something similar for transferring data between the two up to 150gb/sec. The only downside to the GPU is that it runs at an 800mhz speed (not bad at all) vs the 1100 the 680sli clocks in at

            • The PS4 is not indicated to have a blitter from architecture diagrams I’ve seen. It is a system on a chip design which combines a CPU, GPU and memory controller into one “APU” which is able to address 8GB of Unified GDDR5 system memory.

        • tt33tt

          you are so ignorant in pc stuff the gpu power isn’t by how many gigs of ram it is its about procssor’s speed , bus width , memory clock etc… and if it was in i can get Geforce GT630 in SLI (8gb of ram total)
          and that costs 160$ bucks but it isnt like that .. and i’m pretty sure that sony will put a medium power gpu because of (WHAT PRICE PEOPLE EXPECT) on the other hand pc users can custom their computers as they like dont forget things you’re missing like nvidea Pshyx,Browsing, listening to a song while playing, downloading mods, downloading pirated stuff, and don’t compare today’s graphics cards to future PS4 when ps4 is released then we see how powerful is it to the next generation of GPUs they’re at least going to be 50% better than today’s GPUs

    • Denny Kovacs

      Very true. I also play the PC, but i do unlike others who play both, enjoy the console more then the PC.

  • The entire question “is it worth it” can be answered until Microsoft reveals the new xbox.
    From the sounds of it though, the answer will probably be yes.

  • Karam G.Aswad

    ps plus ftw

  • QwietStorm



    Sony fan here but until there’s a price released there isnt much to say about it.

  • PS4 for right now

    Unless Microsoft comes out and wows me with there offering I am getting a PS4 so far. Microsoft disappointed me this time because of the bad hardware. I am on my 3rd Xbox because of the red ring of death problem. I am sure they wont make that mistake again but who really knows with PS4 coming out the gate they might rush again to get theres out.

  • potato

    How can you say its worth if you dont know the price yet.

    • Fraz

      I bet the ps4 is going to be cheap in comparison to the ps3 at launch. Sounds like they’re using less proprietary hardware. Will be a PC in a console case running a custom OS from Sony. In fact didn’t they say it’s x86 architecture?

    • jonchr2

      it will be around 400$.

  • lrishjake

    The PS3 had issues.. it did. But the 2 Ive owned, from 1st day release 60gb to my 120gb slim have been more than worth the money. I cant count the hours Ive used it for things other than gaming. The PS4 could be $750 out the gate and I’d lay down that money without question.. so any price point they put it at will make me happy. I say its more than worth it. Far less than $1 a day over its lifespan.

    • Grammar recruity

      Reading your post hurt my brain.

  • RyGuy

    I’ve always gotten new Playstation hardware before Xbox hardware simply because I grew up on that brand. Things can still change but like others have said, it depends on how Microsoft handles this upcoming generation.

  • tobias

    games sell consoles. if the ps4 has the content and a killer launch lineup, then no doubt it’ll be worth it. all the hardware and added extras are just icing on the cake.

  • jonchr2

    If the rumors around the new xbox is true, many positive but also negative, and the negative rumors are big! one rumor: it doesn’t work without internet and another: games and gamediscs will have some kind of mark making it impossible to share games. if even one of those rumors are true they will suffer a huge loss in sales, given that Sony have already announced the ps4 will run used ps4 games. sadly, it seems that both consoles wont have backward compatability.

    We don’t know for sure yet, but taking the rumors and the already confirmed details about the new xbox, it seem Sony have the more powerful and social console. but we will all know when microsoft decides to show off the new xbox.

  • Whoo! My Blog is on the front page!

  • I’m very excited for this, as well as any Uncharted game that comes.

  • Reading all the “I grew up on the Playstation…” talk really makes me feel old. I grew up on the Atari 2600. Dabbled in a little Intellivision. Gamed a little on my Apple II+ and friends Commodore 64’s. Moved on to NES, then Genesis, PS1, PS2, and now the 360. Sony is looking good again with the PS4, but I’ll wait and see. I think I ended up with the most popular system and the most games to choose from every generation and I want to keep that streak going.

    • Natemag1

      I grew up on the gameboy and ps2 fat

    • I’m there with you. Atari 2600 born and raised.

      • We could only dream of playing in three dimensions, let alone advanced particle effects. Still remember my Dad asking when i was gonna grow out of video games. Apparently…never.

        • I still enjoy ALL Atari 2600 games (INCLUDING E.T. – *gasp*) more than Infamous, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, God of War, Tomb Raider or any of these other cinematic storytime action adventure platform pieces of shit we have now. Boring as hell watching 1hr 30min of cutscene to play 1hr of game with shittier mechanics than Pitfall 2: Lost Caverns!

  • Yes & Yes

  • Thomas

    I’m sure it will be worth it, plus some. Personally, I’ll most likely be purchasing the next Xbox, unless there’s some huge flub, because I prefer their controllers and that’s where my money is invested. The PS4 looks very intriguing and I might just be tempted to throw down cash for both.

  • Mark

    I completely agree with you! If xbox isnt on pair with 8gb ddr5 and same or better specs, then I and many will switch to SONY, I also love how sony is now very dedicated to hardcore gamers while xbox everytime is leaving gaming in second place, and focusing too much on kinect shi&, if microsoft dont open their eyes then the only successful product from microsoft will FAIL too.
    BTW: we DONT want 8gb ddr3, we want ddr5 on xbox too!

    • DanDustEmOff

      the 8gb ddr 5 is being used for system memory and grapics memory this is a bad sign not good it means sony have not truly learnt their lesson and are still trying to be different this makes the system difficult to code for meaning if xbox stick to standard pc architecture devs will choose the xbox to develop on leaving the ps4 in the dark for another generation

  • Mastalink

    Lets be honest here … The PS4 hype train has left the station. With every system there has been a gigantic leap for gaming. I have not seen or heard anything that points to this. This is like getting the 32x for sega. It’s a nice and welcome upgrade, but its more like going from ipad 2 to ipad 4. There’s really nothing “new.” I will not be wasting my money on a PS4.

  • JK Monroe

    Micro$oft is all about making gamers pay for EVERYTHING.

    They started with mandatory fees for online play with Xbox Live. PSN was totally free.
    M$ then required gold membership for using Netflix online. PSN was totally free.

    M$ experimented with getting customers to buy an Xbox360 with hardly no money up front but had to pay for it with a monthly contract. A contract which in the end benefited M$ more than the customer. They are now thinking of doing the same thing for the next-gen Xbox.

    Now M$ is talking about forbidding the usage of used games. Hoping this move will make them even more money at the expense of consumer choice. How stupid can North Americans get by giving Micro$oft their business?

    • thebulky1cometh

      Oh, you replaced the “S” with a $. I see what you did there.

    • Your last paragraph is nothing but speculation until they do a reveal.

    • lPiekyl

      Maybe you are forgetting the fact that Microsoft is a company, and the only thing they truly want is your money. Yes, Microsoft took a bold step keeping their subscription model up, but they did give you the bang for the buck. Your last paragraph is a massive speculation, Sony was thought to have done this, but they came out and said that it was merely rumors and untrue.

  • Zwabber046

    I hope ps4 will get mods, and a level editor for games that will have it on pc so ps4 people will be able to make levels as well. And I hope very much pc exclusives will go to console, also games like Amnesia and such

  • Glock Lover

    lol So funny that the only good thing the Playstation had, in your own words “exclusive games and free multiplayer” are very important things for any gamer, I don’t see what is more important than that, but anyways, PS4 proves to be a strong piece of machinery.

  • It’s too soon to tell if any next gen console is “worth it.” We won’t know that until after both consoles release and we can see which way the community is leaning. The console that gets more users online will be more successful. I know this because the 360 is a graphically inferior console RIGHT NOW and still has more users online.

  • blondbassist

    The main thing that turns me off the consoles is the huge emphasis on Social.

    Sometimes.. I feel like i’m the only person in the world who doesn’t give a shit if my best friend unlocked an ACOG scope for his M4A1 13 hours ago…

  • Oerba

    Gunna have to wait to find out. New consoles always have problems when they’re released (Nintendo always seems to do well though), so I’m going to wait a couple months before I invest.

  • What a stupid post!. Of couse PS4 worth it, XBOX 720,… any step forward to the “right” direction worth it. In tech the only constant is change so make at least one strong argument an publish something WORTHY of discussion.

  • MrLadyfingers

    This is a pointless article. You have nothing to compare the PS4 to. Whether or not the PS4 is “worth it” is all relative. We don’t know what the XBOX will bring to the table yet. But outside of that, you haven’t even compared it to the competition that we DO know about: PC. So let’s compaire. The PS4 has the specs of a high end 2013 computer. So the real factor (should be) longevity… truth be told, a Pc is the most efficient way to have the leading edge in gaming. However, i believe this will turn out to be a popularity contest and that both of the next gen consoles will win… whether it’s logical or not.

  • WiiU4TheWin

    Im sorry but the “Laggy network” excuse needs to stop. i take no side in the console war (if i did it would side with wiiu im a proud owner) but i have owned all of the current gen consoles, and me and every single one of my friends have had ten times more lag on xbox then on ps3, and i dont even want to go into half of the account issues i have encountered.

    • Someone else who says it! XBL was a huge disappointment to me, sure cross game chat is cool but there is no difference in the servers.

  • I like Super Mario

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  • cant wait for my PS4!!! =D

  • ps3

    its just gunna be the same as the ps3 ….. the only thing different is how it looks

  • Zwabber046

    I just hope that my next 2 questions will be answered with yes but probably both no 🙁

    1.Will the PS4 finally be able to play mods like the hidden or so
    2.Will the PS4 have some sort of teamspeak