MP1st’s Multiplayer Experience of 2012 – The Winners

The time has come to crown one title as the best multiplayer gaming experience of 2012.

While our wallets may not have been so lucky this year, our appetite for multiplayer gaming sure was. This year saw one of the best entries to the Call of Duty series yet while thousands of Xbox 360 gamers were reunited with another proper instalment in the Halo franchise. Borderlands returned with bigger, better and more bad-ass RPG FPS action while Medal of Honor also gave its authentic take on shooters a second spin in the rebooted series. PC gaming also took a mighty stand this year with titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Blacklight: Retribution, PlanetSide 2, Diablo III and Guild Wars 2. Similarly, the PlayStation 3 surprised us all with the touching and unique indie game, Journey.

Here’s a reminder of all the nominees:

With so many amazing titles out there, we broke things down into five categories this year: General, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U. Here are our winners for 2012.

MP1st’s Multiplayer Experience of 2012


Borderlands 2


For many, Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 2 has captured what true ‘multiplayer’ is all about: gaming with friends and having tons of fun doing it. It takes the best and most addicting elements of role-playing games with it’s class-based combat, skill trees, character progression, and randomly generated loot, but mixes in its own signature “bad-ass” first-person shooter action with some gorgeous visuals, a flavorful cast of characters and superb writing. Toss it all into the vast and open-ended world of “Pandora,” and you’ve got yourself an award-winning formula. That’s exactly why Borlerlands 2 wins MP1st’s Multiplayer Experience of 2012 award.

Borderlands 2

Gearbox Software’s Borderlands 2

Congratulations, Gearbox Software and Borderlands 2!

MPE2012 – Xbox 360

Halo 4


Halo 4 does it all: high-quality, competitive War Games multiplayer with both public and private matchmaking featuring a ton of fun and addicting game modes, a rich and challenging campaign that can be played co-operatively with friends, a weekly running series of intense Spartan Ops missions that allow you to rank up your Spartan IV soldier, and a creative map-making Forge mode that allows players to share their masterpieces with others. Thanks to 343 Industries’ hard work and dedication to one of the most beloved FPS series of all time, Halo 4 is the definitive multiplayer experience on the Xbox 360 this year.

Halo 4

343 Industries’ Halo 4

MPE2012 – PlayStation 3



This year, Thatgamecompany surprised us all with this emotional indie PlayStation Network game. Filled with opportunities for exploration and an overwhelming sense of wonder, Journey is all about how you interact with others throughout your adventure. With no form of communication or indication of identity, Journey puts a unique spin on multiplayer gaming by allowing players to assist in each other’s adventure completely anonymously, creating a fulfilling sense of companionship. The audio landscape and artistic visual design also go a long way in making this one of the most unique multiplayer experiences out there. On the PlayStation 3, Journey has won our hearts and left us wanting more.


Thatgamecompany’s Journey

MPE2012 – PC

PlanetSide 2


Sony Online Entertainment’s free-to-play PlanetSide 2 does everything bigger and better. A true “next-gen” massive multiplayer online first-person shooter, PlanetSide 2 pits literally thousands of PC gamers against each other in epic combat on a grand scale for control of territory in a large, online world. From a wide range of class-based infantry combat to vehicular-based warfare, there’s not a whole lot to dislike about a shooter of this quality that is free-to-play. Though you may need some serious hardware to run it smoothly and to squeeze every ounce of visual glory out of it, it’s worth it. If PlanetSide 2 is anything to go by, the next generation of multiplayer shooters is looking very promising.

Planetside 2

Sony Online Entertainment’s PlanetSide 2

MPE2012 – Wii U

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2


It’s Call of Duty… on the Wii U. It’s awesome. It also just so happens that Black Ops 2 is one of the best Call of Duty’s yet with completely revamped create-a-class system, a new approach to scorestreak rewards, competitive features, highly customizable private matches and a wide variety of game modes, including the ever-so-loved Zombies. If that’s not enough, you’ve still got all those extra goodies like Live Streaming, Theater Mode, CoDCasting, and the Emblem Editor. Lucky for Nintendo fans, The Wii U’s hardware is able to squeeze that little bit of extra HD goodness out of Black Ops 2’s already very smooth 60 FPS visuals. Black Ops 2 on the Wii U is not one to miss.

Black Ops 2

Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Multiplayer Experience of 2012 – Reader’s Choice

We asked you, our readers, what your favorite multiplayer experience of 2012 was. 4,289 readers voted and made your voices heard. Here’s how it went down:

[poll id=”16″]


Congratulations to Treyarch, Gearbox Software and 343 Industries for hitting the top three choices with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Borderlands 2, and Halo 4!

Now, it’s time for the after-match report. Do you agree with this year’s winners? Were there any that you found unexpected or, perhaps, predictable? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you!

Here’s to a new year filled with even more amazing multiplayer experiences. From all of us at MP1st, happy 2013!

  • Santiago Garza

    Everyone can has their own opinion. Not everyone has the same likes, and many people like the Cal of Duty franchise while others don’t.

  • Nemesis_96

    WOW! I did hope (and vote for) black ops 2 was going to win, but I had no idea it was going to win by that much! Borderlands and Halo deserved more than that I think..I have no idea what happened to Journey, everyone seemed to love that, at least on the forums!

    • Santiago Garza

      As you can see in both the forums and the articles, the most popular games are Call of Duty and Battlefield. With no BF competing in this, only one had the readers’ preference in my opinion.

      • Nemesis_96

        Indeed.. To be fair, that doesn’t make the vote wrong though!
        People can whine as much as they want, but the figures don’t lie.

        • MassNERDerer

          That’s what I always say to people who say CoD needs to stop just rehashing the same game every year…

          Put it this way, if I was the best in the world in Free-4-all, or heck Rush on BF3, I wouldn’t change much either. They play it safe. I wish they’d change a bit more, but you really can’t be mad they don’t. They have a winning formula.

        • Rock951

          yeah, so that means it won by the default. When BF4 comes out, I’m pretty that poll is going to look a lot different.

          • Nemesis_96

            Well yeah, seeing as this is mainly a BF3 fan populated site, and the CoD that year will be another crappy infinity ward one…
            I don’t think you understand a vote. If people didn’t think it was good,they wouldn’t vote.

    • Mark

      Journey is boring as fuck!

      • but a very PRETTY boring game apparently

        • doe

          No…Its a VERY boring game.

          • but its pretty

            • kindof

              its a very boring game with like 2 pretty levels.

            • well it won GOTY……..but so did the walking dead so IDk i guess its user choice.

      • Laser0pz

        Three GOTY awards (Gamespot, IGN, Joystiq), a Grammy nomination, three VGA awards and the fact that it was the fasted downloaded PSN game of all time seem to disagree.

  • MassNERDerer

    Borderlands is a different kind of multiplayer, hard to compare next to CoD and Halo…

    • uhopeisarcastic

      i think the word your looking for is co op

  • PertAndPopular

    I’m pretty sure the way they make a COD game, is to pick the stupidest fans and implement their stupid decisions. The types of fans who say gems such as “I hate camper fag, noob, pussies” and “Bring back ricochet!”. COD is so mindless now and yet the sheep are so in love with the brand…Honestly tell me what’s so great about black ops 2? It’s basically hip-fire smg’s and no real good map design, or much of anything. The pick 10 system is alright, but the game is pretty horrible. No heart, no soul and no mind. Borderlands 2, or even Guild wars 2 is a trillion times better…maybe 4chan is behind this for the lulz.

    • MassNERDerer

      See I completely disagree with “the game is pretty horrible”. I agree with no heart and soul. But just because of that, doesn’t mean it is bad. Just like MoHW isn’t bad in my eyes. Just because every game doesn’t reinvent the wheel doesn’t mean it sucks.

      I think we all expect more from CoD. I mean, it’s lead the video game world for years now. We want them to push the envelope and really change everything. But at the same time, some games try that and then fail. CoD is like our sturdy rock. People seem to think because it didn’t change a lot, it got worse. False, it’s just as good as it was 4 years ago. It’s just not new to us long time gamers, so not as exciting to us. For the new players, they think it’s amazing.

      • Bf3WASgood

        Ewww moh

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      I like black ops 2 for its simplicity. I know the killstreaks and the lag makes you want to pull your hair out, its just one of those shooters out there that works 60% of the time and can just be picked up and played and still top the leaderboards without alot of effort. While im a competitive player and play more skilled based fps like halo or bf3, i always go to cod for simplicity when i need it.

  • sgt_mofo

    1,588 people need to stop eating lead paint chips. ; )

    • uhopeisarcastic

      yes because whatever you like or dislike has to be shared by the rest of the users….

      • sgt_mofo

        The winky face implied tongue-in-cheek. It is possible to be sarcastic without having it in your name in case you didn’t know.

        FWIW, I think BOII is a fun game, but unless I’m playing in a LAN setting, you’d have to count me out. Having to change my play style solely based on lag comp as opposed to how my opponents are playing is not enjoyable for any extended period of time.

    • Journeyblows

      65 people ate lead paint and then hit themselves in the head with a hammer while huffing gas.

    • Ha Ha

      Yeah and I bet they had to have there parents vote for them.

  • MC

    um, DayZ? Seriously, the top 9 out of 10 games on that list are sequels of sequels of sequels. DayZ brought something new and fresh to the table this year. By far the best MP experience of 2012.

    • sgt_mofo

      I think when the game becomes a retail release it will be a MPE candidate.

      • Santiago Garza

        Indeed! Because at the moment DayZ is an Arma II mod, it could not be nominated, but when the retail releases (which will most probably be this year), it will mean it’s an actual game.

        P.S: You can pretty much expect DayZ as a candidate for MPE 2013! 🙂

    • jimmylara

      DayZ will be in next year 🙂

      • MC

        Pretty sure the title says MP “experience” of 2012. Not MP “game”

        • Niosus

          We’ve had this discussion plenty of times already. We had to draw a line somewhere. Not everything can nominate because we’d have a list of 100 games. We know it’s not perfect and we’ll have more sections and options so everyone can vote on whatever they loved the most.

          We listen to your feedback, and we will definitely keep it in mind for next time.

  • mechcelll

    i see it coming miles/ Km away

  • PertAndPopular

    Let’s be honest…the only good things about black ops 2 are “penis swastikas”.

    • mechcell


  • I’m pleased to see that a game with human vs human has twice as many votes as a co-op game. At least this tells me there’s a chance that people aren’t moving away from being competitive in gaming.

    • Santiago Garza

      There has always been competition in gaming (even when there was no online multiplayer). There are also esports, where the only purpose is to show who’s the best player (or team).

      P.S: Both kinds of MP are fun to play, it’s a good thing there’s variety (the list isn’t full of one of these two).

  • far cry 3 made it into the top ten 🙂

    • jimmylara

      well tbf we didn’t review the MP yet. I’m gonna be honest with you guys, the MP is not looking so hot

      • vehicles,limited mod map size, etc. still i found it fun LOVED the co-op

        • jimmylara

          co-ops better, but I find most of the MP broken in its current state. With some patching it could be good.

          • yeah we are getting too the one month later date and still no hud removal patch for consoles :C

  • Hol_Up

    Planetside should have been higher, even though I haven’t played it, the effort to craft that amazing looking multiplayer is enough to win me over.

  • B lands is good halo is not

    I think if black ops 2 has that number of votes it should at least win Xbox…plus I love how everyone thinks only kids play cod haha I’m 19 and play in parties with 20 year old or older soo awks to the haters that assume cod is limited to children

    • Roshi

      Nineteen? Still a damn kid.

      • I realize this was half a month ago, but 19 is not a kid.

        18 is legal adult age, at least in Canada.

  • Ebone


  • Ive determined the average age group of your readers based purely on Black Ops 2 poll results, (Its like 12)

    • dieger

      12 year olds like BF3?

      • No way. I’ve rarely encountered kids in BF3’s Hardcore high-ticket matches; which have to be the most realistic, involved, and most enjoyable game matches available. I can’t even believe BF3 didn’t make this poll!? It’s by far the best Multiplayer Game of the Year. Period. Far Cry 3 rocked, but it’s MP sucks to say the least.

        • patrick

          It came out last year 🙁

  • Storm

    Treyarch has obviously won over fans with Black Ops 2; kudos to them. Unfortunately, Black Ops 2 has been a frustrating experience for me and I no longer wish to play it. My personal vote would have been for BF3 as my favourite multiplayer experience of 2012, if it was an option! Nice to see Halo 4 and Borderlands up there.

  • Disappoint

    I play COD myself, but I’m sad to see BO2 as the number one uservoted game.

    In any case, I definitely think Borderlands 2 deserved to win overall.

    • Disappoint

      Wait what why is my avatar the black ops 1 cover art? I just came up with this username and stuff?!

      • Niosus

        We use Gravatar to automatically display your avatar based on your email address. You can change it on Your email address cannot be retrieved using the Gravatar image, so only moderators can see your email address for moderation purposes.

  • joshua

    Borderlands 2 is great. Enough said.

  • Joshy123

    Halo 4 only lost cause its on 1 console.

  • XFistsClenchedX

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter should have placed higher than Halo 4 and Black Ops. I’ve played all of them and Warfighter is easily the superior online game and the most underrated game based on reviews that I’ve ever seen in my decades of gaming. Great maps, virtually no lag or hit detection issues, balanced weapons/score streaks, and 72 characters to choose from. Halo 4 has more issues than MOHW and COD is like playing Serious Sam’s multiplayer — it’s awful. What makes MOHW awesome are the little things: the peak and lean system, the smart way they handle going prone in front of walls (the character inches forward until his legs are unrestricted), the way the barrel of the LMGs glow if you go full auto for longer than you should, 2-man fireteams with unlimited healing and resupplies which encourage sticking together, etc.

  • Black ops 2 got more votes. How the fuck did Borderlands 2 win

  • NLGamer1995

    Black ops 2 number one? No it’s just a black ops 1 with future vehicles included.

  • kyuubi_clone

    so i see my comment was deleted. even though there was no reason to delete it. it was in no way offensive or profane. but i guess sensorship is your go-to option when people disagree with your results. Journey (2%) on Ps3 for best multiplayer? wow, definitely did not see that – in fact nobody else (on PS3) did either. kudos to you guys. keep up the good work.

  • Dude

    Next time also make a: worst multiplayer experience, those results would be interesting

  • No BF3 = No vote

    Considering BF3 is not on the list I am not voting. Yes out of all these games BF3 still beats the living hell out of all of them in the multiplayer section. Yes folks its that good. I have been playing for over 700 hours and I dont plan stopping till BF4 drops.

  • dpg70

    Look at MoH getting a smidgen of love. Really wasn’t a bad game, just rushed and broken.

  • jaredcouzens

    I would vote for Halo 4, but that game is complete crap. Only half of the good gametypes from Halo 3 are in it, and it is so unbalanced with it’s terrible maps and weapons. BO2 is overall allright, but none of the other games I am too big a fan of. Halo 2 forever! <3

  • mariano guntin

    path of exile