Multiplayer Experience Of 2014 – Readers’ Choice Award

Last week, you told us what multiplayer games you thought were the best 2014 had to offer. Now, it’s time to find out which titles you think are worthy of the MP1st Multiplayer Experience of 2014 Readers’ Choice Award.

25 games made the list, but only three will make it to the top tier. Even then, there is but one title that you’ve deemed fit for the number one spot. So, before getting to the final results, here are the top three winners of the MPX 2014 Readers’ Choice Award.

Third Place – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Congratulations, Sledgehammer Games!

Second Place – Titanfall

An entertaining first launch for Respawn Entertainment. Kudos!

You might be as surprised as us that Titanfall, an Xbox and PC exclusive, managed to squeak past Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare by one vote. While Call of Duty may dominate in popularity, Respawn Entertainment did a commendable job keeping Titanfall players happy with free and constant updates along with a solid DLC offering. Advanced Warfare remains one of the more highly praised entries in the series, even if it was Sledgehammer Games’ first solo Call of Duty project. Kudos to both teams.

First Place – Destiny

Iconic developer Bungie has managed to capture console audiences with their new “shared-world shooter” IP, Destiny. It enjoyed a solid launch, even if it wasn’t able to steer clear of a few bumps along the way. Still, Destiny offers an experience unlike any other on consoles, providing FPS and even MMO RPG fans with weekly and daily activities in an engaging and ever-growing online experience that’s worth visiting.

Fantastic work, Bungie!

Below are the final standings of all the multiplayer titles included in the poll after one week of voting. Have a look and let us know in the comments below if they aligned with your predictions. Again, thank you all for your votes and participation!

Stay tuned for our Multiplayer Experience of 2014 Staff Awards and to find out how we ranked the top multiplayer games of last year.

Multiplayer Experience Of 2014 – Readers’ Choice Award Results

  1. Destiny \\ 77
  2. Titanfall \\ 63
  3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare \\ 62
  4. Grand Theft Auto Online \\ 54
  5. Other \\ 28
  6. Insurgency \\ 28
  7. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare \\ 22
  8. The Last of Us: Remastered \\ 20
  9. Halo: The Master Chief Collection \\ 14
  10. Far Cry 4 \\ 11
  11. Super Smash Bros. \\ 11
  12. Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition \\ 6
  13. Mario Kart 8 \\ 5
  14. Warframe \\ 5
  15. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel \\ 5
  16. Elite: Dangerous \\ 4
  17. Dragon Age: Inquisition \\ 4
  18. Watch_Dogs \\ 4
  19. Sunset Overdrive \\ 4
  20. Forza Horizon 2 \\ 3
  21. Assassin’s Creed Unity \\ 3
  22. Warface \\ 1
  23. The Crew \\ 1
  24. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms \\ 1
  25. Driveclub \\ 1

  • Yazzer

    I was expecting a few Destiny hate comments already.

    I enjoy Destiny, and still play it weekly. I play with some friends, and some randoms from

    • I think you’ll enjoy our upcoming podcast 😉

    • Deciver95

      I know. It’s why I can’t bother to check any Destiny pages on IGN. It’s just hate after hate after hate. Half of the time, there is no real reason, just to grief

  • Patrick Matthew Barahona

    Lol at Destiny being first. That game was massively boring in my opinion.

    • Deciver95

      Through a Multiplayer perspective, it was the best imo. Wasn’t broken at launch, the Raids are awesome, Strikes aren’t half bad either. But that’s me, I couldn’t pllay it single player

  • Mr Frags

    Ugh, Destiny. So much wasted potential. It’s lack of content, story, and memorable experiences really set this game far behind.

  • cwatz

    Titanfall is an easy winner for me last year.
    Both Destiny and AW were terrible.

    • DanDustEmOff

      I agree but I’m actually surprised that it’s no 2, because of it not being on PS I expected a lower entry.

  • Guest

    titanfall and destiny? both boring overhyped generic mp games imo

    this year wasn’t good in mp games imo except aw

  • Dirtknap

    I expect GTA would have fared better had heists been in play. The division in spread between rankings four and five is pretty interesting.

  • Just saying

    How did Destiny get the first place? This game was only fun in the first month then it got boring as hell. I’m still having fun in GTA Online unlike Destiny now. I guess some people love replaying the same strike/raid over and over again, though :/

    • Deciver95

      Because not everyone is the same? I still play it with quite a few of my friends. If You tried to play it as a single player, then that would explain it.

      • Just saying

        If I didn’t have friends playing Destiny, I wouldn’t have bought it. It’s just the lack of content that made it so repetitive. I used to play it like every time I launch PS4 for about 2 months then it went on to be a weekly play on tuesdays just to do Raid/nightfall/weekly heroic then I found out that I have every Raid weapon/gear and all exotics and that just killed the last motivation to play it even weekly.

  • Asylum Saint

    How in the world Halo MCC got 14 votes is beyond me.

  • Barry Harden

    TitanFall making it to the top five is a joke. The game has become a snoozefest and was hyped up to be ….. nothing!

  • marpla78

    2014 not my choice at all…2015 i hope THE DIVISION deliver, i hope.

    PS: titanfall…people still playing that game, really…really? 🙂

  • roland0811

    Seems like graphics/framerate trump story/gameplay once again. And people wonder why games keep getting worse and worse.

  • joezafein

    I would have thought dragon age would be higher

    • joezafein

      But the top 10 are hard to argue with.