Multiplayer Experience of 2014 – Readers’ Choice, Vote Now

With a fresh start and a brand new year of gaming filled with exciting new launches ahead of us, it’s time to pause for a breather, take a step back, and reflect on the year of multiplayer gaming that was 2014.

This week, you’ll hear from MP1st staff on our favorite multiplayer experiences of 2014 as we bicker amongst ourselves to decide the ultimate winners. But before we reveal our own thoughts, we want to know what your 2014 highlights were. What multiplayer game stood out to you as the definitive multiplayer experience of last year?

Below is a list of nominees that launched in 2014 across varying platforms, each one with either a heavily-featured competitive or cooperative multiplayer component, or a focus that was purely multiplayer. If you don’t find what you thought was the best multiplayer game of 2014, feel free to add your own selection below.

So, let’s get to voting, and be sure to visit us next Monday when we reveal the final standings for our “Multiplayer Experience of 2014 – Readers’ Choice Award”.

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  • Alex Melendez

    Smash bros. !!!

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    Titanfall. Actually spent 400 hours on Mortal Kombat 9, but it doesnt count )

  • I feel Destiny is going to win the vote. The entire game is multiplayer, and as hollow and drab of an experience as I saw it, similar opinions may be outnumbered.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      You can’t have 4 exotic armors… At least not in the same character.

      Nor can you be LVL26 and have such good gear.

      I’m level 27 and I have no exotic gear. I have 3 legendary armor pieces and a rare chest piece. 2 Legendary guns (primary and heavy).

      • Mr. Thuggins

        No, you can’t do that! You can’t triple stamp a double stamp!

        • NuttyTheSquirrel


          • Mr. Thuggins

            Obviously, you are not a fan of “Dumb and Dumber” or sarcastic jokes…

      • I did not say I had 4 exotic armors in a set. I did not specify any particular armor to make such inference. They could have been duplicates considering how they’re completely random and that’s exactly what they were

        Common sense would tell you that having multiple exotics in possession does not at all mean the same thing as having multiple exotics equipped, considering you can only equip an armor and a weapon at any given time.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          If I would say (I have a lvl 26 Titan with 4 pieces of exotic armor, 2 exotic weapons) YOU WOULD think I was talking about that one character.

          Don’t say “common sense” when you’re the one making the error.

          • I was talking about one character. Np way I was playing this game through again. If I had other class items, those would have immediately been dismantled thought, with the four I had for my character, benefits are easily interchangable for mode and difficulty.

  • roland0811

    I didn’t think 2014 would be able to trump 2013 in lackluster games but somehow it managed to. Such slim pickings last year. Hopefully this year will make up for the 5-6 lull in gaming.

    • What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

      • marpla78

        Tom Clancy’s The Division for me.
        I hope we can see some more gameplay soon.

        • Yes!

          • marpla78

            there is no new picture, nothing new about this game…weird or good?

      • roland0811

        Eh, I’m not sure, man. If the last couple of years are a foreshadowing of what’s to come then nothing, really. But I’m hoping beyond hope that Rainbow Six at least turns out decent so I have SOMETHING to finally play on my damn Xbox One. 🙂

      • oofy

        Rainbow Six has me intrigued. And the homer in me is hoping Bf: Hardline is good.

  • Thanks for the votes, guys. Keep ’em coming!

  • NOTE: Though it may look like you can vote more than once by refreshing the page, it’s still only counted one time 😛

  • Tyler Dominick

    Battlefield 4….nuff said.

    • marpla78

      beside the problems still a good game to play.

    • dieger


  • Guest

    AW, everything else was overhyped and disappointing imo

  • Asylum Saint

    Halo MMC doesn’t deserve to be on this list. Should have left it out on principle.