Multiplayer Games You Might Have Missed, Week 1 – Blacklight: Retribution

This is a weekly article I’ll be doing about multiplayer games that have been quietly making a splash.

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Blacklight: Retribution, a free-to-play game on Steam developed by Zombie Studios, is one of those FPS titles that really makes me think, why the hell isn’t CoD like this!  Everything I’ve seen of it makes it look like a very slick, simple, and overall fun game.  The controls look intuitive, the animations look great, the sound design is really cool, and in general this looks like one of those games with a future.

The customization system takes a hint from RPGs (the games, not the launcher) and makes picking your class less about what weapon has the best recoil and more about picking parts for your weapon that suit your playstyle.  This is a mechanic that is slowly creeping its way into the major titles (BOII) and it’s really nice to see a small title proving the idea is sound.

Sadly, I can’t play BL:R because I don’t have a PC (building one this winter), but the buzz around BL:R makes it out to be a great game with a few minor balance issues.  If you have the time and space to download it, I highly suggest you do, because, well, it’s free and awesome!

Check it out on the Steam store!

  • asgaro

    Funny how FREE games have surpassed the 60 euro CoD games in terms of graphics…

    • Faraz


      • cheeseburger eddy

        Funny how your wrong

        • MikePembo951

          actually they have… If you dont have both a gaming PC AND a console then you cant comment. I do, and its clear that PC is at least a whole generation ahead if not two

          • Ol1VI3R

            1 or 2 generation your funny, xbox have a 512mb videocard, PC have surpassed that 6-5years ago,

            • Kazuela

              first ram doesn’t measure performance 😀

              second the xbox uses a gpu based on the amd x1000 (HD1000), and we are already at the HD7000, so it’s more than 1 or 2 generations 😀

            • Oblivion_Lost667

              They really have, it’s kinda sad how the consoles think their games look amazing, even Dungeon Defenders looks better on PC lol.

        • Kyle Jackson

          ‘You’re’ wrong.

        • Faraz


        • funny how cod’s really old engine makes the game look like shit and runs on my 90’s pc better, nicer and faster than cs 1.6. free games have won.

    • MikePembo951

      those dislikers are in denial

    • Funny how they’ve NOT surpassed the paid games in gameplay.

    • allen

      COD is console based, this is PC footage but if you compare theformer blacklight tango down graphics on consoles, then there’s really nothing to brag about.

  • Jamic

    meh, I just didnt like BLR, Graphical apearance just doesnt bite me (with the amount of FPS its going to chunk off) and the guns just dont feel anything special.
    infact, I hate the amount of customization there is, I know others overly love it but not me. I would prefere more unique guns designated to their own area and further being “fine tuned” with customization.
    I have been playing tribes ascend instead.

  • i cant run it 🙁

  • sadly most pc’s can’t run this game.

  • BLR suffers from ridiculously imbalanced weapons, which is ironic because you said it seemed like the attachment choice was more about playstyle than what is best. It isn’t, at all. 3 or 4 specific attachments dominate every single base weapon, meaning you have little to no choice in how you build your weapon if you want it to be viable. The same goes for armor, nearly everyone just stacks flat health or flat speed. Speed allows you to use the game’s inherently shit hit detection to be invincible, health allows you to soak up 3-4 more shots than you would without massive armor. Even the receivers (read; base weapon types) become stupidly imbalanced every time they release a new one. The HAR? Just a better version of the AR. TSMG? Literally just a straight upgrade of the SMG.

    This was incredibly fun for me in the lower levels when I actually felt like I could make whatever gun I wanted. As soon as you get to level 10+ and have to play against level 30+ kids you realize how wrong that is.

    • Oh and for all you going “omg free game is better than cod lololol” all of those overpowered annoying weapon receivers? They’re available only to cash-paying customers for the first few months of their existence. Imagine MW3, where free to play users are limited to the AK-47 and the CM-901 and a 12 year old with his mommy’s credit card gets to use the per-nerf Type-95. That’s how every single match is in the months leading up to a new gun going “free-to-play”.

  • Lord Garza

    Blacklight: Retribution is an awesome multiplayer game. It’s good to see some dedication to this totally free game.

  • hatemail

    The Game was fun until level 10 and you’d run into everyone who buys their guns or equipment. I only play it now with friends because we got board of bf3, blck ops, and minecraft. I can’t play it alone because I will quit out because of the horrible hit detection when within 10m or anything hip firing. If this game was a one time fee and all items unlocked based on level then it would be great and a fix for hit detection.

  • Ol1VI3R

    1 or 2 generation your funny, xbox have a 512mb videocard, PC have surpassed that 6-5years ago,

  • You don’t need a great PC to run this game. I have a sony vaio and it runs fine for me.

  • Farazz

    Funny, you haven’t played the game and you say “why isn’t COD like this? the quality of articles here are not all good.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      I’m sorry if you think me talking about a game without having played it resulted in a low quality article, that was not my intent. The goal here was to let people know that there’s a game floating around worth checking out. By no means am I asserting that BL:R is this great game that everyone should download just because I said so. All I’m saying is that if you like trying out new games, this looks like one worth trying. Also, everything I’ve heard about it and seen of it makes it look like a very fun game. If its not, then I apologize for being misleading. If I had a PC, I’d be posting my own gameplay for this one. Future posts will most likely be of games I can get footage from playing myself.

      Thank you for your feedback!

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      Nah, it’s true, even if you don’t play it you can look up videos and talk to others that have, and it’s obvious that Blacklight’s customization (And maybe even gameplay, but that’s very much a preference) is miles ahead of COD, and many other games.

  • The secret with having this game run well is to turn of DX11.

    Also, having played this a bit, it’s shallow and uninspiring (even with all the customisation). Bit of a shame really.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      DX11 is so intensive it’s amazing it’s even a standard right now.

      • Niosus

        The problem with DX11 is that a lot of developers aren’t used to using it. In theory DX11 can get you around 20% better performance when rendering the same image. But a lot of developers are a bit too overzealous with the extra special effects they can add and forget to actually optimise their code to run better in DX11.

        Just give it a little bit more time, developers will get used to it, meanwhile the performance is only going up.

        • Oblivion_Lost667

          Sort of like Metro 2033? It (Imo) doesn’t look good enough for the specs you need to run it max on DX11.

          • Niosus

            With the latest patches metro runs pretty good I’d say. Just stay away from the dynamic depth of field option. Somehow the game looks “meh” in screenshots, but in motion I think it still is one of the finest looking games out there.

            but in another way: Yes, because of the dynamic depth of field option. It’s one of those incredibly powerful options but it the performance hit is not worth it. Those effects can be done a lot faster without a discernable difference in the final image. Sometimes even to the point that they can get it working on current gen consoles an still have it look acceptable.

            The problem is that the DX11 features often get neglected because they only impact a very small fraction of all the customers. The next gen consoles should change that.

  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    Are there any games you’d like to suggest for future posts? Let me know by responding to this comment!

    • Ol Dirta Bassterd

      If your looking for PC games that are F2P and in beta their is Offensive Combat which is a broswer based game s pretty fun and any PC can run it also what bout Ghost Recon online, Hybrid and Shootmania: Storm is a great beta not quite finished but still fun should check them out and you should get your rig finished before ARMA3 release. If your building own rig dont hesitate to ask for help if your new at it ill try to steer you in the right direction for what you want from your rig for the set $$$$

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      I’d love for you to do an article on Ghost Recon Online, it’s a fun game, personally it’s better than GR:FS, but it doesn’t a large player base or many maps, and I’d love for it to get some publicity so we could get some more players on it! (And maybe even more maps if more people play it.)

  • therapiist

    I enjoy playing on my pc and ps3. But I’m starting to play on my PC a lot more now.and i have to say, when i go play on my ps3 it looks like ps2 graphics lol. having a sexy gtx 680 and playing a lot of games on pc. I don’t even think about my ps3 anymore.

  • Nick

    Buggy game even can not start crash all the time.
    beta is so fun!

  • Great game.