Norms For Next Gen: Customizable Controls

Everyone has a different play style, and sometimes, jumping from one game to another can leave you in a confused state as to which buttons perform what functions.

Take the PlayStation’s Dual Shock controller, for example. Sometimes, you’ll be firing a weapon with a simple tap of the top right trigger, while in other games, either the lower right, or even sometimes on the left side trigger fires your weapon. Why can’t developers just make it easier for everyone and supply us with the ability to map our own controls?

There have been countless games where the default controls just aren’t what the standards are up to, or the placement of one action is just with an odd button. The last game I played with custom controls on console was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I praise Valve for giving us the ability to map each buttons to our liking, because I personally could not get the hang of them since I usually play with the default FPS controls used in games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

I know developers like having gamers play their games the way it was intended to be played, but not everyone enjoys the flip-switch with the same genre (FPS, TPS, ect.) where a game should function with a certain type of button layout, but doesn’t. At times, that can just ruin the game. I’ve played games that could have been fun and enjoyable, but just didn’t bother finishing due to broken or awkward controls. Even some games on the PlayStation 3 that support mouse and keyboard can be atrocious due to a poor layout design.

It’s time for developers to start giving us more tools on consoles when it comes to what type of controller we are using and how they are set-up.

One thing developers should take into consideration is the disabled gamer community. Everyone should get the chance to experience any game, and we are only human, meaning we have our limits, despite what some would say. In more ways than you think, allowing people to have control over what their controller can do would allow many disabled gamers to play how they want to play. I know this won’t help everyone who has a disability, but it certainly will help some.

Thanks for pointing this out DanDustEmOff.

In next week’s segment, we’ll discuss dedicated servers.


  • Key Binding is the obvious evolution.. but the next one that some may not think of is customizable in game hud. Both will be amazing on consoles.. cant wait!

    • jameslara

      that was in my Last article 🙂

      • lol, i missed that one.. I guess great minds think alike? 😉

  • zacflame

    i like my controls for every game a mix of MGS, elderscrolls, and cod/bf.
    but, in order for the parts of these controls to work in harmony, every game should be BOTH first person and third person.
    (yes i understand, it would ruin the game for some games to have third person)

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    Why is this not a standard feature for every game?

    • WarBroh

      Too complicated for the console kiddies, they’d screw it up and never be able to play their game again. Enough rope to hang themselves basically.

      • Alex Melendez

        You don’t need me to tell you why I downvoted right?

        • WarBroh

          If you took offense as if I meant all console players = kids, me no care. But if you think the considerable and significant percentage of kids on the console platforms aren’t factored into considerations for UI and game design in a developer’s office when they’re creating a console game you’re delusional.

          And the fact is a bunch of keybinds is likely one of those things they don’t bother with because its unnecessary complexity for the young demographic. This is the reality.

          • pot51e

            I was customizing key layouts on games as the norm when I was 11 years old. All games had this support, and this before >18 year old’s played games. Historically almost all games had custom keys – and those that didn’t tended to use universally accepted layouts.

          • DanDustEmOff

            The whole point is to enable people with disabilities to map button. With this basic funtion they can reduce the severity of their limitations.

      • ReeceGators

        You know there’s a reset to default button for key binding in pc games…

      • Chad Eugene Rash

        typical PC “gamer”.

      • Oblivion_Lost667

        So many people can’t handle the troll, broh.

  • Matt

    i suppose it could work if the pistols couldn’t be fired in FPS’s with the scroll wheel on mouse, that would be kinda OP

    • Moaad Ben

      the only op thing is master yi ok??

  • HelghastUser

    Agreed. Custom button lay out for all!..

  • Jamic

    But for that to happen, first we need to timewarp 15 years backwards.

  • asgaro

    There is a way bigger issue with controllers that Sony, MS and the console community totally neglect: the controller is simply not made for shooters or any other game that needs accurate movements.
    The fact that 99% of shooters on console have aim-assist enabled by default, shows it’s flawed.
    I’m not saying that they should simply give everyone mouse & keyboard, but they should make a new controller that is also compact and provides the same accuracy as a mouse.
    As a PC gamer I cringe when I watch console footage because of this issue…

    • The only controllers made for shooters are third party “modded” controllers like SCUF. Plus there are accessories that help like the extended thumb grips, bulged grips, ect.

      • DanDustEmOff

        Scuf are not categorised as “modded”. It doesn’t have a chip for rapid fire, drop shot etc.

    • Dirtknap

      Auto aim exists because the thumb lacks the large, stabilizing muscles
      that your forearm possesses, therefore creating the necessity for a
      small assist on consoles to mitigate inaccuracies. Those large, stabilizing muscles in your forearm are the reason the mouse is so accurate, basic biology and physics are responsible.

      I don’t believe controllers are fundamentally flawed, though there’s always room for improvement. It would be great to see first party innovations being made that capitalize on tech similar to what these guys do…

      • DanDustEmOff

        Split fish are not that great it is still a controller that uses a mouse to replace control of the analogue stick even when used on max sensitivity it still doesn’t feel as good as a mouse. The build quality feels cheap on them too.

        • Dirtknap

          Agreed, a friend of mine had one and neither of us really rated it, you’re right they look and feel tacky too. I do appreciate the concept though, I would prefer to see something like this being created through official channels, however I view this as very unlikely to happen.

          • DanDustEmOff

            The concept is solid, if the next gen supported mouse and keyboard then a higher quality version would be a worthy and welcome addition to my gaming peripherals.

  • Moaad Ben

    I didn’t get get the thing that EA did to online passes for their games…So if i buy BF3 now without the online pass i would still be able to play online right? Or is it just for future games???

  • Marcin Kubica

    Can’t agree more.

  • uwantSAM0A

    I wish PS4 controllers had two extra buttons on the back of them. Maybe buttons to utilize ring fingers.