Opinion – Battlefield Hardline’s Delay Could Make or Break the Franchise

Battlefield Hardline has faced scrutiny from the gaming community since the very second it was leaked back in May. After two weeks with the first Hardline Beta on PC and PlayStation 4, though a handful of fans became excited for something new, some veterans of the series thought to themselves (and out loud to the interned), “A glorified map pack for $60? I’ll pass.”

Now, in a surprise move made by publisher EA and developer Visceral Games, the cops and robbers themed Battlefield spin-off has been delayed into early 2015. As EA EVP Patrick Söderlund stated, much of the reasoning is because “…things like the cops and robbers fiction maybe wasn’t shining through properly, you know? Is it playing like a military game, but it should be a cops and robbers game? This move not only allows Visceral more time and head room to continue hammering away at the next Battlefield installment, but it introduces a new threat for the rookie Battlefield developer, despite the studio’s honorable and commendable decision.


Battlefield 4’s launch and continuing struggle has left everyone who bought into the game — as well as into subscriptions to services like Premium — a sour taste in their mouth and a new heightened sense of caution when it comes to pre-ordering upcoming titles from the publisher or coughing up the extra cash for season passes. Theories on why the game wasn’t delayed now circulate forums and comment sections, the most prominent one being that Electronic Arts rushed the game to launch in order to compete with launches like Call of Duty, or that QA at DICE is horrible and lazy, etc. Which ever is true, no one outside of DICE will ever know. Now, while DICE only has minimal involvement in Hardline, those doubts and sour feelings, unfortunately, are aimed at Visceral and their upcoming shooter.

Having announced Hardline’s delay to 2015, no longer are they able to take safety behind theories like, “We had to rush it out to in order to stay competitive with Call of Duty.” No longer can they say, “We weren’t given enough time.” With a nearly three year or more development cycle — let a lone the fact that the previous generation versions are being developed by anther studio entirely — Visceral has everything going for it, including time and resources. The studio is left with nothing but their ability, creativity, and imagination to make an impression on weary Battlefield fans.

With now heightened expectations, Visceral has to nail it.


This is how they’ve unwittingly created a major risk for themselves. First, they’ve raised the promise that Battlefield: Hardline will be of good quality thanks to more development time. This, in turn, translates to “It’ll be working on release without any hiccups.” It also goes hand in hand with a spike in interest that I’ve been seeing on places like Twitter and Reddit. Gamers who previously turned away from the title are being drawn back in with a promise that Visceral is making indirectly. So, if Visceral can’t deliver, I’m willing to bet that they will unintentionally commit Battlefield suicide. I’m not sure Battlefield fans can take another sub-par launch. Otherwise, they will walk.

To avoid this, Visceral Games must push the limits of innovation in a Battlefield game while also achieving a combo breaking stable launch that will not only put Hardline on the map, but will pave the way to a successful future for Battlefield. Some have interestingly pointed out that it’s quite the coincidence Visceral’s shooter is now launching around the same time that Battlefield Bad Company 2 was released in 2010, hailed by many as the best Battlefield title to ever grace shooter fans. This, however, remains to be seen. A lot is riding on Visceral and their delivery of the next big Battlefield game. While doubt may cloud the minds of gamers, we still all love a good “you proved us wrong” moment.

What are your thoughts on all of this? Do you think Visceral, with the extra time, can achieve a successful launch?

The scary question: If it fails, could it spell the end for Battlefield? Will it follow in the footsteps of the Medal of Honor franchise and fall by the wayside?

Tell us in the comments!

  • MrJDGuns1

    IMO Both major shooters this year are in a make or break state. Hardline from what i played was fun but it looked very similar to BF4. They also have said that this game WILL work on release. And advanced warfare has promised to not make the same mistakes as ghosts did. Both shooters need to do well this year as this is going to be the make or break situation for me; and a lot of other people. I don’t want either franchise to die as I enjoy them when they are working fine.

    • Vasco Machado

      Very true. And honestly, I have a lot of faith since both Call of Duty and Battlefield are going to be made by a new developing team to the series, as opposed to the usual. I feel that both companies will try their hardest to put on a good show and redeem both series since this is basically their first full project (Sledgehammers first COD game developed fully by them & Viscerals first game in the BF franchise).

    • Captain KillerPanda

      I agree with your statement. All I’m hoping for, is a fresh new feeling in the FPS franchise. I would stand by this franchise until it sees its dark days then maybe it will become awesome.

    • Maybe they should just stop releasing so many shooters in a short time.

    • SupremeVishnu

      Destiny I feel is also the same. With the recent data mining info of how many missions and explorable areas there are, I don’t know if it could last. They promised massive amounts of content, enough for many months of fun. If they don’t come through, I don’t think I could trust them for a second time.

      • MrMultiPlatform

        There’s going to be daily missions and events.

        • SupremeVishnu

          I severely doubt they have enough mission to release daily. These will be repeated, and repeated, and repeated…

          • Seth

            unfortunately, I tend to lean toward your assumptions on Destiny. I will be glad to be proven wrong but it looks like Destiny will become Mr. rinse and repeat right now.

        • awkenney

          I don’t know why there needs to be more content and more content and more content. Seriously – is it just a generational thing that younger players have to have new experiences in their video games on a daily basis?

    • MrMultiPlatform

      What mistakes did Ghost make?

      • swipe_06

        From my perspective, as someone who plays Cod from time to time, but not really into it, I would say map size. Some of them were too big. Other than that I think it’s a fine game, and probably players want a proper new look / gfx. I wouldn’t deviate too much from the formula otherwise the HC fans will be pisses off.

  • jasonxbrookes

    Neither Battlefield or Call of Duty will ever die off. Are they in a rough spot? Yes, but they have too much of a fanbase at this point to simply disappear like Medal of Honor. Call of Duty in my opinion is in a worse position. Ghosts was an abomination of a game, especially by CoD standards. From a longtime CoD player whose favorite game was CoD4, playing Ghosts was painful. I never expected a low like that in a series I love so much. Battlefield 4 meanwhile, is a fantastic game, but suffers from bugs galore. Many have been fixed or are being fixed now in the CTE, so that is wonderful. Personally, I’m passing on Hardline because I don’t like the concept, but I would have renewed faith in DICE if they released an extra map pack for BF4 now that the game is actually beginning to work as it should. A final apology, if you will.

    Advanced Warfare, meanwhile, has a lot to prove to me. I’ve been around the games long enough to know Activision’s Marketing Schemes for CoD games, and I won’t fall for them any longer.

    • Merffy

      Call of Duty has the next 10 years locked if Advance Warfare and Treyarch’s next Call of Duty gets a trilogy. We all know Ghosts is getting one.

  • theplantain

    hopefully they can make significant changes to the look and feel of it because i felt like this game had ‘cheap rip-off’ written all over it

  • RoadTripToJalalabad

    I think Hardline can be riddled with bugs, ship even later than their newly set date, and still be a success. Look at DayZ – it has a secret sauce that attracted millions despite being majorly unfinished. The main problem I see is that Hardline has no secret sauce.

    I think to find success, Visceral/EA needs to go MUCH deeper into the theme of cops, crime, and civilian setting. Where are the brothels and crack houses? How about a hostage situation in a major casino resort in Vegas? Why aren’t the cops forced to follow rules of engagement? There are totally overlooked opportunities for Hardline that the pure Battlefield could never touch.

    • RustyFrags

      The difference is that DayZ is advertised as a work-in-progress, it’s part of an early access program, thus people expect bugs. On the contrary, Battlefield is sold at full price and advertised as a finished game.

      • RoadTripToJalalabad

        Yes, DayZ is clearly described as an unfinished product as opposed to EA’s titles, but that is not related to my point. My point is that a game’s features is what sells games. I really don’t think the vast majority of people buy DayZ just because the publishers are such stand-up honest people.

        My choice to skip Hardline is not because of EA’s history of releasing buggy software and services, and letting me down. I’m skipping Hardline because its like Battlefield 2: Special Forces and Kingpin had an idiot baby that wears overpriced jumpers.

        I forgot to directly respond to the author’s argument — if Hardline is a design failure then it ain’t gonna do anything to the main Battlefield franchise; its just an offshoot trying to coattail some sales. But I could see a possible scenario where EA doesn’t provide enough server capacity at launch or some other “netcode” issues which would put EA again at the front of a shit storm.

        • My scenario is not out if the realm of possibilities, because DICE, Visceral, and EA are on the list of “Crappy”. DICE tanked Battlefield 4, which is hailed as a failure and disappointment. Visceral’s quality in making games ended as soon as Dead Space 3 hit. EA is just circle jerked enough to be boycotted.

          So yes, as I once again state, I do believe that if they screw it up, they might become a Danger Close with Medal of Honor.

          • RoadTripToJalalabad

            Simple answer: BF5 – designed for next-gen and PC only on a next-gen optimized engine. Developed in an iterative fashion on a CTE to help ensure quality that is better than ass. Cue awesome trailer. I think they might turn a nice profit and everyone will forget the silly offshoot.

            Even if EA fumbles the whole Battlefield franchise, Activision, Ubisoft, or Bohemia, would LOVE to buy up its branding and concepts and would continue the series.

            I could buy the argument that DICE has one foot in the shitter and the other on a banana peel, and they’ll fall in if their engine somehow causes Hardline to fail and Star Wars Battlefront is bad.

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  • Keshav Bhat

    I agree with this. If BF Hardline has the same launch issues at Battlefield 4, then the Battlefield franchise is dead. They cannot get away with delaying the game and it not working properly at launch. It’s amazing that Call of Duty titles, which go into development for less time than BF games, work fine at launch. No matter if you hate COD to death, at least the core game is functional and works on day 1. Battlefield games have failed to do that over the years, and instilling a delay means that they realize that, but it’s up to them to actually fix it and make sure we get something good come early 2015 when it has to compete with games like Batman and Bloodbourne.

    • Ryumoau

      i agree completely. 😀

  • Tom Miller

    The sad part is, and it truly is sad, no other DEV is JUMPING ALL OVER the Battlefield genre! With the state Battlefield is in someone could just do it right and walk away winning huge.

  • BATTLEFRONT. /thread

  • MegaMan3k

    It’s already doomed.

    It could be the best Battlefield ever and it will still be harshly criticized.

    • Hear Hear… the pressure is high on this one. Gamers see a beta or play it and the bar raised ten times higher. (Same goes for Destiny and its beta, and other games)…

  • Angelreborn96

    They should just make Battlefield: Bad Company 3!!

    • You really want them to “just make Battlefield: Bad Company 3” after DICE just revealed they have no idea why we like 2 so much? I dislike when people say that without thinking that that game can end up just as sour as the last two Battlefields.

      • dpg70

        only DICE could unintentionally make a great game

      • uwantSAM0A

        Agreed. BC3 is at the moment my most anticipated DICE title but I would hate to see it go down the lines of BF4.

        • I think the entire Dev team needs to replay the game extensively, so that they can wrap the design philosophy around their heads again.

      • Angelreborn96

        Yeah but this has nothing to do with what I said… I just want bad company 3 is all.. Why do you make this such a bigger deal? Lmao

    • I would buy that in a heartbeat… Had way to much fun with Bad Company 2.

  • Fernando

    Battlefield Hardline will follow in the footsteps of the Medal of Honor franchise and fall by the wayside.

  • Leon

    I have been BF fan since BF1942 and own all the titles and ex-packs but BF:Vietnam. I am sorry to say but I won’t be buying BF:Hardline. I didn’t find it interesting and different enough from regular BF titles. I wasn’t even able to tolerate beta for more than a few hours because I found it so unoriginal and simply boring. More of the same that I’ve already got in BF4 Premium but worse.

    I also don’t believe that the extra development time and game adjustment will change my mind. On the top of that, a new map, Sunken Dragon, from BF4’s DLC Dragon Teeth resembles somehow (garages!) in atmosphere BF:H’s beta map but it’s better and more fun. As far I am concerned, I have already got my BF:H in Dragon Teeth and I am not planning to get another map pack for 60 Euros.

    BF:H’s fail will not break my faith in BF serie, as I don’t even consider it a Battlefield title despite its title. I will judge the next real BF title on its own merits.

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      Hardline is just like vietnam expansion for bad company 2 but with more content. I dont see it as a bad thing. Well worth 30 Euros

  • Captain KillerPanda

    I Got into the Battlefield series when 3 came out. It was an awesome game. I was excited for Bf4 so much, I had rushed to pre-ordered the game with premium. When it came out with all of its problem, I was mad but I told myself Dice will fix it in a couple of weeks. I was wrong. The game still today has some bugs and netcode issues. It’s playable but it is not like BF3 was. I played the Hardline BETA, it remind me off BF4 too much. The menus, gun customization and some of the vehicles. I was happy when Hardline got delayed because, I was not going to buy it if it stayed like the BETA. Now, I’m hoping for Battlefield Hardline to be great because they have extra time to work on it. If Hardline fails, I could see the end of the Battlefield series. Already on the forums and gaming news sties hardcore battlefield fans are saying this is the final step until they leave Battlefield forever.

    As a new person to the Battlefield franchise, all I’m hoping for is Visceral Games to get their shit together and make this Battlefield awesome. If not, I could see a situation in the gaming community.

  • “We………… to stay competitive with Call of Duty.”

    staying competitive with a game that is getting worse every year.
    How could they expect making a great product ?

    that’s a good game, let’s make a better one.
    that’s a poor game, let’s make a shittier one.
    Good moves !

    • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

      The thing is that this years cod advanced warfare doesnt look bad from what i’ve seen.

      • Captain KillerPanda

        It does have some potential .

        • Right now, its just reminding me of Crysis too much. Even the “revolutionary” stuff they announced like vertical exosuit jumps and exosuit sliding just rings Crysis

      • I hope so for COD fans.
        The fact is that i no more expect anything from any scripted beautiful cinematic trailer of any game.
        I have to try it first.

  • For me the best solution is to take “BATTLEFIELD” out of the title.

    • Darkthunder

      That was my thought as well. Had it been named “Hardline”, it might still need more development time to distinguish itself from Battlefield 4. But without the Battlefield title in it’s name, people may not be as quick to judge it as a “BF4 mod”.

    • RustyFrags

      That would just lead to more problems. People would claim it’s too much like Battlefield, etc.

  • Alix

    A game without vehicle warfare (tanks, jets, attack choppers) SHOULDN’T BE NAMED BATTLEFIELD in the first place. Whats wrong with you people. Has anyone really played any old school Battlefield tittle? THIS IS NOT BATTLEFIELD, this is some bad taste mix of CS:GO, Payday, GTA, Battlefield and CoD trying to attract new customers after the economic failure of BF4. I am sorry but this is not what i expect when i hear Battlefield. It hurt my feelings to say that this franchise has come to a downfall. I started playing since BF2 and it hurts my feeling to see the condition of the current Battlefield titles. From hero to zero thanks to E.A publishers. We need a more simple and more fun to play title and not some hit and go failure. Just my 2 cents peace out. Sorry for my poor english

    • RustyFrags

      Just because it’s taking on a new theme from the conventional Battlefield titles doesn’t mean it can’t be part of the franchise.

      • Darkthunder

        True. But if you remove the “Battlefield” experience, it no longer is a Battlefield title. They removed the battleships and submarines after BF1942. Then they removed the airplanes in BFBC2, thou they returned for BF3. And now in Hardline, they are effectly removing the tanks.

        At what point is a Battlefield game, no longer a Battlefield game?

        • RustyFrags

          When it’s stripped of it’s fundamentals (i.e team-oriented gameplay, a majority of vehicles, and destruction). Removing tanks and boats doesn’t inherently mean it’s not Battlefield. In fact, I believe the only missing vehicle in the game will be tanks and LAVs (though the armored transport is essentially and IFV).

          • Alix

            I completely disagree with you, how good a Conquest mode will work (if there is any at all) without vehicles? And i am not talking about that transport armored jeeps i saw in the Beta which they where only used for taxis. From my beta experience the all concept was stupid, cops and robber running around with money falling out of their pockets like headless chickens. Do you think that the competitive scene will support this game with the majority of the teams turning their back on bf4? It’s haven’t closed one year yet since release and the traditional 8vs8 conquest ladder is dead with only 2 teams active.This was the key element of success of battlefield the variety of the gameplay, if you didn’t like infantry you played a tank, if you didn’t like jets you played choppers and so on. There are lots of different competitive ladders dedicated to this variety(1vs1 tank ,1vs1 jet, 2vs2 attack choppers, 5vs5 infantry only, 8vs8 Conquest). To get the facts straight I AM NOT AGAINST Hardline, i am against calling it a Battlefield title because it isn’t and it will never be

            • RustyFrags

              The beta had vehicles ranging from transports and IFVs to attack helicopters. So, again, there will be a wide array of vehicles (we’ve already seen jets in the leaked trailer). As for the competitive scene, quite frankly it doesn’t matter if they like the game or not. Battlefield has never been and never will be competitive. E-sports is silly to begin with.

              Point is, it is a Battlefield title, just excluding tanks. A missing vehicle doesn’t equate to a different game.

            • Alix

              Since when little bird is an attack chopper o.O? The jets will be part of single player imo because how can robbers afford an attack jet for in the first place??? It doesn’t make any sense. Either the concept is stupid or something is wrong with me. “Battlefield has never been and never will be competitive. E-sports is silly to begin with.” can you explain me then why E.A sponsored 4 esl cups 5vs5 infantry only with total price pool of 200.000 dollars. It’s always been a competitive game and that’s why EA invest so much money in it.

            • RustyFrags

              My bad, scout chopper. Jets are in multiplayer, that’s how they advertised it. Not sure how they’re going to logically implement it but I doubt it matters seeing as Battlefield has never been logical.

              As for e-sports, EA may sponsor tournaments, but Battlefield has never been taken seriously among the competitive crowd – especially Battlefield 4. There are too many flawed fundamentals in the game to even consider taking it seriously (netcode, lag, balance).

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin

      Alix-You are right.
      If ever a case of 2 company’s needing some leadership with vision and thoughtfulness.

      “Battlefield” is a brand and needs to be protected (and now, rehabilitated).

      DICE STILL hasn’t figured out what made Bad Company 2 a success and EA can’t get past releasing a game before COD and more like COD.

      BFBC2 was a successful multiplayer FPS because of it’s differences from COD and because it came out in March–well past Christmas games and COD–which gave it time to “breathe” and find its’ market. (The characters in the campaign were memorable as well.)

      If EA wants a COD-like game, fine
      1) Don’t call it Battlefield (don’t call it MOH either–that’s already ruined–again)
      2) Make sure it works
      3) Let COD have November. Release it 6 months later, when people have COD fatigue

  • Darkthunder

    My favorite Battlefield, is and always will be the first one: BF1942. I’d rank Bad Company 2 pretty high at the top, if only they hadn’t omitted one of my favorite things to do in a Battlefield game: Fly planes.

    Quit playing Battlefield games after Battlefield 3. Tried out Battlefield 4 during beta, after a bunch of tweaking to get it to work properly, and decided then and there to skip purchasing the game at retail. Given the issues it’s had since launch, I’m confidant that I made the right decision.

    Battlefield Hardline is an interesting title, if they can get the feel and overall look to “not be a BF4 reskin”. It needs the feel of Cops fighting Robbers, without having cops running around blowing up entire city blocks. Another interesting note about the delay, is that Star Wars Battlefront is said to be released in 2015 as well. So that makes two “Battlefield”-type titles within the same year?

    • Guest

      Holy shit I agree.

  • Guest

    My favorite Battlefields are BF 1942, BF2, and BFBC2. To me the franchise has made moves in the past and in the present to alienate the core fanbase. It first started making Bad company a console exclusive. With BC2 it got a bit better Then BF3 and its launch and gameplay concepts I knew the franchise was going downhill. I played a lot of BF3 to try to understand the game and I’ve found out that this is not the same dice that made past BF titles. This is a new dice that wants to cater to broader audiences. make the game easier. add gameplay mechanics to make the game easier like vehicle regen, suppression, 3D spotting and many others. They removed teamwork and features that were present in BF2. The maps were bad except for caspian, kharg and the B2K expansion pack. Those were battlefield maps. They basically wanted to make a cod clone with Bf in the title. The hit detection was awful in BF3. I stopped playing it then. Then the BF4 beta came out again 2 weeks before release. I played it, then knew it was going to be a repeat of BF3 and skipped on buying it, turns out I wasnt wrong. Now Hardline comes out, while an interesting concept it doesn’t fit BF at all. The only reason they put Battlefield in the title was to make $$$$$$. Now I wonder what Visceral as doing for 3 years because it sure as hell wasnt into differentiating it from BF4 and BF3( sounds, models, etc). So I think that was a lie that they have been developing it for 3 years. The series is crap because it tried to compete with cod on grand scale and failed. Overall BF is my favorite game series of all time but its gone downhill. These arent BF games. Oh well, whats done is done. Thanks for the memories BF.

    • disqus_zLzLkIL1gl

      I hate BF4 so much that I have put over 500 hours into it.

  • Wargasmic

    I reckon the whole “Hardline has been in development for (what was it? 3? and the idea conceived many more before) years” Is a load of bollocks. I personally think hardline was originally planned as one of the BF4 DLC’s. You know, how aftermath in BF3 changed the setting and appearance of the game greatly? I firmly believe this is what HL was originally meant to do for BF4. I’ve stopped playing BF4 so dunno if it’s in dragons teeth or the next dlc, but riot shields in BF4 confirm the link for me:P.

    BF4 failed massively, so they reduced the life cycle and will have pushed out all DLC’s within a year of launch, except they decided to take the one that would have changed up BF4 with something new, make a few new maps and weapons and release it as a separate game. I played the HL beta and it felt like a BF4 dlc with more content. Other than skins HL is pretty much bf4.

    This is my belief anyway.

  • J4K5

    Where exactly will we walk? I speak for myself when I say that as a Battlefield player I don’t really have another MP game that I will go and play. As bad as the BF4 launch was I don’t have another game that comes close half the time I spent playing it.
    I think the persistence of the BF community has shown with the amount of people still playing BF4 …. Don’t think we’ll walk as soon as everyone thinks.

    … 99% of my gaming enjoyment for the last 12 years has come from battlefield games. I don’t expect that to change, too much, with the release of Hardline.

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin

      I like your question and have considered that myself. BF is the main reason I still enjoy gaming.

      However the answer to your question–at least for now–is I walk to BF3 and BFBC2—I guess walk backwards–for my BF fix.

      I uninstalled BF4 after 200+ hrs of playing because eventually the frequency of frustration overtook the enjoyment. With limited play time available, the investment BF4 was not worth the return .

      Don’t assume that “if they build it we will come”.

      EA/DICE literally cannot afford another BF4. The gaming market is simply too saturated. They sold plenty of copies of BF4—the measure by which EA proclaimed it’s success. But we all know it was not. EA/DICE realize it too.

      The Battlefield experience we enjoy cannot survive continued “successful launches” like BF4. A continuing Battlefield franchise cannot be sustained by few (relative to the entire gaming market) hardcore fans.

      Hardline should be a wake-up call to EA of how precarious a position they have finally put the brand in:

      Even though they slapped the brand name “Battlefield” on a game it was “rejected” soundly–by even that BF community.

      • J4K5

        I hear you… And agree mate. But the fact that your not playing BF4 despite it’s issues puts u in a different category to me and those that still are. I guess the issues with BF4 for me have never outweighed the good. Not to say I haven’t been tested.

        If BF does have a few more dodgy release and moves out of the main stream I think I would be happy to continue to support it .. coz like a lot of guys that love this franchise, I remember a time before EA and big blockbuster BF titles. Who knows ,maybe EA drop DICE and DICE get back to making games for the guys that still play, even when it’s shit. …Imagine that….

    • roland0811

      Plenty of older (and functional!) games to choose from. I still play at least 6 or 7 other shooters that are several years or more old and they still have decent sized communities.

  • haloguy628

    Screw cops and robbers. Re-do BF2142 and you will have guaranteed hit.

  • J4MES

    I have serious concerns about the concept and price of the game plus don’t think Hardline should integrated into Battlefield either as the cops and robbers aspect is not something you associate with the series. I think they’re just using the name to fuel interest and exploiting the existing IP. BF4 at its best was incredible despite the flaws but Hardline just seems a watered-down spin-off that doesn’t maximise the potential I expect from games today and compared to BF4; it seems a step backwards in many areas. It doesn’t push Frostbite 3 in the slightest.

    The £59.99 price I find hard to justify too. I paid £34.99 for the physical deluxe edition of BF4 but now Origin have stopped doing physical copies on PC plus the VAT has been increased in the UK on downloads; sixty quid is extortionate for a game that doesn’t demonstrate much appeal for me.

    We still have Final Stand DLC for BF4 to come and now that the game is performing slightly better than it was; I can see it lasting me until BF5 if there is one..

  • jean-Alexandre thibault

    How dumb are gamers to complain that it’s a 60$ expansion, yet they’ll pay 60$ for premium which is even less of a significant expansion.

    How many realistic online shooters do we have on PS4? like 2?

    People are gonna buy this, it’s gonna sell millions. Simple as that.
    People are gonna be desperate for a FPS by that time.

    I don’t even think it looks that amazing, but I’ll buy it.

    Need my shooter fix!!

    • roland0811

      What realistic/tactical shooters are on PS4? I haven’t heard of any.

  • roland0811

    The franchise was broken for me with BF3. I’ll never revere it again as the premier badass shooter it used to be. I used to talk with friends in excitement over DLCs, map strategies and such. Not any more. DICE seem more than content to keep playing fiddle while their franchise burns it’s fans.

  • lukazo

    tbh, the franchise is already broke/failure………

    i do not understand how people let them get away with this so call “New” game which is hardline……….

    people, all it is is bf4 with new skins and new game modes, yet people are going to shell out $60/50quid, on this piece of shit!

  • Mus1ckFPS

    They could’ve done something even better this year, instead of making Hardline, why couldn’t they Remaster BF3/BFBC2/2143 and make it a BF remastered edition or BF Trilogy for like $49.99-$69.99 they would’ve made bank i swear sometimes EA has the solution to their problems right in their faces but decide not to make bank from it

  • Ryan Schulze

    Fair points and Hardline could damage the brand further. However, there’s a DICE game out there that will probably have Battlefield in the name somehow and if it’s great, all trust will be restored. That is, of course, the Star Wars Battlefront title. Whenever that finally arrives, if it’s really good, I think we’ll be back on board with DICE & Battlefield. Hey, we might even give their tacked on campaign mode a try then.

  • fearranphoist

    They have delayed it because they did not make the desired pre-order level.when battlefields final dlc is released I can see a huge promo push for hardline if they don’t get enough pre orders they will probably scrap the whole project

  • SamRock

    I am glad they decided to push the release date!! Now the BF4 community will not be further split till 2015. And also we can fully enjoy all the BF4 DLC.