Product Review – The SCUF 4PS PlayStation 4 Controller

With PlayStation becoming the new home of Call of Duty eSports and Sony securing early Call of Duty DLC launches starting with Black Ops 3, the temptation for fans of the series on Xbox to jump ship is at an all time high.

Falling into this category myself, and as a long-time user of third-party Xbox controllers like the SCUF Hybrid and SCUF One, it was time to consider new input options for the PlayStation 4. Like the Xbox One game pad, Sony’s DualShock 4 checks-off a number of improvements over the previous generation’s offering, but also lacks essential options that many modern FPS console gamers might consider a requirement today. Clumsy thumbsticks, a lack of good grip, and the awkward juggling between thumbsticks and face buttons are hurdles competitive gamers must jump and that companies like SCUF Gaming try to overcome.

In light of this, SCUF recently sent over a SCUF 4PS White PlayStation 4 controller for us to take a look at and determine whether or not their solution to these ‘gamer problems’ are up to snuff. With enhanced movement in shooters becoming the norm and games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on the horizon, the timing couldn’t be any better.


Of course, the benefits of a customized DualShock 4 controller will reach beyond the realm of Call of Duty and potentially pique the interest of anyone looking for a more comfortable and option-rich input device. So what exactly does the 4PS offer and is it worth the premium price tag?

Perhaps its most alluring and ‘game-changing’ feature is what many gamers come to SCUF for in the first place: rear-saddled button paddles that give the user an alternative way to input frequently-used commands without the need to press any face buttons. FPS gamers know the frustration of having to give up the ability to aim with a thumbstick in order to reload a weapon, jump over an obstacle, or quickly dash around a corner in-game without having to resort to uncomfortable grip positions like ‘the claw.’

The 4PS Pro Paddles are wide enough to accommodate most finger lengths and are placed far enough into the center of the controller to avoid any accidental presses. The slight curve at the tip also provides a good enough grip to prevent any slippage. They might take some time to get used to if you’re coming from a standard controller, but once it’s ‘under the fingers,’ there’s no going back.

On a standard 4PS, paddles come mapped to the X and O buttons, but that option can be customized in the online order process. Those who value versatility might also want to consider the Electro Magnetic Remapping option to switch paddle functions on the fly.


If finger gymnastics aren’t your thing, the SCUF Pro Paddles are an invaluable tool in any pro gamer’s arsenal. In addition to the comfort of rear inputs, a major benefit many high-level gamers look for in a competitive controller is the level of grip it provides, both in the hands and under the thumbs.

The 4PS’ Pro Grip doesn’t cover as much surface area of the controller’s backside as it does on the SCUF One, but its placement precisely where the bottom knuckles of the middle, ring, and pinky fingers grip the handles is more than enough to do the job. I found it especially helpful a few hours into an intense gaming session when the perspiration begins. Like the Pro Paddles, the Pro Grip ships with every SCUF 4PS and can also be customized.

It’s about that time, when the fingers become moist and your thumbs begin to lose grip, that the standard DualShock 4 thumbsticks can be quite difficult to keep in control. Thumbstick customization on the SCUF 4PS reaches far and wide with multiple length and style options. But, more importantly, they’ll obey your movements with more precision thanks to their grippy texture, even under sweaty thumbs. My particular model shipped with medium-length concave sticks, which my thumbs fit into very nicely.

Style and length will depend on preference, though it’s generally understood that a longer aiming stick will yield more accurate results in-game by giving the user more room to make more precise movements. If your thumbs can make the reach, the 4PS’ longest domed stick measures in at over 20mm.

My only wish is that the 4PS allowed users to easily swap thumbsticks in and out they way SCUF’s Infinity1 does to allow for more experimentation without having to replace an entire controller. Perhaps in a future iteration or two, that will be the case. Regardless, SCUF’s sticks are a clear winner over the DualShock 4’s slippery pads any day.




As someone who’s primarily enjoyed FPS games on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, I can really appreciate the optional SCUF Fangs that attach to and elongate the DualShock 4’s L2 and R2 triggers. Naturally, my fingers would rest a little further down the regular triggers, near the tip, which meant I would occasionally slip off with the right amount of force. I found the Fangs allowed my trigger fingers to act on their tendency to drift downward without having to make any re-adjustments. On top of that, the additional grip also led to a reduction in slippage overall. They’re not vital to performance if you’re already used to the DualShock 4’s L2 and R2 set-up, but you may want to consider them if you also find the standard triggers a tad too short.

For Fighting and Sports Games enthusiasts, the the removable SCUF Control Disc is another option that sits on top of the DualShock 4’s d-pad and helps smooth out directional inputs, though we have yet to test this specific feature for ourselves.

SCUF’s controllers can also be ordered with a SCUF Protection Case that fits both the controller and a standard charging cable. It’s included in the SCUF Player Pack which also includes a 10ft. Braided Charging Cable, a bottle of GamerGrip Gaming Edition, and a SCUF Key Chain.


In our experience, while the SCUF 4PS is a premium product with a premium price tag (starting at $119.95 USD), it works exactly as advertised and you get what you pay for. Imagining for a moment that your skill as an FPS player remains constant, your kill-to-death ratio will improve by taking advantage of its tools. Elongated thumbsticks with better grip enable a higher level of precision, assigning commonly used face buttons to paddles means moving and aiming are no longer mutually exclusive, and a more comfortable and sturdy grasp on your controller and triggers means more efficient input with less room for error.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to value these options and decide if your in-game performance is worth investing into. If you’re enthusiastic about competitive gaming on PlayStation and dedicate a portion of your disposable income to your hobby, the SCUF 4PS is a no-brainer. At the very least, it’s nice to have quality options like SCUF in the relatively narrow console peripheral market, compared to the ocean of customizable mouse and keyboard products PC players have at their fingertips.

In any case, if your sights and wallet are set on a high-quality, option-rich, and highly customizable input device for the PlayStation 4 that will have a positive effect on your performance and comfort, we strongly recommend the SCUF 4PS.

This product review was based on the SCUF 4PS White for the Sony PlayStation 4, provided by SCUF Gaming. Visit their website at

David Veselka
Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief
Musician, Gamer, Geek.
  • Yethal

    Unfortunately the PS4 version is really behind when compared to the Xbox version. Two paddles only, no trigger stops or bigger battery. It only has the most basic scuf features.

    • Azza

      Yet oddly enough the company provided the ps4 version.

      • Krashman Von Stinkputin

        I think the first sentence of the article explains why this isn’t odd.
        Assuming SCUF knows it’s market well–the bulk of which is apparently CODders.

        • Azza

          To me it shows a company that doesn’t know equality. Just another company that jumps on the bandwagon of who has the most and plays by ear. In this case wasn’t prepared for cod to switch and needed to quickly convert all their resources to customisation for the ps4 controller.

          Not they want to publicise that ‘hey we do ps4 controllers too, Check it out’.

          Same thing when a company creates a an application for an apple product and not an Android. It gives a bad name to the company saying that they only go where the most sales are and that is wrong.

          A more comparable scenario is making a game on the ps4 because it has more potential for sales and not for anyone else. And when they do, less potential buyers go for it.

          • Krashman Von Stinkputin

            Companies are in business to make profits, not equality or they aren’t a company for long.

            Not to mention with the ELITE controller, MS has decided to compete against them.

            • Azza

              Yes and greed is the issue. Look at it this way. A free 2 play game that is actually a pay 2 win, is trying to make money. Of course it’s gonna get bad reviews and no one will play it ultimately the company loosing money.

              If you create a game that isn’t a pay 2 win, you. They might get less initial profit but if people enjoy the game for what is people will spend money at their own terms.

              Of course businesses are there to make profit, but there is a fine line between greed and company/buyer relationship. If you know the company isn’t a greedy fuck, your more likely to buy from them. If you don’t present you company with open arms to everyone, then you gonna get less sales. And every sale counts.

              Which is why equality counts. You also remember that the more places the same item is, the more potential sale there is to have.

              If an apple application is updates ahead of an android one, people know the company favours one over the other and because of that the are gonna loose buyers.

            • Krashman Von Stinkputin

              Wow…..just wow.
              Figure that all out in your dorm room or your mom’s basement?

            • Azza

              Why the fuck are you getting hostile. Jesus. Thought I wasn’t talking to a cunt, but I guess I was wrong.

              I don’t even understand your response. You make it as if what I said was obvious yet your previous comment said otherwise…

            • Krashman Von Stinkputin

              Well said.

            • Azza

              Cheers, appreciate every word. Even will go as far as say that you have quite the vocab and would be interesting if you talk like that to people outside the internet. Provided you do talk the way you do to other people in what seemed like a discussion.

              It seems you have an odd habit of editing your initial posts to large lengths. You say what want to say first then carry on to edit your posts later and actually address things like you would in a discussion.

            • Krashman Von Stinkputin

              Yup English is my first language and yes I sometimes have to leave this stimulating discussion since I work (in Sales & Marketing for High Tech Automation BTW).
              Business takes precedence over responding to the naive notions in your analysis of how markets work.
              And since you decided to go so far afield from the actual subject (SCUF for the PS4) into Pay to Win games & Apple apps to “prove” your point lets try a simple example

              Try ordering a Pepsi at a McDonalds. You won’t get one because McDonalds only sells Coke.

              No equality for Pepsi drinkers! However, McDonalds has done market research on how much that decision costs them and the answer is it has negligible effect on sales (which are $20+ Billion). Which is why after all these years they still only offer Coke.

              If the Pay 2 win strategy is so unsound why are there so many of them? Because people want to Pay 2 Win. And those developers are making products that service that market. That market obviously doesn’t include you—and they don’t care— because they aren’t making their game for You.

              Company only making Apple apps “cause that’s where the money is”? That’s unsound? Gives a bad name to the company? Says you.

              It must be greed right? As long as you define greed as keeping the company in business and paying it’s employees.

              Companies that don’t at least meet that most basic of metrics–profitability–are not companies for long.

              “Equality” is not a sound business strategy and not one for which to strive.

              Successful businesses fill a market gap, produce products more efficiently or build a better (NOT EQUAL) mousetrap.

              If equality was the goal, we’d all still be shivering in caves.
              Thankfully one of are ancestors decided “you all can stay and freeze your asses off, I’m figuring out a way to get warm”
              Thankfully you weren’t around to tell him “no fair!”

            • Azza

              There you go. Was that so hard? All you had to do was simply state your arguments without the attacking.

              I understand your points. I’m going to be honest. Maybe greed wasn’t the right word to use. Maybe I did go overboard a little.

              But there is one thing that I stand by. I still think that certain business practices ultimately hurt their business reputation. Regardless if it’s for the company’s good because it’s the people that help a business grow. That’s obvious right.
              If a product doesn’t meet the quality standards of people, people won’t buy your product because it’s… Well, shit. I know that first hand and I think that can be applied to a lot of things.
              That much I stand behind.

              You might not agree. I don’t really mind. But I know first hand and work for a company that produces cheap shit (sometimes…) and know what and how the circuitry is inside them. I know that if a particular product doesn’t meet a certain set of standards and doesn’t get a C tick, and it fucks up big time, the brand name is tarnished and the company. (I’m only telling you this since you mentioned your job).

            • Krashman Von Stinkputin

              Not hard at all.

              Please reread my first 2 replies which stated my points based on facts in the article and common knowledge about MS’s controller.

              My dander gets up when there is a knee jerk reaction to assign GREED to a company’s business decisions and backing that up with assumptions.There are many factors that come into play with a products release. Most companies are trying to be successful by providing products to their market at a value.

              Obviously they don’t always do so—and mostly those get weened out by non profitability, dissatisfied customers, or end up on the news and/or class action lawsuits. Today especially. (Thanks Internet)

              Doesn’t seem to me that SCUF falls into any of those categories with their game controller release.

              (See Battlefield 4 for a product release done wrong & greedy INDIVIDUALS within who tried to capitalize on it initially)


  • Cell

    Xbox Elite Controller FTW.

    • Barry Harden

      No really as there have been complaints about the Elite having paddles that are too sensitive. This causes issues during intense gaming.

      Even Optic Gaming’s Nadeshot didn’t like it. Plus with all the higher caliber FPS games playing better on PS4, you’re better off geting the Scuf 4PS if you seriously into FPS gaming.

      • Cell

        I don’t think so.
        And, since when PS4 have become a “seriously” platform for FPS gaming ??
        Just because COD is now its “1 month DLC exclusive” ??
        Maybe just for lan gaming because on-line gaming PSN sucks. Maintenance all the time.

        • Azza

          Psn also has server issues where downloads take their sweet ass time to download when everyone is downloading it at the same time. I wouldn’t mind if we wernt paying for online. The 10GB storage took its time, but glad it here.

          I think there really isn’t a platform for fps as per saysay. But it’s all preference isn’t it? Is PS4 the best platform for platformer games?

        • Barry Harden

          Well that’s the only flawed argument an Xbot fanboy has these days. XBL online has gone down more times than a $10 whore compared to PSN. This is fact.

          As for serious FPS gaming, the PS4’s superior hardware allows CoD to run at FULL 1080p. Something the XBone has failed to do time and time again. Many developers are taking notice.

          • “This is fact.” Please, Barry, provide these “facts.”

            • Barry Harden

              I would provide the facts but since you’re not approving any of my posts that contain links then I have no choice but to ask you to Google all the PSN and XBL incidents.

              Count them and you’ll see XBL has had MUCH more problems than PSN.

            • BoodyBandit Gaming

              Strongly prefer the PS4 over the XBOX ONE but make no mistake about it, XBL is superior to PSN. My internet speed is an average of 400 / 60. On PSN I average 32 / 6. On XBL I average 160 / 30. I have played several FPS games on both consoles and there is next to zero latency (delay) on the X1 vs the PS4.
              Both have their down times but XBL is far superior to PSN. I honestly wish Sony would get off their ass and implement dedicated servers. Last gen most of my gaming friends were all about the 360 for online gaming. This generation most of them switched to the PS4 as have I. But I’m getting tired of the lag (red bar) in games like Destiny, COD and other online shooters on PSN. I am getting to a point where I am willing to give up some graphic fidelity to have superior net.
              So regardless of down times. PSN isn’t on the same level as XBL, FACT.

            • Barry Harden

              You ineptitude on network facts is what appalling. You do know most games only use XBL or PSN for matchmaking right? Most online multiplayer games are either Peer to Peer or through dedicated servers. Most of the popular online games are CoD or Battlefield which really means the larger publishers like Activision and EA run their own dedicated servers. They don’t use anything from XBL or PSN.

              Lag is dependent on how good a user’s internet connection is. It has nothing to do with XBL or PSN. You only log on to the network for authentication then the quality of your connection(and everyone else’s connection) is what determines whether you’re going to get a laggy game or not.

              It’s a good thing I’m here to counter your bullshit. At this point you’re either lying or an idiot for even trying to debate this with erroneous info. Go to bed kid before you embarrass yourself beyond repair.

    • Not so fast. I’d be interested in comparing the Xbox Elite Controller to SCUF’s Infinity1 Xbox One controller. I have the feeling SCUF would beat it out, based on what I’ve heard, but I’ll keep my mind open.

      • Anonymous Tom

        Well, considering SCUF’s controllers are factory units taken apart to be made into said controllers, they can (and do) come flimsy or broken (have that “used” feel to them). The SCUF one also costs $50 more when including the features that the Elite has.

        Besides, you’re getting an Official Microsoft Product with the Elite. I don’t see what the problem is.

        • No problem, really. Coming from MS, I wouldn’t question the quality of the Elite. In fact, I’m certain that will be its strong suit. I’m just going off of reports that the paddles at the back are too sensitive, so I’m curious to know if the actual features and functions on it will meet the same needs.

  • Justin Robles

    Four paddles on the back are over kill. Seriously I play competitive COD and the 4PS with two paddles are more than adequate combination. Four paddles just seems as if it would complicate movements in dire situations. Now that the INFINITY SCUF 4PS LAUNCH is booming the equality factor is settled. Pro player’s are most familiar with PLAYSTATION 4. An INFINITY 1 is old news.