Rainbow Six Siege Closed Alpha – Video Review

There’s a lot to be impressed by in the Rainbow Six Siege Closed Alpha. While it is very much an early Alpha not really fit for public release, it’s still good enough to prove that Siege isn’t just another run of the mill shooter.

Everything about Siege’s gameplay is obviously well-intended with good talent and direction behind it. There are a number of areas that Ubisoft Montreal desperately needs to improve upon and reconsider, but if they do, Siege will be the shooter you and your friends all throw away days of your life on.

Admittedly, it’s not a casual shooting gallery, at least it’s not intended to be. The Closed Alpha isn’t particularly well-balanced when it comes to play styles. It seems like running and gunning can be very effective. Thankfully, tactical gameplay is more effective. That said, both are currently viable play styles, each with their own merits, drawbacks, and balance issues. Despite its balances issues, I’m still having a wonderful time playing Siege, especially when my teammates are cooperative.

It’s worth mentioning that I didn’t just use my Closed Alpha access to review Siege. I am genuinely continuing to play it and will be putting at least few hours a day into it until it ends on the 13th. Siege fills a gap in the multiplayer FPS world for me that has been empty since Black Ops 1. While I think Survarium is great and am eager to get my hands on The Division, Siege gets my blood flowing in the same way that competitive matchmaking in CS:GO does, without the frustrations that come with the Counter-Strike experience.

As for Closed Alpha issues, it’s pretty grim. Being locked out of the graphical options, option changes not saving between launches, no option to actually quit the game, open mic being the only VOIP option, and various texture and animation issues all demonstrate that Ubisoft Montreal has been focused on the mechanics of Siege and haven’t done much in the way of optimization or polishing. It’s playable and plays pretty well for an early Alpha, but its configuration option should have been more polished prior to release. The game itself runs at a stable 60-80 FPS on my i7 3770k, GTX 970 system, which is promising but is clearly going to change as development continues.

My verdict for the current offering of Rainbow Six Siege is that, despite the Closed Alpha’s issues, the core gameplay is fantastic, regardless of its balance and overall design issues. If Ubisoft Montreal pays close attention and executes well on improvements to Siege, it’s going to be one of the best games of 2015 and possibly one of the best multiplayer FPS games in recent years.

Alex DiFiori
Writer - Editorials
I've been a gamer since before most gamers were born. Now a full-fledged member of the PC Master Race, I'm enjoying all the best games from both AAA and Indie developers in glorious 1440p. Praise Gaben and may the Steam deals be ever syphoning funds from your life savings.
  • Watching you play, Alex, and given the generally more mature PC audience, it looked like communication between you and your team came quite naturally, which, as you said, has a very positive effect on gameplay. Despite the imbalances, it looked like you were able to enjoy the game the way Ubisoft intended you to.

    My concern is that that won’t translate over very well to the console audience who are, in my opinion, more accustomed to a comms-free environment (not including insults to your mother) and are more comfortable with Call of Duty’s run-and-gun style gameplay. I feel like Ubisoft is going to watch their creation crash and burn as players don’t talk to each other and simply spray-and-pray their way through the maps, which is why I really, really hope they pay attention to offering proper incentive to play the objective, play as a team, and communicate.

    I could be totally wrong. I’m looking forward to the beta on consoles later this year to find out 🙂

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      Assuming they balance for team play more, it’s going to be a horrific experience outside of FFA/TDM game modes for people with silent teammates. It’s really bizarre how little communication seems to happen on console considering everyone has a mic and a lot of people have headsets these days. I can say that if I hadn’t been talking and relaying orders/information, no one would have in the games I played last night, so it’s not like PC players are much better.

      • I suppose it might just come down to individual players taking charge and relaying orders over comms, whether others respond or not.

        • marpla78

          Well David lets face it…only adult and not in all the cases will get involve as they suppose to in the game, with the comms, orders, etc…my hopes with this game at this point are very low, sad but true.

          I think it will be nearly impossible to get in a pub game and try to run it like it should…

    • Deciver95

      Well, similar things happened with Evolve on ps4. Especially at the start, some would try and Run N Gun. Granted Evolve had it’s own issues.

      But, it’ll be interesting to see how this goes

    • MegaMan3k

      I think doubly worrying would be that I imagine the players in the Alpha are skewed towards the “die hard” fans, ie the fans that would be most likely to play tactically and coordinated.

    • Quigs

      Splinter Cell blacklist was one of the few games i went into game chat for, I met a decent amount pf people that played and communicated in game chat bc of what kind of game it was.

      Hopefully people relize that for this game also.

      Also for the hostage i feel as though that is more of a reason for one team to attack and one team to defend then having two teams slowly doing thing/ It gives you a sense of urgency, kind of like search and destroy on CoD alot of people just tried killing the entire enemy team instead of planting bu the objective made sure both teams couldnt just camp and getting the hostage could force out the last few enemys instead of searching for the guy waiting for you with a shotgun.

    • oofy

      I, too, hope you’re wrong.

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  • Bloodborne GOTY

    This game will be a campers wet dream. No thanks.

    • oofy

      No perches 500 miles in the air? It won’t.

  • roland0811

    Dammit. Just him saying “It seems like running and gunning can be very effective.” made my hopes for this game take a dive. I’m really hoping they change that and it doesn’t become another arcade-y, run ‘n gun casual shooter like BF3/4 and the like. I miss my tactical shooters.