Six Ways to Improve Rainbow Six: Patriots Multiplayer

The first Rainbow Six game that I picked up this generation was Rainbow Six: Vegas. Despite having some balancing issues and bugs, the game was perhaps one of the best multiplayer experiences that I have ever had in a long time. The sequel later released and came with some disappointments as it did little to add new features and lacked support from Ubisoft. Now, with the announcement of Rainbow Six: Patriots, I have decided to compile a short list of things I’d like to see in the game.


Probably the biggest thing here. Gameplay was excellent in the last two titles. I do want to see some improvements, but overall, I found the formula to be a perfect blend between first-person and tactical playing. The cover system worked excellent and the switch from third-person (cover) to first-person ran smoothly.

The Return of Custom Armor and Camouflage: 

The one thing I loved most about Rainbow Six Vegas series was the ability to create your own personal character. At first, the majority of players only seemed to care about whether they had too much or too little armor on. For every piece of armor, you either sacrificed speed or protection. So, being able to build your character the way you want to was a huge feature.

The camos were just as fun too. Like everyone, you probably started out with your basic colors. Maybe you had all black or maybe you had a white helmet and a blue vest with everything else black. The more you played the game though, the more camouflage you unlocked, eventually leading to the custom sets. This is where true creativity came in. I’ve seen many creative costumes over the time I spent with Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2, and the amount of creativity in some of these costumes are just insanely cool.

Better graphics:

I was happy with what we got in the first Rainbow Six game this gen. The game released pretty early, which is a good excuse for the graphics it had at the time. However, when Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Vegas 2 along side a CGI trailer, fans of the series had high expectations of what the game would look like. But sadly, with release of Vegas 2 came fans’ disappointment to see that the sequel didn’t look much better. In some cases, it looked worse than the previous installment. Certain assets of the game seemed to have been reused with little to no improvements at all.

In Patriots, we want to see this change; new assets, new environment, and improvements to the lighting. Already we have seen two trailers for the game. One of them is full CGI trailer while the other features gameplay. Well, it’s not actual gameplay. This “fake” gameplay footage that was shown off was quiet impressive and is something that we would love to see come true.

A Real Clan System:

For a something that just seemed all too perfect for a team base game, both Rainbow 6 Vegas titles were missing out on one key, important feature: A clan system. Currently, the system is just your basic clan tags. This is something that I have grown tired of using. If your not really familiar with this system, it’s pretty much just you typing in four letters or numbers and having it displayed over your name; very similar to the Call of Duty system. During the late years of playing Vegas 1 and 2, I would always use systems like game battles to organize clan matches. It’s a pretty awesome system, but it’s something that I would love to see the game actually support.

No Service Tags Please

I would also love to see something along the line of Warhawk’s or Resistance: Fall of Man’s clan system. These systems allowed the leader and other clan members to keep an in-game tracking record of all the clan members. There were also different roles that leaders could assign to other clan members. So having a few seconds in command to help run the clan and recruit other members is always a useful way to expand. Also, a way to track our clan progress and matches we won fighting against other clans is something I have not seen in console games yet. I would like some sort of clan leader boards and a scheduling system. I think this idea should really apply to nearly all multiplayer games that still use the standard “Tags” system.

Online Co-op:

No doubt that this was one of the most popular modes in Vegas 1 and 2. Though I didn’t quiet enjoy the story co-op in Vegas 2, I did, however, enjoy Terrorist Hunt Mode. Terrorist Hunt Mode was featured in both Vegas 1 and 2 and supported up to 3-4 players. I don’t want to see this player count increase to anything over that as the game mode played excellent with just a small amount of players.

Anyway, I want this mode to make a return as it really was one of the most played modes in the game. It allowed easy XP and was quite challenging and fun when trying to complete. This was one of those game modes that I can honestly say was perfect, despite some bug issues it had. Adrenaline rushed when knowing that you were the last of your teammates fighting against hordes of A.I. I don’t think I have ever felt so engaged in a co-op FPS mode in a long time since Rainbow Six.

Downloadable Content:

I am one of those guys who absolutely hate hearing about downloadable content, especially in a game that seems so incomplete. Frankly, this is how I felt like when I was playing Vegas 2. The game felt more like a DLC rather than a completely new game or sequel. It had some old maps and some new ones. Perhaps the best term to describe it is an expansion pack. It’s not really the sequel that many had hoped for.

The DLC I want to see for the game though has to be completely new and not just old maps, like they did in Vegas 2, though it was free. I want to see the support that Ubisoft lacked in the previous two installments. But one thing I don’t want to see is day one DLC. DLC has to be unique and feel like they weren’t just taken out of the game to be charged for.

So, what do you guys want to see in Rainbow Six: Patriots? Let me know in the comments below.

  • it also needs to have better sound

  • Anonymous

    Official HD Gameplay Video
    Not actual gameplay footage

    • Lara

      I know 
      “Well, it’s not actual gameplay. This “fake” gameplay footage that was shown off was quiet impressive and is something that we would love to see come true.”

      I can see where your coming from though.

      Reason why the video isn’t included under the gameplay heading is because I was referring to the graphics of the game in this footage. While it’s not actual gameplay, the graphics none the less are impressive. I used the first trailer for Rainbow six Vegas 2 as an example prior to this, saying that it was all CGI. This HD Gameplay trailer, though I didn’t say it (so my fault), I don’t want to see the same smoke trick that was done with RSV2 with Patriots.

      • Anonymous

        I was just being funny, since it says it right there on the video, but whoever uploaded it kind of ignored that. Wasn’t trying to be a smart ass or anything. However, I did see that video a couple months ago, and while I was impressed by the premise and the presentation, I sincerely hope it was done that way Just for the sake of the demo, because I will not have my Rainbow Six playing like Heavy Rain. I’ve been waiting forever for a new one, and I’ll be more than pissed if they try to make it different just to be doing it.

  • If this is not “Actual gameplay footage” I’m going to be sorely disappointed!

  • Anonymous

    i spent sooooo much time in customisation on this game with kit, colours and using the xbox camera,  favourite faces to use were the joker, terminater arnie and bubbles (trailer park boys), it wouldn’t be the same without these features

    • I had Bill Clinton, George Bush, a Skull, Michael Jackson, and my favorite, Bubbles from TPB, lmao I totally agree with you If they had all the same features and added them to COD I’d be in heaven Totally miss everything about RB6 so tired of the COD campers and glitchers but the graphics are superior

  • Jacobkim12

    Reiterate tacticality, rainbow six starting to turn too arcady.  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next Rainbow Six. 

  • Ryan

    Terrorist Hunt is the only reason I played this game. I hope they don’t mess it up.

    • I will be disappointed if they ended up taking that mode out for some stupid reason

  • I was a huge fan of RB6 from lockdown, black arrow, all the way to vegas 2. If they had taken off like COD there wouldnt have been a COD, but they didnt, instead they created END WAR a huge disappointment. In Patriots I would love to see they kept all the features we loved like 1st-3rd cover I miss that in COD it makes no sense to not be able to peek around corners. All the customization was awesome, I loved the ability to take your pic and have your face on your character.

    All in all it would be great if they enhanced the graphics, created better button mapping maybe made it completly user programmable in a sense, really like to aim with left trigger, anyway make a clan matching system close to COD Elite, keep everything else the same as far as features I miss RB6 bring it back I’ll buy it!!!

  • The reason I have a problem with is because u started on Vegas…. The clan system they had was in black arrow,Critcql Hour, and lockdown….which was very good u could make the emblem they had an actually leader oars and the whole 9 but the only problem with that is the MLG/Gamebattles Scene which would make them more money so clan system may never happend again