Opinion – Sony and Microsoft Don’t Understand Themselves

If this year’s E3 was proof of anything, it’s that most of the major players in the gaming world don’t understand what consoles are. Everyone from Microsoft to Ubisoft kept referring to their content as pushing the boundaries, cutting edge, “next gen,” and exclusive, despite most of their games not even running at 1080p/60FPS or being exclusive to any console. Everyone, that is, except for Nintendo.

Say what you will about the Wii U. It’s still a console that people are buying and it’s still a product Nintendo deeply understands how to develop for. When a single game increases your hardware sales by 666%, it’s safe to say you know what you’re doing.

If you want a Nintendo experience, you have to buy Nintendo’s hardware. More to the point, however, is that the Nintendo experience is a premium one that delivers a consistently fun and satisfying gaming experience free of technical issues like sub par resolutions and frame rates or design that doesn’t suit the console experience.


Some games just aren’t console friendly, and it seems like despite knowing that, Sony and Microsoft are hedging their bets that they can compete with PCs without the hardware or direction to drive their products successfully. People are quickly coming to terms with the fact that PC gaming offers a subjectively better experience to the PS4 and Xbox One. The question isn’t which platform is better for gamers or gaming in general, it’s why doesn’t Sony and Microsoft makes games specifically for their consoles?

Play any AAA multi-platform title like Watch Dogs or Battlefield 4 on PC and you’ll see and feel the difference adequate hardware makes in how a game plays. Just like no $400 PC is going to run BF4 on max settings very well, no $400 console is going to run games like BF4, Watch Dogs, Farcry 4, The Division, Destiny, or The Crew in a way that will stand the test of time. Sure, Ryse: Son of Rome and Killzone: Shadow Fall look good now, but with such forgettable gameplay, who will remember these titles when they become visually dated? Sub 1080p/60FPS games are already a commonplace eyesore, and graphically fidelity that tries to simulate photo-realism will be quickly outdated by the next leap in graphically fidelity.


This is what separates Nintendo from the rest of the pack. In 10 years, Super Mario 3D is still going to look great and be a joy to play. Will we be able to say that about Watch Dogs? What happens when the next ambitious open world game looks better than Crysis 3 and has a world the size of a country instead of just a city? Will people really want to go back and play a game like Watch Dogs with it’s relatively scaled down graphics, mediocre story, lifeless-feeling environments, and “push one button to win” gameplay? To me, the answer is clearly a resounding no.

What Sony and Microsoft need to comes to terms with is that their hardware isn’t at the bleeding edge of gaming technology. It simply can’t compete from a technical standpoint with PC, nor should it or have to. Console gaming is regarded by most gamers as the pickup-and-play living room gaming experience, so why aren’t Sony and Microsoft making games like Super Mario 3D? Where are the Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Goldeneye, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and Shadow of the Colossus games of the “next-gen” consoles? You know, the well made, beautifully designed, exclusive titles with memorable characters and original stories that are made to be fun, not mindless Michael Bay movies. I’ll tell you where – on the WiiU.

You can argue that people have moved on or grown up from Spyro the Dragon or Jak and Daxter all you want, but Mario Party 8 is proof that a well made game that’s fun to play and actually suits the hardware it’s running on is what gamers really want. Sony and Microsoft need titles that innovate in gameplay and story, because trying to win the war on a graphical level is a losing battle.

For me, only two console exclusives in the past three years come to mind when it comes to games that tell original and compelling stories with meaningful characters; The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto 5. Neither TLOU or GTA 5 are the best looking games ever, but if their sales prove one thing, it’s that gamers don’t want Ryse, they want Trevor, Joel and Ellie, and a story that will entertain them by being intelligent, not just “exciting” or “shocking.” GTA 5 is also coming to PC anyway.


Sony and Microsoft need to stop assuming gamers only think with their eyes and start making games that stimulate their minds and create gameplay that’s actually engaging and does not simply require gamers to push “X” to win. They need to make games that don’t have to be scaled down and held back just to run at 900p or 30FPS. They need to understand their hardware and customers as well as Nintendo does. Unfortunately, they don’t.

Maybe the combination of “once every five years” games like The Last of Us or GTA 5 and annually regurgitated Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed titles are enough to keep Sony and Microsoft’s gaming endeavors profitable. But as it stands, Sony and Microsoft are content to pretend that games like The Order: 1886 and Ryse are anything more than cutscenes with limited player interaction in between. If that’s enough to keep gamers lining up for more, then I don’t know what to feel worse about; the state of game development or the consumers buying these “cutting edge” quick time event simulators.

Instead of constantly wrestling with hardware limitations, it’s time Sony and Microsoft take notes from great game makers like Nintendo and start creating memorable experiences that go above and beyond just fancy visuals. Maybe then gamers won’t make such a big fuss about what sort of resolution and frame rate that next AAA title might run at.

  • Nettrick Nowan

    If you aren’t comfortable with the question, excuse me and just ignore it–

    But, be honest, how much did you pay for your gaming PC?

    • I’m not sure that’s the point here. It’s not really a question of what’s the better platform for what price. It’s that Sony and MS are trying to wear a hat that doesn’t fit. They should be creating experiences that shine on consoles and nowhere else instead of trying to make games that will never perform as well as they would on a top-end PC. Those guys are pushing boundaries and innovating in a way consoles can’t, which is why MS and Sony should only be concerned with one thing: making great games, not just good looking games.

      My apologies if I mistook the intent of your question.

      • SiftBlade

        So you dislike multiplats because they look better on PC? Should they create only exclusives, like Nintendo? Is that what you’re saying?

        • No. Those aren’t my words. Multi-platform games will always be there (and need to be there) to move us a long and keep the industry rolling. All Nintendo has done is shown that you can make amazing games that sell a console and aren’t focused on providing a level of visuals it simply can’t. So has games like The Last of Us and GTA 5. We just only get games like that once every 5 or so years.

          The Mass Effect series is, I think, a good example of a multi-platform title that clearly performs the best on PC, but is such a content-rich game on its own that it doesn’t matter where you play it or on what graphics settings. Personally, it’s a game or series of games I won’t soon forget, even though they’ll look like poop in a couple of years, if not already.

          It’s simple: just make games that are actually good so that we won’t worry about how pretty they look.

          • SiftBlade

            Ah, I misunderstood what you said. I’ve always buy the games that are fun to play, I never really buy a game just for how good it looks. If people have been doing that, it’s news to me. Obviously it’s gameplay > graphics. So basically what you’re saying is make good games and the graphics would just be a plus.

          • Oblivion_Lost667

            Mass Effect 1 does look like “poop” already lol, but I agree, the Mass Effect series was amazing, and regardless of platform, if you like RPGs, Third Person Shooters, and/or in-depth stories, you’ll probably love the series. Games like Mass Effect are testaments that graphics aren’t everything, you could go play them after playing something like Crysis 3 or Battlefield 4 maxed out for a couple weeks, and still love them regardless of what they look like. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition’s sales have proved that it’s not just about the graphics, as long as the game design/gameplay and story can stand the test of time, they’ll remain fun to play regardless of how they look.

            • I think I played Mass Effect 2 once as every class, then two more times after that… It got a bit ridiculous.

      • mechcell

        It’s is good example of it.


      • Guest

        But arent Multiplatform games getting held back on pc because of consoles? Look at watchdogs, hell look at BF3, Alpha vs retail. and there are so many more examples, IMO I think games on PC arent to their full potential so they can hide the disparity between consoles and PC, Why cant consoles be upgraded? sort of like valve but they can sell the original console at 400 or 500 and then microsoft and sony sell and make their own parts like graphics cards and processors etc. Or would that be pointless because Devs would just cater to the lowest denominator or would they have a spec list for games too, The difference on not just buying a pc instead is the controller and the consoles features.

        • All the more reason console games should do their own thing, no?

          I mean, in theory, if the Watch Dogs dev team wasn’t concerned with consoles, maybe it would have had those E3 2012-level visuals on PC at launch.

          Likewise, if they weren’t worried about making it as visually impressive as it possibly could look on PC and limited development to consoles, maybe we would have seen improvements in quality, fun, gameplay, story, etc.

          I haven’t played Watch Dogs so I can’t really comment. I’m just hypothesizing.

    • roepster

      Altogether, my pc was around $1000, but I could have built it much cheaper. I purchased a nicer mobo and extra ram I don’t really need because I’ll be building it up more in the future. I chose pc as my gaming platform because it just makes sense. I use autoCAD for work, I don’t need a second machine to handle emails/internet browsing/report writing and steam is such a fantastic deal. I love games like civilization and kerbal space program that aren’t offered on consoles, and I got them for basically $15 each. Bf3 is awesome with good graphics and 64 players and bf4 would be too if I found it enjoyable. Pc building can be intimidating, but it definitely makes sense for me

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      I spent around $1000 for mine, but that’s because I had planned on the HIGHEST level of visual fidelity and options, as well as recording videos and editing them for Youtube, and ended up buying 16GB RAM, a GTX 690, a i7 3770k, and 6 TB of hard drive space. I built it simply for maxing out games like Battlefield 4 and DayZ Standalone, and giving people the highest quality videos I could, but around the time BF4 released I had to move, and I ended up moving somewhere where my only internet is off of a satellite or cellphone tower, with a bandwidth usage cap, so I can’t actually upload anything I would want to record.

      You can build a PC that is more powerful than the consoles for a pretty reasonable price, anywhere between $400-$600, and still probably end up paying less in the long run, between no need for a subscription for playing online (Outside of some MMOs.), and things like the Steam Summer Sale and Humble Bundle, and simply games that are cheaper, you could pay $14.99 on Steam for Insurgency, and get just as much playtime out of that as you would a game like BF or COD, if it’s your cup of tea. Non-AAA publisher titles are rarely the $60 that most games on consoles are.

  • Matthew Gray

    It’s true that PC gaming comes with a hefty up-front investment, but it’s the next logical step for gamers who are looking to graduate from “casual” to “serious”. Think of it like getting your first GameBoy as a small child and then scrounging up enough cash to get your first SNES. It might have taken awhile and demanded a higher price but in the end… It’s worth every penny. “All hail the glorious Master Race!” 😛
    … Oh and great article. I’m really enjoying the editorials lately. Keep up the great work!

    • Godmars

      But, as much as they may say or advertise, Sony and MS aren’t looking for casual or serious gamers, they’re looking for general consumers. And those aren’t serious or PC gamers. Unless you count the IPhone.

      • Matthew Gray

        Oh absolutely lol… Just look at the Microsoft E3 conference from last year. If PSNow takes off maybe we can finally end this whole PC vs Console bickering for good.

      • BOSS jediZOHAN

        I think a huge part of why console sales are down so much compared to the previous gen is that casual gamers are playing on their phones instead of consoles these days.

        • Godmars

          I think part of it was that Sony was at the right place at the right time by putting DVD in the PS2. Made it the cheapest player at the time when the format was just starting.

          But then with HD and all the hype for AAA games, middleware and budget titles were pushed off of consoles. Eventually found their way to PC and iOS. Are coming back as the indie and retro craze.

        • PC is for casuals

          Sony and Microsoft breaking sales records is sales being down. News to me.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      WILL DO! Thank you for reading! #PCMasterRace

    • PC is for casuals

      I am 29 years old and I play games non stop on consoles and have been since Atari. So I am a casual because I do not play PC. Lol . Great Logic

    • Alvaro Munive

      So, if you don’t play on PC… you’re a casual gamer?
      Nah, i don’t think so.
      The problem i see with PC its only about the exclusives (maybe in this case doesn’t care because consoles doesn’t have any good ones) but in the last generation, there was a few exclusives on consoles that were really important to me.
      I’m aware that PC gaming its the best experience in graphics and in how the games run, but there are some good games that PC doesn’t have and that’s the reason why I’m not a PC gamer.
      The best choice for me, its trying to have an average gaming PC (maybe $500/$600) and 1 console for the exclusives (still deciding between PS4/XOne).

      • TheTru Cypher

        An “average” gaming PC is 1000 minimum and that’s building it your self. Trust me on this.

        • Alvaro Munive

          yeah, but for me thats too much money. so i will be happy with a 600$ PC

    • Raymond Featherston

      Wait so you’re saying one cannot be a serious gamer without being a PC gamer also? How do you figure that? While high end PC’S obviously have more power there are various reasons why some “serious” gamers may still opt for consoles.

      This argument is akin to the “if you are not (insert denomination of Christianity here) then you are not a true Christian!” We all know how little sense those people make, and this is in essence the same thing you have said here. You are not a true and serious gamer unless you have PC………..how about no?

    • bob

      A $420 PC that outperforms consoles in every way is hardly hefty.

    • Kevin

      The up-front investment dictates what you want. If it’s around the performance of a console, then you can build one for that cost, but if you want better, you spend a bit more.

      High-end components come with diminishing returns for the cost, so mid-tier parts are always the best way to get the best performance for the dollar, and still above what a console can perform.

      I also think plenty of console owners are serious about their hobby, let’s not lump either group into the smartphone category.

  • Guest

    So I think people will accept that ps4 and Xbox one are already outdated, games are getting easier as less skill and brains are required, I find it creepy that that nintendo’s hardware sales increased by 666%, illuminati hahaha

    • jj16802

      I hope no one at Nintendo sold their soul to a certain someone….

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      The PC shafting seems to be true for some AAA titles (Particularly Watch Dogs, while it’s still up to debate as to why they did what they did, no choices look good.), there are still a good number that still try to push your hardware, like Crysis 3, Battlefield 4, and even Metro: Last Light, even though some of Metro’s problems is optimization.

      PC also seems to get some good RPGs and RTS games like Divinity: Original Sin and Company of Heroes 2, and you still have the entire classic RPG and RTS genre to look through, Baldur’s Gate recently got a enhanced version, and I’d recommend that game to ANYONE who likes RPG games, while it may take some getting used to, it has a top notch story, the in-depth gameplay that comes from playing with the D&D ruleset, and is simply an amazing RPG, that personally has aged pretty well gameplay wise, even if not graphics wise. (While it still maintains a top notch art direction.)

      • PC is for casuals

        Watch dogs was garbage no matter what you play it on

        • Oblivion_Lost667

          New troll account?

    • PC is for casuals

      Consoles are not outdated only the innovation from developers are outdated. Playing Destiny beta and it is the most stunning next gen game yet.

      • Kevin

        You’re being stunned by good art direction though, not fidelity driven by having amazing tech for the time.

  • shodannet

    Completely agree. I already learnt years ago that bottom line, my gaming time with Nintendo games has always been enjoyable and memorable for multiple reasons (god, even music alone is unparalleled) and so I have little hesitation in buying a nintendo console.

  • uwantSAM0A

    I really enjoy your articles because they make you (the reader) look from an objective pov pertaining to the topic. You arent afraid to stop, look, and listen, and question the big picture when it comes to the industry.

    Off topic:
    Im pretty sure youre bossjedizohan right? Judging from your avatar hehe.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      Thanks for the kind words, and yep, that’s me!

  • Svnryn

    Very well written article. However, I would say Sony, if not yet fully realized, gets it far more than Microsoft. With Project Morpheous (sp?), PS Now streaming service and the likes of SOE games (Planetside 2, H1Z1, EQ Next). From day one, Microsoft said the X1 would be more than just games with them providing original TV content and acting as a pseudo cable box. Well, they just canned 18,000 jobs most of which were the studios responsible for that exclusive content. Let’s also not forget the Kinect faux pas and they’re subsequent backtrack of it or the no sharing games catastrophe.

    While the article is quick to mention PC as a superior platform, let me also quickly remind you that PC gaming goes through Microsoft as well thanks to the strangle hold that Windows OS has on it. Rumor has it that you will have to lease their next OS, Windows 9, each year and will not outright own it. So now the complaint of paying a yearly fee for access, a common knock against consoles, is coming to PC potentially. Steam made a nice effort with SteamOS to make the PC fanboys rejoice, but the fact is all Microsoft had to do to crush any incentive for a dev to even consider a move to Linux is announce “major” improvements in the next DirectX (tech which has held graphic fidelity back due to lack of improvements).

    I agree with the article and feel both need to get serious about their audience and direction, but like I mentioned I think Sony gets it (see points mentioned) far more at this point than Microsoft, who I feel will wind up selling off their Xbox division at some point in the future.

    • lukazo

      i dont understand where people get this idea from that sony still is working out how to fully utilize there power?

      ps3 was a ballache to develop for, they fully utilized it.

      ps4 is the same as PC pretty much, they cant utilze it any more, its just down to poor specs!

      ffs my mobile phone has fast cpu than ps4 and xbox one -_-

    • Christian Reed

      get your facts straight. most of the 18,000 layoffs were from the Nokia branch because Microsoft are merging both they cell divisions.

  • Matthew Gray

    OMG… Are we having a civil conversation about the current state of the console market and/or game development practices without getting petty or resorting to insults? Did everyone forget to take their stupid pills this morning? 😉

    • shodannet

      I was expecting to see anti-nintendo hate D:

  • Trevor G.

    I have to agree. Overall I’ve been pretty disappointed with the new console generation. Along with the overall slugishness of the UI on each platform (which of any feature of the new gen systems, I would have thought a smooth and fast interface would be all but guaranteed), the mulitplatform fragmentation causes an overall degradation of quality with devs pandering to each platform. Hearing Bungie say Destiny won’t be 60fps on PS4 because they wanted to create a “uniform experience across all platforms” is so frustrating and even more so that it’s not coming PC (any time soon at least) . *sigh*

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      If they locked FPS on PC they’d get a MASSIVE backlash, that’s the one thing that is the harshest for developing on PC, if it’s poorly optimized, buggy, lacking options, or simply held back, expect the worst of the Steam community to rain hell down on you.

      A good example is Special Forces: Team X, I’ve heard lots of people say it had some fun gameplay, but because of the state it launched in, and the lack of immediate patching from the devs, the game died within a few weeks due to the amount of backlash, bad reviews, and simply bad press from the players.

    • Kevin

      Well the rumors are pointing towards a March 2015 release, which isn’t that far away…at least for a game series that is supposed to last 10 years.

  • Oblivion_Lost667

    This is a very WELL stated and written article, and I agree with every point you made outside of the points you made about Watch Dogs, unless that’s only true for consoles, while it wasn’t GTA level of NPC depth (You can follow a guy who gets arrested back to the precinct if you REALLY want to.), it was still pretty good, and certainly didn’t feel lifeless, and I really liked the gameplay. Story was pretty mediocre, it felt like the just wrote half of it, didn’t have time to finish, and slapped something together, it had a good start, and then just fell apart, and the graphics were pretty good on PC, just not E3 level (though modders ARE making it look like that.). My biggest problem with Watch Dogs is Ubisoft’s TERRIBLE support, they haven’t fixed the stuttering issues STILL, they’re worse than DICE when it comes to patching it looks like.

    While I’m personally not interested in really any of the Wii U titles, it’s obvious that they have their audience, and it makes the Wii U an obvious buy for people that do like them. From a PC gamer standpoint, the only reason I would buy a PS4 (PS3 as well.) is currently the Metal Gear Solid titles, which I seriously wish would come to PC, I still debate buying a PS3 again to replay through MGS4, and I can buy the MGS Collection while I’m at it. I wish they’d come to PC, but from a business standpoint, keeping them exclusive makes a good case for a purchase. There’s nothing that entices me to buy a Xbox 360 or One.

    While I wish for a market that didn’t have exclusives everywhere, consoles exclusively getting games like Spyro would certainly make consoles more interesting to the PC gaming crowd as well, considering you don’t have to pump out photo realistic graphics, so you’ll still get 1080p, and the gameplay in games like that were there simply to be FUN, something that’s rarely there being put out anymore.

    • Metal Gear Solid. That’s a great example of something timeless, indeed.

  • PC is for casuals

    This article is full of lies and propaganda. Only narrow minded butt hurt PC fanboys would consider this facts. Well back to playing Destiny on my PS4. Lol Like PC is doing any better. Dota and WoW are far from making people build a PC.

    • “The $21.5 billion [PC] market is over twice the size of the console gaming hardware market.”


      • PC is for casuals

        What does that prove exactly. Everybody owns a PC. Duh. Do they own one that can play latest games. Hell no.

        • “…more money is being directed to mid and high range PC builds and upgrades by gamers.”

          • Alvaro Munive

            Well, but the mid and high range pc also are used by designers and DJs.

            • Kevin

              They’re a tiny specialized professional market.

            • Alvaro Munive

              i know more people that use theyr high end pc for work that people i know that use for gaming.

      • SubXero

        That “research” is sketchy at best though. It includes all platforms that have an x86 processor and it does not clearly define what accessories and/or peripherals were taken into account. I mentions keyboards, mice, speakers and headphones. Depending on what speakers and headphones it included the report could be even less accurate and less relevant. China accounted for 6.8B of that 21.5B

        • Don’t worry. I’m not implying anything. I’m merely discrediting the accusations above 🙂

    • J4MES

      Steam has more than twice as many users than Xbox Live and PSN alone. Each of the 80m+ accounts have an average of 55 games. DOTA last night had 1.2m people playing and there was 970,000 on Counterstrike. Not sure what the other 9m players were doing last night but they were on one of the many thousands of games PC has.

      Yeah, PC isn’t doing very well. *Facepalm.

      • pot51e

        We were playing Civ, War Thunder, Total War or Battlefield.

      • M1ke Daddy

        But how many are actual active users on steam though that return
        Cause I know plenty of individuals who have made a steam account including myself & then never used it again.
        As for PC being the best upgrade/Choice for gamers well thats subjective what some people just dont realize is the PC platform isn’always a Viable/Best option for everyone for numerous different reasons.

        • J4MES

          The average account has 55 games. Some people may have 1 and never play again and others may have 250+ games. Steam usually gets over 25m active users in a weekend also.

          So in response to the original ignorant post from ‘PC is for casuals’ he makes the assumption PC gaming isn’t doing very well. Total baloney.

        • Kevin

          They ONLY count active users who are on and using the service.

          Most of the reasons people tend to give for not wanting one are solvable ones, or just an issue that doesn’t exist, but think because of misinformation.

          $1000+ with constant upgrades: no games on PC demand this, unless you have a multi-screen or 4k setup.

          Living Room experience: HDMI + Big Picture Mode + Gamepad and Joy2Key let you navigate everything from the couch.

    • lukazo

      you’re an idiot, and you should feel bad.

      “This article is full of lies and propaganda”
      if you’re going to say this at least provide evidence.

      ” Well back to playing Destiny on my PS4. Lol Like PC is doing any better”

      there is many greater and better mmorpg’s than the likes of destiny you know……….

      ” Dota and WoW are far from making people build a PC”

      tell that to people who play these games.considering WoW and Dota/LoL are the most played games on the planet currently.

    • Kevin

      Well with builds that beat consoles on performance for the same price, it’s not really propaganda…it’s fact.

      Outside of graphical performance and cost, you have other reasons to prefer a console, but the article is arguing that is kind of all Sony and Microsoft are advertising. The few exclusive they have are largely all graphical showpieces with cinematic aspirations over gameplay innovation.

      Bringing up WoW and Dota are pointless, since the first one is old, and the second one dominates any other game for people playing at any given day. Plenty of other PC exclusives exist, and if you don’t know them…then it’s dum to argue about it.

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  • Not_true

    PC and PS4 are different markets with different pros and cons. PS4 has price/performance and simplicity, PCs have a higher potential performance, but generally more expensive and requires time and knowledge to buy, build, and maintain one. Not everyone wants to game on PCs, if they wanted a gaming PC they would have bought one.

    If PS4 offers the best console visuals for AAA multiplats, that’s where a lot of console gamers are going.

    And then there’s the people deranged enough to take the “master race” jokes seriously.

  • Arvid

    Bow down to the pc master race fuckers!

    • Raymond Featherston

      Satire or no it is people like you who give both PC gamers and gamers in general a bad name. Posting something like that only makes your glorious “master race” look bad.

      I have no need for a PC as I am not willing to spend that much money for as little as I play games these days, but other than that there are quite a few legitimate reasons to own a console instead.

      • Arvid

        But look at the picture. It pretty much says it all. Console is probaply perfect for a casual gamer like yourself.

  • betosobreira


  • jean-Alexandre thibault

    SONY and MS and their 3rd parties push the realistic immersion aspect …. Nintendo are still gameplay only. It’s really that simple.

  • Robenter

    I’d like to point out a couple of things:

    Since the Gamecube, Nintendo has been notorious for being difficult to develop on, thus is avoided by 3rd party development studios. They continue to lose money year after year. Sure they’re internal studios make really fun games, but that doesn’t support the argument that they “understand themselves”. It simply shows that they are good at game design. If they “understood themselves”, they would be making money, not losing it.

    There are plenty of in-house games that have been exclusive to XB or PS – Uncharted, Halo, Forza, Grand Turismo, God of War, Resistance: FoM, Fable to name a few. But the thing is, for whatever reason Nintend HAS to make good games to stay in business. MS and Sony don’t have to because of the number of developers making games for their system.

    You place a lot of emphasis on the fact that not all games on console run at 1080p/60FPS like PCs can. We all know this and the console companies aren’t advertising that they are as good as PCs. I bet the Porche 911 my neighbor across the street drives is a lot faster and smoother than whatever you and your buddies drive. But I bet that he paid a lot more for his car and that most people out there are just as happy and satisfied with their cars and don’t care about the niceties of owning a fancy Porche. He loves his car and is satisfied with it. He doesn’t go around telling people his driving experience is better than theirs and that their cars are real eyesores. He’d look like a big douche wouldn’t he?

    The point is that most people who play on consoles don’t care about PC gaming. They don’t care about paying more to get better graphics or PC exclusive games. They are satisfied with what they paid for. Sure it would be nice to have those things but to console players, the cost isn’t worth it among other things. Its a one sided argument perpetuated by PC owners.

    The whole PCMasterRace deal is just PC owners feeling the need to validate what they are paying for their PCs because they are feeling insecure about their purchase. It’s actually quite sad…

    • bob

      Only one flaw with your argument…

      PC gamin is cheaper. Significantly.

    • Kevin

      The only thing truly sad are people that HONESTLY believe PCs are far more expensive than consoles, when builds have consistently come out that show you can get one at the same price as a console, some with better performance than one as well.

      When you can get better performance for a better price, in addition to cheaper games, your product needs to offer something else.

      If this was such a PC owner issue, why do sites from people that either game on consoles, or game on everything, keep bringing it up?

  • Galaxy

    Instead of joining the massacre in the comments section, there are some mistakes in the article I would just like to point out, just for the sake of making the article more professional (not trying to be a twat here):
    1) Paragraph 5: Far Cry 4, not Farcry 4
    2) Paragraph 6: Super Mario 3D World, not Super Mario 3D
    3) Paragraph 7: Super Mario 3D World, not Super Mario 3D
    4) Paragraph 8: Mario Kart 8, not Mario Party 8 ***(this one actually matters)***
    5) Paragraph 9: “Neither TLOU nor GTAV,” not “Neither TLOU or GTAV”
    6) (actually the entire sentence I pointed out in 5) is a run-on and should be split or include a semicolon but that’s REALLY nazi of me and I feel somewhat bad pointing it out)

    Uhhhh, don’t take this the wrong way or anything. It was a good article and its hard to point out mistakes without sounding like a twat, but I just know this website tries to be more on the professional side with the articles so I feel inclined to point out stuff so you can fix it.

  • Malevolent Web

    You know what damages gaming? People mindlessly championing a system that runs their games rather than the games themselves. It makes me angry that gamers first defend their preferred system and make up the pathetic tropes for themselves. Every platform has pros and cons, and none is wildly better than any other. As gamers, we should be playing games, not championing the system the games are built for.

  • Ryan Schulze

    “When a single game increases your hardware sales by 666%, it’s safe to say you know what you’re doing.”
    Nope. It’s safe to say that you’re dealing with a really small number of console sales. Stopped reading there. Failed logic in the second paragraph suggests reading on would price to offer little insight. Although, I’ll take a guess that somewhere in the article is a “PC is best” statement.

    • TheTru Cypher

      It took them actually making a good game for people to want to buy their console. You make a good point they did have really low sales prior lol.

  • Matthew Gray

    Oh my… “casual” was not meant to be taken in a negative light. I was only equating “casual” and “serious” in terms of money and time invested. I actually don’t perceive the label “casual” as a bad thing. Chalk it up to poor word choice. We are all part of the same community and we need to stop the petty bickering and just enjoy ourselves… 1st world problems and such lol.

  • B_Boss

    Great great article Alex. The most interesting aspect is…I will always have a Nintendo console in my home for as long as they continue to make them. My biggest issue now is, I’m not sure whether to grab a 3DS XL or WiiU lol…

  • The_Real_CS

    I’m telling ya right now, an improvement is really all that matters, especially for the price. More happening, better graphics, faster frame rate, whatever it may be, at least it leaves something to look forward to.
    I’m cool with my consoles aging slowly, if I was impatient and completely unsatisfied with good(not state of the art), I’d buy a gaming PC.
    The fact that they call themselves master race is just ridiculous, gets me every time.