Star Wars: Battlefront – What Do We Want To See At E3 2014 and Beyond?

Since the the memorable announcement trailer that first debuted during last year’s E3, scoring any geek a free trip to the emergency ward by way of heart attack, developer DICE has been nothing short of vague with details surrounding the upcoming revival of the popular Star Wars shooter franchise.

As the studio previously mentioned, however, Star Wars: Battlefront, as it’s currently being dubbed, will be showcased at E3 2014 during EA’s press conference, and perhaps on the E3 show floor. So, “yay” for Star Wars fans like us. But what exactly do we want to see with its return?

All-In-One Ground And Space Battles

Turn back the clocks to 2009. Free Radical, a developer working on the sequel to Battlefront 2, was bought by Crytek and their game, which was “99% finished,” was cancelled. Gameplay has since leaked and even live streamed by an insider who nabbed the latest build of the unfinished project. On display were ever-evolving battles that allowed soldiers to fight their way through infantry and ground forces in one of Star Wars’ many iconic locales. From there, we saw the ability to take the fight through the atmosphere and into outer space in a seamless progression of events.

How could this translate over to DICE’s project? Imagine game modes like Conquest and Air Superiority taking place at the same time with capture points on both the ground and in orbit. Or, take a game mode like Rush and expand it so that the battle progresses from planetside to inner atmosphere and culminates in an epic space battle. A Star Wars take on Battlefield 4’s Carrier Assault or Battlefield 2142’s Titan mode would do just as well. Either way, ground and space battles all talking place in one match on one map would be utterly epic.

While Free Radical’s project in particular may never see the light of day, I’m hopeful that DICE’s revamped take on the franchise will deliver on this awesome feature that expands the tradition boundaries of traditional video game warfare to galaxies far, far away.

Battles on a Massive Scale

In Battlefront 2, Pandemic Studios clearly drew a lot of inspiration from Battlefield by offering vehicle and infantry warfare, depicting the massive-scale battles from the Star Wars movies. While old generation consoles suffered in player count, the PC version was able to push those epic 64 player battles. 10 years later, it’s now possible for our consoles to reach similar capabilities, as demonstrated in games like Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Star Wars: Battlefront needs to continue to build on the “War” in Star Wars, be it large player counts or even AI enemies and teammates, a la Titanfall, for example.

Also, if we are going to see seamless ground-to-space battles in one map, that’s a lot of space to fill. Much like the films, it’s important to keep the action high and maintain that excitement and spectacle that the movies are so good at portraying.

DICE has a bar to raise, as Pandemic Studios set the standard that made the Battlefront series stand out from your average sci-fi shooter years ago. Let’s make Battlefront the massive next-gen shooter it deserves to be.


What’s Star Wars without destruction? From the disastrous landing made by Anakin Skywalker on General Grevious’ flagship Invisible Hand to the battle of the second Deathstar above the moon Endor, it’s clear that destruction would not only just work in the context of Star Wars, it could also change landscapes and environments, much like Battlefield 4’s “Levolution” concept.

Even as a background event, seeing a gigantic Star Destroyer blow up in the skies above the battlefield would be pretty chilling – even better if it came crashing down to the play space, altering a map’s layout. The destruction of a mega cruiser could even act as the reward for succeeding in epic space battles.

Whether it be the collapsing of ice hangars on Hoth or blowing up asteroids in the asteroid fields of Alderran (too soon?), destruction belongs in Battlefront, and DICE is the developer to to do it.

Heroes & Villains 

While DICE isn’t aiming to produce a direct sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront 2, it’s clear that they are looking to incorporate elements from the previous two games, as EVP of EA studios Patrick Söderlund mentioned during an EA earning’s call. If you recall, the exciting heroes and villains dynamics of the previous titles let players step out of the boots of a soldier and play as iconic characters from the movies. It was rewarding and allowed us geeks to play out our fantasies to be a Jedi or Bounty hunter, commanding an army of Rebels, Stormtroopers, Clones, or Droids.

But a major question looms: How would DICE allow everyone the fair chance to fill such a role. Will each map or mode have their own prerequisites to complete before a player gets the ability to don the identity of their favorite characters? Regardless, their presence is a must, especially with an ever growing roster of good guys and bad guys that may appear in the new films.

Speaking of new Star Wars films…

A New Era

Star Wars: Battlefront is set to release some time in the summer of 2015, just a few months ahead of the release of the long awaited Episode VII. With this in mind, it’s not out of bounds to think that DICE would build their new Star Wars shooter around an entirely new era inspired by the events to come from the new movie, or perhaps an era pulled out of the expanded universe. Whether we’ll get a full blown demonstration or a classic cliffhanger remains to be revealed. But with that said, it would be nice to play as a new faction with a new story to tell.

What are your wants for Star Wars: Battlefront? (PS. “Better netcode” doesn’t count!) What are you hoping to see at E3 later this month?

A huge thanks to Martin, the Star Wars fans on Reddit and Battlelog, and everyone else who helped fuel the ideas and wants that this Editorial is based on.

Denny Kovacs
Writer - News
I used to write articles and reviews for games. I still do, but I use to too. Writer/Reviewer for MP1st & Tech Support for another company.
  • KillzoneVII

    I’m so stoked for this game but after Battlefield 4 and waiting for 10 years, I know I need to set my expectations low. Cannot wait to see some gameplay next week, hope it doesn’t disappoint.

    • pot51e


    • Mike

      We all have learned the longer the wait the worse it gets, such as Duke Hukem. I hope it turns out well though.

  • I recall the E3 2013 trailer depicting a Star Wars Episode IV, V, VI era, which is awesome, but I wonder if they’ll be sticking with it or if DICE’s Battlefront will span multiple eras as Battlefront 2’s campaign did.

    • Venom06

      To be honest, I truly feel like this is going to be an awesome Star Wars game. I think that DICE has gone through enough trials and tribulations with BF4 to honestly NEVER want to experience that public outcry ever again it received at launch. And we’re seeing the results now of that rocky launch and public outcry in the form of the CTE and in the form of the immense amount of feedback Visceral is taking from long time fans that have been critical of BF4 at some point (Levelcap, Jackfrags,etc)…. Now thsose same guys are GLOWING about where Hardline is as the next Battlefield title. So all in all, I believe DICE will have the same passion for a great game, with a great launch as Visceral is having now…. And Battlefront will be fun as hell…

    • tanile

      I think they will focus the majority of the game’s setting on episodes IV, V, and VI; however, I think they will also add a few maps from I, II, and III. I expect dlcs to consist of the new era (episode VII) and anything else they couldn’t fit in the base game (more maps from I,II,III, IV, V, and VI).

  • dieger

    What i really wanna see is the inclusion of offline multiplayer so when the servers are shit i can actually play >_>

    • Samson

      “offline multiplayer”…Lol. Yeah playing other players while offline, makes total sense

      • thatoneguy

        I’m pretty sure he means for example like a bo2 type of bot stomp. How you’re still playing game modes but offline, only competing against computer npcs/ai and with friends.

      • Jesse

        The thing is that this was actually one of the core concepts that made the original SW BattleFront games so great and taking out the offline Instant Action and Galactic Conquest modes would be taking out some of the core things that made Star Wars Battlefront so great!

        • Ryan Schulze

          This is why I bought my brother a PS4. I wanted to play with someone I would actually spend time with when not gaming. Randoms and me rarely work out. Probably has a lot to do with being over 40.

          • Jesse

            I played the original Battlefront games on the Xbox and the great things about them was that you could play every mode offline split screen like I do with my brother and still keep the feel of being in huge battles together without being thrown in with a bunch of random online people. It was seriously what made the original Battlefront games great and if offline split screen Instant Action and Galactic Conquest was taken out I would probably never buy any DICE game ever again because that would be the last straw!

      • Mike

        I like offline multiplayer, good practice without ego’s. Dont get me wrong, multiplayer can be great with the right people, if not it can ruin a player such as myself. I guess I’m a tad picky with who I play with. Anyone who rushes, (Warframe) steals (Borderlands) not a team player (Battlefield) or just an asshole (CoD) which is I’d say 70% of most gamers. But there’s the few people that make gaming just fun as hell.. The people I dont have to worry about what I say or act and just have a good time.

        • Corey Chaput

          yes!!!! finally people are starting to awknolwege the fact that we need offline modes.

      • dieger

        okay ‘offline bots’ happy now?

        • dpg70

          He knew what you meant. Disregard

          • dieger

            i know

      • RustyFrags

        Multiplayer = multiple players. It doesn’t inherently mean you’re playing with others through a connection online. He could have mean split screen, bots, or local multiplayer.

    • Mike

      Sent you a PSN request.

      • dieger

        ah sorry ive been off PSN for a while ill accept it today 😀

        • Mike

          No biggie, I dont have PSN gold or whatever the hell its called yet. Do you have a Xbox 360 or PS3? Always looking for people to play Borderlands with.

          • dieger

            i got ps3,vita, and ps4 😛

            • Mike

              Damn ok I have a crapped out 360, kinda bummed Borderlands wont be on the new system. Did you try Borderlands on the Vita yet? I was talking with someone about it and they didnt like it but GameInformer liked it.

            • dieger

              nah not yet seen gameplay and reviews but i guess you could say ‘pro players’ and they all said its not worth full price

  • Alkanida

    128 Players / 1080p / 60 FPS on PS4 is what I expect

    • wubwub

      Hahahhaha in your fuckin dreams, it barely handles 900 6fps with 64 players.

    • Will Hamlett

      Ehh…might want to lower expectations. DICE has struggled to get this engine to run well with 64 players. I want them to incorporate as many player as the engine can reasonably handle, which is probably around 50 or so players (unless they have gotten better with the engine since the release of BF4, which I’m sure they have). I just don’t like they idea of them doing more than they could handle and the relaunch of this series ending in disaster.

    • kingwill4231

      Um will be lucky to get 1080 and 60 FPS with 64 players..

  • Mr_Trillionaire

    Liking the new layout!

    • We only use it for Editorials and such, but thanks!

      • Mr_Trillionaire

        That makes more sense,

  • will this compete with Planetside 2?

    • Will Hamlett

      Nah. I think PS2 will have it’s own audience. I could def. see people playing both though.

  • pbvider

    I`ve been with DICE since BF2,but after BF4 I don`t see myself buying another Battlefield game.The only game that I would like to see in 2015 is The Division.

  • AL

    I would just love to see this game made by someone else. No faith in DICE at all. They have ruined MOH, their own series BF, and now they are going to give me BF: Star Wars and I dont want it. No I dont.

    • Samson

      Then no need to comment in it if your interests do not lay here. Off ya go

      • AL

        What do you mean exactly, by people like me? I was unaware I had a group or that you were privy toy spending habits or purchasing behavior…

  • Cpt767

    There truly is nothing like raiding the Jedi temple as clones or, annihilating Rebel scum as the Empire.

  • MegaMan3k

    I think the biggest question is … Is it going to be a first person shooter? Keep in mind the previous Battlefront’s were not. But everything DICE has ever made is.

  • dpg70

    That new era you mentioned will be DLC. Mark it down.

  • Guest

    Gonna make a bold prediction………The game will be littered with bugs. This game will be the ultimate hype train.

  • awkenney

    I simply want to see focused gameplay from every game I play. I think few multiplayer FPS games outside of maybe Bad Company 2 have made a good case for including open world sandboxes, large player counts and destruction as contributing mechanics to a focused objective. If the objective is just to allow the player to experiment and explore, then these factors are the right ones to use, but I would call this a lack of focus.

  • Ryan Schulze

    I just don’t want it to look like a map pack for BF4. That Hardline footage looks like BF4 with different skins. It’s gotta look and feel like its own game. Still, I’m far more interested in this than any BF variation this fall. I’ll still be playing WD & TLOU multiplayer and starting in on Destiny. No need for Hardline.

  • Tireseas

    I want to see a logical continuation of Battlefront 2, not BF in drag. That’s one of the reasons I was disappointed to see DICE get the franchise instead of Crytek who, if I’m not terribly mistaken, still employ a good bit of the Free Radical guys who were working on Battlefront 3 before it was halted.

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  • Ryan Schulze

    How sad, samey, and bizarre will it be if EA’s E3 show has Battlefield Hardline revealed, Battlefield Star Wars Battlefront 3 revealed, and new DLC for BF4. That would be some serous jumping of the proverbial shark. Or literal, in Arthur Fonzarelli’s Case. It would be a sad day for the BF brand and a sad day for gamers period.

  • Jesse

    Love all of those ideas. Really hope DICE is truely listening to feedback and will implement space and ground battles on the same map! As well as keeping the Instant Action and Galactic Conquest modes!

  • 64v64 in this game would be nuts! Only thing I would want would be good servers make it multiplayer only and have abunch of customization options!

  • Zeush

    Here’s what’s going to happen. Galactic Conquest will be moved to online only. There will be a single player campaign with on-rails action and over the top set pieces (no replay value) and there will be NO offline Instant Action mode. That’s right, know why? Because when was the last time DICE programmed advanced AI that could pilot aircrafts, drive ground vehicles and just be good solders? BF2 for PC way back when? The reason for that is EA. Ever since EA turned to the darkside, not a single DICE BF game offered offline multiplayer. Why? Because EA would rather keep the meat and replay value of the game behind a paywall. You want to play, you have to pay is their motto. I have no faith that EA will allow DICE to give us offline MP w/ AI bots because that might prevent people from being forced to buy the sequel. This is their logic, not mine. And the worst part is people are going to roll over and buy it anyway because it’s Star Wars and it’s DICE and they are already used to playing online only games like Destiny and Titanfall. But if you listen closely over all the hype you can hear the faint sound of old school gamers and fans of the origanal series weeping profusely. It will be like a million voices cried out and then were suddenly silenced. MARK MY WORDS.

    • Corey Chaput

      god!! ive lost all respect for DICE!!!!!! well to be honest i never really had any respect for them to begin with.!!!

      ruining battlefront is like ruining my childhood!!!! i will be scard for life!!

  • Corey Chaput

    i want offline game modes like instant action!!! i hate that dice is only online stuff!!!