What’s Wrong with Battlefield 4

I think it goes without saying that DICE have made a fantastic game in Battlefield 4.  At least, we thought so in our review.  Like every game these days, it has it’s fair share of bugs and issues, but overall, it’s a solid game with great potential, most of which was expertly realized.  Unfortunately, the problems in Battlefield 4 are real and do have a negative impact on the multiplayer experience.

The Campaign

I’ll keep this brief because I doubt you care.  It’s astonishingly bad.  The only reason to play it is for the multiplayer weapon unlocks, and even then, I want the time I invested in playing follow the leader back.  Granted single player content isn’t DICE’s strength, it still begs the question, how is it acceptable to release something this bad that was developed with the resources available to DICE, namely, millions of dollars?

Networking/Sync Issues

The networking in BF4 is arguably better than BF3’s.  Bullets actually hit targets when you expect them to, for the most part at least, in BF4, whereas in BF3, thanks to random bullet spread and sluggish networking, it wasn’t the case nearly as often.  That said, it still leaves a lot to be desired. What scares me are a few words DICE executive producer Patrick Bach once said in an interview; “You can never have a game like Battlefield, with the complexity of the amount of players, vehicles, bullet trajectory, destruction, etc., and have a perfect net code that is one hundred percent perfect,” he said.  So, does that mean we’ll never have the type of smooth gameplay that we so very much crave?

I can’t even begin to express how frustrating it is to lay out an enemy only to be mutually killed after I get the kill.  Yes, there are bullet physics at play, but even so, I call BS on how frequently I get mutual kills.  The only time I remember it being this bad was in the Close Quarters DLC for BF3, which I think most people will agree was a great demonstration of why the BF3 engine didn’t work well as a COD clone.

Additionally, many users have reported all kinds of bizarre issues regarding animation/player syncing, broken hit detection/registration, delayed hit notifications, and a myriad of other isolated and widespread issues that need to be fixed ASAP.

The Unlock Progression

I’d be lying if I said not having to play for hours upon hours just to get the unlocks I want for a given gun isn’t a breath of fresh air in BF4.  But giving new players an explosive weapon by default for every class was a massive mistake on DICE’s part with BF4.  Instead of forcing new players to learn the purpose of each kit through practice, they’ve essentially said, here’s something that explodes, have fun.  Players in BF4 are much less likely to drop Med or Ammo kits/packs and those that do are typically getting XM25ed constantly.  Granted, I think if someone plays for long enough, they’ll realize that doing 5 damage to a tank with their grenade launcher isn’t very effective. There’s still the obvious individual benefit of having a grenade launcher instead of Defibs; you can kill players without expending the effort of having to maintain proper aim or having to be selective with your targeting But this is why we call them noobtubes DICE. They’re crutches, non-valuable weapons that teach players to imagine themselves as one man armies, not teammates.

In conclusion, there as some issues to be had with Battlepacks and Vehicle balance, but overall I think those are issues that won’t have much of a long-term impact on BF4.  The campaign sets a precedent for AAA game design that says it’s okay to produce awful content.  The network issues ruin some players’ experience absolutely and frustrate most players in general.  The unlock progression encourages noob tactics that discourages teamwork, which is one of the central tenants and features of Battlefield. But overall, BF4 is still a solid multiplayer title and I’m optimistic that the multiplayer issues will at least be addressed if not fixed promptly by DICE.  And no, two weeks is not promptly, it’s absurd.  There is no way to properly test, patch, retest, and distribute a patch that fixes these issues in 2 weeks.  That said, I’m not waiting six months for a proper patch either, DICE.

Without turning things into a Battlefield 4 bash-fest, tell us what are some of the things that irk you about the game that you’d like to see fixed or tweaked!

Alex DiFiori
Writer - Editorials
I've been a gamer since before most gamers were born. Now a full-fledged member of the PC Master Race, I'm enjoying all the best games from both AAA and Indie developers in glorious 1440p. Praise Gaben and may the Steam deals be ever syphoning funds from your life savings.

    So the write up i put on here about David’s review is prettyyyyy much exactly what you’ve put here. And i got pure flak for saying it. As i put Bad Company 2 still needs patching, Battlefield 3 still needs patching,,,,, EA are literally forcing DICE to muster up title’s now and that’s no good for anybody!

    • Your comments in my review were a little more… extreme? (Enjoyed the conversation regardless!) Besides, a lot of what Alex mentioned here aren’t entirely issues that can be patched, but have more to do with design choices; single player gameplay, unlocks, and stability vs. features, etc.

      • MC-ARNIE

        Touche good sir! 😉

        • That said, I don’t necessarily disagree with you. It’s clearly a running theme with these Battlefield/MOH games to release them as unfinished pieces of work, sadly 🙁

          • MC-ARNIE

            I don’t like dropping names, and blowing whistle’s etc, but my old clan for B3 where called SNM, when we decided to take it to a competitive level we took the best from SNM and the best from a clan called “UP” and created “UPUK”. We came 3rd in the Fragged nation European Hardcore Conquest league. In total there where 18 of us as and when needed etc, and out of them 18 only 2 are playing B4. Kinda say’s it all really. I could go on about this all day, but i don’t wanna bore myself, or waste some of your time! 😉 keep up the good work David 🙂

  • Benjamin

    Considering I think they should release the game as multiplayer only, I actually enjoyed the campaign. It was essentially multiplayer practice mode, and in that respect it worked well. It is what you make of it, especially in the open areas where you can choose how you approach. No one buys Battlefield for the campaign, so you’re lucky it’s even there to begin with.

    • MC-ARNIE

      I personally think SP should be scrapped and just focus on Battlefield MP alone. Most people are playing for that reason. Obviously this is only personal opinion 🙂

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      Here’s the problem. DICE made it a point to say the BF4 campaign was their attempt at an emotionally engaging and well designed experience, of which it is actually neither. They essentially lied to everyone and delivered a half-baked, buggy, boring, and downright awful experience AFTER admitting that the BF3 campaign wasn’t their best work. In what universe the BF4 campaign is better or even a mild improvement on BF3’s I don’t know, but it is something I wish I had never paid for and think it shows gross negligence on DICE’s part to fully develop content they explicitly said they were focusing on accomplishing.

      • Ryan Schulze

        “Lied” is kind of harsh. In creative projects, you have lofty goals and you aim high and you think it’s right and then someone else takes a look at it and points out how badly you missed. They didn’t lie, they just failed to deliver on their promise and their hopes.

        • BOSS jediZOHAN

          Honestly, they lied. By the time they released that 17 minutes of footage they had finished the campaign. Anyone that’s played it can tell you it’s immediately bad. There’s no grey area. It’s a massive step back in terms of complexity and gameplay design from BF3. They oversold a pile of shit on purpose to attract attention to their product that they knew was more or less a shell of a tech demo.

          • Gannon

            Yes, in your opinion it is a bad game. So if your opinion were somehow the absolute reality of the world, then they would have lied.

            If your opinion is not absolute reality however, then its pretty hard to argue that they lied.

          • Ryan Schulze

            Okay. I get it. You have an issue with advertising. Me too, and I used to help create ads. COD gets trotted out every year and they talk about game changers and it’s the same game every time. Sure, it took us a few releases to figure out that that once the creators left, there wasn’t going to be any real innovation, but Activision is still going to try to sell the game every year.

            Do you get upset with film producers when they advertise a film as being full of laughs and yet there’s not one in it? Did they lie? Yeah, I guess. They oversold and under-delivered. I worked on a film once where the laughs were non stop on the set. Honestly, I had to force myself to keep quiet during some of the takes, because even knowing the lines, it was still unbelievably hilarious. Then I went to the big LA premiere. Nobody laughed. We all smiled, but almost everyone there had worked on the film or had family and friends work on the film so they’re all ready to laugh, but it just didn’t work. The film failed. Horribly. It was awful. Maybe it was doomed from the beginning (probably) or maybe it was just the editing and post-production (which was awful), but the film turned out to be a mess.

            Basically, I’m saying narrative and stories are a much more difficult target to nail. You can refine the mechanics of a game and what worked and what didn’t, but story telling and engaging an audience is a tricky science. I agree that they should’ve been able to create characters and a story that was thoroughly engaging, but how often does that happen with games that are action games first. Actually, how often does that happen with action films? They’ve been trying to remake Die Hard’s perfection for 25 years and only really struck something close with Die Hard 3 and that’s because it was the least Die Hard like movie of them all. And it had Samuel L. Jackson and he makes everything better.

            Forgive the novella. I ramble when I’m tired.

            • BOSS jediZOHAN

              Just because there’s a precedent for these types of games doesn’t mean it’s ok for AAA developers to adhere to them. AAA developers like DICE are the ones with the manpower and the money to make blockbuster titles with both AMAZING action moments and well written stories. There is literally nothing stopping them from making stellar campaigns, they just chose not to, despite packaging one with every game they make and calling it amazing.

            • Dirtknap

              I understand what you’re saying, and am essentially in agreement with both you and Ryan. However, if I am interpreting Mr Schulze correctly he’s trying to say you’re attempting to quantify something that is unquantifiable. Aesthetic sense and creativity can’t be shoved into a matrix, despite popular opinion there will still be a percentage of BF4 enthusiasts who will hold the campaign dear, and a bunch of devs and writers scratching their heads and trying to figure where it all went horribly wrong.

              I believe an element of “it is what it is” also needs to be employed, I don’t play a CoD or BF title and expect it to challenge my views or beliefs on certain themes, I go in expecting an interactive, Hollywood style unplug your brain joyride, with perhaps a small amount of false profoundness/cheap emotional exploitation to season.

              I can’t believe I’m saying this, but your write up makes me feel like I’ve made the best decision in terms of choosing an upgradable title for next gen. Yes, while Ghosts isn’t without its flaws I’m still having a ton of fun and it seems to be devoid of a lot of the “netcode” related issues present in BLOPS II.

            • Gannon

              Exactly. Well said.

            • BOSS jediZOHAN

              I guess I’m just crazy for assuming that a game with incredibly one-dimensional characters that make mostly illogical choices, dragging me along on a follow-the-leader-but-do-everything-while-the-leader-watches gameplay experience frequently interrupted by bugs, through a story-line that literally does NOTHING to explain either the “good guys” or bad guys” motivations/intentions or even why they exist could possibly be perceived as bad.

              I’m sorry if there are people out there that somehow managed to enjoy the campaign experience because I think they’re either willingly ignoring how fundamentally awful it is or incapable of recognize it as such. Either way, there is absolutely no denying whatsoever that the BF4 campaign was a tacked on afterthought produced with minimal effort or pursuit of quality.

              People that play more than just a few FPS games a year can easily recognize that the FPS genre isn’t just military FPS games with no intelligence or grace and it’s a damn shame that people have come to accept something as awful as the BF4 campaign simply because there are other games like it.

              As someone that is a gamer and writes for a website devoted to exposing it’s audience to quality content, I refuse to accept the BF4 campaign as an indication of quality or effort on the part of a developer like DICE. It is abysmal and deserves nothing short of the negative attention it has already received if not as much more as can be drummed up.

              I’d even go so far as to venture that the campaign of any given COD far exceeds the level of quality present in the BF4 campaign. I am not impressed by explosions, I’m impressed by gameplay, story, characters, environments, or in short, GAMES THAT DO MORE THAN EXIST FOR THE SAKE OF EXISTING.

            • Dirtknap

              You’re preaching to the choir, I haven’t set out to discredit or minimize your opinion, but I think you may have misunderstood my comment.

              I’m also not trying to justify a steaming turd that’s been gift wrapped under the guise of a campaign, but I do believe we will honestly need to look to new IP’s as our hope for the future in regards to truly immersive story telling and setting the creative bar. Realistically, If the industry behemoths continue to serve us pig swill I’m not optimistic for a change, ever. Instead, I’ll choose to make a cost/value analysis which will dictate whether a purchase is warranted and enjoy a game on its merits, not its shortcomings (should the pros outweigh the cons of course).

      • jj16802

        Perhaps they had a Aliens: Colonial Marines/Bioshock Infinite/The Bureau: XCOM Declassified moment in their development cycle where they had to scrap most of the ideas they originally had and start all over again close to release. I noticed how some of the levels looked similar to the MP maps (The Siege of Shanghai arcade and subway courtyard is in the Singapore mission, while the collapsible building itself is in the Shanghai mission).

      • Matt

        The Bad Company storylines were great… then BF3 came around with it’s shiny new graphics engine and lame generic FPS storyline. BF4’s story was just dumb… not to mention the multitude of parts that didn’t make sense. Here’s an example… When your on the bridge and you get pined by the car (I was humoring myself by yelling “Cut it off, It worked last time” during that scene) and the ship magically appears and then immediately disappears when it’s roll was done. So many other stupid stupid things I can bring up as well. I ended up with Pacs dogtags and I’m not going back for the others because I think it was a suitable ending.

        Most Ironic part of the game: Last mission when your getting ready to blow up Ching Changs battleship… they pull out Grappling hooks and the Chinese bitch comments on the “superior” quality of Swedish engineering. I’m waiting for someone to make a youtube video with that scene in the beginning followed by the massive amounts of glitches infesting the game right now.

    • zacflame

      The co-op HAD potential, then they came in and ruined it.
      By not keeping it.
      THEY RUINED BATTLEFIELD!!! (Too lazy to insert pic, but you know what I mean)

      • Ryan Schulze

        I got the BFF reference. Can’t wait for the new season, you know, once BF4 is working and there are references get.

    • dieger

      technically i bought BC2 for the campaign…and stayed for the perfect MP…

      • Matt

        I’ve been wondering why they’ve back tracked… I can’t think of a single complaint about that game besides the lack of a prone position.

        • dieger

          im starting to think EA let go of the perfect team…

  • sugarjungle

    PS4 version is a complete mess right now. The freaking conquest game mode has yet to work.

    • PC is kinda the same with Defuse. While it works, you can randomly get put into spectator mode while still alive and thrown back to your character or start spectating yourself.

    • MC-ARNIE

      Not good!

  • swipe_06

    People complain about the campaign, but I dare to say, the single player maps are more interesting than the MP ones. I don’t get it, why isn’t an MP map based on singapore hangar scene. In the SP you battle it out on top of the dam: Its way more interesting than having it as a backdrop.

    • jj16802

      A Kubra Dam remake would be nice now that I think about it…

    • Because according to Halo : Reach fans, and Cross 2 fans, people hate single player based maps

  • Taylor

    I just can’t bring myself to play it with the “netcode” issues, at least half my deaths leave my scratching my head trying to figure out what I did wrong. Never had that problem in BF3 despite its own less than ideal netcode.

  • Ryan Schulze

    I honestly couldn’t tell you about all the issues. I have a PS4, which means, eseentially I don’t play BF4. I tried to be positive about it, but if I wanted to play tons of TDM, I’d have bought COD. I want Rush. I want Conquest. This is why I bought the game. Without those modes, the game is pretty much a waste of time.

    • SubXero

      What’s worse is players are going to be so conditioned to Domination and TDM by the time we can reliably play Rush or play Conquest AT ALL that it’s going to be terrible unless you’re playing with friends… which I normally am not.

      On another note, I don’t know what it is, but outside of Call of Duty it seems like everyone playing the FPS games available on the PS4 are utterly retarded and that’s saying something since CoD normally has the mo-rons playing. Relating strictly to BF4, it seems like it’s nothing but terrible Recon players and Assault players that refuse to equip the defibrillators. Once in a blue moon I see some Engineers but they’re apparently clueless as to how/why they should focus on taking out vehicles… Oh no, wait, that’s just my team… always. The other team knows how to look at the mini-map, revive, spot, take out vehicles, use vehicles etc.

    • Sgt. Mofo

      I’ve actually gotten into Rush and Obliteration games before, but those are the ones I generally get disconnected from the quickest. Managed to connect to a Conquest game as well, but I was in for maybe 30 seconds before it kicked me out. The situation is definitely far from ideal right now for PS4 users.

  • Sheldon

    It’s as much of a mess right now as it is a potential masterpiece. I dread playing it as much as I miss playing it… fix your *** dice!

    • ShazaM

      Wow, your comment very much sums up how I feel about the game. I hate it and love it equally.

    • Scurvy

      Couldn’t have said it better.

      • AL

        Congratulations, you are now on the same level as COD players…I would know I am one.

        • E1X

          Yeah, but DICE will fix the problems before the release of a new game unlike IW and Treyarch…I would know I am a former COD Player.

          • AL

            Que? Have you not seen all the issues with BF4? The industry as a whole has gravitated towards a “just put something out there” attitude because they can patch it and what does this have to do with the comment thread?

          • Malcom James Armstrong

            Have you even played BF4? It has loads of issues still and the game has been out for weeks. Are you one of the developers by chance?

  • Soldier

    Thank you SO MUCH for making this article… Honestly it does miss a few points in the Multiplayer section, but I thought the other review was laughable as it ignored most of the severe problems with the game.

    • You have to understand that, just like Alex did here, we can’t let issues that we’re certain won’t affect the game in the long run cloud our outlook on the game in general.

      Yes, these launch issues are pretty shitty right now, if that’s what you’re referring to, and I specifically mentioned that in my review, but we’re not going to waste time ranting about it when both you and I know it is not related to the game’s design choices, which is what we’re reviewing when we review a game.

      Both my review and Alex’s piece here are more critical of Battlefield 4’s design choices; unlocks, stability vs. features, etc. I specifically liked Alex’s points about the unlock system, as that’s something that never occurred to me.

      • Soldier

        So when will they be fixed? Because there were glitches in BF3 that are still not fixed to date. You missed several issues in your review across all platforms that are plaguing the game currently, and in most cases, these issues go beyond mere glitches. They are preventing many players from even loading the game and playing a match.

        In your review you touched upon a few problems but failed to mention most of the current issues that make the game unplayable.

        • The way I look at it; that’s what the daily news posts I write are for. Anyone who reads us will know that there are some serious bug/crash issues affecting the game right now on multiple platforms.

          Again, my review was strictly on game design, as it is with all games I review. I’ll be sure to let people know what’s up with the game – if there are any technical issues and whatnot – but it doesn’t tend to affect the score I give it.

          I completely agree with you that there are some bullshit reasons why people can’t play it right now, but again, I won’t let it overshadow my thoughts on how it plays, its mechanics, its design, etc.

          • Soldier

            That’s fine, but if the game is completely broken, which BF4 is, then that needs to be addressed in the review IMO. If the review just says how everything can be in a perfect world, but the game is the exact opposite, how accurate can the review really be… I would love to see an article on here or something on here asking people to email or post in the comment section problems that they are experiencing in the game. Then, the issues can be more easily given to EA/DICE. Clearly their past/current method of reporting problems has failed, as there are STILL glitches in BF3.

    • MC-ARNIE

      Glad to see it’s not just me on here 😉

  • Leon

    To be honest, for the first time, I like BF(4) sp campaign more than CoD (Ghosts). Mostly, because it was short. What I didn’t like is to replay the last mission 3 times in order to unlock 3 mp weapons.

    Regarding Ghosts Campaign, I have been doing it in “installments” and still was not able to finish it, yet. I just can’t relate to what is happening there and to the characters. I thought, that the beginning of the story was awesome and it definitely caught my attention. But it didn’t leave to my expectation and I was bored at 2nd mission on.

    • CoDforever

      I know thats opinion based but Hahaha !

      • Leon

        I just finished Ghosts sp campaign and already I don’t even remember what was it all about. There was nothing emotional and compelling about the story as it was in previous excellent CoD sp campaigns. Sorry to disappoint you!

        • CoDforever

          are you serious ? and Bf4 campaign was completely emotional and compelling ?

          • Leon

            It was short and had more memorable moments than Ghosts. That’s enough for me to have a winner between the two poor campaigns.

            • CoDforever

              so you only like game’s that have a shorter story ? sorry but you should never play sp games again

            • Leon

              What’s your problem again?

            • Leon

              My polite answer was for some reason removed. Perhaps not to agitate you further. Let it be then.

    • opossumallawishes

      I have played BF4’s sp and thought it was ok at best. I see that most people’s opinion of the sp is that it’s pure crap. My personal opinion is that it’s better than the mp. I also have ghosts, but haven’t yet played the sp. This is very usual for myself, I tend to save it for a internet outage or something. One common view is that the majority do not buy these games for sp, I surely don’t. I feel that ghosts is a hell of a lot better than bf4’s mp hands down. The mp for ghosts just works compared to bf4 mp.

      • Leon

        I beg to differ. Ghosts for PC is ridden with cheaters and hackers making it a joke. There is no VAC protection and you can change data by using even “Cheat Engine” without any negative consequences.

        BF4 mp offers everything and much more than Ghosts in terms of game play. Superiority of Ghosts and CoD in general lies in it’s quick matches. But even that you can find in BF4’s TDM and Domination.

        Performance is similar on my PC, meaning it is problematic & buggy in both games. Ghosts mp offers nothing new over BO2 which had better performance, graphics, game play, weapons, unlocks etc.

        But that’s only my personal opinion. And I play both games on daily basis since the release day. If I had to choose one of them, it would be BF4 hands down.

  • CoDforever

    COD is mentioned more in the BF community than it is in the COD community itself LOL especially since most bf players are adults

  • Vidalzinho

    They need to buy more servers..or upgrade them all..

  • luis

    The game is awsome the systeem is great but the bullet physx are realstic and it need to stay like that.

  • I can tell what is wrong. They spend millions of dollars for advertisement but not spend any dollars for fixing game. So same glitches and bugs from BF3 remain in BF4. They are not going to fix the game. EA and DICE proved they are unprincipled.

  • Joe bob the great

    I’m not sure if it’s something on my end (Internet connection) but I seem to get dropped before I have any kind of hit indication. Especially annoying when I have a assault rifle getting hit markers on an enemy and I have full health and then I get dropped by another player from far behind with a pistol before I get my kill. Don’t understand how a pistol kills faster than an assault rifle. Another thing is the when I get killed an watch the kill cam a lot of the time the person is already around a corner not even facing my direction

    • BRI


  • tanile

    Okay, the single player is not THAT bad… He acts like its the worst story to ever be made. I’m kind of digging it at the moment (although my data got corrupted on the ps4 so I have to start over).

  • Playing with a group of people in BF4 is a pain in the ass.

  • Se7en

    As soon as I get Conquest 64 players on PS4 I will be as happy as a whore in a cock factory.

    • sugarjungle

      i freaking wish i didn’t transfer my stats from ps3 i could be at least playing conquest right now. but the 60 fps on ps4 is fucking amazing

      • J D

        How does transferring your stats from ps3 prevent you from playing 64 player conquest on ps4? Why can’t you?

        • sugarjungle

          conquest has yet to work on ps4 it does on ps3

  • Will Hamlett

    ^THIS is why no matter how much you get tired of or hate COD…EA will never take it down…say what you will about Call but at least when you pop the damn game in it works…lol….I love Battlefield for the love of God I can’t take playing fu(<!ng deathmatch all the time…but it's the only thing that works on PS4. Get you stuff together DICE…and please EA stop shipping broken/unfinished games….

  • Tyler Dominick

    I for one have faith in DiCE. Even with its small problems there is no other FPS I would rather be spending my time on.

    • B_Boss

      No doubt. Your comment and the factual nature of it are a testimony to DICE’s committment to QA long into the life of the title.

  • born2expire
  • Brandon Stern

    Jesus, the campaign was not that bad… why does everyone knock the game for it’s campaign? Battlefield 4’s multiplayer is bigger and more expansive than some games’ multiplayer, campaign, and co-op combined. It’s a fun bonus in my opinion. When Titanfall drops is it going to get lower scores because it does not include a campaign? No. Yet everyone that has reviewed Battlefield 4 has given it a noticeably lower score simply due to their opinion of the campaign being “bad”.

    • roland0811

      Personally, it was bad. Did nothing new and was just another “run down the hallway with sh*t flying at your face” campaign. Battelfield’s campaigns have never been good. And now it’s bled over into the multiplayer.

    • uwantSAM0A

      The SP was a part of the game so of course it’s going to get reviewed and added in to the final verdict.

  • BRI

    Its uncalled for this game was released in its current state. Unplayable most of the time. Nobody telling us when it will be fixed. I know a patch is being released next week but will that fix it? I’ve joined others on Battlelog in going to the BBB and filing a complaint. I have a feeling EA rushed Dice to release this game with known problems. A few bugs and glitches I can understand at launch but not this mess with constant errors and game crashes let alone no 64 player Conquest which was a big reason I even bought the PS4.

  • AL

    I just dont get why Dice doesnt pull their heads out and implement a proper party or lobby system.

    While PC master race has been using the server browser for years us console peasants are used to the more refined things in life…like being able to party up and play together!

    To have a game some heavily emphasize teamwork only to remove the ability to play as a team is one of the biggest reasons that I just cant play this game.

  • xa5it

    at first dice must fix sound loop freeze, seriously

  • Roger Larsson

    Perfect netcode can only be written on a perfect network
    – no lost messages
    – no delayed messages
    – all users have the same speed
    – all users have the same latency (<10 ms)
    – no neighbours come home from work and begins to surf
    (worst case over the same WiFi channel as you use – you shouldn't use radio
    in any part of your network)

    Problem is lots of people are having terrible networks…

    • swipe_06

      I think we all understand that it cannot be perfect, but BF4 right now does not even come close to previous BF titles, or most other online shooters. Its clearly broken right now.

      • Roger Larsson

        Played on PS3 a few days ago and had no issues.

        Maybe match making should not be done using skill but rather network bandwidth and latency 🙂

        • swipe_06

          Lag isn’t much an issue under 100-150ms in most games. the problem is the one hit kill issue, and the de-sync.

        • swipe_06

          Somehow my reply vanished. Anyway. 100-150ms lag isnt an issue in most games. The probem is 1. there’s a de-sync. sometimes you see the enemy firing without actually doing damage (I seen muzzle flash, and the sound right in my face, and dying almost 2 seconds later)

          2. there’s the one hit kill bug. jackfrags done a vid about it just today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vDOC1V6GM8

          3. seen another vid, where it seems the hitbox is behind the target in the test range. this probably applies to other players too.

          If you don’t have any of these issues, you’re one lucky player 😀

  • Raptgamers United

    Good points Love THE GAME BUT hate that $hit you mentioned

  • NattyIce

    As it stands right now i’m playing planetside 2 when it releases on ps4, bf4 is terrible for me, the jets are ruined the tanks are gimped and the helis are useless after you kill any one guy a second time. the lock on shit is soo irritating, no skill 2 hit kills on vehicles??? what the fuck dice?

  • Dumbo

    I enjoyed the SP experience even if short 🙂

  • DestinyMaker101

    I can’t even play a decent game cause the game crashes. I also don’t like the specialization system. I just want to sprint faster but if my team dies we have to start all over again.

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  • livewithit

    i dont agree with the xm25 remark. lets people play how they want to play.

  • Malcom James Armstrong

    Cannot invite friends to a lobby as there does not seem to be a function for it. Members of my party get put onto other teams when trying to join a game and have to wait two or three games before someone leaves and then I might get one person in the same team. List of servers has no people in them. Regularly disconnected or failed to join server. The visual excellence of this game is truly undermined by the woefully poor multiplayer experience. Intermittent lag (still????) I do not get as many issues with other games on the One and I have always had issues with BF games, so why, after all this time and investment, do developers still send out games to the public whaich have so many bugs and issues. I am sure that if I said I only want to pay 75% of the price as there will be bugs in it, I would not even get the game. So sick and tired of getting shafted by Microsoft and developers who promise but never deliver what they say they will be able to do. The 360 version should never have been released.

  • aids

    Im having an absolute terrible time in bf4. the AA is ridiculously over powered, sniping is over powered and encourages people to sit back all game for 1 kill. said snipers among other players dont spot. I dont mind helicopters losing control, I think thats atleast a nice feature, but when your heli gets hit and flips on its side or upside down. thats fucking retarded. engineer class starting off with the law instead of the rpg is fucking bullshit. the one shot glitch still isnt fucking fixed. the game itself is just a piece of shit., Ive always been a loyal battlefield fan.. but this is fucking garbage. Im telling dice right now. I refuse to buy premium or any dlc until they produce some major change to this game

  • Spirit954

    They need to change the defibrillator back to how it use to be in BF3 or adjust it a bit. The experience points was greatly reduced from 100 per revive to 20 points, it should at least be 50 points given the effort that is put forth to revive a player in most situations. 100 points was in my opinion a little much but now with only 20 points per revive many players are turning away from the defibrillator because of its lack of points produced and turning to the grenade launcher, otherwise know as the “noobtuber”. With medics on an all time low, and grenade launchers numbers heightening gameplay is significantly reduced from a team based game to a much more one man army type of feel. All DICE needs to do is make the reward for a revive better than 20 points, like I recently stated, 50 points would be perfect. Players wont get as much experience as a full fledged kill but will still get the experience they deserve. Getting a revive isent really all that easy, as an assault player I would know, as most people would think, most of the time the player that killed your teammate is still in the area and has the chance to kill you while you are trying to revive your fallen comrade, not to mention the 10 second window that you have to get the player back up, theres a large risk on your life so that you can save another. My last point on the defibrillator is that it now has a limited amount of ammo, I don’t have to much of a problem with this given that it can be replenished but it should at least have 5 uses instead of 3. Hopefully DICE dose something about this but keep in mind, everything that I haves stated is strictly my opinion.

  • Alex

    Horrible video, was just him spouting subjective criticisms the whole time, with only a couple of good points, could have made that video like 2 minutes.

  • Ashar Rahman

    you honestly don’t know what your talking about with the unlock ables and the “dead” shooters the assault is not meant to revive people it is meant to provide offensive combat so defibulators, are great but are not standard issue. and with the whole dead body thing, Based on the gameplay you showed us, and with my own personal gameplay it doesn’t happen as much as you are putting on, not enough to base a whole video segment on it anyways. and a good explanation would be that before they die the gunner hammers out a round or two, and after they die, those bullets are still in the air, they can’t disappear, so they hit you, and kill you