Black Ops 2: Be A Better Teammate – Episode 2

Last week’s episode was devoted to helping you identify and understand your playstyle.  This week, I go in depth regarding winning gunfights.

Considering everything about Call of Duty revolves around getting kills, winning gunfights is one of the single most critical components of being a good teammate. If you can’t hold your own, your team will struggle to pull your weight and win games.

In this episode, I talk at length about each class of guns in Black Ops 2, as well as reaction time and accuracy.  Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the various guns available to you in BO2 will help you design classes that suit you better and enable you to win more gunfights.  To an experienced COD player, which guns are good for various situations is almost a given, but that’s not who this series is intended for.  If you struggle to do well in BO2 and are new to COD but want to get better, “Be a Better Teammate” will provide you with a solid foundation to grow from.

As always, I encourage you to watch, listen, and provide your feedback so that I am able to better tailor future episodes to meet your needs.

Starting this week, I will also be doing some weapon review videos featuring my top 3 guns from each category of weapons.  Let me know which weapons you’d like me to cover first in the comments!

Thank you for reading and watching.

  • Donut212

    Very helpful video. Keep up the good work. Learned something new as well. Information = Success in BO2. Thanks again.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      Thank you and you’re welcome!

  • HiTechH8

    Could you imbed a link to last week’s article. I missed it and I am very lazy.

  • stopped watching after the first episode. he tells people to camp!!! please stop promoting camping MP1st

    • Joe

      Yeap. Campers are 100% useless 100% of the time & completely counterproductive in Black Ops 2. BO2’s style (and map structure) is intended for the more aggressive, objective oriented team player & rewards that style — camping on the other hand does nothing but slow down what’s meant to be a frenetic game. That’s why 99/100 campers I see not only finish near the bottom of the scoreboard in games like Dom, Demo & Killcon, they also struggle mightily to get any scorestreak higher than a UAV.

      I have to angrily shake my digital finger at anyone who promotes any level of camping in this game. It should be stark obvious to anyone who’s played an hour or two that Treyarch intended to reward rushers in BO2 & punish campers.

      • ayrtonsenna94

        Really? 6v6 and 2-4 of the enemy players are either dying or looking for me at any given time? Regardless of game mode, this is devastating to a team and far from useless. Learn to play and accept that there are other people in the world other than you. You are the type of player that ruins games….the egotistical complainer.

        Oh…and comic books are useless.

        • Joe

          I ruin the game? You’re a fucking moron. When I play Dom, I cap 8+ flags per match & shoot down every enemy SS called in. When I play demo, I plant & defuse as many times as needed & shoot down every enemy SS that gets called in. I get 3 or more guardians & sentry guns a game to watch the objectives I’m not physically near. And I do this all w/ a KD around 1.6. I’m not the best player in the world (far from it), but the one thing I’m not is a game ruiner.

          So, fuck you! Hide in your corner like the useless pussy you are. You may think you’re good, but you’re not. if you were, you’d be able to get kills while moving. Finally, my ONLY complaint about BO2 is its shitty, selfish community. I love the game, hate the players.

          • Oerba

            “Shitty, selfish community” lmao, how ironic, that one explains itself. “Treyarch intended to reward rushers and punish campers” Even moreso ironic because here you are complaining about campers, when literally with that one sentence you are basically admitting that camping is more difficult than running around dropshotting with an SMG like a retard – oops, I mean rushing. You talk about how you play the objective and defend the positions – so why the fuck do campers bother you when you’re winning?

            Someone like you probably doesn’t even know the repercussions of what Treyarch did to “camping”. You can’t even snipe anymore; there’s so many anti-camping things and not enough sniping spots in this game that all you can do is quickscope like some 12-year-old.
            I feel the need to stress, once again, that you said “shitty, selfish community”. Boy, that’s funny.

            • Joe

              Feel free to google the word ‘ironic’ before you try to use it again. You know, for you’re own good…

            • Oerba

              You call the community shitty and selfish, when in actuality it’s you who are selfish because you’re sick of people camping and want them to stop because all they do is slow down the game. It doesn’t fucking matter if you think that Treyarch is trying to reward players for rushing, or if you think your blatantly wrong generalization of campers struggling to earn highstreaks is right (which it isn’t); it’s selfish to try to steer people away from what they want to do.

              Lmao at you using “you’re” incorrectly. It’s “your”; “you’re” is “you are”. Before trying to correct me, take a good look at your own grammar. I guess it was a lot easier for you to make a fool out of yourself than it was to try to think of something intelligent to say.

          • BOSS jediZOHAN

            Take it from a guy that carries the other 5 idiots on his team whenever I play solo that I know how frustrating COD can be. I can’t tell you how many games of Kill Confirmed I’ve played where I collected 20+ tags and denied at least a dozen where my teammates barely managed to confirm 20+ tags all together. I never advocate camping in arbitrary corners of the map. There’s a big difference between playing defensively which is what I suggest, and camping like a jackass.

    • Niosus

      So what do you do in a S&D after you planted the bomb? Rush to the other side of the map? Or during domination when your team has more objectives than the other, do you run like a madman to the other objectives?

      There are plenty of situations where the smartest tactical decision for your team is to stay put or stay in a certain area. Camping in weird spots is annoying and pointless, I agree, but taking a defensive stance (which everyone seems to call camping lately) is just another very viable strategy…

      • BOSS jediZOHAN

        There’s a major difference between camping and playing defensively but most people don’t understand.

      • I agree. there is defending and camping. but he’s telling the people to camp!

    • Dude! He covered that in his last video:

      Camping = Staying in one spot no where near the objective for selfish reasons only, not at all helping your teammates.

      That said, you gotta defend the objective sometimes dude! Can’t just be running circles all game. My play style? Rush and capture ‘B’ then stay at ‘B’ almost all game. Mind you, I move around but stay within the vicinity of ‘B.’ That’s exactly what BJZ is talking about in his vids. And you know what? As long as we hold ‘B,’ It wins the game! 😀

      In short, yeah, we’ll promote playing defensively, but we’ll NEVER promote actual “camping” and never have.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      I don’t tell people to camp, in fact my first video has a pretty sizable chunk of it dedicated to helping people understand the difference between camping like a jackass and playing defensively. I think the issue you’re having is that you hear the term camping and get blinded by how angry it makes you. There’s always going to be a place and time to stop moving and camp. My videos advise that if you’re going to camp, at least do it near an objective and defend it from the enemy.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Been looking to express a thought and I figure this is a place to start- anyone else agree with me that sights are incredibly important in this game? I have found long-range fire fights tough to win without a reflex/acog, and short range firing from the hip is almost impossible without laser sights. Anyone agree? I’m not saying whether this is a positive or negative aspect of the game, I’m just making an observation. Also, anyone found a gun that is really effective at medium to long range battles that doesn’t require an equipped sight? I have always preferred not to “waste” an attachment on a sight.

    • The issue is poorer hit detection. For what reason, I don’t know or care, but I think you’re doing it right.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      I think you’re running into people that use them more often than not, which puts you at a disadvantage if you’re not running them as well.

      • thebulky1cometh

        Well, that’s kind of my point: in previous COD titles, I could easily win those firefights where I only had iron sights and somebody else was using reflex or acog.

  • You lost credibility here when you asked me to accept lag comp/hit reg issues as part of the game. I didn’t have these issues in COD4 and [email protected], therefore I am unwilling to accept it in any modern COD. I’d rather they move the game back to the previous tech. In the mean time, I deal with the hit reg issues differently than you do. You deal with it by being careful, tactical and methodical. In other words – boring. I deal with it by only using weapons that can crank out as many rounds as possible in as little time as possible.

    • Niosus

      In what sense did he lose credibility? Lag is an issue in BO2 at the moment, so if you want to play this game you have to deal with it, right? He didn’t say that there is no lag or that it doesn’t impact anything. If you are going to play the game, you have to accept that lag. There is no other option. Treyarch should fix it but that’s not his problem.

      • Basically what he said is that lag comp factors into every gun fight. Yes, you should account for LAG. But not LAG COMP. I’d rather be screwed by the conditions of the Internet than be screwed by lag comp. Players should have to account for lag without assistance. We did it in Quake and UT in the beginning with 300 pings and so should players today. If I’m rocking a 42 ping on 16Mbit service, and another dude is running a 150 ping on 1Mbit service, I expect to be screwed less by lag than the other guy. It’s just that simple. However, in this game, that is just not the case. I shouldn’t have to alter strategy or choose weapons in order to win engagements based on how poor the net code of the game is (during ANY engagement).
        And I shouldn’t watch myself empty half a magazine into someone in real time to then die and watch myself never firing a shot in the killcam. “Whoever shoots first wins first” – bullshit. 50/50 at best with this lag comp.

        • I deal with it by playing Halo 4 #Trololol

          Juuuuust kidding I still luv u CoD.

          • I totally wish we had Halo 4 on PC. COD would be tossed straight away.

        • BOSS jediZOHAN

          I agree. The problem is most people don’t understand lag well enough to understand what it means. I think it sucks and is very unfortunate that we have to deal with such asinine issues, but I think it’s more important that people understand how the game is *supposed* to play before I delve into more subjective issues.

          • The game is supposed to play like it does in a LAN scenario where there is no comp. Basically what I am saying is that the way you demonstrate strategy in BO2 makes sense for a game where you are required to consider lag comp, but if lag comp were gone, that amount of caution would produce less effects than assuming more risk.

            • Joe

              You realize every single MP FPS ever made has had lag comp, right? I mean, that’s not an opinion or an excuse, it’s a fact. The problem isn’t lag, it’s theater mode & splitscreening — no one ever mentions it, but I never heard a single cod player ever reference ‘lag comp’ prior to Black Ops & I’ve been here since cod2. Think about it: was connection ever a severe issue for the majority of the community prior to BO1 introducing theater & SSing? No, no it wasnt.

            • I agree that every game on a console has had lag comp (or anti-lag as it was coined before COD), but this was not the case prior to online FPS games on a console. In most cases, on PC, it was simply an option that many admins of dedicated servers left off. Back in the beginning, the QuakeWorld client was the first I remember to introduce anti-lag, and even then I preferred Quake 1’s original net code, negotiating the lag myself. Quake 2 probably had it as an option. Quake 3 certainly did, but again mostly left off. In the UT games, it was probably something that you couldn’t turn off. COD4 and World at War used dedicated servers that had an anti-lag flag that most admins turned off. Anyone with ping over 150 or so was just out of luck and had the option to use another server with better ping.
              Black Ops 1 was the first PC game with dedicated servers where it seemed like the anti-lag was forced on. We kicked people with over 200 ping as a result. And, as of last night in the US, it looks like lag comp has been turned off for Black Ops II, so there’s clearly an effort being made for PC folk. I’m done bitching. Enjoy getting comped on 360.

  • betosobreira

    The hit detection and some lag issues are getting me mad about this game. It sucks much more than MW3. It’s a good game, but the connection issues are ridiculous.

    • sgt_mofo

      Can’t agree more. I only tried the game for about 2 hrs., but the handling of lag and implementation of lag comp is just awful.

      Refusing to buy the game until the netcode is altered in a useful way.

    • Dirtknap

      Definitely, I can tell there’s a really solid shooter hiding beneath all those terrible network issues.

      • betosobreira

        I hope tons of fixes in the next patches and the main fix in the hit detection. Also the nerf of some weapons. SMG’s are powerful and people only use PDW and MP7.

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