MP Games You Might Have Missed – Payday: The Heist

Welcome to this week’s installment of MP1st’s “MP Games You Might Have Missed.”  This week, we’re bringing you PC and PS3 FPS Co-Op game “Payday: The Heist.”

Fans of Left for Dead will probably be the most interested in Payday.  They’re almost the same game in different clothes.  But maybe you’re tired of killing hordes of zombies and are looking to take the fight to the Police as they try and stop you from doing what you do best, taking hostages and robbing banks.

What makes Payday such a fun game is how challenging it can be.  Even on the lowest difficulty setting and when playing with it’s max of 3 friends, Payday still manages to throw enemies at you in creative ways that keeps you on your toes and cowering behind cover hoping to avoid that one last bullet at the brink of death.

That’s not to say that Payday is by any means a frustrating game. Outside of your AI teammates being mentally challenged, I find it to be a great shoot’em up, laugh and be merry kind of game.  And if you’re playing with 3 friends, AI teammates are removed.  Between the cornball voice acting and over-the-top gunfights and objectives, Payday will you keep you fighting for survival and laughing with your friends at how dumb the AI can be.  Though they might be challenging, it’s fairly obvious that the developers didn’t want enemies outsmarting you, just having WAY more firepower than you, strength in numbers, and a penchant for not dying.

Overall, I’d say Payday: The Heist is a solid purchase for people looking to party up and chew through challenging enemies late into the night.  If you managed to make it through Steam’s winter sale with $20 left to spend (a miracle in itself), I highly recommend you consider it the next time you’re browsing the FPS bin.  It goes on sale on Steam seemingly every other day and I’m sure you’ll find it comparably priced on the PSN. PSN Plus members get access to Payday for free, by the way.

Happy thieving and thank you for reading!

Payday: The Heist is available on Steam here and on the PSN here.

  • I tried this, it was decent but if you’re playing with the AI, you’ll want to scream, which is common in most games. If only more of my friends had a PS3…

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      Yeah, it’s really only fun when you play with friends, but I think that’s what the developers were shooting for in designing it.

    • man those challenges for the trophies are like impossible…

      • My PS3 I don’t even play for trophies, I got the xbox for that aggravation.

        • i don’t own an xbox but i own a PC (pretty crap one too :D) and a PS3 so its either PS3 trophies or steam achievements….still have yet to get that Killzone 2 plat trophy FML

  • don’t buy it on PS3 at all no support 🙁

    • DuHasst187

      Made by Sony…

      • Dieger

        And yet PC. Gets all the free stuff :c

  • I’ve played this on PC and lost interest quickly due to there being no competitive element.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      I know what you mean. It’s more or less a party game.

      • Yeah this game leads to a bunch of crazy drunks.

  • JustinD

    Has anyone tried playing battlefield 3 today and have the game not load past the press start screen on 360?

    • mechcell

      i just try after read your post. my game finally load after 2 minute, just wait few minute it will load.

      • JustinD

        I’ve tried 6 times all for more than 5 mins won’t work. It’s been on now for 25 and still nothing

        • mechcell

          DICE and EA know about the problem and right now they investigating it. Try it in few hours

          • JustinD

            Thanks man

            • truth spoken here

              Well battlefield sucks

            • BOSS jediZOHAN

              No, Origin sucks, BF3 is great

        • I’ve had that happen to me alot too. For me ot was just a matter of luck if I got in without having to reboot the system 6 times.

  • This game blows.