Xbox 720 & The Halo Movie

The major roadblock to a Halo movie has always been money.  Not in the sense that Microsoft can’t get the money – in the sense that they don’t want to lose money.  Making a Halo movie with a major studio like Warner Brothers or Fox would require Microsoft to give up their rights to exclusively distribute Halo content, which is something Microsoft really can’t afford to do considering it’s their flagship title.  So how do we get a Halo movie out of Microsoft?  Simply put, they make it an Xbox 720/Windows 8 exclusive.

Now I know how silly this sounds, but bear with me.  The future of consoles isn’t in gaming.  Yes, it’s what they’ve built their empire on, but how many people game on their TV as opposed to how many watch movies on their TV?  The difference is extreme to say the least.  Microsoft and Sony both know this, it’s why Netflix is on both of them.  So obviously the big 2 are building their next generation systems to be capable gaming machines and powerful media centers.  Their goal is to make it so the only thing connected to your TV is a console.  But putting Netflix on something is really more a matter of how much stress your network can handle than it is that your network is a good distribution platform for entertainment in video form.  To prove that the consoles can take over the living room, the big two need to prove that the content they make for it will sell well outside of the gaming community.

A version of a Halo movie has been in development hell since Halo 1 launched, so the anticipation for it couldn’t be any more buzz-worthy.  People WANT a Halo movie.  Microsoft wants to prove that Windows 8 is the unified solution to connecting all of your devices.  Considering how broad reaching Windows 8 is becoming, how well the new consoles will sell (it’s a given at this point that they’ll sell well), and how easy it would be for Microsoft to run an ad universally across Windows 8 and the Xbox 720, a Halo movie exclusive to the Xbox 720 and Windows 8 users would undoubtedly sell well.

Assuming it does, a Halo movie would prove to the major studios, distributors, directors, and actors that the consoles are the new movie theater,  the new TV, and can be highly profitable because there’s no middle man.  You don’t have to ship thousands of film reels, you don’t have to securely deliver thousands of hard drives with movies on them, and you don’t have to pay a network like NBC or HBO to run your content on a console.

Now, it’s obvious that as far as movies are concerned, Netflix is the future, which is why a lot of people think my idea won’t work.  But if Netflix and the console makers team up, networks like HBO are screwed.  Getting a movie to viewers will be a lot easier when you don’t have to convince them to pay their cable company more for the same content you can get on your console for less money, WAY more control, and WAY more variety.  So maybe the premiere of the Halo movie is a “live” broadcast exclusive to the Xbox 720/Windows 8 on launch day and Netflix members can stream it the day after or something.

Regardless of how they do it, the Xbox 720 needs something to prove it can compete as source of original premium entertainment and not just another Netflix box.

Also, they should totally cast Veselka as the guy that gets blown up first in the Halo movie!

What are your thoughts?  Would you pay to see a Halo movie if it was only available on the Xbox 720 or Windows 8?  Let us know!

  • Isn’t there already a Halo movie?

    • Lufamos

      Its called Halo: Foward Unto Dawn a webseries

  • i want a bioshock movie more then a halo movie…

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      i vote for both

  • haha2339

    Microsoft will never risk the money to produce a halo film on their own specially considering that it will only launch on xbox720/win8. But it is a good long term gamble.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      I agree that it’s a money risk for them, but Halo sells well as a brand. They’d probably at least break even on producing it.

  • It’s a gamble that could pay off. Netflix is already providing exclusive content with their show House of Cards, so I don’t see why MS couldn’t do it for Win8/XBL. A Halo movie would be a good way to test the waters for them.

    As for other films, the only way it would succeed is if the cost to rent the movie (in HD or 3D) is lower than the price of an average movie ticket.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      Movie ticket sales have been on the decline for nearly 2 decades. In-home entertainment is taking over and the consoles are the perfect all-in-one device for handling the entertainment needs of the average person. If they can make an Xbox 720 for $200, they will own the market for media center boxes.

  • airsoftsn1p3r

    so from what your saying anyone even with win8 would be able to watch it.. i play ps3 but have win8 so they’d be appealing to both audiences i guess.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      Exactly. Microsoft wants people to adopt the Windows 8 spectrum of products. If they can hook Win8 users by giving them great content and meaningful interconnection with mobile/console devices as more than just gaming machines, just think of how many people will buy Xbox 720s to replace their bluray players, netflix boxes, streaming music devices, etc.

  • Elder Scrolls movie, people. Come on.

  • Tludt888

    The “multiplayer” aspect of this article is a bit of a stretch, seems to be about the Halo universe/franchise in general.

    • They will be responsible for EA’s ‘other’ AAA shooter, other than Battlefield. Definitely something worth keeping an eye on 🙂

      And yeah, they were responsible for kicking off this whole online FPS phase in the first place w/CoD4!

      • The idea that COD4 kicked off the online FPS is arguable, as is the concept that the online FPS is a “phase.” They certainly popularized it, but there are several good examples of online FPS games on the PC prior to COD4 and on consoles, Halo was certainly well-planted before COD4. I suspect the new generation of consoles will open up to a wider audience, however the backlash from the more hardcore FPS gamers will eventually come and prove to be a substantial challenge to the market who can either choose to ignore this group, or capitalize on it. Either way, I think the hardcore FPS gamers are a large enough group that they can significantly impact the state of the industry.

        • Black ops 2 made a Billion dollars in 15 days… nuff said..

      • PertAndPopular

        hm must have never heard of quake or counter strike…

  • Dirtknap

    Not to mention polarizing your audience (which is also arguably fairly niche) by only making it available in those two, very specific mediums. You would miss a ton of revenue as you won’t pick up the the randoms and cinema whores that wander in. It would likely be commercial suicide, at least from the perspective of the producer.

  • i would love 2 see a halo movie the halo games are fucking great & fun to play so do & see how it go put the cash in & do it

  • jameslara

    Cannot wait, hopefully it’s not a generic FPS. I want them to go Sci-fi or soemthing

  • Izzo

    Perhaps the name of their own home grown engine. Who knows. It’s exciting that’s for sure.

  • Vikerii

    I don’t know. Something about this smells like it’s either an Xbox-only title, or that it will be a DLC month long delay for other platforms.

  • Worst case scenario IMO is that this game will be an MMOFPS. The worst of the worse case is if it’s a free-to-play MMOFPS with a cash shop and pay-to-win qualities. Hell, there are a million possible types of games that Respawn could be making, but really only one that I would care about, and that is a military FPS game with more of a Quake or Unreal type feel to movement or gameplay… a direct in-your-face competitor to Call of Duty.

  • Blizzard’s gonna need a new codename for their little next-gen mmo project

  • Subscription FPS?

    Since the rumor is its a sci fi FPS. My predictions is it will be heavily multiplayer based with a subscription system for longevity. Microsoft is got to have some kind of franchise to call there own. That is why Sony is so strong because they have got a ton of first party developers and third party developers. Microsoft mostly has just third party developers they need to step there game up big time.

  • MasonMei

    Xbox only sounds stupid

    • Clayton Johnson

      So does PS3 only and Wii only. PC only is the worst! – sarcasm-

      • MasonMei

        “PC only” will only be those games that highly rely on mods and creativity. Anyways, being a Xbox only game instead of a multi-platform game means that it takes less effort in production, and.. I just don’t get it. Respawn produces a game under the name ‘EA’, the greedy bastard, and now it’s only for Xbox. And it’s been 3 years since the initial teaser (if you would even call that a teaser) eh? Have they finally realized that it’s not that possible to defeat COD in the military (or any kind of) FPS genre, given up the attempt and instead, chosen Destiny (Activision’s new console-only title, an sSci-Fi shooter as well) as a major competitor? That would be wiser, as we all acknowledge, the enemy COD face isn’t what Respawn shit, or BF franchise, but itself.
        Anyways, if it’s Xbox only then it’s none of my business. If it’s not, well, I’m not a big fan of Sci-Fi shooters.

        • justAGamer

          It sucks for PC players that they won’t be able to play games like Titan, Destiny, GTA V and more…

          • I’m sure GTA V will be released later for PC. I think Rockstar just wants Consoles to be the main focus so the can get the full potential without the PC interfering but sadly his might mean another crap port for PC

            • justAGamer

              It is possible, but I think that it will follow the same path as Red Dead Redemption, which is Xbox 360 and PS3 only.

  • BlaineReinsma

    xbox only and always-online? Well that completely killed any excitement I had for Respawn’s game. Expected a lot better from these guys.

  • NeT-ShatterZ

    Hmm idk it does seem a lot like Halo and yea i heard a rumor that Titan is the name of the engine

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  • Lazy Head

    I’ll support almost anything that Vince Zampella/Jason West had developed. their track record while mostly call of duty titles (the good ones), is still credible. they worked on the classic medal of honor allied assault game which is my #1 favorite multiplayer fps of all time. then followed by my second favorite call of duty 2. i’m not hoping for a revolutionary game, im just looking for that meaningful quality.


  • Clayton Johnson

    If it’s “exclusive to Microsoft” as opposed to “exclusive to Xbox” the there is a high chance a PC version is in the works, if it is indeed “exclusive to Microsoft”


    Im tired of this Exclusive sh!t

  • Vikerii

    Xbox only, figures. And I WAS pulling for Respawn to come roaring back. Well they can gotohell.

  • anonymous guy

    Wow that sucks for ps4 fan boys when xbox has ea exclusives as well xbox get dlc first for cod games and ps4 still has naughty dog how many more companies are sony going to loose because they want more money from the developers. Microsoft shut up you have my money and always will.

    • Sony has tremendous support from 1st and 3rd party developers lol Microsoft needs to up there game next generation and give gamers what the want

      • Jason

        I agree man, I game on Xbox, not enough Diversity when it comes to exclusives

  • This will probably only be to gauge what kind of demand there is for the game. I think it’ll open up if this game is a success.

  • mrup2nogud

    Lol smells of bullshit to me and if it’s Sci fi it’s no big deal for me I’m not into space zappers and stuff like that I don’t mind slightly futuristic like bops2 but not like halo it’s just not for me although a new outstanding gameplay experience I’m willing to give a chance but I don’t do business with Microsoft after a bad experience with them…

  • KennyKyle

    Who’s Respawn?

    • Makers of CoD.

    • MasonMei

      Respawn consists former (fired or resigned) employees from Infinity Ward who created Call of Duty Series and Modern Warfare 1 & 2. But I’ll just take this question as a kind of sarcasm

  • Ken Levine

    no freaking way does EA allow Respawn’s game to be Xbox exclusive only. being the greedy assholes they are, they can’t possibly let this game not be multiplatform. this might be one case where EA’s greed might actually be a good thing lol

  • JK Monroe

    Xbox only? Like Halo it will have only half the market. Good luck with EA earning only half the potential revenue!!

  • therapiist

    If its exclusive for Xbox then I can stop looking forward for respawn new game then. if this story is true. beside, a lot of great game is going to be release this Holiday for next gen. Like watch dog and many more! oh ya and I’m pretty sure Destiny might shit on respawn next game

  • disqus is effed

    I’ve had high hopes for this game and now I must say im kind of disappointed it sounds awful, I may be wrong this game might be awesome but if these rumours are true it sounds really bad. If I was a ps player I don’t think I would care that I wasn’t getting this game.

  • NaNa

    Well BF4 it is then

  • pot51e

    I am looking forward to their new IP, but why on earth would EA sanction an Xbox exclusive? Respawn have been well funded (they were being poached from Activision), so why would EA sanction something that is only going to return them 30% of the market??

    If Respawn wanted this route, then surely they could have written their own ticket and opened up as an MS studio. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    I know Xbox are a little miffed that Destiny is not Xbox exclusive, and want another big IPO, but I dunno how they managed to swing it. Makes more sense of why EA will be at the 720 reveal and absent from the PS4 launch.

    As for the game, the last MP game I saw that generated so much excitement and was humans v something else was Aliens; Colonial Marines….

    Still cant make it add up.

  • I’ve waited a long time to see this stuff, and if the rumors so far are true, the first game from Respawn will probably not appeal to me at all.


  • TachyonicPack

    The camo looks alright

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  • thebulky1cometh

    This is actually a cool idea. But, last 3 cods have had awesome marketing, and many (including myself) have fallen for it, gotten excited over the hype, and preordered a game that was released with a slew of problems.

    Black ops 1 ended up being awesome, mw3 still isn’t right, and blops 2 is still suffering from major lag issues (

    • Batman

      You describe my feelings

      • thebulky1cometh

        Thanks, Bruce. May I call you Bruce?

    • BO1 ended up being awesome??? LOL

      • thebulky1cometh

        What didn’t you like? It’s not perfect, but it was far superior to mw3…I’ll reserve a comparison to blops2 since it apparently takes 5+ months to “correct” games nowadays…

        • Proj12

          How pathetic are you? I have repeatedly seen you diss Call of Duty on every website.

          • thebulky1cometh

            I love cod. From WAW through blops2 I have probably invested around 70 DAYS of play time. But, mw3 and blops2 have been steps bavkwardand iI want to reverse that trend. In my opinion the only way to doso is to hit them wwhere it hurts: the bottom line.

          • DanDustEmOff

            You’re a tool he isn’t dissing cod he is critising it because he want the game
            to be the best it can be he like most of us have seen the game desend into the poorly coded gargage that is blops 2 he isn’t a bf fan boy just an disgruntled customer as am I.

      • MegaMan3k

        Black Ops 1 is the best Call of Duty game. Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty 1 are only superior in context to their time.

        In the NOW, Black Ops 1 is currently the best Call of Duty out there.

        It’s single player is thoroughly competent, if not excellent in some areas. It’s the only single player campaign to be on par with COD4 (frame: COD4 to now; COD1, UO, and COD2 are all superb, but hardly comparable anymore).

        It’s multiplayer is the best balance of “absurdity” to appease the terribads and competitiveness to appease the skilled players. It has one of the highest map quality averages of the series – Nuketown is the only map in Black Ops that I consider “instant veto”, which is far fewer maps than any other COD can say (even COD4). It had the best balanced shotguns of the franchise. After a few patches, it had the best balance sniper rifles of the franchise (on par with COD4 & WAW, at least).

        Is it perfect? Well, no, the ARs are somewhat similar to each other. For some people, theater caused more problems than it was worth (with net code and what not) – but that’s only become worse as the series has progressed.

        Black Ops 1 is the bar that every new COD strives to reach. And so far MW3 and Black Ops 2 have failed miserably, miserably, MISERABLY, in comparison.

        • thebulky1cometh

          *punching the air in agreement * right on, man!

        • Oerba

          BO was quite possibly the worst MP experience I’ve ever had with any shooter. Poor map design, Last Stand, terrible LMGs, too many SMGs that were too similar, I could go on and on. Best shotguns? There were two shotguns that were okay at best, the Stakeout and the SPAS. The only real LMG in that game was the M60. The MP in that game was incredibly boring with no redeeming value other then how fun it was to camp with Flak Jacket, Last Stand and Tactical Mask with a friend or two. Yes, the only redeeming value BO had was that you could camp and piss people off. BO is the only COD game that I’ve sold back to retailers. It’s all opinions I guess; I have mine and you have yours.

          • MegaMan3k

            Please don’t diminish your logic and structure by relegating it to “opinions”. An opinion supported with logic, evidence, and depth of thought is an argument. Arguments are much stronger, and enlightening, than opinions.

            I have my argument, you have your’s. 🙂

          • Nuketown has poor map design?

        • DanDustEmOff

          Black ops 2 imo was laggy as hell and a campers wet dream.

          Some maps were the best maps I’ve ever played on Summit being my favoutite but some were the worst ever Villa, WMD and most of the dlc maps.

          All the guns feel the same with different sounds and skins and the movement is
          no where near as slick as an iw game.

          This is just my opinion though

        • 123456789!!!

          I like black ops 1 but the balancewas horrible, it had some horribletextures and glitchs EX. deadbodies

    • 123456789!!!

      Black ops 1 was the most hated game of that year, go and look on any forum from late 2010-2011 and you will see the same complaints that people post about black ops 2 today. So my point is next year or 2 years from now people are going to pull the same shit ” black ops 2 was awesome, black ops 3 sucks”.

    • Vikerii

      This might be a good time then to learn a lesson and let other people be the guinea pigs. 🙂

      • thebulky1cometh

        Yes, exactly! But I want others to come to this realization!

    • dpg70

      I thought the Black Ops TV spot with Kimmel and Kobe was awesome. The rest were meh.

    • My past 3 COD experiences perfectly explained

  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    Great, so now people are going to be paying FOR advertising…

    • thebulky1cometh

      You mean people will pay the presumptive micro transaction fee just to see this camo? Count on me to NOT do so! I’m done allowing the greedy giant to milk any more of my money!

    • successful marketing

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      If i were a business and knew that my consumers consisted mostly of children with access to their mother’s credit card, then i would say this is an excellent idea. People have to understand that activision is a business. As said 100 times already, don’t buy the damn thing if you don’t want it. That simple.

      • MegaMan3k

        I disapprove of the way they handled the microtransactions, although I’m not opposed to them altogether.

        If they’d bundled all the content together for $5 or so, I’d probably have bought it. I have 400 MS points in my account and it’s hard to buy anything for 400 MS points anymore. At the price they’re asking? No thanks.

        But that said, I think people should be expressing their disapproval. It’s easy to say “don’t buy it!,” and that’s a great suggestion. People need to say “I oppose to this practice, and I will not support it with my money, and I urge all players to do the same.” The message needs to be stronger than “low sales,” it needs to be “low sales BECAUSE,” or “I would have bought it IF”. That’s what the companies will listen to.

      • Oerba

        People do understand that Activision is a business, there is such thing as ethical business practices as well. Guess what, the reason why clothes is so cheap is because the factories overseas treat their employees like crap, so maybe the whole world should just stop buying clothes from overseas. Suddenly, reality check; you can’t stop people from being dumb. The example I use is extreme, but the point is the same; you can’t stop millions of consumers from being dumb by yourself, so you get the masses that DO care to voice your opinion, and hope the business will act in good faith. The 3% voting with their wallets isn’t enough to achieve anything. Also, calling how businesses work “simple” is stupid, stop.

  • Hopefully IW will be friendly with competitive cod like treyarch was with bo2. there is a cod championship scheduled for next year so hopefully there is league play and lan capabilites 🙂

    • DanDustEmOff

      Who cares about competitive cod it irritates me that they spend so much time catering to such a small part of the community.

    • No. BO2 competitive focus damn near ruined the game.

  • maybe the camo is part of a pre-order thing?

    • mechcell

      Only pre-order bonus I’ve see so far is exclusive limited edition poster from gamestop.

    • Ahh, great point, I could definitely see it being a pre-order bonus

  • I think this is the first time in COD history that there’s ever been cross-studio content in a COD game. Kinda weird seeing a piece of IW content in a Treyarc game…

    Anyways it’s a cool looking camo, but despite that fact, I will never pay $2 for something that took the devs about 10 minutes to create, and something that should have been in the full game upon release. The greed is so disgusting.

    • thebulky1cometh

      This guy gets it.

    • MegaMan3k

      You think promotional art for the next Call of Duty should have been in Black Ops 2 when it was released?

      I think that would have upset a lot more than people than $2 camo does.

      • BigDaddy ACTUAL

        No. He’s saying it should be free. Why pay for something they want YOU to advertise.

        • I liked how DICE handled that. they gave us a BF3 ingame dogtag for free ’cause we were clearing the fog and rain on the BF4 site.

          *not a fanboy, i like both series*

    • DanDustEmOff

      It will be a pre order bonus.



      you pay 60$ every year for something they created in 2002, theyve just been re-skinning and selling the same game to you console turd morons for the last 10 years… idiot

      • DanDustEmOff

        That business model is not unique to console World of Warcraft makes you pay annually even if the change nothing. I like my pc too but you make us all look like idiots

        • And World of Warcraft was where it all went to hell IMO. Millions of PC gamers bailed on all of the other games, basically rendering the platform dead while at the same time blindly paying up. That is MASS idiocy.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Im not saying its good im saying that PC does it too. PC is alive as hell atm and although I dont like waw a lot of people love that game so to say they are idiots for playing a game they love is an idiotic comment in itself to them its worth paying for.

    • Vikerii

      CharlieIntel is reporting this camo can be unlocked by preordering Ghosts.

      • Vikerii

        In other words, if you preorder, you can show everyone in your matches that you are a sucker for hypemachines.

    • Jason Davis


    • Bradley Griffiths

      I think they might be getting a little nervous about next gen. They need ghosts to be a top seller AND be a solid game or it could severely hurt the franchise.

    • Lol

      Even more disgusting is the fact that people here are bitching over aesthetic content that doesn’t affect gameplay in any way. I’ve grown to expect this from most of the people who post on MP1st, though.

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      Thats how I feel about all purchasable camos, like the ones in Gears Judgement.

  • I want, awesome

    • thebulky1cometh

      You want to throw another few bucks at Activision? Don’t be mad when they put out “Ghosts” full of problems.

      • MasonMei

        It might not charge money at all bro, I see no reticles… Anyways if Ghosts is full of problems… It’s IW man you should understand that.

      • never complained, Call of Duty is what it is,

  • We WANT a MEME camo not this SHIT!!!!!!!!!

  • MasonMei

    The idea will be cool if only it’s for free, as a move of promotion. Treyarch has made Nuketown 2025 and ELiTE camo/calling cards available free of charge, so the Ghosts camo should also be free. Anyways I have come too late to catch a glimpse of the video (@DavidVeselka Mr Veselka did anything wrong occur to MP1st servers earlier? I’m having great difficulties loading anything), have you guys seen anything about Ghosts theme reticles? If not, it’s unlikely it will be a camo pack.

  • Is it just me or does this skull look like the BO2 logo, just replaced with a skull?

  • FactualNews

    Breaking news: Call of Duty: Ghosts will be co- developed by Infinity Ward and Treyarch, in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Call of Duty.

    • DanDustEmOff

      I dont think so mate. I would like to see an anniversary edition with the best maps, guns and killstreaks from the series, but I don’t see this being it.

  • Ghost 0_o!

    Man Activison with all this $$$$ stacking with the COD series they should sell there future Call Of Duty Ghost for 35 bucks! It would be cool but Activision is waaaay to greedy 🙁

    • -X-

      Just because they’ve made a game that, obviously, a lot of people enjoy and like to play, so they ‘pay’ for the add-ons and such, and sell the game at the ‘SAME’ price every other new game gets sold at, makes them greedy? Makes you cheap and greedy, maybe bad for the industry?

  • MasonMei

    Is this following picture the first look of the 6 characters referred to as Ghosts, or simply some kinda promotional material that has nothing to do with the game itself?

  • ML93

    Ooooo, a new camo…..

    AND?!?! When I have a game that works properly, I’ll be a happy bunny..

  • Jason Davis

    Yep I finally joined this site after 2 years lol

  • NXR

    stupid for dont make for PC’s -.-

  • give it free for everyone.

  • Hot-wire

    Just got mine today

  • Testing again…

  • UM why are there BO2 comments on a BL2 article?? and from 12 days ago……

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      If I can’t get this figured out soon I am going to get rid of the plugin and write the code to load Disqus myself. No nonsense, no plugin, just the bare bones… Keeping things simple is almost always the best way 😉

  • funny and strong. Cool!

  • James K

    At first, I was surprised seeing a crowd of people commenting on this article.

    However, the majority of the comments are old and irrelevant.

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