MP1st’s Multiplayer Experience of 2012 – The Nominees

The new year is upon us and we are excited to pit the very best that the gaming world has had to offer against each other to see who will earn the title as this year’s best multiplayer experience.

Here at MP1st, we take multiplayer gaming seriously. It’s what keeps you up til 4am night after night shouting at your best buds or at complete strangers over the microphone. It’s why you forget to eat, sleep, shower or do your laundry. It’s why you game.

The question is, who did it best this year? Who provided you with those epic moments that are talked about for days?

These are not easy questions, that’s for sure. This year saw the return of some gaming’s most well-loved FPS giants: Halo and Call of Duty. But what makes this year’s battle a true spectacle are gems like Borderlands 2, Journey, Planetside 2 and many others – all names worthy of the MPE2012 title.

So, let’s break it down. We’ve got two categories this year: “MP1st’s Multiplayer Experience of 2012” and the “Multiplayer Experience of 2012 – Gamer’s Choice” category. We’re also going to be letting you in on the personal choice of all MP1st staff members leading up to the ultimate winner reveal on the 1st of January, so keep your sights locked right here!

We’ve asked for your guys’ to help to choose, so here is our final list of nominees:

MPE2012 – The Nominees

All you have to do to help your favorite title win “Multiplayer Experience of 2012 – Gamer’s Choice” is vote!

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As for our choice, well, you’ll just have to wait until the 1st of January to see!

Talk to us in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #MPE2012. We want to hear from you! What did you choose as your favorite multiplayer experience of 2012 and why?

  • Far Cry 3!!! =)

    • yeah its multiplayer is surprising awesome its co-op is great too 🙂

    • Jason


  • Gabe

    Halo 4, definitely. I’m not hating on Call of Duty, but perhaps the fact that Black Ops II didn’t win a single award at the Spike TV Video Game Awards OR the Machinima Inside Gaming Awards means that people are finally beginning to realize that the same formula year after year is not enough to keep it at the top. Just because it outperformed in sales, doesn’t mean it outperformed in quality and entertainment.

    • Nathan Cox

      I wouldn’t really call BLOPS2 the, “same formula,” in any broader sense than it’s a first person shooter. After coming basically straight off of MW3 the game managed to feel fresh and new, the mechanics were clearly different as well as the physics.

      It’s enough to keep me up though the night playing without feeling bored or weary.

      • except for zombies the zombies mode is exactly the same :/

        • Perhaps TranZit was before in previous games right?

    • Halo 4 surprised me this year. Never was a Halo guy originally, but halo 4 just has that “cool” factor now that I thought it was always missing. It gets my vote 🙂

      • MassNERDerer

        Whoa, you didn’t tell me this? I want to pick up a new MP this winter break. Halo has been known for not being really easy to pick up and play. For someone with no Halo skills, what you think?

        I only get like 3-4 hours a week MAX to game. I need a game, like CoD, that I can still be decent in without mastering it and playing 25+ hours a week.

        • Man, it’s just one of those games that, while I may not be the best at it, I’m NEVER frustrated by it. Like, there’s obviously a formula to learn and get good at. But it means that when you die, you know it’s because you’ve been out-gunned, not because of silly lag or connection problems. I know that when I die, instead of getting all pissed, I’m like, “shit, I need to get better at taking out shields and aiming for the head.” THAT just makes me want to keep playing it.

          So yeah, you’ll get owned, but I find it more inspiring than frustrating with Halo 4.

          Also, you NEED to run in packs. It’s that simple. You will get your balls handed to you if you try to run solo. There are some subtle but important elements of teamwork in Halo 4 wich is awesome, but not as pronounced as BF3’s or MoH:W’s. But it’s also nice cause then there’s less to think about.

        • sgt_mofo

          The window of opportunity for new players to feel at ease has already come and gone. Your best bet would be Big Team Infinity Slayer only because it is a crap shoot, but it is definitely as inaccessible to new players as it has been in the past.

          • Dirtknap

            Or maybe SWAT to sharpen up his aim along with the quick kills for a more CoD like transition.

          • I’ll definitely start a session with Big Team to get the juices flowing before heading to Infinity Slayer or other OBJ modes.

  • It has to be Borderlands 2 , that game has great multiplayer and has major replay value.

    • roland0811


      Even though it was just more of the same from the first (and the fact that this year has been the weakest for gaming I’ve ever seen) I’d agree with Borderlands 2. It was the only game released this year that I actually enjoyed, even it was only for a week or so.

      (I haven’t played Far Cry 3 so no opinion on that.)

    • i got bored of it and went back to playing Bl1 😀 its not a bad game but its missing something in my opinion.

      • roland0811

        I rented it for a week and had a decent time with it. Unfortunately I traded in my BL1 towards Halo 4 and disappointment ensued. You’re right about BL2 missing something. It kinda felt like more of the same with less ‘WOW’ than the first one. Like Assassin’s Creed the last four years.

      • BL2 is a great game, but lacks human vs human MP. That’s a deal breaker for me.

  • nickmaster1150

    journey 😀

    • jimmylara

      That’s my personal pick 🙂
      and Borderlands 2
      gah they both are great

      • nickmaster1150

        I have played them both too, and I have too pick journey, I just liked it that lilte bit more 🙂

  • bf3

    • MikePembo951

      BF3 came out last year (2011)…….

      • betosobreira

        yeah that’s why bf3 and mw3 don’t appear in the list.

      • BillyHo

        Regardless of when it came out… it should still be on the list if it is one of the TOP multiplayer games being played right now. The new DLC alone gives it enough muscle to be included in the choices.

        • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

          According to this logic, you have to put cs 1.6, cs source, team fortress 2 and quake live on the list as well

    • jimmylara

      Came out last year, and even with all the DLC (it would win our DLC of the year if we were doing one), I say it’s still no match for the newly released titles this year.

      • I’d still call it my “MPE” if I could 😉

      • Imbetterthanyou

        Have to disgagree. BF3 IMO is the best shooter of the last decade. Never have I played something so amazing.

        • B_Boss

          BF3 is like an excellent wine….it only gets better with age. These expansions are new experiences in gameplay waiting to happen. Its amazing how great the game is even to this day and I stood in line to preorder it lol. I am definitely a fan of creativity so this does not mean that the nominees are ‘worthless’ but in all honesty I have not played either one of them lol.

      • Imbetterthanyou

        Have to disagree. BF3 IMO is the best shooter of the last decade. Never have I played something so amazing.

        • Dunklar

          It really is awesome, I picked up BF3 when it came out but was distracted by other games at the time, a few months later I got really into it and couldn’t believe how insane it was. Definitely one of the best MP experiences I’ve ever had. And all the DLC adds such a freshness to something already great. Definitely more fun with friends though.

          • Dirtknap

            I’d go as far to say it’s essential to play with friends. Fantastic title and one of my favorite releases in the last few years (even though it didn’t have BFBC2’s fun factor), but I find it really difficult to play with the amount of people that always run in organized squads. Personally, I would lean toward a shooter that you can pick up and play with randoms, yet still enjoy some success.

        • meh

          eh… i guess its fine definately not the best shooter of the decade. thats just bein ignorant


          Agree. I actually just got done playing that. XBOW SCOPED BABY!

    • pot51e

      I agree. I’m happy to still be playing the devil I know. BF3 has gotten better with age, the annoyances fewer the “battlefield moments” greater.

      • What do you consider a “battlefield moment?”

      • Ian

        yes but it now takes up over 20gig on my HDD!

    • Imbetterthanyou


    • Aftermath is a better experience than any other MP game this year.

      My vote goes to BF3 aswell.

      • jrstryker

        Move vote goe to BF3. Never put so many hours into MP.

      • disagree. no air vehicles except one lil bird

    • i was coming herw to comment that

    • While the game itself is definitely high quality, and looks absolutely awesome, especially on my PC rocking the GTX 670 video card, I can’t agree with BF3 being the best game in ANY year.
      This is based on a premise that all games should adhere to:
      1. If there is a way to win, the game should require the player to attempt to win.
      2. If there is no way to win, the game should require the player to attempt to complete a pre-determined end.
      3. If there is no way to win, and the game has no “end” then the game should require the player to do something which would measure their performance.

      #1 is where BF3 fails. BF3 does not require the player to attempt to win. Bad Company 2 does a much better job of this requirement, and that said, I’d vote BC2 over BF3 for best game of 2012.
      #2 is the Super Mario Bros case. It has an ending. It requires you to complete it, and there really is little else to do in the game unless you’re trying to complete it.
      #3 is the Pac-Man case. It has no defined way to “win”, and it has no “ending”, but you know if you are the best at the game based on the total stages completed, and the score.

  • MikePembo951

    Borderlands 2. Nuff said.

    • PayneX023

      mp is too vague…

  • Far Cry is my favourite shooter of the year, but if we’re looking at “Multiplayer Experience,” it’s a toss-up between CoD and Borderlands for me.

  • Halo 4. Even tho the map selection is awful right now, the playlist rotation thing they got going on is annoying, there’s no straight up FFA without the regicide gimmick, no MLG playlist, no scoreboard/ranking system, no way to disable sprint in custom games, and no grifball… it’ still super fun. Hopefully 343 is listening to the community but only time will tell.

    • Dirtknap

      High five!

  • SchwartzJesuz

    Go Journey!

    • did you get banned again on battlefrog?

      • No, I’m still active on Battlelog from time to time 😉

        • Jason

          Oh How I recall the Many, many Wonderful post on Battlelog from the ShwartzJesuz, lol I didn’t even realize your on this site 😛

  • WHY is BF3 not on the list… still playing that even with PS2/ FC3/ WarZ out

    • Because it came out in 2011.

      • PayneX023


    • Jason

      Yeah man, allot of people forget it’s has been about over a year lol. I think it’s due to them always having great DLC and keeping things fresh, Aftermath is easily the BEST DLC so far!

      • I have no clue about great DLC with BF3 I wasted 50 extra dollars on that game they waited to long to start putting out DLC and the game has became stale now

        • Jason

          ? The Game came out on October 25th, and the first DLC (Back to Karkand) came out December 6th!? That’s too late? Well im a completionist and want to unlock everything in a Game, so It’s Definitely not stale too me lol but everyone has Opinions. I just Got Far Cry 3 and it is going to take me forever to get everything in that game as well even before DLC lol

        • Hol_Up

          I just shot a jet out of the sky with an RPG. Nope not even close to being stale.

    • Please read the title 2012.

    • I hear ya. I’m playing it 50/50 with Halo 4 right now. Very happy to see that BF3 has become a game that you can return to later on and enjoy even more, if not just as much.

  • for me its far cry 3. is it original? no is it not buggy or glitchy? no but its the most fun ive had online this year it actually suprised me a lot

  • Jason

    I would say, Far Cry 3 as My favorite Game Of the Year, but the multiplayer is like BLOPS 2, It’s Good when It works :/ So I will have to give My Vote to Halo 4!

  • Laser0pz

    Journey – in what other games can you faceplant with your teammate voluntarily?

  • 3DArtist

    I miss Dishonored, although it`s singleplayer only, but it`s a remarkable game of the year!

  • TheDevilsDoctor

    Of course I’ll vote with an awesome website name, constant updates on all the top games, and a mobile site that makes me want to impregnate a hippopotamus while my neighbor watches.

    • I will up-vote this but please don’t hurt any hippos 🙂 (and thanks!)

  • Me

    I felt that the medal of honour Multiplayer was really well done, aside from that borderlands 2 has just so much re-playability!

    • PayneX023

      too many unfixed problems, still a chance to be good

    • It will be interesting to see what becomes of MoH:W this month, after patches and DLC.

  • H4 or BO2

  • I say Black Ops 2. I wish I could vote for Far Cry 3, but I don’t own it… Yet…

    • PayneX023

      get it, its gooood

    • If you ever enjoyed an FPS before, far cry 3 will blow your mind

  • Nice montage, makes me want to vote for all of them lol

    • Niosus

      Thanks! Jimmy Lara and I made it! 😀

  • Maverick

    Is it just me or is “multiplayer” just too broad of a term these days? Should competitive multiplayer (player vs player) and co-op multiplayer (players vs computer) be distinguished more and not always fall under that same multiplayer blanket. I think comparing the two in the same group is apples to oranges.

    • Niosus

      Maybe, but on the other hand, you can compare the amount of fun you had. If you want to play Borderlands 2 instead of Black Ops 2, you enjoy Borderlands 2 more. We will try to have some categories next time. There were a few technical and time limitations which would’ve prevented us from getting it out in time.

      It’s the first time we do a big contest so we’re definitely listening and will improve things as we go along. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Maverick

        Sorry if it came across negative on the contest. I meant it to reference the trend in gaming to lump them together. You guys do good work around here.

        • I initially thought about splitting up Co-Op vs Competitive, but noticed that Borderlands 2, for example, was taking GoTY on many sites, meaning that it can, apparently, stand on its own! STILL haven’t played it, but people seem to love it even over other competitive MP shooters!

      • There are some players that will never enjoy human-vs-human and there are others that will never enjoy co-op. This is the argument for not comparing the two to each other. You would only compare the two if you reject the argument.

  • Poll is based on taste but in terms of quality, investment and tech enhancements [building a brand new engine for this “outdated hardware”]: my vote goes to HALO 4.

    • Dirtknap

      You sir, are enlightened!

  • KennyKyle

    i went for far cry 3, it has great visuals and it got map editor for MP

  • 1 billion dollars in 15 days seems to tell me COD does not need to win any awards everybody just know that shit is good

    • Imbetterthanyou

      Metacritic reviews says otherwise.

      • HBK

        Most of those are hate. It’s really inconsistent, swerving from great to not so great. I give it a 7/10.
        So you know, I’d give MW3 4/10 and Black Ops 8.5/10

  • My best FPS is still BF3 but I defiantly love Far Cry 3 =)

  • masada157

    CS Global Offensive needs more love

    • PayneX023

      no it doesnt. horrible game, and dated…..

      • Niosus

        It’s a different game. Out of all shooters that came out this year, CS:GO will be the only one that’s still alive in 5 to 10 years. If you want to play a serious competitive shooter with pristine balance, CS is where it’s at. The people who play it don’t care about unlocks, killstreaks and fancy graphics… They care about extremely solid gameplay that’s a direct measurement for skill. That’s what CS is made for, that’s what it delivers, therefor it is a good game.

        It’s not my kind of game either, but I respect it as a very successful eSport. Something that CoD is only now slowly starting to embrace, and the others don’t even attempt.

      • CS takes skill, i have over 50 hours in source, yet i’m still shit in it, the good thing about CS games, is the modding community, you dont even have to download mods externally you just join a modded game and it downloads it automatically.

    • Def in my top 5. Pure skill and teamwork, and just as fun and frustrating as ever.

  • “I vote for Black Ops 2 and everything other game sucks.”

    – Cheeseburger Eddie

  • PayneX023

    FAR CRY 3!! Black Ops 2 is the BEST game by far of any of these, but its redundancy cannot be escaped, therefore Far Cry 3.

  • Hol_Up

    I like that we have some varied opinions on this site instead of a “fanboy” fanbase. Happy voting!

  • Hank

    What about BF3??

    • Niosus

      BF3 released in 2011 and won our MP game of the year of 2011. If we were to include all older games that still are being played the list would become too long. And it already won once. It would be weird for the same game to win 2 consecutive GotY awards…

  • Xruben


  • I voted CS:GO and PS2 but for console guys I would guess halo. (never tried it but 1 and 2 were great for pc)

  • My vote goes to CS:GO for daring to keep it simple.

  • Planetside 2 ftw

  • Far Cry 3 without a doubt, one of the best games I’ve played in my life, It just remade single player FPS

  • @Mister_V:disqus You guys should pick your own too. I’m afraid the poll is more of a popularity contest then anything else.

    • Niosus

      We will! There are some fierce internal debates going on!

    • It gonna happen! We’ve got OUR Multiplayer Experience of 2012, along with the Reader’s choice. On top of that, you’ll be hearing each individual pick of all MP1st staff 🙂 So, essentially, 3 different competitions almost.

  • I know BF3 came out last year. But I would still Vote for it, cause I never really could take my attention off it! Its just awesome! The new DLCs are making it more enjoyable! Love BF3. You should give a special mention for BF3 😉

  • kyuubi_clone

    really disappointed that one of the most played games for this year is not up there at all. Battlefield 3 is still my go to game for 2012. i still believe it is STILL the best multiplayer game for the year – with uihnbeatable add-ons to match. BF3 FTW!!!!!

    • I’m not going to dispute your opinion on the game, because we all deserve to have our own, but most played? Not even close. It had trouble staying close to MW2 for most of the year.

      • kyuubi_clone

        now what i don’t understand by your statement is, how the fuck can MOHWF make that list over BF3? waaaaay more people played BF3 this year than MOHWF. and bro, bf3 never had any problems keeping up with anything in the COD verse at all. and, i was not saying that BF3 was the MOST played, i just found it strange to not be on the list at all. get your facts straight.

        • You said “really disappointed that one of the most played games is not up there at all”. I never said that you said it was THE most played game, broseph. Settle your fanboy self down and look at things objectively.

          BF3 is a better game, in your opinion, but numbers (facts) show that three CODs were ahead of it on the XBL charts. I haven’t seen any figures for PSN, so maybe it kicked ass over there evened things out.

          MOH:WF is on there because it is a game that was made in 2012. Pretty simple concept. Game of the year needs to be made this year.

          • kyuubi_clone

            you obviously seem like a COD fan “broseph”. this chart simply states a list for the most PLAYED games of 2012. MOHWF does not fall into this category at all. going by your “facts” then how exactly did MOHWF defeat the almighty COD? when BF3 did not? nonsense. BF has been played a lot this year and it still is on the VG charts top ten games of 2012. those numbers still stand. if you look at MOHWF’s numbers you’d notice it has the smallest online community as i even write this. this was never a chart for game of the year, it was for FAVOURITE MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE. and BF3 solidly defeats MOHWF, Planetside 2 and Torchlight 2 and others on that list. just “FACTS” “broseph”. not even going to comment on the XBL charts. simply becuz COD will always be on top, too many kids on XBL, not much skill needed to play that franchise at all.

            • Lol you BF3 fans always get butthurt way too easily. I was mocking you bro-ing me by saying broseph, so chill, brohemoth. I never said MOH was better or played more than BF3. The title of this article is “Best Multiplayer Experience 2012”. The people that run this website have already stated that a requirement to be in the running for this is for the game to have been released this year.

            • kyuubi_clone

              and you think i did not realise that you were mocking me with all the “bro” stuff? the fact is, BF3 is STILL one of the best multiplayer experiences online today – and it just keeps getting better and there is still a huge amount of people playing it across all platforms. THAT was the reason i felt that it should have been on the list. not because i’m a “fanboy” as you would put it. and it has been played more than some of the others on that list.

              while i understand (now) that the criteria was for games made this year, considering how BF3 has continually stayed fresh with all the new expansions (released this year) i just thought it should be on the list. you don’t have to be a fanboy to realise that the list was pooly chosen. as many of the other posters stated BF3 is missing from the list.

            • Saying that BF3 is one of the best MP experiences is an opinion, not a fact and I called you a fan, not a fanboy. Fanboy is used too often to describe someone who is simply trying to defend their game of preference.

              The list is devoid of talent because there weren’t many stellar games that came out this year.

              BF3 won it last year, so it’s time to let another title wear the crown until BF4 takes it back next year.

  • That1guy

    Far cry 3

  • heikki993

    I voted Black Ops 2 because Mass Effect 3 was not on that list

  • linefly11

    My vote goes to Journey. It in my opinion is more of an “experience.” All the shooters are nice, but I feel more connected to my journey partner then the random XxX_sNiPeR007_xXx on COD calling me a bitch.

  • can you please allow us to see the votes? The only time you can see the vote totals is immediately after your cast your vote. After that we can’t check back to see

    • Niosus

      We’ve hidden the results because we will announce the winner (and final standing) on the 1st of January, together with our own MPE of the year and those of the individual staff members. We’re seeing some fairly interesting trends already, so we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise 🙂

  • The only thing left that can live up BLOPS2 is the DLC. I know that Treyarch knows that. If they add weapons, camos (most likely), amazing mp maps, zombies and more, it can restore the faith in lots of players; and for last the lag.

  • sgt_mofo

    I gotta go with Halo 4. Almost every area is an improvement over Halo Reach whether it be subtle or drastic. The graphics got a nice bump with less light bloom, motion blur, and a bump in AA. The hit detection on the DMR is awesome. Even if you’re lagging, the bullet will connect (eventually). No need to lead your opponent (LightRifle’s and Sniper’s are a bit different). The armor abilities in conjunction with support upgrades provide some good combinations. If you want to be stealthy, use active camo. If you want to be a runner for the flag, use unlimited sprint. My favorite right now has to be Hologram combined with grenades off dead bodies and extra grenade damage. For Team and Solo regicide game types, it is very effective. As for the framerate, excluding some maps on BTB, it holds rock steady at 30FPS (not sub-30FPS ala H3 and Reach).

    Although some don’t seem to like it, I do like the cycling playlists (minus Team Snipers disappearing) as it keeps some of the lesser played gametypes seem fresh when they return. Heck, if Team Regicide was available at launch, I don’t think it would be as popular as it is now.

    In terms of longevity, the specializations offer a bit for the die hards to sink their teeth into. You are also rewarded with more perks to equip your spartan. Not to mention the meta game that is played out over Spartan Ops grants access to XP bonuses and armor extra (that is, once somebody with more time than me figures out the codes).

    And what about co-op? Story campaign + Spartan Ops? That’s quite a bit to do for those who love slaying Covenant and Prometheans.

  • Kyle Jackson

    I know it came out last year, but it has had 3 dlc’s drop this year, so it kind of should be here (perhaps) ‘Battlefield 3’, aftermath looks stunning on PC.

    • Niosus

      It already won last year so that’s another reason why we didn’t add it this time. We know and acknowledge BF3 is awesome, but other games also really deserve some attention. We are definitely listening though! We’ll probably have a lot more polls in different categories next year (or whenever we do another big contest)

      • Kyle Jackson

        I was just flying the Battlefield flag some more 🙂

  • Dev


  • kyuubi_clone

    now what i don’t understand by your statement is, how the fuck can MOHWF
    make that list over BF3? waaaaay more people played BF3 this year than
    MOHWF. and bro, bf3 never had any problems keeping up with anything in
    the COD verse at all. and, i was not saying that BF3 was the MOST
    played, i just found it strange to not be on the list at all.

    • Niosus

      As we have explained numerous times already, BF3 released in 2011 and won our GotY award for 2011. Therefor it did not qualify for the MPE2012. If we were to include all games that are still popular we’d also have to include every single CS game, TF2, LoL and plenty of other extremely popular but older games.

      But we hear you. Next time we’ll probably add a few more categories like “best DLC” etc. This way we can still include older games with continued support. Thanks for your feedback and I hope this clears things up.

      • kyuubi_clone

        you never stated that to be in the category the game had to be made this year. if that was mentioned – i would never have even brought up BF3. this was simply a chart for BEST MULTIPLAYER experience for 2012. last time i checked, people were still playing BF3 in brand new expansions – released this year! you never said it was for “popular” or GOTY games so regurgitating CS, TF2, LoL etc, was not all that necessary. it was for best multiplayer experience for 2012. and yes, you actually cleared it all up for me.

        • Niosus

          Look, when we picked the nominees internally we talked about this and agreed on just picking games that released in 2012.

          TF2, LoL, Dota2 (which is in beta), etc are just as popular if not more popular than BF3 and receive very frequent content updates, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t nominate if we decided to include BF3.

          Either way there would be people complaining, so that’s why we drew the line where it is. Next time we’ll make sure there’s something for everyone. 🙂

  • SangheiliSpecOp

    Forza 4 and Gears 3.

    Come at me.

  • OrcinusAdamantos

    Alliance Of Valiant Arms

  • betosobreira

    Most of time in 2012 I played MW3, and that game was fun for me, despite of its bugs, deathstreaks, assassin and lag compensation. I enjoyed and played it a lot. Since I’m fan of CoD, I vote for Black Ops 2.

  • Rich

    MP1st, I’ve always respected your opinions have use your feedback as guidance on what I should be looking out for, but what you’ve done here is a complete injustice and it needs to be highlighted. Battlefield 3 Premium should absolutely be a part of this group. Yes, the base game came out in 2011, but Premium made it a new game and, more importantly, a new experience and you know you can’t deny that. Furthermore, BF3 Premium, is by far and away the best multiplayer experience of the year. My vote goes to Premium. Shame on you, MP1st. Right this wrong and restore my faith.

  • Austyn

    BF3 this BF3 that please stop thats all i see when coming to this website, Halo 4 takes the cake

  • NavyChief

    Battlefield 3 should be on the list. Came out in 2011, but still a favorite!

  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    Tribes and halo 4. Planetside 2 has tons of issues

  • As expected CoD………
    Yeah we know that it’s a “good” multiplayer experience. Pick some other one can’t you guys

  • theguyshadows

    I’m with Halo 4 on this one. I love HALO <3

  • roland0811

    I can’t agree on any of the given choices. 2012 was a pretty mediocre year for games, IMO. 2007 was the last year I can think of that was packed full of awesome games. It’s been downhill ever since.