10 Things To Do In GTA Online, New Multiplayer Screens

Grand Theft Auto Online is going to be huge. This October 1, Rockstar is going to offer Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers one of the biggest and most expansive online experiences ever in GTA’s history where you and 15 other buddies will be able to take part in all sorts of shenanigans in the fictional city of Los Santos.

As you can see from the teaser, there certainly won’t be a shortage of things to do in GTA Online. Even character creation will be going more in-depth than ever before.

IGN recently had the chance to go hands-on with GTA online and explored a few of the crazy (and not-so-crazy) things you and your crew can get up to while online. Author Ryan McCaffrey writes, “Based on what I saw, it is everything you’ve always dreamed an online GTA should be. It even has elements of persistence, though it’s definitely not an MMO.”

Here are a few of the activities you’ll be able to partake in:

  1. “Rob a Liquor Store Together…and Then Betray Each Other” – Players will also be able to insure their vehicles in case of theft. After all, it is Grand Theft Auto.
  2. “Race Your Friends…and Hope Your Other Friends Don’t Get in the Way” – Players can drop pins anywhere on the map to initiate a race with others.
  3. “Steal a Frickin’ Plane…and Land it Safely While Your Friends Escort You” – Placers will be able to race in the air just as they can on the ground. Of course, players will be able to tackle missions using a variety of vehicles.
  4. “Full Multiplayer Golf and Tennis” – GTA Online’s not-so-mini mini-games will let players relax with less stressful activities like Gold and Tennis in several of Los Santos’ Tennis courts or its 18-hole Golf course.
  5. “Chill Out at Your House and Spark a Bowl” – However, nothing is more relaxing than hanging out with your pals on your couch in your own apartment watching some in-game TV while getting high off virtual pot.
  6. “The Most Popular Missions Bubble Up” – A mission playlist will be available to players where players can vote on missions to partake in.
  7. “Go to the Movies” – Rockstar is keeping quiet about this feature in particular, but according to IGN, 16 of you will be able to pack a theater in GTA Online.
  8. “ATM…but Not the Gross Version You’d Probably Expect GTA to Make a Joke About” – Like in real life, you don’t want to keep a loaded wallet in your pocket as you walk the streets of cities like Los Santos. You’ll want to stop at the many ATMs located throughout the city to deposit some of that hard earned cash before things go awry. You can also bank from your “iFruit” cell phone.
  9. “Create Your Own Missions” – Rockstar is providing players with a whole set of edititing tools to create their own missions.
  10. “Visit a Strip Club” – Watch girls dance, but don’t touch them while bouncers are looking. Bad things will happen. Rockstar has even included a “make it rain” button…

For the full details, check out IGN’s piece on GTA Online. Now, for some screens!

  • paulinacio

    I cant wait to rob a store/bank with a friend and kill him and take the cash for myself =) I think its also badass that you can actually yell at the clerk at the counter thru the mic to get him to move faster =D

    • Dirtknap

      Some friends and I just made a pledge not to betray each other. Randoms on the other hand….. 😉

      • paulinacio

        I will just pull it of maybe once or twice just to be a d*** =) What else cool is that when you kill someone they will drop there wallet so if a player has a lot of money on him that he hasn’t deposited into the bank he will lose it LMFAO This game is going to be sooo dang fun with friends and I can’t wait

        • Dirtknap

          Rockstar have gotten seriously deep with the immersion and game play mechanics, I laughed out loud at my desk when I read that point. I’m making a habit of gaining attention from my team for laughing for no apparent reason :/

          • paulinacio

            Yep, I’m still blown away just by how much stuff you can do in GTA V/Online with the level of detail and draw distance it has. I honestly think the game looks like Next Gen and it all just seems too good to be true

            • Tyler D

              This always happens at the end of a console cycle. Look at Last of us as well also looks next gen. I hope they learn from this and really do let the PS4 and XB1 get some growing pains before the next consoles come out. Some developers like Rockstar and Naughty Dog can really do some amazing things with what hardware they have. PC fanatics really do not understand how different console hardware is compared to PC because of everything being dedicated to graphics. But really though imagine what they are gonna show us next gen if this is what we are getting current gen.

      • SangheiliSpecOp

        But if you betray all of the randoms you meet then you ruin the chance of them becoming your friends that you wouldn’t betray 😮

        • dieger

          true i wish games (see kane and lynch) like this would have a rating system of course it would get abused like hell -____- *sigh* this is why we can’t have nice things :C

          • SangheiliSpecOp


        • Dirtknap

          Good point, if I meet any cool guys, I’ll have to jump them into my gang/MC 😛

      • Tyler D

        Yeah playing with randoms i feel will definitely be a problem for this multiplayer.

        • Dirtknap

          I think it will be chaotic fun, but it could prove to be difficult to achieve things if it turns into griefer central.

    • HH KiLLaMaNiLLa

      yeah but then he can put out a hit on you lol or anyone who pull that shit then you go to they’re dead body and get your shit back lol gonna be amazing.

      • paulinacio

        lol Yea, I thought about this so I decided to pretend I was headed to the ATM to deposit are money and when we get there I would kill him before he made the deposit =D Deposit my money after and I’m in the clear xD haha I will only do it once because I don’t want to have to worry when he will get his revenge and shoot me the first chance he gets LMFAO

  • Jerry Kehr

    All this needs now is a casino or somewhere to play some poker and blackjack.

    • dieger

      man blackjack was the shiz in Fallout New Vegas i got so many caps XD

  • ReeceGators

    I love “Gold and Tennis”

  • MegaMan3k

    The gamer inside me must be dead because none of those things sound that great.

    Sit around in an apartment and smoke a bowl? Why would somebody want to do that in a video game.

    I don’t get it. I don’t. I don’t understand the unstructured fun aspect of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. I’ve had friends that ignore the story and just use cheat codes and kill civilians for hours and hours with God mode on. I never understood that.

    • paulinacio

      Man.. you are not a true gamer and I feel sorry for you

      • Tyler D

        True gamer. LOL. Please define.

    • dieger

      well the thing is some people like to immerse themselves as much as possible in a game. GTAV seems to be appealing to that crowd but is also appealing to the crowd that likes to hop in a jet and blow up cars to relieve stress or just to have fun.(which in retrospect is kinda sadistic but meh what can you do) i personally love it when fps’s have an option to turn off the hud because it gives me a little bit more believe ability that said world or place i am playing is in real (yeah i stupid but some people like to dream). graphics also play a part in this but i don’t feel like typing a essay 😀

    • Katana67

      Not sure what relevance cheat codes has to multiplayer, as it’s highly unlikely they’ll be included. If you were referencing GTA’s inclusion of them, that’s the prerogative of your friends, as most achievements are disabled when using cheat codes in Rockstar games.

      There’s nothing more or less “gamer” about GTA’s style, it’s just different. It’s not a measure of whether one is in touch with what a game is, or what being a gamer is.

      I personally find it irritating having a game dictate my own type of gameplay. GTA has never done that, it has allowed me to do whatever I wanted. The same type of person who plays DayZ, or any open-world free-form game, would enjoy GTA. It’s not like I’ll smoke a bowl in GTA every day, it’s just a fun little immersion-booster to laugh about with friends.

      What type of gameplay -do- you understand? I was going to counter you by insinuating that you might enjoy linear games, but that seemed disingenuous.

  • dieger

    how R* is making it look so damn good on PS3 and 360 is beyond me

    • Mr. Caca

      the cloud?

      • dieger

        PS3 and 360 do not have cloud yet and may never

        • Tyler D

          They have cloud for saves.

    • paulinacio

      I think Rockstar is going to release some info about “How it Built a Next-Gen World on Current-Gen Tech” Today

  • Alex Zison

    Make it rain button lol

  • QwietStorm

    06.“The Most Popular Missions Bubble Up” – A mission playlist will be available to players where players can vote on missions to partake in.

    Yo dawg, I heard you like missions while you’re on a mission..

  • TI_21

    Is that the Grove Street in the picture with the Littlebird? 😀

  • shobhert118

    3 Things to do in GTAV:

    1) Take out the GTA disc
    2) Put in the Battlefield 4 disc instead
    3) Play BF4 instead and enjoy it infinitely more

    • Asmitty56

      I’m going to love both games. But damn they are two different games, games that are not even in competition with each other. Stop making the BF community look bad.

    • paulinacio

      Why do you feel you need to love one or another?? I’m a huge Battlefield fan but it that will not stop me from enjoying other great games

    • Tyler D

      This will probably happen but only when my PS4 drops. Considering that is like 2 1/2 months away it is more than enough time to enjoy this inevitable masterpiece.

    • FPS_GURU

      I want some of what this dude is smoking.

    • Dirtknap

      I have no doubt that BF4 will be the tits, however I believe this says it best

      “If you see me eating a Snickers, does that mean I have no love for Reese’s?”

      You could broaden your horizons mon frere, after all, there’s a metric butt ton of exciting properties to for us to get our hands in in the near future.

  • Gaming2Ghost

    I would buy this. game if it was going to be on next gen consoles the biggest mistake that rockstar have ever done is not to bring GTA V to next gen and pc

    • paulinacio

      The game looks truly stunning and for me looks like it will have that Next Gen experience except on current gen =) Rockstar has put a massive amount of time into this game to make it all it can be on current gen

      • Gaming2Ghost

        it’s not always about next gen experience it’s about i won’t play the game since I will sell my ps3 then I can’t play it I would like to play I bought for long time I would like to do everything to the end I really like it but it’s time for next gen and I don’t get it why they didn’t work on next gen from the start I hope they. make next gen version

        • paulinacio

          I have no doubt that Next Gen will get a port and I think Rockstar just isn’t going to announce it until possibly sometime next year so it doesn’t effect current gen sells

        • Tyler D

          This is from a article explaining why and makes perfect sense.

          Houser attributes the lessons learned when making GTA IV as a big reason that this game will arrive on current-gen consoles. With the developer having a “firm grasp” on the hardware of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3,Grand Theft Auto V is being touted as a game-changer for the franchise. Houser also explained that current-gen consoles still have some “untapped potential”, which we have seen as developers continue to push the platforms further and further with bigger games and better graphics.

  • Tyler D

    I will definitely try this but it will be a long while as GTA single player looks stunning.

    • paulinacio

      Well, GTA Online will only be available like 2 weeks later so it will give people plenty of time to possibly beat the campaign which I’m glad because it would be hard for me to contain myself from playing GTA Online

      • Tyler D

        I know same here but considering single player will have hundreds of hours of content it will be hard to pull away from that in just 2 weeks. They always show some amazing things in multiplayer but I always seem to be playing single player more than multiplayer just because how good they do on it.

  • Tyler D

    If this is not dedicated servers. Epic fail. GTA 4 was a lag fest for me.

  • FrOsTBiTe

  • RileyWoof

    Make it rain button hmm cheeky cheeky 😀