41 Hilarious Battlefield 3 Voice-Over Lines You Didn’t Know Existed

Almost two years after its launch, it appears that Battlefield 3 still holds a number secrets you never knew existed.

Not too long ago, YouTube personality pointed out an illusive easter egg, hinted at months back by ex-voice-over producer Thomas Danko, that was finally discovered through some in-depth detective work. We recommend you check that out right here.

Digging through more of the game’s audio files, YouTuber TheAustrianToast found some hilarious voice-over lines that appear to have never made it into the final build of the game – 41 of them, to be exact. All of the lines are audio cues shouted out by soldiers which you would have heard through various in-game actions like spotting, had they made it into the game.

Luckily, TheAustrianGamer has compiled them all into this 3-minute video for your viewing and listening pleasure, but beware, the dialogue contains heavy usage of foul language. Just how we like it, right? Still, we’re deeming this one NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

Any favorites?

Thanks, Saradoss TheAustrianGamer, for Tweeting this one our way.

  • dieger

    “im getting fucked up the ass over here” is still one of the best lines in gaming EVER!

    • jaskdavis

      Never gets old!

      • falahcod


    • Joshua Rizk

      Grenade motherfuckerrrr

    • AtheistMason

      I like “You’re not dying on my watch”

    • uwantSAM0A

      “Here fix yourself up with this shit” and this are my two fave Battlefield callouts so far.

  • dieger

    man that “dude i can’t hear shit” should have been in game :/

    • Ryan Hoffman

      yea, it should have activated when the audio cut out on consoles.

  • Connor

    “Oh you smell like bacon” made me laugh a little too hard.

  • wubwub

    this game could have been much better

    • Bandwidth Bandito

      Yeah and the Empire State Building could have been taller, it is what it is, get over it.

      • SangheiliSpecOp

        Wow. It’s that attitude right there that keeps companies from innovating. That’s why every Call of Duty game that comes out is copy and paste with no dedicated servers or fixes.

        The only reason why BF4 has commander mode and spectator mode and all of these other little fixes is because people voice their opinions about it. That’s also the reason why Microsoft didn’t get away with shoving their shitty policies down our throats.

        • Bandwidth Bandito

          Get off your high fucken horse. I was referring to the pointlessness of whinging about what is already done. Sure it’s important to communicate with Dice about what we would like to see. It’s also important to communicate what was wrong with the game, and hopefully what was right. However there is no point in dwelling on this once its clear that we are all moving on (to bf4). Bf3 was a great game imho and sure it had faults but they were of their time . I’d rather look towards bf4 which appears to be addressing some of the perceived short falls of bf3 rather than dwell on might have beens. My glass is half full.

          • SangheiliSpecOp

            In the words of Bad Company 1’s El Presidente: “Harsh, but fair.”

  • Delta8A

    that’s just too fucking much.

  • Katana67

    “Be advised, we’ve got uhh… uhhh… some uhhh… enemy targets, repeat enemy targets in your area over” – Weed smoking US personnel.

    God, why couldn’t they have just gone with succinct radio chatter?

    • T-51B

      I would have loved that…

  • Franko

    “Fu***ng recoil” should be there…

  • ReeceGators

    Be advised… We are in the shit. I repeat: We are IN the shit… OVer

  • ReeceGators

    “We got enemy armor in the ao. Its a big fucker over.” I laughed so hard when I heard that for the first time

  • WarHero

    “Mmh,you smell like bacon,” Seriously DICE you took THAT one out?

    • Nope! It’s still in the game. It’s a little rare, but it happens when you kill someone with the defibs. It’s happened to me about three times. 😀

      • A. Mccormick


      • AtheistMason

        Some audio in the clip will be triggered when you perform a Defib kill. I think few people know that because few people actually kill with defibs 🙂

        • arminvanbuuren

          F U is one of them to

          • AtheistMason

            Yeah. And that “Just die you.. DIEEEE” one

      • WarHero

        I didn’t know that, thanks for the info now I must find Recons in the mountains with my defib ready to go.

    • Asmitty56

      Man, they need to make these less rare. I mean I don’t want to have to go above and beyond just to get some funny VOs. I want to PTFO and get a laugh out of it as well haha.

  • jonchr2

    hope they make some more of these more avaliable in BF4. Some alternatives to “I’m getting fucked in the ass over here”

  • B_Boss

    Oh one of my favs from the beta was “looks like theres a big f#$kin hole in the ground, should be a subway system down there!”….man I hated when that got cut…or the small ‘beep’ audio cue as your match/round began. Both of these were in the beta.

  • EndangeredQuake

    I heard one. The american holding a smaw said “I’ma blow it like it’s your mother!” Cracked me up.

  • SubXero

    Sounds like an ad lib session.

  • Mohammad Nassir

    Enemy bird get the fuck down .. one time I heard that

    • Josh

      i hear that alot actually

  • Arvid

    Guess who i met today in Gothenburg on the street?! @gustavhalling himself. Lead Gameplay [email protected] #Battlefield 4

    • Bengalsfan9595


  • T-51B

    I am still pissed that the RU Medic isnt a maniac anymore like he used to be when the game came out.
    Some of those i dont know why they were taken out…

    EDIT:”Come on you cocksuckers you wanna live forever?”

  • CoDforever

    They copied cod.

    • AtheistMason

      They also copied tuna.

      • oofy

        Both copied flounder.

  • potatolol

    Some of these are in the game.

    • TheChunkyPotato


        this is wierd.

        • TheChunkyPotato

          Holy SHIT

  • Hol_Up

    I remember DICE saying they kept some VOs out. Now I know why.

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      Exactly! XD

  • Styntac

    My favorite word in russian is “HooRah!” 😛

  • Brandon Stern

    Awesome! Can someone do a VO compilation for different actions in multiplayer? Like the ones here on YouTube for Bad Co. 2? Like this one…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2oidwborZY

  • bushwookie117

    why the fuck weren’t these put in game they’re awesome

  • Asmitty56

    Woah I really hate kids. If it were not for under aged kids playing this game would have been so much more hilarious :(. Although I would have likely had a lot of laughter induced deaths in game. Pleaseee put these in BF4.

  • ThePoolshark

    I bet the recording sessions for these voice-overs were hard to finish. I would be able to do one line every 10 minutes because of all the laughing.

  • Ramon Kidd

    All i can think about when i heard this was: Family Guy! Seth needs to hear this, lololol

  • imarri01

    All i can think about when i heard this was: Family Guy! Seth needs to hear this, lololololol

  • Alex Plascencia

    I like the one where you throw a grenade and then you say “I’m gunna tear them a new asshole.”

  • uwantSAM0A

    Someone give me a good reason why “Almost shit my panties” was taken out haha

    Also theyre marines. Most grunts i know talk like sailors. Some of these could’ve definitely be used.

  • Timothy David Medric

    Any idea if PC got more audio than console?

  • BillyHoWCR

    I am not understanding why they can’t translate the words properly? The guy clearly says biatch and they use symbols like they don’t know what he said. And another example when they tell them to get their dicks in the dirt… they type dark? Is it that difficult?

    • haloguy628

      The symbols are Russian alphabet called “azbuka” and it says “bliat” which means slut or wh*re in russian.

      Bitch in Russian is “suka”

      • Craig Crissman

        блядь, does technically mean whore or slut but its used much more frequently as a general exclemation like when we say Fuck!

  • SamRock

    I miss the Angry Medic Voice Over

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  • Jack Marshall

    My favourite that I’ve heard: “I’M GONNA TEAR HIM A NEW ASSHOLE!!!”