5 New Modern Warfare 3 Prestige Levels Coming Soon on PS3 and Xbox 360

Earlier today, we reported on the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 mysteriously receiving five new prestige levels in latest patch.

Now, we have the official word straight from Robert Bowling, aka fourzerotwo, who tweeted, “[we] added 400 new ranks of 5 new Prestige levels in Modern Warfare 3 on PC in latest patch. Expect the same on consoles soon for everyone!” With addition of the new five level, the maximum prestige level is 15; however, emblems for prestige levels 16-20 were found in the game’s files on PC. There is no official word on whether Infinity Ward plans on adding more levels at the moment.

Are you guys excited for the new levels?

  • that is because eventually once everyone wasted enough time staying at 15 or reset there states there gonna release 16-20 just to piss everyone off that got there all over again!

    • Old Eagle

      i have leveled all my secondaries up to 10, i have leveled all the assault rifles to gold. i was planning on doing the same with all the other weapons. now all i want to do is toss the game in the trash. i put a lot of work into it and they now decide to make all my efforts go away? just to prestige? level 10 is where i stay, besides, the “new” emblems are unoriginal and repetitive…anyone for Black Ops?

      • Chang Wong


      • Ljstem

        just dont prestige

      • Cole298

        I was on BO today. Still 300,000+ playing. I guess its up to Treyarch to make stuff thats original. Lost about all faith in IW. What a shame, MW was such a good time.

  • Anonymous

    I guess this is going to be great news for the people who actually care about having a meaningless different icon next to their name. Me, I prestiged once and that was enough. 

    • FYI Some people like to keep prestiging because it’s fun not because of the icon

      • Anonymous

         Although that MAY be true I am going to go with my gut feeling that most people who do max out in prestige only do it for the ugly icons and also to belittle anyone else in the multiplayer lobby who is under them in prestige level/rank. I have seen and heard it many many times.

    • skolwintergreen

      Well to the people that want to have all titles u have to prestige

  • TheChiefZero

    This must be part of the new Elite 2.0 additions. Another awesome addition for the 50 bucks we laid down for Elite.

    • Anonymous


  • Umm…when I get to 10 I am done.  Fuck.  That.  Shit.

  • i will go to level 20

  • IYxYI-ON1

    Lol lotta garbage gon b complainin since they too chicken to let go of their precious guns. Altho some ppl find it challenging and more fun to prestige start over and still kick ass.

    • Anonymous

       What is there to be chicken about? I for one prestiged once just to say that I did it. I am close to having all of my guns gold and there is no way that I am going to go through that all over again. The grind just isn’t worth having a different icon next to my name. Now if there was more incentive such as unlocking a new weapon only achievable by reaching 10th prestige then I would give it a shot. Alas that is not the case here. You only get a new icon. In my book that = No thanks.

  • Jesse

    Wow, I’m not sure whether or not I care about this. I just got to 10th prestige, (lv 49) and I thought I was almost done leveling. Guess not. I would prefer that IW work on other stuff though. Like spawn fixes, nerfs/buffs/ new game modes, and possibly new guns. I really want to use the ak74u again…


      If you wanna use an overpowered gun use pp90!!

    • Yucin

      Agreed, and most importantly solving the cheater problems. There are just more and more cheaters around, ruining the game and destroying every single proper player’s fun! If they still tolerate such behaviou, I think I will just leave the game forever.

  • What will happend to those people, who reset their stats at P10 by prestige-token like me? I´m now again at P2, will my rank set to P13? I asked this Robert Bowling, but I don´t expect an answer – as usual…

    • ps3fuckedintheass

      You will be P2. You reset to zero so your record of ever being P10 has essentially gone by all counts. Why would it send you to P13?

  • Yaouza

    I don’t get it,  Wow gets new levels with each extention or so, and everything is fine,
    Why do you guys feel the need to whine about EVERYTHING ?
    If you don’t like it, then just stop playing, and stop being douches !

    • WOW gets tougher mobs, more content, new skills.  Plus giving mmo players gives older players something new to do.  COD’s prestiges do not unlock anything beneficial to the player, they do not give previously limited content, perks or anything of the like.  Neither does it give people anything  to do because most people play online just because.  I would rather IW or whichever developer fix the issues and make everything ‘tight’ and smooth instead of just handing out more useless content.  Lag is still a bitch, the spawn system sucks, matchmaking isn’t as good as it could be.

      But that’s just me.

      • Anonymous

        I have to agree with you. Although WoW does reward its player base with new skills, more content and tougher mobs you are comparing two different genres of games.

        CoD really doesn’t reward anything in game that is actually useful once you are max level. All you get is a shiny new title/emblem that looks cool for about 2 minutes then you are changing it for something else again…and again…and again.

        As for the lag, spawn system and matchmaking I am with you on those as well as the rest of the world. I was playing CoD last night and this one player kept killing me non-stop (I admit that he was a really good player and totally kicking my ass) so I decided to just leave the game and join a different session. CoD matchmaking decided that it was fine to put me back into the same game that I just left…8 times in a row.

      • ps3fuckedintheass

        All these points are valid, but the additional prestige levels would not have taken very long for them to do, so don’t panic I’m sure their limited resource is working on those spawn fixes. I wish they would hire more people instead of sitting on our millions.

        • Pexsis

           It would not have taken very long for them to do BUT if they were going to add in the new levels they should have done it before the game came out in development. After all that’s what development is for… to find out what to put in the game BEFORE release. Not after its been out for so long or as a band-aid to all the games other problems.

    • Anonymous

       It was a fair and mature comparison. You call people “douches” for expressing their opinion on a forum? Revise your statement and find out who is being the “douche”.

  • Anonymous

    This sucks. I’m 4th prestige and I was planning on resetting everything at 10. Now it will take me twice as long to do this. I don’t want to play MW3 for the rest of my life. Leave it as is or at least poll the players thru their console.

    • Haydan Titus

      It’s not like you have to play the game. If you wanna stop playing, go ahead.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t buy 47 games every year. When I start one I like to finish it. 
        Miss me with that cliche troll response. Regardless of whether I want to or don’t want to play, it still sucks either way.

  • RocketGoal

    The players should be on gold if they reach level 15! Gold I tell ya.

  • Anonymous

    Prestiging just to do it is boring but if there was a special BFG unlocked at the 20th well now ya talkin.

  • ObsceneGreen

    uuugh, laaame, I am 10th, and don’t want more, DAMMIT!

  • Nizcon31

    I’m almost upto 8th prestige and it seemed a lot quicker to get this far than it was on MW2 so it’s no surprise.
    I hope the emblems are different coz 9 & 10 look like crap.

  • Bartvdx1996

    Why should they do this? I don’t get the point

  • Spud_murphy92

    I think this is quite a good addition. But i heard the reason the are adding more prestiges is because the clan ranking system on elite is based on the individual players ranking up aswell…

  • great idea. shame theres not more challenges to go along with it. as for the trolls that complain about lag, i yet to actually get in a laggy game. must be your terrible connections.

    • BBE

      And I thought my 20mb connection was good

  • This is awesome for me, because I’ve hit 10th, reset and I’m about to reset again.. but instead of resetting I can push through some new emblems… freakin’ sweet. I just hope they come out on Console soon before I decide to just reset anyway! 😛 If you guys want to play with me, add me on 360 “RogueShadowfear”

  • Sebhar92

    does aanyone know when this will be released for ps3? if u do add xsiick_miind3d on psn.

  • Gannonbecker

    I’m not sure how i feel about this. It’s kinda cool, but it kinda seems like a cheap, half assed way to make people play more.

    Off topic: I love this game, i dont know why everyone complains about it. But am i the only one who thinks that the higher killstreaks, helicopters especially seem pretty shitty?

  • Whattts

    I just hope these new prestige emblems look different because if its the same emblem the. Why prestige 4 mor time

  • Suavecubano12

    Personally why not? i get something to do… being 10th prestige and not really lvling up bothers me…

    not that i hate it i just feel like im working to something, people that dont prestige are entitled to do so it doesnt matter… why argue about it?

  • FINALLY!!!! i have been at 10th prestige forever now.  it would be cool to add more primary guns, cause iv’e used them all, along with the new prestiges. and a crystal camo or a cool one other than gold.

    so, when can i start prestiging to 11th then?

  • Archangel

    I think its brilliant because im 10th 80 ind im really bored, i still play with my mates but the main objective of the game has gone for me 🙁

  • TheBestAtMw3<3

    ive been 10th for a while and im loosing my grip to this game and the new prestiges would get me back into it 


    I think it sucks for the people who got 10th and reset and im pissed because i think they need toow ork with stuff thats wrong with the game (overpowered pp90, acr, striker) and take out the bullshit lag cominsation (spelt wrong i think) or even make gold titles for new kill streaks! id love the 1000 reaper or osprey gold skull title and last thing take stealth bomber off support if its on there then all killstreaks that can kill should be on there

  • Morgan1409

    I am sick of prestige levels I am at ten 5 more is just a pain in the arse.

  • Bbyrne33

    its stupid to put them out now…. i would be finished all 20 by now… i gotta wait? kinda defeating the purpose.  they obviously want 2 keep our interest, but its still stupid.

  • Aaron

    It’s a ridicules idea to wait till now to add them they should of done it from the start if they do I won’t be playing it anymore this has pi**ed me off big time

  • Maliquehester14

    there coming out with the new maps n 5 new prestiges 4 ps3 n xbox tomorrow yeasssssssssssssssss 

  • Corpsekill304

    I really think they should have fixed the game, instead they lost people who had all the weapons maxed at 10th prestige, that did play everyday. Its time to send IW a message, cancel your Elite an play something else and I bet it won’t take very long for them to fix the problems instead of just adding more useless levels that do not even have decent emblems

  • good heads up to gamers before it took place. once it did take place we found out  they added 10 new prestige levels. 5 active and 5 to be active with live stream later. all 10 of the new levels are part of that patch. within the patch was 10 new prestige levels.

  • Rob-megan

    when are new prestige’s out for ps3

  • mike helman

    i think should make different eleblems for the next five pestiges cause the roman thing man it aint gonna be worth it for the players people have said its a waste should of made them decent so i would like the next pestiages to have a different emblems

  • Gibonater69

    im looking forward to more prestige levels, but what i would like is the lag compensation to go away. if someone has a shit internet connection it should the individual players problem not everyone else!

  • bob

    great just got to prestige level 15 now there going to up it another 5

  • BrunoLilB–

    Im on 15th, if the new prestiges became updated, ill do them 😀