A Behind-the-Scenes Look at God of War: Ascension Multiplayer, Unchained – The Desert of Lost Souls Part 1,

Get a behind look scene at how the guys over at Santa Monica have been developing the multiplayer for God of War: Ascension, an idea that has been in the making for over two years.

We also get a chance to become much more intimate with the mighty “Megaclops.”

  • It’s amazing to see this running on PS3 … can anyone imagine how does GoW4 would look like on PS4!!!

  • Alkanida

    One thing is for sure and it will always be like this:
    God of War will be bought because of Single Player.
    MP is just a bonus for me.
    But i fucking love it how they brought SP Elements to the MP.
    Santa Monica needs to do a FPS with this engine.

    It would blow BF3 into pieces