[Update] A Better Look at the Black Ops 2 Poster Boy, More Intel Teases Mysterious Character

Update: Yesterday’s image has been revealed, clearly confirming the return, or at least an appearance, of one of the original Black Ops’ lead characters, Sgt. Frank Woods. The tattoos on his arm are a dead giveaway.

Original Story: At last, we’ve managed to get a good look at the blurred poster boy that we’ve seen on many of the leaked Black Ops 2 promotional posters while yet another piece of Black Ops 2 intel hits the web.

Our friend, MrRoflWaffles, has recently sent in this picture, originally from KingJamesBallin, giving us a very clear shot of the poster boy found on many pieces of Black Ops 2’s promotional material:

Some very interesting things to note:

  • The Oakley military gloves he is wearing strongly suggest a contemporary setting for Black Ops 2.
  • The protection on his forearms isn’t your every-day, standard military armor either. Again, this suggests an either contemporary or futuristic setting.
  • The weapon he is holding, which we have yet to learn the name of yet, also looks rather high-tech with many attachment rails.

If you haven’t yet, check out yesterday’s Black Ops 2 voice actor tease and image reveal

On to what the official Call of Duty website has for us today. We’re only a day away from the official May 1st reveal of Black Ops 2 but Treyarch has not finished having their fun yet. Another image teases us with a shot of a character’s arm who seems to be somewhat aged, also given away by the medals of distinction hung on the wall in front of him. Could it be a returning character from the original Black Ops?

Again, thanks, MrRoflWaffles, for the image and insight.

Contributions by Fahed Jaradat.

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  • My guess is that its set in like 10-20 years in the future so like 2030 and the main character is somehow related to Woods, Mason or Rezanov, and its some sort of story of revenge I can imagine the character getting the same flashbacks as Mason

  • I think it will take place in the future because his armor looks very futuristic too. How did you get that poster and where?

  • Boobs


    • Cyborg6971


  • It could be Mason’s son or the son of Mason’s son and his Dad was killed by Russians that actually tried to kill Mason Kravchenko[may be his son of the sons, son] if that was it that would a MUST buy for me!! 

    • KillerSparrowThing

      Kill Bill much?

    • Jose

       I think is Jason Hudson ..look at his watch position, inverted and left handed

  • RabidTurtle

    I don’t know, gun looks rather similar to a m1911 with some kind of rail underneath. Image isn’t an exact match, but there are quite a few similarities.

    At best, maybe retro-future m1911 knock off?

  • New Clue

    • I look at the picture at the website and I don’t know what the hell is that. Is that a room with a painting?

  • added a bit of colour

    • Clown13

       Looks like a cutscene to me.

  • Happyfax

    I have a feeling it’s gonna be a future setting but a kind of a mad max future, so not very high tech more of a gritty future. Maybe some elements of MAG for the environments.

  • bryant

    the new clue on the call of duty website looks to be a handcuffed hand in a strange living room setting

    • Jose

       It´s not handcuffed, is the watch strap (inverted) just like Jason Hudson on NUMBERS mission in BO

      • Bryant

        Oh I see it now. I think your right. These clues are just confusing me more and more. I don’t know if this indicates a BO1 time frame, and modern time frame or a 10-15 year from now time frame. The poster also indicates some modernized soldier armor

  • Gameguy21

    we are gonna play blues clues, because its really fun!

  • Macrox25

    I was the one that cleared up that image. My original file name is in there from my upload. But i dont care. Here is what i got so far as to speculation. The man is Mason, Hudson or Weaver in the time period between BO1 and BO2 in a flashback scene. They have been captured by the FBI/CIA after they had been labeled an enemy of the state because of treason(check the wiki for that). Here one or all of them is briefed on a mission there forced to do. The hand looks old and the office looks military. This might be then connected to the main plot of BO2 with a new main character.

    • tellmeadeshina

      I do wonder to if it is Mason, in similar circumstances to how we saw him in BO1 in the chair.

      The piece under the picture/photo frame or whatever it is is key to the location I believe, but I can’t figure out where or what it is, it is on the tip of my tongue sadly 🙁

      • randomguy

        You mean the folded flag that they give when someone is KIA?

        • Macrox25

          You sir are a genius

  • Nfsna89

    This might be zombies too and/or campaign.It definitely is not for the MP.

    • tellmeadeshina

      Multiplayer doesn’t get shown off until later. Campaign is revealed first.

  • retired cod player

    why u all exited u are bunch of retards wasting money on the same game the only thing that change is the names of the perks,,,,TIME TO MOVE ON

    • Felipe_lopes

      the retard is no one but you that stopped playing this amazing game that brings a lot of new stuff like maps,story,abilities and weapons.So if you’re as stupid to the point of stoping playing it that’s your problem

      • J_mckay93

        guys the game isnt even  officially announced yet lets wait and see first before saying its going to be good or be another mw3

      • rofl

        lol no

      • Nope

        While I agree he’s a retard, don’t try that. COD doesn’t change much each year, and if you can’t see that, you’re a fanboy.

    • WasabeJuice

       @23664ad5d0ad813074a8768eeeb381a5:disqus  I really don’t understand you douche bags. If you do not like the game, why do you dumb asses keep on reading anything about the game and even take time to make a comment. In the future, when you see anything about COD, just say to yourself, I don’t like that game and so I will ignore it. It will be better if you leave COD alone and do something useful instead.

      • Kbruce1010

        I think the same thing all the time, apparently they were thinking about the game enough to search it, and they know before its over there going to buy it anyway, most ppl atleast

      • KillerSparrowThing

        They are probably the same people who use hacks on mp games and ruin it for everyone. Why  must we feed the trolls?

    • Kingj17

      Why the fuck you got to talk shit if you don’t like it that’s fine but that’s your stupid ass.

    • watch the trailer.

    • Miguelgranados88

      Your a retard for not knowing how to spell excited

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  • EasterEgg

    this has got to be a living room check the medals on that table!

  • Benzawah

    @23664ad5d0ad813074a8768eeeb381a5:disqus because we are not you, and we still have fun playing the game. why are you reading this article if you moved on?

  • I already know this game’s gonna fuck up somehow. I just want to hear that they’re using a new engine and then I’ll actually consider buying it. Till then, BF3!

    • Nick Denton

       why would they create a new engine now for one year when they should create a new engine for the next gen consoles instead? I’d prefer that cash to go into a better one for the PS4/Xbox720 – waste of money really….. Thats why Im fine if BO2 is on the same engine as present

      • KillerSparrowThing

        I didn’t mean to like your post… you got one for free =P

        I’d rather not see new consoles. With all the rumors, hopefully not true, they seem like they are aiming to screw the consumer.

        COD could use a graphical update, let the computers get a new shiny engine and let the consoles have a scaled down version.

      • Lol

        This is not quite true. A new engine for the next gen would still be able to produce current gen games. Once the next gen arrives there will be games out on both gens for many months to come, so a new engine isn’t going to be a waste needing an overhaul next year for the next gen.

    • Ugh. Another one of you graphics whores.

  • now i’m getting pretty excited.  Idk how many more COD games I can take but a futuristic setting should be pretty awesome

  • ok activision pick one future or past future or past!!?? first you give us the quad and it seems like its gonna be in the future now you give us this

    that is soo a past thing from a old comic book like on the moon level loading screen!

  • Jaskdavis

    Hmmmm, looks interesting. I will play the Campaign and Zombies (if there is) but NO MULTIPLAYER, just i’m 23 now and I prefer the more “Realistic” gameplay vs fast Paced Run and Gun as I did when I was 18 playing MW, starting to Love the BF games and there Community (older group) But I will always love COD as well! 🙂

  • EschelonX

    The gun on the Poster looks like a FNP-45 made by FN Herstal. It is a brand new handgun.

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  • Ngageby

    No matter what Tue game is we all need Oakley gloves. It’s mt about the game play its the fashion. If you don’t like the series find another location to be a jerk.

  • ApuKerpal

    Looks like a Five-seveN pistol to me.

  • Bhair

    Dedicated servers or nothing

  • Looks like there going Steam Punk????

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  • It could be a flashback when Woods,Bowman, and Mason were in Cuba an had to got kill Castro. (This picture could be in the beginning of the level right before Mason is stabbed in the hand by a Cuban soldier. 

  • Benjamin Trost5

    Its a decked out 1911,with a rails and a barrel compensatotor thats all it is guys.

    • Skrying

       Yeah Treyarch seems to like the 1911 quite a bit, That’s what I would guess as well.

  • Lol

    The new site is live in the uk, confirms date and 21st century cold war, takes place in LA

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  • Matthew McLeod

    I think that’s Hudson from Black ops in the poster, but that’s just me.

  • blitz1904

    This is clearly Snake.

  • multikasumoto

    is wood stupid people in the arm theres is the tattos of wood

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  • Nikkijayye22

    Main character is between alex and david mason plus the man in the photo is retired seargent frank woods and the posterboy is david

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  • kdoggg

    I agree with the other guy that said its a modded 1911 style pistol. I was trying to figure out if it was an HK ??? But after I seen his post I looked again and it looks more like a Springfield trp operator or something similar. I was even comparing it to my usp45 to try and find any similarity. Only thing I found was the proprietary rail is on both. Looks like there’s the adapter for picatanny on the poster.

  • kdoggg

    It is a modded 1911. Called the B23R. I looked it up.