[Updated] A List of Unannounced PS3 Battlefield 3 Patch Notes

Missed out on all the Battlefield 3 PS3 patch details? No problem! You can catch up on all the latest news right here. As many PlayStation 3 users may have already noticed, a number of features made it into the patch that weren’t officially announced in the recent patch notes provided by DICE. Thanks to a number of good folks, we’ve been able to compile a list of these “hidden” features in one convenient place.

We’d like to thank Reddit user “2wheels” and all who commented on his thread. Of course, we’d also like to thank all of our Twitter and Facebook followers who really helped us out big time today. Big thank you to all of our readers and commenters who’ve helped us compile this list!

Again, these notes will not include what was already mentioned in the official patch notes. Without further adieu and in no particular order:


  • Current map and Next Map is revealed in Server Information screen as a “Play” icon and “Fast Forward”
  • RPK now has extended mags
  • The QBB-95 gets an extra heavy barrel unlock at 300 kills
  • The Extended mag was removed from the MG-36, but replaced with a free heavy barrel
  • Items like the 12x scope for the Famas or the suppressor for the MK3A1 Jackhammer are removed
  • CITV station now gives off a red beam much like the soflam beam

Graphical Tweaks:

  • No blind colour mode, but all the icons seem to be much easier to see
  • Possible slight camera and animation changes: Heli’s and jets seem to explode and break up a lot more smoothly
  • More saturation
  • Less blue tint
  • Easier to see icons

Audio Tweaks:

  • Can hear footsteps, reloading as well as voiceovers much more clearly

User Interface Tweaks:

  • Minimap has more focus on team function icons (heal, repair, flags)
  • Icons for vehicles on spawn screen
  • Easier to see what spawn point is selected on map when selecting spawn
  • Other squad leader objectives are marked on flags

Movement Tweaks:

  • Much better responsiveness (Even better with AA turned off)
  • Noticeably faster repositioning from prone to standing or crouching position
  • No more “supercrawl” or “superworm”

Vehicle Tweaks:

  • Moved AA on Kharg (US on carrier, Russian at air strip)
  • Faster vehicle spawn (Mainly air vehicles)
  • Attack helicopter on non-B2K maps respawn in 30 seconds instead of 80 seconds
  • You can fly through poles from half way and up
  • Can spawn into AA guns
  • Jets guided missiles can take out a tank and nearby infantry in 2-3 hits
  • Below Radar has been buffed
  • Stinger takes about 2 or less seconds to lock onto and fire, missiles seem to move slightly faster, 1 hit disable
  • Havoc is noticeably easier to control
  • All air vehicles now start with flares as a minimum
  • Scout heli on Sharqi Rush added for attackers
  • Jeep horns have been added
  • Ground vehicles can be locked onto even when no person was or is in it
  • Jets have reduced bullet damage
  • Multiple players spawning into same jet/heli seems better
  • Air radar is reduced in effectivity, only jets and helicopters are visible and if one uses ECM jammer or below radar, they’ll be invisible on the air radar
  • CITV station now gives off a red beam much like the soflam beam

Equipment and Attachment Tweaks:

  • Laser marker or maybe guided missile range seems to have been increased
  • Red laser designator can be seen from tanks and heli’s as well as SOFLAM’s now
  • Tactical light nerf
  • Greater recoil when suppressed
  • RPK now has extended mags
  • The QBB-95 gets an extra heavy barrel unlock at 300 kills
  • The Extended mag was removed from the MG-36, but replaced with a free heavy barrel
  • Items like the 12x scope for the Famas or the suppressor for the MK3A1 Jackhammer are removed

Squad Tweaks:

  • Can change squad without leaving the current squad.
  • Visible squads now only at 3: Can create new squads
  • There is a much longer period in which you can be revived

Ribbons and Medal Tweaks:

  • Nemesis medal reduced to 30 ribbons
  • Suppression reduced from 7 to 4
  • MCOM Attacker reduced from 3 to 2
  • MCOM Defender reduced from 4 to 2
  • Anti-Explosive increased from 2 to 3
  • Air Warfare reduced from 6 to 5

Match and Map Tweaks:

  • Can now quit between rounds
  • Shorter game start countdown
  • No minimum player count: Players can move around right away, points begin to count after 8 players join
  • Match Making option in multi player, seems to be for esport/organized scrims on custom servers
  • Current map and Next Map is revealed in Server Information screen as a “Play” icon and “Fast Forward”
  • Separate customizations for US and RU
  • 5-flag Wake Island: Conquest Assault
  • Added ladder to Sharqi TV tower
  • On Grand Bazaar Rush, the attackers get a tank after the first set of objectives, instead of the second
  • Changed the out-of-bounds: Noshar Canals

Server Tweaks:

Other Tweaks:

  • Additional Dogtags have been added (A-91 and M26 dog tags. As well as a tag for the game ‘Syndicate’)
  • US Assault/Medic’s arms are now darker-skinned to reflect character model
  • Shortcut bundles added (read here for more details)


Of course, feel free to add, correct, confirm or deny any of these unannounced PS3 patch notes in the comments below! We will update accordingly.

Sources: CommentsTwitter, FacebookReddit

  • Mark Schuh

    My only issue with this game, is that they only have 10/13 conquest maps available to play instead of all 13, and my hand gun stat stars are missing but still on my battlelog webpage. other than that the patch is fine. 

    •  I think DICE had already said that they are still introducing new servers currently.

    • seccretasianMAN

      The other ones are Conquest Assault. They probably aren’t showing up in the server browser because you haven’t selected them as an option in your settings.

      • Dkdusty

         Yup CQ Assault have its own option in the server browser  now.

  • ” Can now quit between rounds.” – Awesomeness.

    “No minimum player count: Players can move around right away, points begin to count after 8 players join.” – Can’t wait for this to come to Xbox 360.  So many times I enter a server with few players and you have to just sit and wait.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could run around and play until we get enough players.  The server is there.  It’s not being used for anything else.  Let us play on it.  This is greatness.  I think.  I’ll have to see it in action though.

    • LOL as soon as I read that I turned on my PS3 to try it hahaha

      • Mark Rigney

        Same, this is brilliant.

    • Akira2020

      Not only can you run around and learn the map during the “Waiting for 6 players,” but you can also fight each other and practice using the vehciles.  You don’t get any points during this time, but fuck it.  It’s a great way to practice with the vehicles and fight with your friends without paying those ridiculous Private Server Fees.


  • Fredrik Jackson

    Does anyone know what does new star things are, on Conquest? When you have captured a flag, there’s a star with x1 or x2 or something next to it, just above the flag icon.

    • Yeahman

      Only squad leaders can see this and the number represents the amount of squads assigned to that point. Make sense?

      • Fredrik Jackson

        Yes, thank you 🙂

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    its the L1 button and it doesnt work something itll work and sometimes it loads and then again something doesnt work at all….. only got into 2 games where is worked effectively

    • ostrichbean

      I tried horns but mine didn’t work. I don’t know what’s up

      •  I heard it was the R1 button.  Try that.

    • rofl


    • Bob

      in this whole 1gig patch with all those changes, all you care about are stupid horns….u have to be kidding me….i mean, really?!?!?!?!?

      • acnik

        Horn to the Jeep is the most awesome thing ever to be implanted in bf3. i had it in the 1942, and i LOVED IT!!
        I havent found it in the console version, but i am jealus at the pc’gamers that have the horn,

  • Gangstaaaron7

    Man Rush mode Grand Bazzar getting tank after 1st objectives is total BS! Ruining a great map. Should have took the tank out!

    • Ryan

      just place landmines right away so when the tank moves a few feet after objectives are taken, it explodes.  rinse and repeat 

  • Current map and Next Map is revealed in Server Information screen as a “Play” icon and “Fast Forward” Icon seen here:



      Thank you.

  • Here’s a few tweaks that wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes.  This is probably a glitch though.  The RPK LMG has the extended magazine attachment now and it increases its ammo per a mag from 45 to 200.  The QBB-95 gets an extra heavy barrel unlock at 300 kills.  The Extended mag was removed from the MG-36, but replaced with a free heavy barrel.  Items like the 12x scope for the Famas or the suppressor for the MK3A1 Jackhammer are removed.

    • Xander_B312

      Oh god what an RPK with 200 rounds?

      Those other things just seem odd as well.

    • Casavult

      I miss the Extended Magazine for the MG36. 🙁

    • Bob

      extended mags for mg36 unlocks at 300 kills now…qbb heavy barrel at 300kills

    • Battlefield=Slagmark

      howard do you get the drum mag on the RPK becuase that would be sweet 😉

    • Tludt888

      If there’s an extended mag for the RPK, does the M27 IAR have one? Seems only fair. 

  • Łukasz Palka

    I’m PC user, but I’m curious about horns, so let me ask you – are horns audible by other players? In BF:BC2 no other player can hear your horn.

    • Jackal131

      Yes they are, but i guess there is still a bug, cuz some people don’t seem to hear them.

    • Bob

      yea, you can hear horns pretty loud…i never use them though, cause enemy can hear you, know where u are and kill you while u’re honking….DICE made improvements to the sound, footsteps and other sounds are much better now, crisper and lowder…i play with PX5 headphones…

    • BFBC2 Fan

      You could hear other’s horns in bfbc2 so what are you talking about?

  • Xander_B312

    Can anybody report a change to the Russian Support class? Because 3rd person he has his sleeves rolled up, 1st person you can see them around his wrists and you just look the same as Russian Assault, so has this been changed? It’s always kinda bugged me.

  • Artdafoo

    Apparantly nerfing all guns EXCEPT the effin USAS frag round combo is what is considered a well balanced game in Sweden, cuz it kept pumping fools full of bullets with my M249 and all tge noobs with USAS where mowing people down with 3 shots. Thank you DICE !, you hacks.

    • Dkdusty

       Maybe try other weapons and attachments then?!!! Of course most weapons will act a little different now with the same attachments, so you might want to try other attachments! Oh and the M249 got a little nerf in some area’s. But some weapons will perform just as good as before the patch with the same attachments, I tried it out with some of my preferred weapons. (G53,QBB-95) I  still rock with these to weapons with same attachments. I just needed to adapt to the new recoil/spread/damage tweaks, not that it has changed a hole lot with these two weapons…

    • Bob

      thats not true dude, i played for 4hrs yesterday, and USAS with frags sucks big time, only a handful of people played with them, and they sucked, they couldnt hit anything…not only splash damage is decreased, but fire rate and accuracy decreased as well, and crap load of recoil is added to usas… i got killed with usas-frags like 2 times on op-metro in 4hrs of play time…usas is a none issue now…

  • quitting out between matches – JIZZ IN MY PANTS

    all air vehicles have flares by default – Ya this should have been the change they made instead of making all aircraft 2 hit disables for stingers/iglas in that last patch. I was thinking of this months ago. It makes WAY more sense.

    I really don’t think suppression needs to be any stronger than it has been. It’s already really easy to get fully suppressed and you can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Honestly suppression doesn’t need to be in the game AT ALL. I thought it was ok when I first heard about it and thought it only obscured your vision. But then I found out it actually makes you less accurate? That’s bs. Just more “shoot first, aim later” crap like the mega heavy damage view kick in CoD.

    • Equip squad cover….

    • Tludt888

      Nooooooooo effing way. Suppression is insanely ineffective, it needs to be either more consistent or buffed. Sniper rifles suppress more than LMG’s as it stands now, which is absurd. 

      I’ve emptied entire magazines at people (Assault Rifle and LMG), with the intent of suppressing them for my team. Low and behold, I get headshot by the guy I just suppressed the piss out of. Happens entirely too often, mostly with snipers using idiotic setups (i.e. Straight Pull bolt).

      Absolutely not, suppression needs some love.

  • Can spawn into AA guns. And stingers with 2 second lock on!….all is good now…all is good….(I hope this stays confirmed)

    • Bob

      yep, definitely confirmed, did it bunch of times yesterday….you can spawn into any AA stationary gun like the C-RAM and start firing at spawn trapping choppers or jets…so that would eliminate spawn trapping by aircraft…and stingers and igla take around 2 seconds to lock on, 1 hit disables it, but the max distance is decreased, and also if the chopper is too close to you, you cant lock on also, there is a minimum lock-on distance as well…

      • Tludt888

        Good! There’s no reason, balance or other wise, why one man on the ground should be able to take out an AH-1Z. The AH-1Z is a two-seater, thus, it should require more than one person to take it out…

        I’m glad they didn’t just nerf Stingers/IGLAs, but changed the way they behave and put them into a more reasonable role. 

  • On a totally unrelated note. If the text in this webpage is blurry and it’s like that in other places. If you’re using an LCD screen. (windows xp – 7) You need to turn on cleartype. Here is the link for windows xp.


  • Cyborg6971

     Finally got some good hours in last night. And I have to say it plays totally different than prepatch. It took me a good three full matches to adjust to and get back to normal. Everything felt off. The little things make all the difference, once your used to it.

    I was getting mowed down by the f2000, which I saw a lot of peeps using last night. The m27 IAR felt grossly inept. I would put a half clip in someone’s back, only to have them turn around and head shoot me. That’s another thing I noticed I was getting head shot a ton last night. The AS VALwas beastly, however I thought that it was suppose to get extended mags. I have one unlock to go on the gun so maybe that’s it. Because I didn’t see it last night. 21 rounds is pretty small. The usas was around but I felt it was less of a issue than before. And as far as the mav goes, I saw a total of two in the three hours playing SWEET. The m320 (Which I use a lot) was still getting kills, and I was still getting killed by it, seemed perfect.

    Jets lock on is almost instant now, and the guns felt like jello, but I guess that was the point. The flying and overall control of everything felt more smooth, and I didn’t turn off the AA.

    All in all this is a beast of a patch. Once the learning curve is, well learned you will enjoy the game much more than before.

    • True

      It’s a completely different game. No more beast mode. I’m in between a lone wolf and a team player. I always play as a medic and revive everyone around me even at my own risk but I like to go out one my own and rack up kills to the point where Ive fell pretty bad ass lately. I can tell u those days r gone. Its really hard to kill multiple people together because it take twice the bullets and if they shoot back the suppression effect makes it impossible to see anything. I guess they r trying to force more team work witch is a double edged sword. The one thing I will say is the the controls r soo much better and the vehicles r amazing to control as well but they r much weaker as a drawback. I give it mixed reviews since shooting people is a mess now

      • Bf3_beats_COD

         call of dooky is for lone wolves man

  • fiqst

    There is a significant decrease in the game starting time in Squad Rush.
    Once the map loads, you can spawn and run straight away, there is no timer it seems. You don’t even have time to choose your class.

  • fiqst

    ASVAL with extended mags = the new OP gun
    flash suppressor = the new OP attachment
    IRNV = the returned OP scope


      OMG, STFU!! 


      OP THIS, OP THAT! 


    • Cyborg6971

      The ASVAL was always a beast even with 21 rounds. I’ll be sure to use this because of the overpowered nature, of it just to piss tool off. Opps. Looks like someone is already shedding mad tears about it already.

      I hated the distance of the usas but not the frag rounds themself. If you can’t deal with an OP’d gun, then you should start playing a different genre.

      • Yellow Ninja

        The AS VAL before the patch was more powerful. It simply handled better than it does now… the initial recoil now is much more noticeable. It kicks like a mule! As for the extended mags, I haven’t unlocked them yet so I can’t comment on whether this attachment makes it OP.

        All the whiners need to quit though, chances are if you keep getting killed by a certain weapon, you need to counter it with a different weapon or approach… some people just don’t understand!

        Oh and also, I’m definitely diggin’ the fact that there is now a Little Bird on Sharqi Peninsula. It was a bit boring that map on Rush mode before!

    • Bob

      u’re full of shit man…I played for 4hrs yesterday, seen only 2 people running VAL, its not OP, its accuracy and recoil sucks cause of high fire rate and with the new patch it has even more kick now, it has no grip attachment to compensate and its good for short range, at medium its so-so, and at long its useless, almost no one with flash attachment, and not a single person with IRNV, i tried it myself yesterday on scene crossing, and u cant see anything if theres smoke and theres distance limit, i’d say its only good for short range, its not OP at all…people are still running silencers with red dots and grips or bi-pods….

  • RNP_Ghost

    Below Radar has been buffed” can any PS3 players please explain this in more detail? Has it raised the max height at which Below Radar is effective? Or is it just that Below Radar now affects Stinger/IGLA, as mentioned in the patch list?

    • Xander_B312

      I think it’s just because it impacts the Stinger/IGLA and you can no longer be tracked by Air Radar.

    • Bob

      they didnt raise the hight, its just works now. as soon as you drop low to the ground all your lock ons with guided missiles disappear…but if you are low and not moving fast enough, you can be shot by tanks, APCs or just RPGs, and 1 hit with unguided shell destroys the aircraft…

    • Tludt888

       I’m glad they made it affect the Air Radar. Finally, a somewhat reliable way of breaking the Air Radar vs. Air Radar death spiral stalemates…

      Hit the deck and boost outta’ there like Will Smith!

  • Xander_B312

    PC Patch tomorrow you lucky guys!


  • Cyborg6971

    I notice that one of my pistols was locked, the mp 344 I think. Was that apart of the gamestop preorder? I’ve had every gun unlocked for awhile now. Does anyone else have a weapon that was locked after the patch?

    • Xander_B312

      The MP344 is the base Russian starter pistol, as the M9 is for the American side.

      For some bizarre reason though, as a US soldier the base MP344 always remains locked; only the tactical and suppressor versions could be unlocked for use by the American side. I thought they would have fixed this in the patch though.

      • Cyborg6971

         That’s strange I never noticed it prepatch. Thanks for letting me know.

        • Xander_B312

          That’s cool.  Also, yes, it’s the MP443 before anybody jumps us for that. I knew those numbers were the wrong way round.

      • Michael Kelley

        To unlock it for the other side, get the first service star for it.  Works for both the naked 443 and the naked M9

  • Tludt888

    What about reduced/eliminated green flashing and audio cut-outs? 

    • Bob

      no more audio cut outs, and i didnt see any green flashing…in fact audio is better now, u can hear footsteps, reloads and movement better…

      • Tludt888

         Soliiiid. Was really starting to get annoyed at the audio cut outs messing with my ECM/Flare timing.

        Just flying normally, minding my own business, then all of a sudden… BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! No warning, no lock on, no nothin’… all because of the audio bug.

    • Cyborg6971

       The sound still cuts out for me. However its not for nearly as long or as frequent.

  • Casavult

    The MAV glitch still works, I just did it on Caspian Border. It’s not as easy as before but with a bit of player positioning tweaking, it can still be done.

  • Ketchupzz
    • Cyborg6971

       I’m assuming that is just for pc. Right?

  • Destro197725

    The mortar map is different as well.  I am surprised that this hasn’t been mentioned by anyone, and it makes me wonder if its just a problem with me.  But the new map for when you use mortars is very small with no detail, so it’s almost impossible to aim them properly.  Also, you can’t use them from your spawn point, but because of the size of certain maps like market square, you can’t use it at all. It won’t turn green and et itself on the ground.

    • They made it so mortars can only be used in an area where one can be killed so they can avoid people using mortars in the spawns and nobody being able to kill them.

    • Cyborg6971

       This is a good thing. And it was in the patch notes.

      • Destro197725

        It’s not a good thing, you can’t use it accurately.  And as for being able to use it in the spawn area and not get killed,  that’s what the other teams mortar is for.  I use it more to get rid of them than anything else, as its not that accurate anyway.  Now its useless.  If your going to nerf something that much, just say we made a a mistake and take it out of the game completely.  Maybe give us something else.  Now I have a useless slot for a weapon.

        • Cyborg6971

           You must be doing something wrong. Cause it works fine for me, pre and post patch.

        • Mr.ASDF

          good .. mortars for pussies .. man up and swap the mortar for claymores or C4’s 

          • Info

            The mortar is for team play. If it was for pussies they wouldn’t give you a medal at 300 kills.

          • Cyborg6971

            Info you make no sense. Why do you think they changed it? I’ll tell you why,cause its bush league. In the same division as mav’s. That’s how non skilled players padded their stats.

            And anyone throwing temper tantrums about it are the same unskilled noobs using this bush league crutch.

        • BlackTizzle

           Info. That makes no sense but saying switch it for calymores/ lol claymores are also for pus*ies you either A plant them for a cheap no skill kill  or b you plant them for the same kill while your power camping a building entrance.

  • Own u in BF3, Twat!

    Movement more responsive A+++++++, Can hear footsteps ABOOOOT FING TIME A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  • Sick !

    A-91 dog tags woo !!!! I’ve been using the gun since day one regardless of tags because I loved it, but now I can be proud of my SON!…I mean gun >.>

  • pure ownage

    The patch is awesome, but one thing on my mind is since tanks are noticeably weaker why did they slow the speed of the repair tool?  You are now a sitting duck against infantry and helicopters.  Maybe it’s supposed to encourage teamwork, but it doesn’t seem balanced to me.  If tanks are weaker they should have at least kept the same speed.

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  • So is that thing about the 1000 Spawn Ticket Thing actually REAL??? Cause I would love a game mode with 1000 spawn tickets!!!!! CASPIAN BORDER ON PS3 THAT WOULD BE INTENSE !!!!  CAN ANYONE CONFIRM THIS ???? PLEASE ??

    • B_Boss

       Hey Jesse, its true. In fact, I play on Op Metro with at least 1500 tickets. The Private Server Setups are absolute insanity lol. One server even has a “Metro 24/7” with 1000+ Tickets lol.

  • Rozzy

    Re-deployment time after death has been extended to 5 seconds instead of 3.

  • Robenter

    Thank you for this.

  • buttt

    some of this stuff was announced

  • moose




    dont make me tweet again

  • Outlawz

    My gun keeps switching to the original setup. If I click on a different gun and try to customize the attachments for that gun it will automatically switch to the original gun I had.   :/ 

    • Cyborg6971

      Yeah everyone on my squad has that issue as well. It seemed to me that if you get it set up and press x it’ll keep. I’ll try it later and see.

      • wiseEnt420

        I’ve managed to somewhat fix this for myself. Basically, you need to select your weapon without going into the customisation screen for it, go back to the spawn page, go back into the weapon customisation and change your attatchments. It’s kind of a pain in the ass, but this is a huge patch and it wasn’t going to come without hiccups.

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  • SuchSimplicity

    I noticed there are new audio bits. For example, if you’re in a tank, in first person view, and you get hit by a rocket, you’ll hear what sounds like metal bending and tearing. Thought that was pretty neat, and it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes.

  • Icebergslim557

    Scout helicopters main guns have definitely been weakened. It seems like they are the way they were when the game first came out. Before you could pretty much touch someone with the bullets and they die, now it takes a little longer.

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    True story bro 🙂

  • Brandonnash

    The rate to which you can gather ammo is decreased also.

  • Jtr165

    didn’t see it mentioned, but squad leaders can no longer kick players out of their squad…Now all players are given a mute player option instead…

  • Tweek

    interesting did not see here RUINED FOREGRIP in the notes

  • I’m surprised no one mentioned this, but smoke trails from Jets’ and Helis’ unguided rockets is different now. It’s now a much thinner and more transparent trail, which I personally like a lot. There was way too much smoke from the rockets before.

  • Tj_15

    With the nemesis medal being changed from 50 to 30 ribbons, will we get the extra 10,000 points given to us if we get an extra medal thanks to this change? 

    • wiseEnt420

      Oh shit, I didn’t think about that. I have like 4 Nemesis medals. That means I should now have 6! that’s 20k pts right there 😮

  • PartyOnINSANE

    Javelin missiles now come back down onto player if pointed straight up to perform an artificial “Launch and Drop” attack as if it was artificially laser designated

  • Jesse J. Raimondi

    They fixed the Mav glitch where you can’t ride it standing. However you can still prone to get up anywhere lol

  • Austin

    One thing that I noticed is that the 44.Scoped has no dogtag. :/ this is really annoying because i used it until I had 3 service stars with it before switching back to the regular 44. Which I don’t like as much but it has a dogtag. Hope Dice does something about this.

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  • Davey

    A few on the list were in patch notes.  As an example the jeep horns was listed.  

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  • Mute Option for individual players in Menu/Scoreboard while In-game, removed “Kick” squad member  option, L96 Flash Supressor removed, Friendly Jet/Chopper doesn’t show up on Air Radar.

  • Tim

    Helicopters have been slowed considerably.