Activision Comments on Bringing An Online Free-To-Play Call of Duty To The Western Audience

Eric Hirshberg, Chief Executive Officer of Publishing Unit, comments on the thought of bringing a micro-transaction-based Call of Duty title to Western audiences.

You may remember the recent announcement of Call of Duty Online, a Call of Duty title aimed at the Chinese audience which features a micro-transaction model. Hirshberg was asked during a recent Activision earnings call if anything of the sort would ever make its way to Western audiences in the future.

“I think we look at the Call of Duty Online game in China on its own merit as a great opportunity,” he responded. “That’s not to say that we won’t gain learnings about how it works in the micro-transaction-based format for the game. And there are a few other regions where that would be very relevant. So — but we certainly are not ready to announce any plans in that regard.”

Hirshberg also recently commented on the success of Call of Duty Elite.

Would you welcome a mini-transaction-based/free-to-play Call of Duty with open arms?

  • ItsG_Baby

    A Free To Play COD would be worth it in the US but knowing Activision, they will still charge for $60 game with a $50 Subscription service or $14.99 for Map packs. Until then I will not buy a COD until one day it goes Free To Play

    • Hol_Up

      What an idiotic comment. How do you buy a free to play game?

      • Jason

        I think he meant, Activision Probably wont ever make a “Free to Play” title with out getting some kind of Profit out of it lol

        • i think he is an idiot for pretending company’s are not supposed to make money, maybe when his parents quit making his dinner and doing his laundry he will discover the entire reason company’s make games is for money, they could not do it with out it. He is an idiot who thinks that games are overpriced.

    • betosobreira

      are u serious, idiot ?

    • Vampiric

      f2p is garbage dude

    • MasonMei

      It’s okay to be ignorant. I simply hate your stupid tone as a professor or stuff. You sound like a pro of F2P games. Oh sorry I mean when pro stands for Prostitute

    • Did you double check your comment because A) that doesn’t make sense B) it wasn’t funny.

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  • Faraz

    I have nothing better to do with my life than to troll COD articles. It’s the only way I can get fullfillment in my pitiful existence.

    • Faraz

      I also jack off to EA’s CEO

  • Faraz

    My life is pitiful, and the only way I can feel good about myself is to troll COD articles.

  • hambone

    Its free to play but u gotta pay to get better guns

    • It’s more of a pay-to-win model. One that I am completely against. I would prefer a one-time fee rather than constant purchases which could end up making you pay more than you would for a normal CoD game in the first place.

  • MasonMei

    Ok here’s the thing. Black Ops 2 is coming. Borderlands 2 is coming. Halo 4 is coming. Crysis 3 is coming. At least that Warfighter stuff is coming. And now, dear Activision, you are telling me to play a free to play game with graphics worse than a 2005 game with all these annoying micro transactions?
    CODOL is released for Chinese since they have no official access to a genuine COD game. The only way to get their hands on one is by online shopping. It costs at least 300 RMB each game (converted from 60 US dollars) and that’s quite a big amount of money. And there won’t be many players online around or in China. That’s why CODOL is introduced.
    Activision, do you really think people in N America and Europe will be willing to download a game that should be released somewhen in the past, and use their cash, instead of hours of playing, to BUY, instead of to UNLOCK (which is of great fun and great sense of achievement) to play?
    Oh lemme tell ya. I’m not buying the MW3 Shitbox Collections, but it doesn’t mean that these money will go over to buy Ghost masks or Gun camouflages.

  • Vampiric

    of course it would never happen f2p is garbage

  • You can’t complain about an f2pay game, if you dont want to pay, dont, stop complaining.

  • AScaryGhost

    It doesn’t matter. We already wasted hundreds of dollars. There’s no point.

  • Faraz

    Since I’m a loser and I have nothing better to do with my pitifully unfulfilled life, I’m going to troll this article and say that COD sucks and make fun of the COD community. It is the only way for me to feel better about myself.

  • Faraz

    I would be interested to check this game out. Better try it for free b4 getting ripped off.
    And I hope they will transfer $40 from MW3 to this f2p.
    Otherwise, its a 7 years old game.

    • Faraz

      See? I AM a loser. I always have to bash on COD articles because I have no life.

      • Faraz

        ADMIN PLZ Ban the ip of above Faraz. Thats not real faraz. HE hacked somehow.

        • MasonMei

          He just took your nickname and your profile picture

          • Faraz

            how? is it that easy?

            • MasonMei

              It depends on your definition of easy…

  • Michael Kelley

    Activision’s missing out. EA has an advantage over them with Battlefield Play4Free (for the moment at least). Wonder why they don’t want to have another cash cow to milk?

  • Anonymous

    You made IW engine look like Frostbite 2 engine 😛 with the lighting in the picture

  • val

    Translation. We believe at this point in time western audiences are more likely hooked on our product and more willing to pay than china. As chinese audiences begin to like call of duty more and more we will then change our policy and ask them to pay also. Please don’t panic as its all just a matter of time.

  • Release Date?