Activision Promises a Call of Duty Experience Beyond the TV or PC, Unique to Mobile

Activision wants to create a Call of Duty experience unique to the mobile platform, one that will “evolve” the way customers interact with the brand.

With mobile sales only going “okay” for the company, according to Activision Blizzard’s Jon Estanislao who recently spoke at DMW Games in Los Angeles, Activision is looking into ways they might increase their presence in the mobile market, specifically with the Call of Duty franchise.

“We’re definitely looking to reach out to our core audience and engage them beyond their TV or PC and then give them new experiences around Call of Duty that are unique for that device,” said Estanislao.

“Going forward for us, how do we really take that Call of Duty experience, what is the essence of it?” he asks. “These kinds of grandiose, immerse experiences–how do we move that to mobile or tablet? From a development perspective, we’re investing a lot more in understanding how to marry that together with how customers expect to play on those devices.”

Estanislao admitted that it may be the size of the company that has gotten in the way of capitalizing on mobile gaming: “Sometimes it takes a bit longer for large companies like ourselves because our DNA isn’t necessarily that flexible. But I think we’re at that stage, we have dedicated internal studios to work on it, and folks from outside the industry that we’re bringing in.”

So far, platforms like the PS Vita, iOS or Android have received only watered-down ports of Call of Duty, like Black Ops: Delassified and Black Ops Zombies.

Would you play a dedicated mobile version of Call of Duty on your handheld device the same way you play on consoles/PC?

Via, ShackNews and CI.

  • Beastshaw

    COD is almost over saturated as it is. They really think taking COD mobile will make ppl want more COD.

    • Only the Truth

      It really doesn’t matter what they make another CoD for. They could make a CoD board game and it would still lag. LoL

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Lag comp in board games?!?!? I honestly believe treyarch would fuck up like that. Imagine overpowered game cards? An-94 attack card?

      • You must play on PS3 or have shitty internet because I’ve Never had lag issues lol

        • Latch

          Then you like a lot of people don’t understand or recognize lag.

        • Latch

          It’s impossible that you Never had lag issues. Unless you have your own server. Wait, you would still get some lag.

        • Angelreborn96

          Hey asshole, I have a PS3 and don’t lag at all. Don’t blame it on a PS3 just because you probably have an Xbox. Shut your whore mouth.

          • I wish I made excuses as to why I’m sub-par at the game

          • MrLadyfingers

            Do you run your internet off of a 3G hotspot connection…? You must be on the winning side of lag comp. In all seriousness, congrats to you… because I spent a lot of money on 50 down Comcast internet, and the lag is worse than ever. With that being said, I still don’t understand how you wouldn’t feel the 80ms delay in character models because of the broken cameras. That’s pretty obvious

            • Angelreborn96

              I have optimum. Obviously they have crazy Internet speed. Maybe you should try them. But they’re Internet is way expensive. Lol

            • Jason

              As an ex-Comcast Contractor, I laugh at all of you who pay for Premium Internet Connection for gaming when console gaming takes less Bandwidth than searching the web lol silly kids

            • dpg70

              It is pretty funny when people post their speed test results of 60 down thinking that makes a difference.

            • MrLadyfingers

              I use it for uploading videos and torrent files. I’m not a kid. Awkward.

        • why do people assume PS3 lags?? I own a XBOX 360 with Gold and a PS3 and never had issues on either with lag on either except when play COD with people with shitty net and COD’s shitty net-code.

        • leeroy_newman

          No, its just the game that have bad netcode, i tried on ps3, xbox, and PC and this game is just a absolute garbage.

  • well its confirmed COD on ipod 2013 fuck this series *throws black ops 2 out the window*

  • PewPewTank

    It’s funny because their PC ports aren’t even close to being as good as the consoles -.-

    • and you still gotta wait the longest for the dlc! oh and no mod tools -__-

      • So you suck at the game and need to mod it.

        • … different modding bro..

        • squadwin

          Modding tools on PC,means that we have the power to create new maps, new guns, new game modes, new everything, or even make our own DLC.

          • Personally I like a consistent experience. That said modded servers reduce the number of pure servers, IMO. I’d rather there be more pure servers so that the game is consistent, if for no other reason than to support the competitive elements of the game. That said, I’d also like to see tactical crouch addressed in such a way that it can be avoided by the end user who not to play it.

        • If they put out a modding map tool for CoD, people will get the blueprints of DLC maps. Then we can get all maps free. Why do you think Far Cry don’t release really any maps? They know it will be recreated they lose profit. Got to admidt activision playing it smart.

    • Correction, their PC ports aren’t even close to being as good as the Xbox version. PS3 gets almost as fucked over as PC does.

  • Look at everyone bashing it yet they’ll be first inline at the midnight release.

    • Beastshaw

      lol i can guarantee you that will not be the case

    • im not looking forward to BO3 on xbox glass..

      • lol E3 last year was embarrassing for Microsoft lol smart-glass, Dance Central KiNECT and Nike Sports training.. Hopefully this year will be better with the complete reveal of both PS4 and Next Xbox

    • Just saying

      in line for CoD mobile over Modern Combat series? I doubt that, even EA failed to compete with Gameloft in FPS mobile gaming!

  • Rosemeadshredder

    Isn’t PS Vita “mobile”… and didn’t the COD on that thing suck?


      It actually did better than expected

    • 4V4 players on Bo1 maps with no zombies mode and glitchy as hell……it was a IW title

      • jameslara

        No it was a Nihilistic title, worse devs I ever known

        • i meant by calling it a IW title as a punch to the current way IW is with boring maps and crap balance

      • >Implying BO1 maps are a bad thing

        Certain maps aside (namely 90% of the DLC), I believe Black Ops had the best overall map choice out of any game.

        • if i remember correctly it only had a couple of BO1 maps and none of the dlc maps ;/

  • oofy

    I’ve played a few first person shooters on iPod and iPad. From dual virtual sticks to tilting the device to removing the y axis, every game has tried and (IMO) failed to make a great mobile or tablet fps.

    • Hol_Up

      Did you play Modern Combat 3?

      • Just saying

        Or Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour ?

  • Bengalsfan9595

    This doesnt really have anything to do with the article, (good article btw), but will MP1st be covering EverQuest 3 when more info is released by SOE just like you guys cover Elder Scrolls Online and SWTOR?

  • thebulky1cometh

    The number 1 question: will the game also come equipped with lag so powerful that it will defeat 4G?

    • Hell probably. There is no way to fix lag. The devs are the ones who can.

  • i wish i care……. now back to BF3 !

    • fucking d bag

      Incorrect use of grammer. And nobody gives a fuck

      • markymark991


        • and just like you said “And nobody gives a fuck” now back to bf3… lol

      • adfdfas

        Hmm, correcting grammar must be hard work.
        But it’s ironic that you can’t even use it right.

        • Watch out, he might bring the “Grammer Hammer” down on you!

      • I give a fuck.

        I’ve been a loyal COD fan until this year, and the bullshit game that I purchased, titled “Black Ops 2” has ruined the series for me and I don’t plan on buying another for a lonnnng time.

        Not saying Battlefield is five million times better, but there is no way in hell someone can have more fun getting lagged out and fucked over by OP guns and setups all day, than playing literally any other game.

  • John Doe

    This will be easy for them to do because the graphics engine will transfer to mobile phones without downgrading the graphics. Even mobile phones can run this 7 year old engine.

  • Well black ops zombies was fun, though idknt think I’ll be rushing to get any mobile version one the MP side of things, but they didn’t really say what it’s going to be. So yeah.

  • Man, these lag jokes are so original! I really aspire to achieve the level of comedic genius you people have reached! Do you guys have any fat jokes or jokes about mom’s, because those haven’t been done before either?

  • Sebax55


    • Just saying

      It’ll die before it even gets released, I promise you that. BF:BC2 iOS game failed to deliver what MC2,3,4 could

  • Latch

    How about buying some dedicated servers and stop messing around with this mobile ‘ish!

  • Popeye

    BF4 releases Fall 2013. Above and beyond the Call.

    • Jordan Matt

      Above and beyond the call (of duty). Battlefield forever

      • Except in sales. Can’t forget that pesky little fact.

        • so f what

          Who cares. Farmville sells millions does not mean it was good game.

          • Farmville doesn’t “sell” because it’s a “freemium” game (free to play but you can pay for premium content). Nice try though. Also, I never said CoD was good, I just said it outsold Battlefield.

        • adfdfas

          You have earned a badge. It’s labeled: “COD Defender”.

          • How much XP does that give me?? How does stating a fact translate into defense of CoD?

            • adfdfas

              it’s obvious you’re getting a little angry that people are starting to hate COD. Don’t worry, some 13 year olds might still like it 🙂

            • Nah, it’s just annoying that people come onto comment threads of articles about games they don’t like to talk shit. It’s annoying when CoD fans do it on BF articles as well. If you don’t like a game, then congratulations. Doesn’t mean I’m an idiot or a child, it just means I have different tastes than you. Not reading articles about shit you don’t like would solve a lot of problems with these comment threads.

              Rant over. Lol

        • Sales =/= quality game

          • I never spoke of quality. That’s for each person to decide.

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  • MasonMei

    ROFL fix PC version CODs first lol give us Dedi Servers and 18-player-TDM-supported huge maps or get the f away from my money

  • Just saying

    With the power of mobile phones’ hardware, I think black ops 2 can be taken to mobile phones with ease because CoD engine and graphics are the most inferior in this industry.

  • Brian Anthony

    If you want to really back up your talk, don’t buy their outdated garbage game! Enough said!

  • Wiking

    Mobile games is for a very brief time of playing, while on a PS3/4, XBox360/720 or the PC is for the hardcore aduience.

    Angry birds: Mobile; You play it for 2-5 minutes while on the train. for example

    BF3: Console/PC; You play it entire nights and days.

    Conclusion: People doesn’t play hardcore on the mobile platforms becuse they are not as powerfull and userfriendly as a PS3/XBox360 controller or mouse and keyboard is.

    • Just saying

      Tell that to Gameloft’s Modern Combat 1, 2, 3 and 4 community on iOS mainly lol

  • BOB

    My penis is huge. Really ask your girlfriend.

  • Vikerii

    Promises a Call of Duty Experience Beyond the TV or PC. In other words, “please pre-order our refried beanware before the reviews come out.”

  • Lol @People saying they don’t lag. It’s built into the fucking game, everyone lags whether you notice it or not. Not to mention the camera angles fuck everyone over regardless of connection.

  • Doalleris

    It always amazes me that some people don’t realize that when you swear in posts it automatically makes you look like a 12 year old with a plate of peanut butter and jam sandwiches in front of you.

  • 5 days – no new post, slow news week?

    • srs


  • i live piers morgan

    why you no update website?

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    Comcast internet I have and they are the best for playing games for PS3 and I pay 100 bucks and month for the best internet.But when u have someone joins with suck internet it makes a lag they need to make a lobby for all the suckers who have bad internet for them only!


    Comcast internet is the best to play any COD games.Most players are cheap and steal the internet.They need to have a test before you play of your internet and you have bad internet you can’t play it will be so much better!

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