Activision Is Selecting Participants for a “Focus Group” to “Shape the Future of Call of Duty”

It appears that Activision is in the midst of selecting participants for a “focus group” through Call of Duty ELITE for an upcoming special event in Los Angeles.

This image reveals an invitation to join a focus group in Los Angeles that will “help improve and shape the future of Call of Duty.”


No word as to what the event might pertain to or to which Call of Duty game it relates. While it likely involves Infinity Ward’s upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts, it could also have something to do with the series’ eSports initiative that gained significant momentum in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and during the more recent Call of Duty Championships.

What do you guys think?

MP1st readers have confirmed to us that the event takes place on either May 20th or May 21st.

We’ll make sure to update with more info once we learn more.


The Reddit user and invitee who originally posted the image wrote, “It seemed to me that it was more so for elite than it was ghost. Either way I’m pretty excited.” He added, “I’ve filled many selective beta surveys. This didn’t give off that vibe.”

Source: Reddit, via Mikey, AKA “YouTubeDude”

  • Derek Haneman

    NO P2P Servers lol. Go the BF3 server route so you can choose what maps and what modes we play. So annoying not being able to play Hardcore when they release new game modes or map rotations…or not allow to even play maps you purchased (nuketown for the first few months).

    • MegaMan3k

      Dear God, please no custom servers. I think I’d have to give up Call of Duty for life if every server became 24/7 Nukedown TDM score limit 10,000.

      Also, it’s not economically realistic to expect dedicated servers for Call of Duty. And I think most people asking for it don’t remember all the server woes with BF3 in the first month of release that led to the game hardly being playable. You complain that Nuketown (a map that you did not purchase, btw, nobody purchased that map. Do not confuse preordering a game with purchasing the bonuses) was only sparsely available, but you seem to be fine with the entire game going up and down?

      And if you say “Activision has enough money!” then all you prove is that you know nothing about business. Nothing at all.

      • Lestat87

        That won’t happen. Look at cod4. Not every map was killhouse or no scope only. Firstly the engine needs rebuilding from the ground up. Same one since cod2 so over 10yrs old. This is a cause of a lot of the lag glitches in mp. Ive got mw3 and Ive been playing when the host has had someone in their household use youtube or sim and killed the connection for everyone. Only touch BO these days as mw2 onwards feels like its got an aimbot built in. So little skill.

      • People don’t understand. I’ve made the same statement for the past two years now and all people do is talk out of their ass acting like they know how to fix problems like this. If you ask me, they dedicated servers on console should be like the BOII ones on PC. Dedicated servers with matchmaking on default servers. No host.

        • 10$ a month to play cod!

        • Unfortunately dedicated servers on the PC didn’t resolve the hit registration issues that were also present on the consoles. So I can’t agree at this time.

      • DanDustEmOff

        Of course its enconomcally realistic to have severs in CoD you can rent a 20 player server for £10 a month thats £6 per player a year the ideal would be to pay an extra £5 for server access when you buy the game and have P2P as a free fail safe.

    • MrLadyfingers

      More servers rented, more money obtained. Activision should jump all over that idea.

  • John doe

    I know this might sound stupid but depending on players for developing the future of your game is stupid and lazy. What if the players that are giving there opinions are ones who like COD just for the name and not caring about improving it. Or worse what if it is people who have been let down by your latest offering and gives you bullshit answers. To me i would say to the developers get some balls first, start to innovate and have some guts to change things without worrying what a bunch of random people think. Besides isn’t that what you guys get payed for is to develop the game how you see fit. If every developer wants my opinion on what the game should be like then i want some of that billion dollars for having a part in the design.

    • MegaMan3k

      You’re saying that you would like for them to consciously ignore their customers?

      And if you ask me, the people who recognize the clear game design flaws in MW3 and BLOPS2 are the people who absolutely should be in this focus group.

      But let’s face it – they don’t care. They’ve been working with MLG for several games now and there’s no way MLG would support any of the BS that goes on in MW3 or BLOPS2.

      • wife

        You all r fucked up!

  • TriguyRN

    So, a few 12 year olds in a room……..

    • John doe

      With adult supervision of course.

      • Lol

        Going by the childish comments posted here, the MP1st community is more in need of such supervision.

        • LOL

          Oh shut up.

        • The majority of CoD players are under 18 though

  • Alpine Maffu

    The focus group should include people who stopped playing after MW3, and those who prefer Battlefield, to get some genuine and non fanboy feedback.

    This sounds like a way to get a sound bite in to a pretentious “behind the scenes” video and an earnings call statement to me.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Why would they make a focus group for their game that is populated with people that play Battlefield CoD games don’t need to attract Battlefield players CoD has a much higher customers base and see’s much more online activity than BF.

      • uwantSAM0A

        Enjoy your 2 killstreak MOABs courtesy of LA’s focus group.

        • DanDustEmOff

          Don’t be ridiculous.

      • thebulky1cometh

        The guy’s got a point – there is something to be said about unbiased feedback. But it’s not easy to find people who love BF and COD equally. I really like the idea of finding people who stopped playing after MW3. The problem is, how do you find them?

        I actually think IW should follow Treyarch’s model – BLOPS2 is probably the most balanced COD to date (a few mistakes, of course, since these guys refuse to follow logic ALL the time).

        Remove Target Finder (or make it available only for 1 day of game play – it’s a decent idea as a crutch for noobs), make EMP grenades completely harmless to players, make quickscoping much harder (or remove it altogether?), remove akimbo pistols, remove automatic pistols (or greatly reduce clip size/accuracy/range)…

        I also think it would be cool if they followed the “pick 10” system BUT made the most popular perks worth 2 points (ghost, toughness, dexterity?)


        • DanDustEmOff

          Yeah you have to remember your talking to a guy that liked MW3. I have always prefered IW games over Treyarch games purely because they run better netcode but I have disscussed this with you before. That being said i do think that Treyarch have done a reasonable job with this one, its just a shame they wont fix the core issues. I also find the never ending quest for balance an irritating waste of time that could be better spend on improving more important issues for example people state that MW1 was the best Cod ever and i agree with them but the balance was awful, it was just a fun game.

          I dont like them nerfing a gun when I’m half way through ranking it up they should do a beta and do balancing afterwards. The Battlefeild community (and I do play BF on PC)is mainly made up of the people that got sick of CoD or were bad at it excluding long term vets, so their opinion would go as follows.. add veichles, bigger maps and gun DLC.

          BF and CoD are two different games CoD is more like unreal tornament in a modern warfare setting and thats what I like about it, if people dont then they should go and play BF. Personally the slow pace of the game is what puts me off BF3 the only time its any fun is on a 64 player server.

          All the issues with Blops 2 that you mentioned have a counter and to me that is a balanced game, its ok to have powerful weapons, equipment and perks so long as there is a way to counter it. I have always had the view that “OP” items are for when you dont wanna be in try hard mode or a poor connection and weaker items are are for tryharding.

          I know ive gone on but one more thing, they went overboard on spliting up the perks Ghost although people hated it, was needed to keep people moving in MW3 i think they had it right with Blind eye and Assassin, there were too many reasons not to run these perks and the same is true in Blops 2. Portable radar, Marksman Pro, Support Killstreaks just made most people camp Assassin was the answer. The same is true in Blops 2. I know that this will be an unpopular view but half the people that moan about perks like Assassin are the ones sitting in corners behind their shock charge and bettie.

  • BHill

    Something tells me this will benefit the MLG crowd more than the casual crowd

    • Dyago

      In my opinion, it can be a good thing because Activision won’t listen to the 12 year old casuals.

    • Jason Robertson

      The 12 year old casuals will play the game whatever, the pro’s and people who follow them and know a bit more about gaming won’t if the games not up to scratch.

  • PertAndPopular

    they need to not pick cod fans…my god. We will have maps the size of a
    dime and smg’s that fire thermonuclear warheads on fully automatic.

    • wife

      Stupid guy!

      • Yobro

        Stupid bitch, that actually would probably happen.

    • T-51B


  • ?

    Fuck you all!

  • B_Boss

    I know you guys wont believe this but
    I got a
    Microsoft points card code and it worked!
    You can get one too from
    com….(wish we had a spam section lol…)

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  • MasonMei

    Emm… The future is quite simple… Better designed maps (or larger), better balance, no OP guns, bring back dedicated ranked servers, and last but not least better graphics (hopefully in COD Ghosts). But larger maps would seem so unlikely to be present in future CoD games, as CoD is going into eSports that will require tighter maps for better clan competitions. Yet if you devs truly love the game and your fans & players, devote more into the development, create both large maps like Derail and tight maps like Nuketown to fit (almost) all players. Don’t make maps look like arenas, but a real combat zone. MW1, MW2 and BO maps met such standards (sorry for not mentioning WaW since I played that so little), but later maps in MW3 and BO2 failed, as everything appears so set up.

    Saddest fact: I’m not playing on consoles but on PC so I’m not a part of ELITE even after it was free, and I won’t have the opportunity to be in that program, so, everything mentioned above is literally useless, as the suggestions will never be taken into consideration by Activision/IW officials. How ironic.

    • Dirtknap

      I pretty much agree with this entire statement. Average map design has been a bone of contention for me post BLOPS 1. Improved graphics along with solid net code and CoD’s trademark tight controls would see me happy. Also a return to BLOPS 1’s weighted, deliberate feel and simplified kill streaks would be most excellent, the two most previous offerings have almost felt like they are on skates.

      • MasonMei

        The Scorestreak system is ok, as now Objective players get well repaid for their help. MW3 has been a killstreak spam… yet BO2 makes scorestreaks kinda hard to obtain (425 for an UAV? Ok for objective-based gamemodes, but in TDM it pretty much means 4 or 5 kills). If they are making a score-based streak system, they should have different Score-to-obtain settings for different modes. Absent such settings make scorestreaks kinda bummer…… I only equip UAV, Hunter Killer and Lightning Strike, never considering higher scorestreaks like VTOL, Warthog, K9 or Swarm…

        • For the most part I ran solely UAV. Not assigning the 2nd and 3rd scorestreaks allows the UAV to be deployed more often. Guns still net more kills than any scorestreak. If I find that I earn the UAV again too often before the previous one is out of the air, then I add Guardian to the 2nd slot to create chokepoints in a map and force direction of player traffic.

          • thebulky1cometh

            Ahh… strategery…

        • Dirtknap

          When I say simplified, I mean in terms of the number of streaks to choose from, I should have been clearer. It would be a mistake for them to remove the new score streak system (which is BO II’s greatest innovation IMO) as its a far more balanced way of rewarding objective players, rather than MW3’s route of rewarding bad players.

      • thebulky1cometh

        I thought original blops had the best maps.

        • Dirtknap

          Absolutely, BLOPS 1 is actually my favorite CoD to date. I feel it’s all been downhill from there I’m afraid.

    • I disagree on map design, and would encourage map design that favors competition over immersion. I am also aware of the fact that the majority of PC gamers have the same opinion as you, which is why I recently jumped ship to consoles.

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  • Jason Robertson

    They need to get a mixture of Competitive Players (Top League Play teams/players and Pro’s) a good mixture of Youtubers and a few multiplayer publics players that give good answers and know something about anything. The future of CoD is in their hands and so the best people for the job have to be there! Even looking at the way each player would play the new game would bring in variety.

    Bring in an Anchor playing Pro to work on AR’s, Scumpii(for eg) for SMG’s etc etc and have different teams working on different weapon groups, then balance them all so we don’t have a CAP40/FAL problem with the new game! I think once thats done then the game will be reliable..

    Obviously the basics such as connection issues need to be addressed and corrected first..

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  • uwantSAM0A

    Smart. Involve random people to shape your future project. Don’t blame me if I vote for something ridiculous and they stick it in the game.

  • uwantSAM0A

    I want to be an attack dog. With a mini gun strapped to its back. Also wearing juggernaut body armor. And it can fly. Make this happen!

    • I’mNotSarcastic


  • Seanthracks

    Lol at all the people bitching that COD needs to be more like Battlefield. If Battlefield is so amazing go play it and be quiet; a lot of people who enjoy COD don’t want it to be anything like Battlefield. If they were the same what would be the point of both existing?

  • Jimmyxrl

    I got this email the days are may 20th and 21st at downtownn LA.times are like 2:45 4:30 and 7:30 pm. I might go. My channel: http://www.YouTube. com/jimmyxrl823

  • LAKingsFan

    I got an invite but im 14, can I still go?