Additional Maps for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Upcoming Update

Valve announces some big changes making their way to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive this Monday, October 1.

This update will feature the following, according to the official blog.

A revised matchmaking system for Classic Competitive mode

Two maps

  • The classic de_vertigo
  • The fast-paced ar_monastery

A number of bug fixes based on community feedback

Check out these images from CS:GO’s Twitter hinting at the upcoming changes.

Keep your sights on MP1st for the full patch notes this Monday!

  • Kevin

    I just bought cs:go today and I fell in love I cant believe what I was missing out on


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  • fiqst

    Consoles need private rooms, clan functionality and spectator mode. Pretty much all the staples for esports, otherwise this game will always be a casual game on console

    • and higher sensitivity settings for controllers maybe up it to 1.5

      • they need to fix the controls themselves, the aim acceleration is terrible, takes ages for my guy to start turning then when he finally does his aim whizzes accross like a bolt of lightning.

    • in the esport community, CS is a PC game… always will be.

    • IF

      Will allways be casual in conosol its a PC game… PC ESport.

  • zpeski175

    no console support 🙁 valve sucks

    • ScavHD

      Finally realised that there are games that don’t support your platform exclusively?We PC players got screwed over with every cod game since cod 5,it’s your turn to get something bad thrown at you,even if it’s another company.

      • Battlefield Engineer

        How can you be upset about anything related to Call of Duty? I mean, seriously? You can’t really get upset about getting “screwed over” when the franchise in question is complete garbage.

      • zpeski175

        ya dont compare this to call of duty and anyway there was pc support for call of duty and i know valve can do better