Advanced Warfare is Activision’s First ‘Pure Next-Gen’ Call of Duty, Will Have ‘New Melee Mechanics’

During video game publisher Activision’s most recent earnings call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg detailed a few of the effects a next-gen-focused development cycle will have on Sledgehammer Games’ recently unveiled Call of Duty title, Advanced Warfare.

According to Hirshberg, first and foremost, fans should notice a significant increase in “visual and graphical fidelity and polish,” he said.

“[Advanced Warfare] is our first true next-gen – pure next-gen development where we have access to the new hardware throughout the development process, unlike Ghosts which was cross gen.”

“It’s allowed more time for experimentation, creativity, and iteration in the development process,” he added. “That lead to things like us adding some of the first new mechanics and core gameplay in the franchise in a long time – things like boost jump, and EXO strength, and new melee mechanics which we’ve also had time to test with our players to make sure that they resonate and will create a compelling and balanced gameplay.”

Earlier reports revealed that other EXO suit abilities also include boost-dodge techniques, slow-mo capabilities, grappling enhancements, and zip lines.

Hirshberg also hopes that Kevin Spacey’s performance in Advanced Warfare’s single player campaign, captured with “full performance capture technology that [Activision] revealed last year at DGC,” will will reach “iconic” status.

What sort of new “melee mechanics” would you like to see or think will be implemented in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?


  • solidussagesnes
  • thebulky1cometh

    Can’t get too hyped about new melee- I’m assuming that means new knifing. Just please no lunge knife/sword action!

    • maybe

      That’s what I’m hoping for also. Marathon lightweight commando pro ruined modern warfare 2.

      • Johnny Neat

        Yes it did. It completely destroyed Search and Destroy for a fact.

      • awkenney

        The entire concept of MW2 ruined COD and continued into the series for years afterward. If you want to say that COD had to innovate to compete with Halo, then I would say Halo ruined COD.

        • Cod4ever

          But this game might take on halo!!

    • MegaMan3k

      Maybe in their pursuit of eSports they went back and said “hey, BXR made Halo pretty competitive.” And so they’re making the exosuits like wakka wakka and you’ll need to punch through the exosuit shield and then pew pew pew to get the kill and that’s what they mean by new melee it means new like totally different gunfight momentum oh man that’d be p f’in neato

      won’t happen tho 🙁 ::(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  • MegaMan3k

    How about you just remove melee. It’s a bad mechanic.

    • James Mulhall

      I’d like it to be like CSGO’s melee mechanic. You can swipe or shank (might not be the right word) with the knife, and its only a one hit kill from the back. Along with that, you actually have to take the knife out too.

    • yardis

      You need melee. BF4 has is just right. If I try to knife from the from I can get countered.

      • James Mulhall

        That’s a horrible mechanic, especially since it doesn’t work sometimes because of lag.

        • Yep, when you do the knife animation from behind just to see the enemy snap around facing you and you get countered

          • Grif

            Lol that’s so annoying.

        • yardis

          I’m just talking about the way it works. The idea is almost perfect. It’s a long animation so you are vulnerable during it. I can save a team mate that is getting knifed. It can be countered from the front.

          • Bmeowmix

            I love BF4s knifing mechanic. I only wish that it wasn’t always the melee button to counter so it is actually possible to kill in front. Maybe just have it as one of the four right buttons chosen randomly (X O ∆ [])

            • Johnny Neat

              Yes!!! I have thought the same from day one. Still scratching head over how it was released as it is.

        • SubXero

          Regular melee usually doesn’t work because of lag…

          • James Mulhall

            I’m not talking about keeping regular melee. 😛

        • Oblivion_Lost667

          Especially considering that even if the person you’re knifing somehow magically doesn’t hit the counter button, you’re likely to die anyways because you’re just a sitting duck, if there’s anyone else around that guy, it’s a death.

      • MegaMan3k

        Why do you believe that you need melee?

        • yardis

          If I run out of ammo, I need a way to kill someone. Or I can be in the enemy spawn and want to be stealthy. It’s an important mechanic in shooters. I don’t believe it should be a one kit kill like CoD, but the way BF4 does it works great. It doesn’t work sometimes, but they have the right idea.

          • James Mulhall

            The idea is done even better in CSGO. The need for an animation is stupid, if you get up behind someone anyway you deserve the quick kill.

            • yardis

              Yea, you do deserve the kill if you are behind them. I like the animation because it can be interrupted.

            • James Mulhall

              That’s the bad thing.. if you manage to get directly behind someone, you deserve the kill. I’m not a fan of the animation since its honestly a waste of time, and you’re more likely going to get killed while knifing the guy instead of shooting him, which should be the opposite way around.

            • yardis

              I would like it to be a shorter animation. A lot shorter actually. I think it should just be a quick thrust to the neck, not a swipe like older CoD’s.

            • Devin Jackson

              Halo reaches is like a solid 9 seconds….

            • Halo did a good job with it as well. 2 hits front, OHK from rear and I think with Reach you had to hold the melee button to start an assassination.

          • Devin Jackson

            The Bf4 mechanic with the smoothness of cod would be amazing.

    • awkenney


  • Rai

    Super jump kicks like in the end of the trailer?

    • George

      Hell to the fucking yeah haha

    • Joshua C

      yes! Then they can have Chuck Norris as a killstreak XD

  • Samson

    “Pure Next-Gen”…

    • Dennis Crosby

      That version is being made by another developer sledgehammer is only making the Xbox one, PC, and PS4 version

      • Bluepoint games I bet

        • George

          Haha what don’t they port over, must be a dreary existence to develop games for previous gen

          • dieger

            not really when they get to port some great games (MGS HD collection)

            • MegaMan3k

              Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 play terribly. They are horribly dated. I found MGS HD basically unplayable.

            • dieger

              ….ok >_>

            • madbads

              lol thats so bullshit man , they play as they should , they are classics. Seems like you got used to today dudebro cover based casual shooters too much. “Press A to run to cover , LT plus RT to win”.. gggg IGN 10/10 GOTY.

        • Dennis Crosby

          They probably are using half of treyarch to port it

        • Devin Jackson

          No, Highmoon.

      • ChickenShiz

        True but it still does not change the fact the core experience and game play will be the same on all platforms. It is not True Next gen sorry to say.

        True next gen is a game that is not possible on old platforms like Witcher 3 or the next Batman Game.

        Watch Dogs= Not next gen
        Wofenstein= Not Next gen
        Destiny= Not Next gen

        • Dennis Crosby

          Will the rumor is that the game is running on a new engine for the next gen consoles and PC so the experience could be different

    • Joey Marcelo Asturias

      The game is being ported over to last gen, mostly by another company just like Titanfall was..

    • BFTitan

      So are you saying a pure next gen game should only be released for next gen consoles? Estupido.

      • MegaMan3k

        I welcome the transition to current-gen being as fast as possible. I’d be more than happy with Call of Duty being a purely current gen (Xbone/Ps4) title.

        But, that’s a terrible business decision. I doubt we’ll see Call of Duty being current gen only until 2016 maybe 2017.

      • awkenney

        I’d welcome it as a gamer regardless.

    • Tyler 

      Made for current gen and ported for last gen


    All this new stuff may be cool for the campaign but they know they can’t change the multiplayer around too much or else it won’t sell. Most multiplayer gamers need familiarity in their shooters which is why the controller set-up hasn’t changed since Call of Duty 3.

    • yardis

      I was just about to say something similar to that. I’m glad they are changing up CoD, but the majority of players will complain. Even though they claim they want something different, and from the looks of it this game will be different.

    • awkenney

      I’m in the minority in that I don’t want innovation. I want the opposite. I want to go back to the feel and mechanics prior to MW2 and start again from there.

    • Tyler 

      A lot more people play the single player than you think.

      • awkenney

        40% at most. Still a good amount, but I play through once and I’m done with it. MW2, MW3, Black Ops II and Ghosts didn’t really strike me as believable or convincing.

    • CoDforever

      Werent you the same guy that said Call of duty doesnt innovate?

  • Dennis Crosby

    Honestly the last 3 Cods haven’t been my cup of tea and it sucks because Cod is the first game I ever played online and it seem like its been going downhill since after Blackops hopefully this one will get as close to the glory days of COD I’m still on the fence about it but maybe that can change after the multiplayer reveal

    • Mr. Thuggins

      Did you say… Black Cops?

      • TheGreaterGamer

        Hey its Cleveland Brown

  • WelcomeToGoodBurger

    the game is still going to be bad

  • lukazo

    this game better be optimized for PC because ghosts is wank!

    • Ramp Lion

      sorry they only like xbox and release it for ps4 and pc for the money…well they only lie xbox because they give them money and the others don’t. It’s fine, because if this CoD doesn’t innovate the brainless sheep that is the main group of people who play call of duty will start losing faith

      • lukazo

        well activision certainly, but treyarch have been ok for PC and ps3 so i hope sledge hammer does a good job but yeh activision is as greedy and lazy as EA probably worse!

      • madbads

        Dubstep dudebros will never abandon COD , and unfortunately there are millions upon millions of those imbeciles only on xbox, to keep the business going for long time.

  • Grif

    As a Battlefield fan, I’m am excited for Advanced Warfare!

    • Cod4ever

      Me too!!!!! They heave put about 3yr’s development into this fantastic advanced game!! This is totally next-gen!!!!!! Well done sledgehammer games!! You guys heave tried you’re best into the graphics and technology and the whole game itself!!!

  • SubXero

    “New melee mechanics” = Falcon Punch

    • Tiger Uppercut !

      • Angelreborn96

        Noo just shoryuken obviously

    • awkenney

      I’d like to see a 2-hit knife instead of a 1-hit knife. Do I need anything more?

      • SubXero

        I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I’d prefer it to be that way as well but since CoD: AW is going to have exoskeleton suits I imagine they’re going to have some dramatic flashy punches. You may even be able to “charge up” the punches.

        On another, totally random, note; I expect the perk system is going to be directly tied to the suits.

      • Myke Fletcher

        I hope it is similar to Killzone 3 or even Battlefield. You can do things to counter or other players can intervene. That little extra time in the melee action makes it feel more realistic I think.

        • SubXero

          Highly doubt it’s gonna be that either considering we’re going uber-future here and everything is probably going be amped up.

          • Myke Fletcher

            Well by that I meant a more cinematic melee execution. Not just a quick slash of the knife and you die. Something more intimate that requires more then a fraction of a second to pull of so when you actually do it, it feels more personal.

            • SubXero

              So basically just like Ghosts? I could see them giving us an amped up neck snap where you turn the head around. In all honesty, if they change it too much they’ll probably just end up making it like the “Brutal Melee” system from Killzone.

            • Myke Fletcher

              Well Ghosts, was close but Killzone 3 and BF4 are better. That’s why I used them as an example. I am totally fine with it being like the brutal melee of KZ. I liked it.

      • Deciver95

        Forget that. Knifing would be borderline pointless. Which takes away a whole core mechanic

    • jj16802

      Now why does that remind me of the punching from Crysis 2 and 3….

    • potatolol

      They should bring back commando from MW2 .:D

      • SubXero

        Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunk dat.

      • Myke Fletcher

        Said no one ever….

    • Myke Fletcher

      We can only hope.

  • I don’t mind one-hit kill melee’s, as long as they are done from the back with an execution-style animation. Halo I feel does the melee right. One hit = 50% damage, two hits = 100% damage. I’m tired of running into someone around a corner only for them to hit a button and auto-aim knife kill me instantly.

    • Devin Jackson

      I thought this was referring to black cops at first. hahaha

    • Mr. Thuggins

      I have a love/hate relationship with OHK melees and its filthy offspring: panic knifing.

      • Oblivion_Lost667

        CS did melee well, and it had OHK melee from the back only, and only with the slow attack. Having to swap to your melee weapon to perform a melee attack made panic knifing practically non-existant, typically if you pull out your knife in CS and try to kill someone who has a gun that way, you’re a dead man.

  • Zacflame

    *Punching/elbowing/weapon bumps that do 80% damage with OHK knives as a class upgrade.


    Actually awhile back Activision announce that high moon the developers behind the transformer war for cybertron is porting it over.

  • Nelson B

    you have had THE NEXT GEN FOR YEARS ! ITS CALLED PC !!

    • TheGreaterGamer


    • awkenney

      In terms of COD it didn’t matter. The PC versions from MW2 forward had such a small player population that the lag comp didn’t even work half the time.

      • madbads

        BO and BO2 had millions of players on PC. Ghosts was some of the worst PC ports of decade ,it was a failure and shouldn’t even be on PC.

  • BigRuss730

    As long as it has got fish that move out of the way…..

    • Alex Melendez


  • Johnny Neat

    I’m curious, but I won’t hold my breath. While I don’t have as much a beef with Ghosts as most seem to, I’m still getting over how much I disliked MW3 mp and worse BlackOps2 mp.

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  • JasJw

    They same the same things every year. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • theplantain

    new melee mechanics for current gen….please, go play Far Cry 3 or Dishonored…on last-gen

  • Cycovision

    “full performance capture technology that [Activision] revealed last year at DGC,”
    New engine is new?
    Sweet, as for melee mechanics default R3 (insert your platform equivalent) should not be a 1HK but a separate knife is. IE you have to switch to a knife to kill instead of panic knifing, kind of like what many thought BO2 was going to do.

  • Merciful Domino

    does anyone else see this as becoming sorta like halo?

  • CoDforever

    Ive come up with a perfect solution. Panic knifing – 2 hit kill

    switching to your knife – 1 hit kill

  • mixamax

    i think it would be the bitch slap from the trailer.

  • Steven Dawson

    Some fists of the north star shit

  • Zachary Myers

    If we’re introducing new melee mechanics, then they should offer me a lightsaber.

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  • Swaz

    A true next-gen game could not be ported to the previous-gen.

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  • Chad Hogan

    I think CoD players are some of the most skilled, intelligent gamers out there…

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  • You wrote ‘will’ twice in a row in the second-to-last paragraph.