Advanced Warfare Pre-Order Incentive Offers Destiny In-Game Bonuses

Bungie and Sledgehammer Games are teaming up to offer gamers a neat way to represent Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the brave new world of Destiny.

Starting September 1 through to September 21, anyone with an Advanced Warfare reservation through GameStop or EB Games will receive a download code to access a special Level 20 Legendary Blacksmith Armor Shader in Destiny at launch. The item will allow players to paint their Guardian’s armor with official Advanced Warfare colors; gun metal grey, bullet brass yellow, and metallic silver.

We hope to see a similar offer for Advanced Warfare, ’cause who wouldn’t want to deck their Operator out in either Titan, Warlock, or Hunter Guardian armor?

If you’ve already pre-ordered Advanced Warfare, you’ll be able to pick up your code any time after September 1. Destiny launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on September 9.

Source: GameStop.

  • Deciver95

    Haha, classic. damn shame I’m gonna got to Jb Hi fi/ Best buy and save like 30 instead

  • latch360

    Alright, I’m sold. I’ll admit.

  • theSupremeVishnu

    And I was going to get it digitally on the dashboard, what to do…

    • latch360

      Same here

    • MrMultiPlatform

      Get the code then cancel the pre-order.

      • DBMgamer

        Yeah I saw this coming about a week and half ago so I explained why I knew this would happen, and yes I will get the code and move the $5 to Evolve or BF Hardline:

      • mechcell

        You not able to do that.

        “Promotional Items

        From time to time, will offer a special promotional item with a pre-order. Due to limited availability, these items are only available while supplies last.

        Note: An order cannot be cancelled once the pre-order item or code has been supplied.”

        • DBMgamer

          well it worked every other time I have done it, so we will see soon enough

        • SubXero

          If they actually tried to enforce that they’d be in a world of hurt. First, they do not inform you of any such policy or procedure upon pre-ordering and second, they cannot force anyone to purchase a game they may legitimately not want. Who’s to say whether or not someone changed their mind about buying a game?

          Edit: After clicking your link and reading the information, I believe that pertains to online orders. Either way, they’ve pretty much solved this by not giving the pre-order bonuses away until after you’ve already picked up your game.

        • The anonymous employee

          Wrong u can cancel ur preorder and re reserve it. I know I work at gamestop

        • MrMultiPlatform

          That is a false statement because I’ve done it numerous times. My GameStops exact words were “it’s your money you can do with it want you want.”

  • mechcell
    • uwantSAM0A

      The video has an extremely valid point, but the guy is just too autistic for me to like him. However, I fully agree with him.

  • dieger

    ah shit and it even looks good :/

  • George

    Well too bad I already got the Digital Guardian Edition for my PS4, maybe one day pre-orders won’t be so abnoxious where you have to pre order a game from seven different retailers to get all the pre-order bonuses.

    • ChrisBChillin

      You’ve misread. You only have to pre-order Advanced Warfare from GameStop/EB Games in order to get this in game bonus in Destiny. It’s says nothing about having to pre-order Destiny at these places.

      • George

        No I know but I already pre-ordered Advanced Warfare digitally already. I worded my comment weirdly I’ll fix it.

        • ChrisBChillin

          Ahh. I see.

  • Thefrenchman398

    Why do they have to do this too us! 😀 They rope you in to a game you don’t even pan on buying… :/

  • I suppose this is somewhat of a good incentive if you’re getting both titles anyway.

  • Daniel

    Do you have to preorder on the same console that you are getting destiny on? Example… If I am getting destiny on ps4 and aw on Xbox one will that work?

  • Enochrewt

    A single use armor shader? Unless it’s some exclusive color (it’s not, the ad would say) that’s not worth hardly anything.

  • AKIRA2020

    Just curious…..when poisoned; is it the Red Herb + Green Herb or is it the Blue Herb + Green Herb?

    p.s. Destiny, day one buy.

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  • The anonymous employee

    I believe anyone who preorders the game on the marketplace also get the item Microsoft or Sony won’t give up that preorder

  • kyuubi_clone

    Wow….look out for the next big story…..the retail price of Advanced Warfare.
    then we’ll see the box art for Advanced warfare in another story.
    and after that another feature story on the mo-cap actors Advanced Warfare used to make the game.
    then a youtube vid of the Advanced Warfare unboxing….

    then yet another story on day zero of Advanced Warfare….

    activision’s money well spent.