Aliens: Colonial Marines Bug Hunt Mode Now Available

For those who are still playing Aliens: CM (I know I am), Bug Hunt mode has officially launched today. Weighing at 181 MB, Bug Hunt mode sets players (up to four) against 30 waves of enemies on three all new maps.

The maps are called:

  • Mercenary
  • Tribute
  • Broadside

Season pass holders will be able to download it for free, while for those who have not purchased the pass will have to purchase for a high price of $15. Make sure to read our review on the mode, which will hopefully arrive later this week.

  • For those who are still playing Aliens: CM (I know I am)

    Hahaha…nice to read your words of honesty. Now for my turn.

    $15 for three maps and an uninspired survival mode is really out of reach. Unless there’s more under the hood, I might as well buy COD packs or subs.

  • dpg70

    Wow, $15 for a game mode that had no reason to be excluded from an Aliens game in the first place. So glad I passed on this one.

    • DarthDiggler

      $15 for a game mode that had no reason to be excluded from an Aliens game in the first place.

      Oh one of these “I am entitled to all things” guys.

      • dpg70

        Lol! Dude, this is Aliens. The movie itself was a big bug hunt. How does this get released without a mode that fits it so perfectly? I saw this mode was being added as DLC and this game was an immediate pass.

        • DarthDiggler

          Yes because you are entitled to all things! 😉

          Developers have a tough job to get people to keep their discs. It certainly doesn’t help when you release a turd like AliensCM. I am not going to trash talk Gearbox/Sega for using a marketing technique that has been fairly successful for most developers and publishers (post launch DLC). Of course Gearbox will want to have something attractive for players. Did you expect them to make some DLC that no one wanted? C’mon don’t be so naive, sure it’s business but it’s not underhanded like you suggest.

          I guess no one is happy these days unless they are a victim.

      • jameslara

        he’s right though, pretty much every Alien, Aliens title with MP had bug hunt I believe. It’s a mode that should have been there to begin with, no matter how entitled one feels. it was a mode discussed way back when the game was announced by the fans.

        Bug Hunt would have increased the value of the game at launch

        • DarthDiggler

          I don’t think the lack of Bug Hunt is what kept this game back. I think holding on to Bug Hunt until after release gave players a reason to keep the disc.

  • jameslara

    MY quick Verdict
    BUY IT if your playing still, heck I would invest the extra $15 for the full pass. This Bug Hunt Mode, wow it’s awesome, the AI’S aren’t F’n piss poor like before, it’s all good. FInished one map after 2 hours (just me and my buddy) and wow

    • DarthDiggler

      The AI did improve with the patch for the campaign.

      • still crap graphics and story though huh?

        • DarthDiggler

          For a licensed game its not bad. Better than most of the licensed bullshit that Activsion puts out.