Amazing Battlelog Browser Add-on, Battlelog Update #5

After last night’s maintenance, DICE’s Battlelog is back up and running with some shiny new improvements.

Battlelog Update #5

DICE Community Manager, Daniel Matros, listed the changes made in the Battlelog Update #5:

  • The News section is now available without logging in.
  • Changed browser detection to be less invasive (the yellow bar is no more). Instead, an inline popup will be displayed when trying to launch the game from unsupported software of devices, detailing what is wrong.
  • Anyone who has played BF3 can now log in to Battlelog. Previously an Online Pass was required.
  • When getting disconnected from the game, the Game Manager will display a “Reconnect” button.
  • The game server detail page will now display the server description and server message, if available.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
Better Battlelog

On January 25th, Add-on Developer, Roland “DJ Brainnrg” Eigelsreiter released the “biggest” version of Better Battlelog (or BBLOG), a browser add-on for DICE’s original social network/stat-tracking service, the Battlelog.

BBLOG, approved by DICE officials, was developed to help bring the original Battlelog to a whole new level of detail in terms of stat tracking and functionality. Currently, it is a simple download available as an extension for the Chrome and Firefox internet browsers. Some of its most striking features are the extremely detailed weapon stats, produced in conjunction with, as well as it’s inline YouTube support (videos can now be embedded into wall posts) and forum functionality, on top of other details that should make all Battlefield 3 player’s experience much smoother. Also of note is that this add-on actually fixes some minor bugs currently present in the original Battlelog.

Check out this full list of features:

  • High Detailed and “Secret” Weapon Information
  • Inline Youtube Videos
  • User Radar
  • Server Radar
  • Known Bugs, minor ImprovementsServer Radar
  • Contextmenu (Right-Click)
  • BBCode Support
  • Favorite Threads

What JBRipley from DICE had to say about the BBLOG browser add-on: “Great work on your extension, it’s really interesting for us at DICE to see what people add by themselves.”

For a detailed explanation of all its features and to download this highly recommended Battlelog browser add-on, visit the official website here.

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  • ……really/ i just checked battlelog i didnt see anything diffrent

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Nothing seems to have changed. Where is the page they they show above? Maybe they realized that give more information than Battlelog.

      • Wolfbargjr

        the page up there will show to you if you install the Better battlelog addon

  • Gameguy21

    You guys just go to a weapon and you will see the page up top. I thought the same thing. Just click a weapon and you will see the new page.

    • Meither

      Where is it>?

      • click your on weapons tab and it will have a diffrent layout

        • Yes. Just note that you need to have downloaded BBLOG to see these new weapon stats (included underneath regular weapon stats like you guys said above).

          • Meither

            got it thanks. wasn’t compatable with my version of firefox.. using chrome now works great… very cool

  • Confusious

    I still dont see the new page. when I click on a weapon it show the same old page…
    what should I be doing to see this?

    • You need to download the BBLOG browser add-on (link at bottom of article).


  • Hey guys, looks like there is some confusion. To view weapon stats and other such details, you need to download “Better Battlelog” browser add- on (BBLOG). The link to that website to download it is at the bottom of the article. The list at the bottom of the article is a list of the features that this download includes. (It is not FROM DICE but it is approved BY DICE.)

    The list at the top of the article are some small updates that were made last night to the Battlelog by DICE. This doesn’t include weapon stats or YT support.
    Hope that sorts things out a bit.