Arma 3 New Screenshots, Developers Plans for 2012

Some brand new Arma 3 screenshots have been released, and developer, Bohemia Interactive, discusses their 2012 plans.

In a recent blog post from Bohemia Interactive, the team outlines their current plans for Arma 3.

The game will be appearing at huge gaming event,s such as E3 and Gamescom Cologne, later this year, where they will release an onslaught of new information on the game, including a playable Alpha build that is set to go live sometime after E3. According to Bohemia, the alpha will be called “Community Alpha,” and that it’s to help them shape the game, and “make Arma 3 the greatest release of the series”

After this they do plan on releasing a beta to allow more players to test out their game. Their goal is to create a “feature-rich, polished, and bug free experience” for all Arma players

You can read the rest of the blog post here.

Here are some gorgeous new screenshots:


  • Anonymous

    Wow. From the screenshots, this looks better than Battlefield 3 in my opinion. 😯 =O

    • Colin_368

      LOL  have you played ARMA? each and every one of them were great yes but very boring.

  • Tre Cool

    cause it’s single player dude

    • Anonymous

      Regardless if it’s single player or multi player, it still looks better in my opinion.

    • ubermonkey101

      You can play with these maps and graphics on multiplayer as well if it’s anything like ARMA 2. The problem is that your going to need to talk to NASA to borrow one of their supercomputers to play this on highest settings 30+ fps.

      • raven

        It’s a SIMULATOR for a reason. It has to simulate ricochet, bullet drop, gun sounds over distances, noises from explosions traveling over distance also, sonic crack and much more. All this is has to be simulated, that is why this game causes so much lag. Due to all the ballistic and features. 

        • Mikey

          None of those things are very system-intensive. The reason Arma 2 was such a pain to run was because it was really poorly optimized.

    • Arma 2 does feature multiplayer I think. I’m not a PC person,but some readers have requested some Arma 3 postings. 

      ARma 2 did feature MP from the looks of videos:

      While the screenshots are most likely Single Player, it stills gives a good representation of what to expect later on in the year. Plus this does speak of the alpha and Beta build that will be going out.

    • a random stranger

      It’s multiplayer, supercomputer required for bearable experience, Extremely heavy on your CPU let alone everything else. 

  • so this is what BF3 should have been! it even looks better looks like its time to upgrade my PC 🙂

  • Ptp18

    a lil better yes, destruction no..

  • outlawz

    lol the top picture looks a lot similar to battlefield..

  • this is the game that takes real skill

  • Awesome, been a fan of the arma series for awhile now. I don’t think this will be the game that sends it to the masses, but I don’t think the fans are really asking for that anyway. Although I do think the Arma series (and Bohemia Interactive for that matter) should be household names for how gorgeous the games look.

  • Played the original ARMA very casually, just sorta messed around, created ridiculous custom scenarios. Fun stuff!

  • Sounds Awesome

    Excited to see how Battlefield would try and innovate even more with Arma 3 coming. And Arma 3 looks really awesome.

    Please don’t attack me 🙁 ….
    Arma would only be on pc because a console wouldnt be able to handle it?
    Looks gorgeous

  • Alextang0808

    Even the cover picture looks like Battlfield 3, with that orange lights aorund….

  • Dub

    I hope they can release some sort of ARMA title for the next-gen consoles!

  • TheSwedishViking

    give us a game not a movie.

    Oh wait IT IS A GAME 0_0

  • Chris Santiago123

    i don’t like the orange and yellow thing on the pic its just a total battlefield 3 ripoff i would still buy this though if it gives a well gaming experience all i hate is the pic which they are copying 

  • TheSwedishViking

    I first thought it was the DLC map pack cover for BF3.

    But I think Im gonna buy this game.