Arma 3 ‘Stratis’ Teaser and Animation Report

Bohemia Interactive has released a brand new teaser video of Arma 3. In this trailer you’ll get a glimpse of what’s been improved in Arma3 in terms of graphics and animations.

Although you can’t get much of an idea of what’s been improved, the team has stated in a recent blog post that animations for facial, weapon reloading, and firing have all been improved. According to Vespa, who’s an animator working on Arma 3, the animations are ” better, faster, smoother and more authentic than ever before!”

He goes on to discuss new gameplay features such as jogging (not the same as running), diving, and even underwater combat. It seems that much has been improved on to offer a better experience for it’s players.

And on the subject on how weapons will be handled, Vespa stated:

“We also aim to improve weapon behaviour, which means tweaking recoil mechanics, precision and weapon sway to more properly reflect the different states of the shooter, factoring in fatigue and injury, for example. Our goal is to not only improve the feel of firing guns, but also make firefights flow as close to reality as possible. The latter will actually be a tough one to crack, and again we hope that the players of the Community Alpha can feed into this process.”

Arma 3 is set to release some time in  Q4 of 2012.

Thanks Chris for the tip!

  • better then BF3 ;D

    • yaouza

      Not the same type of game, not comparable.

      •  jokes and serious people NOT compatible

        • Anonymouse (-_-)

          Try telling one and we will decide.

    • Gameguy21

      BF3 failed. Hit detection is utter crap, and enemies take half a mag to drop. They ruined the series.

    • *than

  • 1 ARMA series 
    2 Battlefield 3
    3Medal of honor single player
    4 operation flashpoint :dragon rising

    the best of the best in terms of military game experiences 

    • Clown13

       I agree, but I still like CoD more than any of those but thats because its more arcade like in terms of its faster gameplay.

  • Tludt888

    Looks good… but they need to put in some kind of AR-15. Yeah, Bohemia, we get it… you like the FN2000 and it’s your creative license.

    Does anyone else realize that every time a European developer makes a game about American soldiers, they always get the gear/themes wrong, or it’s just slightly misinformed. Oh hey, let’s throw a prototype Commanche in! Oh, let’s throw in some late 90’s FFW prototypes and XM8’s in while we’re at it! That’s what those fat Americans are using now right? (Paraphrasing hypothetical thought processes of DICE in BC and Bohemia in ARMA III).

    I don’t really mind them taking some creative license in a near-future setting, but it has to be within some limits. Or rather, it needs to be able to be configured by the player.  If the goal of the game is to be realistic/authentic, then creative license should take a back seat to it indefinitely.

    Animations look pretty convincing, and will look forward to cranking up the draw distance to see how fast my PC will explode.

    • Me

       There isn’t a single Arma that hasn’t had M-16 variants. Quit spazzing.

  • Jaskdavis

    BF3 will always be better because of the simple fact that ARMA is a SIMULATOR and BF3 is still in between arcade and simulator and is something people can jump into and have fun! ARMA is GREAT but will probably NEVER see it on console (Majority of Gaming Community) i’m sure next console could run ARMA III at max, but we wont know until they release the specs. Should be better than ARMA II

    • acealchemist

      Bohemia will NEVER release the Arma series for Consoles. It has to many details in it. Ricochet, explosions over distance, gun fire over distance, sonic crack, airplane sonic boom and much much more. All these  have to be simulated in real time and consoles will never be able to do that with they’re current hardware, maybe someday. But Bohemia likes having Arma as a PC Exclusive. Why? Again due to hardware, they can pull off a lot more with PC than dubbing it down like all the shitty console ports. Battlefield 3 Alpha was better than the current version. Alpha was PC only and had proper destruction with Foxholes and 3D sniper scopes. But than Dice decided to remove all these cause Consoles can’t handle it. P.S Battlefield 3 is not a simulator/arcade game. IT’s a straight up Arcade game, i play both games and i can tell you it’s a total joke. Even MW3 damage system is better… Sad to say. But i find it crazy to have to shot someone twice in the head to kill them (even in HC)  People take 5 bullets and run than run across the street and survive somehow.

  • Jacobkim12

    I wish other shooters could embrace ARMA’s vision

  • good bye BF3 hello ARMA3

  • Casavult

    Do you know what the best thing about this trailer is for me? No, it’s not the guns, or the animations, or the graphics.

    THE SUN DOESN’T BLIND YOU! *cough* BF3 *cough*

  • acealchemist

    Can’t wait for this, it’s going to be epic. Nuff said.