Battlefield 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 Domain Names Registered by EA

EA is ‘preparing 4 battle’… for a long time.

Securing the future of the Battlefield series, EA has recently registered dot-com domains for all the way through to

Up to this point, EA already owned as well as to to, however, are currently owned by parties not associated with EA

The recent domains were purchased on May 2 through the brand protection agency Corporation Service Company (CSC).

Does this mean that EA has plans for the Battlefield series all the way up to the 20th instalment? More than likely, they are simply protecting the these domains, should the series ever see such longevity.

That’s fine by me. I plan on playing Battlefield until the day I die!

In comparison, EA’s biggest competition, Activision, only owns and to ModernWarfare7.

Looking to the near future, Battlefield 4 is planned for a fall release on the PC as well as current and next-gen platforms.

Source: Fusible, via: VG247

  • Lucas Gomez

    They’ll probably serve no purpose. Just to avoid name hassles I guess. I doubt the franchise goes that long… but with EA who knows, maybe. lol

    • No, no, no, no, noooo! Let’s hope EA doesn’t last that long!

      • Lucas Gomez

        That was my point 😉

        • I’ll let you off this once, and whoever downed my comment really should be slightly better educated in gaming. Just saying! Kissy kissy woo woo’s xXx

          • pot51e

            In all likelihood, that was probably a mistake!

  • only a week ago i said “BF sucks CoD is better” but now i have to say… THAT THEY ARE TOTALLLYDIFFERENT GAMES so hardcore fans should piss off… BF is abou’ tactical and teamwork game but CoD is about fastpaced action and earning the highest killstreaks :OOOOO.

    • Aaron

      Lol go to Cod forums if you want praise. To many people with there head out of there ass here to honesty think Cod hasent done anything since Mw1, Zombies and maybe a little Treyarch multiplayer until they Fisted themselves and made a modern day turd

      • you can’t say this the only flop was MW3 but the other games were awesome 😀 and the lag is demonware’s FAULT NOT ACTIVISION’S

  • Probably when i’m 65 … i’ll be on BF20… Can’t imagine how this game would look then …

    • moar blue tint and sunglare

      • John doe

        First go outside if you can and stare directly at the sun. Cannot see can you? No as far as the blue tint goes I agree which they said they have removed from BF4.

        • hey

          I’m playing an arcade game, i don’t want to look at a supernova sun in a god damn game, even ARMA’s sun isn’t as bright and that’s a simulator game.

    • Meep…

      Probably avoiding the game, spending your time hating Black Ops 12.
      Might’ve just started a war ._.

  • mechcell

    They are eleventh battlefield games out so far and twelfth battlefield game called BF4

  • KZ

    Can’t Wait For Battlefield 20 & The PlayStation 18

    • Just saying

      Nah, it will be battlefield 20 on PS7 or PS8 considering the life cycle of PS will be 5 to 6 years 😀

      • Assuming PS4 and PS5 don’t bankrupt the PlayStation brand first.


        • Clayton Johnson

          I see what you did

      • Zwabber046

        PS5 will probably be the last PS, maybe 6. It’s because most of the stuff is already maxxed out, we only need maybe some faster CPU or GPU or whatever.

        • Just saying

          They won’t offer you an external performance package that can be connected to your PS if that’s what you mean. For the many, they will screw us and release another iteration of PS to get more money.

  • Activisions already Making CoD 20

  • battlefield until we die !!

  • James K

    This is unrelated but what happen to the podcast segments? The last Podcast happened on October, 2012. This is May. Did you guys discontinue it?

    • Yeah, it’s on hold at the moment. It basically comes down to more staff needed 🙂

  • brn

    Why on earth would they use numbers until 20?

    There will be sub-series and possibly a reboot.
    If the main series goes on so long, it will be called Battlefield: *********

    But they’ll never name the game with two-digit numbers.

    • Zwabber046

      Yeah most games that will release now will mostly not have numbers in them just names, in my opinion, sub-names are better than numbers and numbers make people feel old, if people would be with CoD from 1 and still be there at 15 or so, you would feel old

  • I’m tupac..yes I’m alive

    Too many battlefields…there is already too many with the current amount. But idc they can keep copy and pasting the same thing and just name it 20 fine by me! I won’t be buying

  • henry

    look out 3 new BF games coming out next year, and an additional one will be releasd but with micro transactions and day one dlc, not to mention its always online lol

  • MasonMei

    Nope, when BF20 comes out it will be COD40 man

  • Wiking

    2 years between every BF is 20*2=40 years of BF

    And with possible BF titles like BF:BC3 and others BF will last to at least to 2070.

  • Drew

    Are they implying the end of the Bad Company series?