Battlefield 3 96-Hour Double XP Event Back On Track for End of May

Battlefield 3 is finally in double XP at the end of May.

Originally scheduled for May 9, the event was postponed due to denial-of-service attacks on DICE’s servers. It seems that the studio has worked out the issues and is getting everything back on track.

Starting on May 23 and going through to May 27, Battlefield 3 users will be gaining twice the amount of XP for everything they do in game. That’s 96 hours of double XP. Check out the exact start times in your region right here.

The event is open to all players on all platforms, Premium members or not.


You can RSVP at Battlefield 3’s Facebook event here.

  • MrBeastshaw

    Looks like I’m gonna have to free up my schedule for those days…

  • I wish we were playing but right me and my friends are tied up in Tiger Woods and having a blast

  • Jamic

    Hopefully I can reach the shitbucket status…. And be the first 100* col with zero USAS kills and none of the ezz asssult weapons in my top 5. (M16A3/M416/AEK)

    • MegaMan3k

      You strike me as the kind of person who takes so much pride in not using the “cheap” weapons, but that has a huge proportion of time in tanks, helicopters, and jets.

      • MegaMan3k

        You strike me as a noob who uses every easy ass gun so you can pretend you have skill.

        • MegaMan3k

          Two of my top five are pistols. Your move.

          • Little wane

            Bet you bought BF3 and only play Team deathmatch. LOL top 2 weapons is pistols. Your a joke.

            • MegaMan3k

              I bet you cry when the true masters like myself crap on you over and over round after round.

              It’s okay. We only judge people like you sometimes.

            • Little wane

              LOL I could be asleep and beat your ass with my thoughts. You would not have a chance against me my gamertag is Loststrike send me hate messages.

            • MegaMan3k

              I’m shivering in fear of your mediocre stats.

            • Little Wayne

              Do not be mad bro cause i talk like a gangsta. You momma loves when I give her the D.

      • Jamic

        No, not really.

        I would estimate I have 2000 kills in total with vehicles. Im not really much into them so I usualy let my team to take care of their good use.

        Dont mind the MP7, once it came “teh ezz of PDW’s” I put my hipster hat on and equiped it with suppressor.

        I didnt say that M16A3/M416/AEK are cheap, I just said they are easy to use.

        • MegaMan3k

          Fair enough. Forgive the assumption then.

        • hey

          I’m sorry, but as a PC player with 24%+Accuracy i must tell you, They’re all easy and the MP7 is high up there with the ”ease”.

          • agree, I use the MP7 on the CQ DLC and it is a hip-fire machine that destroys enemies

            • Jason Davis

              Yes Sir!

        • Jason Davis

          Good to see a well rounded class player! Im not great, and far from bad on BF3, But my main problem is I have too much fun playing and get side tracked easy 😉

          I guess I will post my stats :/

        • lol i remember when it was so shit AND took almost a full clip to kill one person IF you were lucky 😛 and once you got the extended mags it only could kill about 2 or 3 max XD

    • NOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I bet you got like 1000 camp ribbons.

  • Bob

    Cod is better.

    • MegaMan3k

      Halibut is better.

    • pot51e

      Cod in batter

  • Little Charley

    Why do people play this game there is no strategy to it. Find a vehicle and sit in it for the whole match. Yeah so fun. COD is so much better than this. We do not even have to drive the vehicles because the AI does it for you. Also the destruction is so cooler in COD I can hide behind a soda can and live now that is realism. BF is dying and COD is the king. My mom already pre ordered Ghosts for me and I will be there at midnight to pick it up. BF sucks.

    • OhMyGawd

      LMAO. Truth, brotha.

    • Advanced trolling. I like it. 10/10

    • Kyle Jackson

      As an adult I respected your opinion until you put your mom ordered it for you. I play SP COD for an afternoon, then I delete it, it’s the same old rubbish in multiplayer, and the graphics aren’t much compared to the Frostbite engine because I have eyes.

  • Kyle Jackson

    This has to be done, still only rank 43, Operation Metro, support, just keep chucking down the ammo. It’s time to lock the front door, get out the coffee maker and put out the dirty bucket in the corner of the living room, Hooahhh!!

    • Ziba Tower 500% is the best.

      • AL_GR33N_

        Ziba Tower used to be the best before they halved the Flag capture points in CDom.

        Now, your fastest way to level up is probably Air Superiority, provided you can handle yourself in a jet. You don’t need to be a top gun. In actual fact, you’re better off avoiding the enemy and flying around taking flags. They capture quicker than in CDom, carry full points and you can afterburner between them. Couple that with the dearth of Jet service stars you’ll be picking up.

        But then, that really is grinding.

        • in AS you wont be getting much kills to go along with your captures so playing CQ will be much more beneficial

          • AL_GR33N_

            Agreed, you won’t be getting many kills, but the fact is, the flag turnover in AS is faster than in any other game mode, and with the reward you get for flag captures it leads to a very high SPM. Of course, run heatseekers and you will supplement this with occasional kills and more frequent vehicle disables. Fact is though, in the time it takes to get 1 kill in AS, you could have captured 3 flags. 1000SPM is easily possible in AS with no kills at all. I often see MVP going to a pilot with little to no kills at all. Add in Jet service stars and double XP and you’re away.

            That said, if you’re good and push for the MCom plants, Rush can be a very rewarding mode, though for it to be beneficial, you need to be looking for at least half the plants, so prepare to go pub stomping.

  • Just saying

    I wish I could play in this Double XP event but I can’t and I’m colonel 59 so I need this to get to 100 but when I think about it, I say to myself “what will I do after getting 100?” I’ll stop playing BF3 probably and BF4 still a long way ahead so I’ll just keep it cool and lvl up slowly 🙂

  • Ryan Schulze

    After a two month hiatus I jumped back on PC after grabbing premium for $10. Two immediate observations…#1 Maps are gorgeous. #2 I’m normally shit with a mouse & keyboard and with two months of rust, I’m downright awful. Might need some time back in the campaign to shake off the rust and get back to my normal low level of skill. I’m only level 3 on PC and need to bump that up in a hurry.I

  • eBunny

    The should do Triple XP 😛 I’m probably not going to reach lvl 100 though and I don’t care, it’s just a rank. If my PS3 had no been broken since more than a year ago, I would have probably been colonel 100 by now, but I only got this PC quite recently so whatever, I might play some next weekend during this event.

  • Green117

    I had uni deadlines just after the original double xp weekend was about to take place. Now that all my work is done, I can spend a good bit of time getting those last 15 ranks on the 360 and maybe do a little on the laptop too 🙂

  • Richie Tellez

    Screw the try hard class :p bolts few (didn’t start on xbox till end game)