Battlefield 3: Aftermath First Details – Key Features Listed and More On Setting

DICE and EA have revealed the first details of the fourth Battlefield 3 expansion pack, Aftermath.

The expansion pack will be “set amongst the shattered districts, streets and surrounding villages of a post-earthquake Tehran Battlefield 3: Aftermath depicts a continuing struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation,” reads Battlefield 3’s Aftermath official promotional page, as it was announced at E3.

DICE added, “With operational capacity severely compromised the opposing forces must adapt and engage in vertical and horizontal urban combat amongst the dust and rubble with cracks and fissures in the terrain providing unexpected cover and paths to objectives. Additional support comes in the form of heavily modified troop transports and civilian vehicles specially adapted to deliver deadly force to the enemy.”

Key Features

  • Urban warfare on four new maps
  • Fight through the dust and rubble, use the earthquake damaged terrain to your tactical advantage
  • New heavily modified military and civilian vehicles – ingenuity and firepower combined
  • New game mode
  • New assignments, achievements and dog tags

Update 1: It’s unclear whether Aftermath will also pack in new weapons or not, since another promotional page lists new weapons as one of the expansion pack’s features.

  • 4 new maps
  • New weapons
  • New vehicles
  • and more

Update 2: When asked if Armored Kill will include new weapons, the official Battlefield Twitter account stated, “No, the Armored Kill will not include weapons. New weapons will come with Aftermath.”

Aftermath is expected to release in December 2012 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Featured image: Concept Art from Aftermath, here’s a full size version (click to enlarge):

Here’s the cover art for Aftermath that was released earlier this year:

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  • whoootttttt keep it up battlefield

  • tludt888

    Sounds PMC-ey, sweet! New weapons would be nice, however. I don’t give a rat’s ass about new game modes, achievements, and dog tags.

  • Munk


  • survival mode!!

  • Roto2

    Civilian vehicles like in BF2 Special Forces!!! 😀

    • man remember the muscle car in midnight sun? that thing was awesome.

      • jakeen burney

        LOl I most likely rode shotgun with you at least one.I feel like playing it down sense I own them all.

  • 3DArtistExtreme

    New Game mode hmmm 🙂 Hope it`s DINO SURVIVAL 🙂

    • swipey

      Yeah I heard on console it will have a 64 player Dino mode. 😀

      • I-TKS-I


    • Its called Jurassic park the game.. fwi

  • dr randog

    Sounds more like the middle ground between CQ’s and AK which should suit both PC and console players.

    Fingers crossed they are well designed

    • swipester

      Im guessing something like strike at karkand, but 5-8 story buildings where you can actually go upstairs and attack the enemy from top (hence the vertical gameplay), but it might be easily collapsed (due to damage) the maps might heavily change during games, and provide “unexpected cover and paths to objectives” similar fashion like the collapsing radio tower.

      • Ryan

        I really hope there are a few after shocks that cause a building or two to crumble or a new fissure to open up. It shouldn’t be to hard to do, similar to OP Metro rush first mcoms where a jet bombs access to the tunnels or tower falling on caspian.

        • RyGuy

          Or maybe modify a building’s layout a bit, maybe open up some holes in the floor for surprise drops and improvised ambush locations, etc.

  • Yanneck Mock

    An Earthquake during a MP match would be great or funny 😀

    • tyrone

      great idea!

    • Lol no it wouldn’t. If you’ve ever played Gears 3 on the Overpass map, you’d know how annoying and stupid random mid-match earthquakes that shake your screen like a seizure are.

    • Alkanida

      tbh, this information is very vague. i’m not 100% sure if this will be MP (24players) or 4-8 player co-op (survival mode)
      I know DICE and they would tell us this info at a very late time…

      • Eoin

        bullshit. where do u even get 24 players from? bf3 is 64 player, and the co-op is only 2 player. co-op doesnt have chooseable weapons, vechicles, it doesnt have dogtags, assignments or gamemodes. theres your shitty theory busted my friend.

        • RNP_Ghost

          Lol. Your rage is funny. It is possible that they could restrict map sizes to 4 or 8 people for these particular maps, effectively creating a 4 or 8 person co op? Or perhaps even introduce a new mode with a lower player count? Apparently these things are impossible. 🙂 Also, I believe he was referring to console multiplayer, where it is capped at 24 players. Please get your facts straight before you rage. And don’t shit on people’s theories (unless you work for DICE, in which case their employment specifications in terms of social skills have fallen disastrously).

        • NumNumz11

          It’s 64 on PC because of priority over consoles for some reason. It’s 24 on 360 and PS3.
          sub to my channel for MW3, BF3, and future BO2 videos.


    Sounds like they have some metro tunnel hole map leftovers to get rid of…

  • jimmylara

    Speculated Release date.
    Since it all has to come out in December, this is the only reasonable possibility for release.
    December 4th – Premium PS3 Users
    December 11th – Non-Premium PS3 Users
    December 18th – Premium PC and Xbox 360 User
    December 25th – All PC and Xbox 360 Users.

    December 25th is the last Tuesday, but it should be noted that is Holidays so a early release (Monday) is possible

    • Blaze

      Actually premium is 2 weeks ahead of normal users, so if its those dates, it would be like this:
      December 4th: Premium PS3 users
      December 11th: Premium PC and 360 users
      December 18th: Non-Premium PS3 users
      December 25th: Non-Premium PC and 360 users

      • jimmylara

        Thanks, got those mixed up


      ARMORED KILL might have something to say first!

  • nonstickron

    Sigh…Where are the freakin dinosaurs already for crying out loud!?

    • TriPpKinGs

      My fingers are crossed that End Game will be DinoMode. If they do do it, by the grace of god, it would probably be set up like horde/ a wave based gamemode. I think a Trex would be a great boss wave. Maybe severL.

      • nonstickron

        You’d think their fans raving about it would be a clue as to the fact that they should maybe put something like that in.

        • lol Dinosaur mode? what are you? 12?

          • Jesus

            Judging by your pic, you’re pretty young yourself. Respect others.

      • If your after a boss dino then you dont want a T-rex you want Spinosaurus aegyptiacus T rex was a pussy compared to this bad boy. 😉 and i couldnt give a rats arse what comes next but it needs to be dinos to get me back as a fan.

    • yummyfluffy

      i cant wait i want my DINOS too 🙁

    • wolf onatshirt

      Wow, you’re still clueless from the April Fool’s joke the dev gave out huh?

    • nonstickron

      I’m not sure exactly why people have to be jerks about people wanting something awesome added to an awesome game. Tanks vs T-rexs…who WOULDN’T want to do that?

      • CHB

        ME! It is extremely cheesy, not to mention that type of game mode is always more repetitive and gets old very fast. What is this anyway, toy story? I mean comon… If you want that type of kiddy crap go play CoD.

        • Thats why there is a Jurassic park game…. go to that, while DICE stays on their roots and not mess everything up with your childish dreams

  • swipey

    Is this Medal of Honor? 😀

  • Dirk

    Sounds just dandy to me.

  • wtf

    Could be maps like seine or bazaar

    • God, I hope not. Those maps are poorly designed causing side disadvantages. Main problem, map sizes.

      • wtf

        I just hope these maps you won’t be able to spawn trap.. I thought they learned their lesson from BC2.. spawn raping = boring games

      • Seine Crossing is ok in my books, one of the best Conquest maps. Grand Bazaar I hate, your literally just going around the block and Im almost certain the Grand Baazar in real life is way bigger than that.

  • Wooo! Can’t wait for my solider to his foot stuck on a crack or having my vehicle drive down into a fissure.

  • Jason

    TOO…..MUCH…. DLC….. EYES ARE BLEEDING…. Keep bringing it!

  • joban sabutti

    New weapons please

  • iiKaRmAx

    So… Basically Back to Karkand?

    • Except these are new maps and not remakes of BF2 maps. Also, how is that like B2K? I’d love to know where in B2K there are useable civilian vehicles and earthquake ravaged terrain.

    • So…Basically you don’t even know how the maps look yet going forth with baseless conclusions?

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  • Legion

    i bet maps will be a little bigger than metro… this will be BAD

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  • LaDewd

    : O
    This sounds amazing!

  • JOhhny 3254354

    going by this Aftermath theme, End Game will be maps after the nuclear bomb in paris?

  • just give me a bowie knife to replace my ACB please!

  • ChodeArmy

    if you really actually look and not glance at the cover art, then you can clearly see a new melee weapon!

  • Great… another DLC that isn’t worth the price I paid for Premium($50 USD… -$15). Already paid for BF3 collectors edition which included Back to Karkand (-$15), and Armored Kill doesn’t interest me at all (-$15). Close Quarters however kicks ass (+$15). I hope End Game will be worth $30 ($50 -$15 -$15 -$15 +$15 +$30 = $50).

    • Freindly poster

      WTF armored kill is the best one

      • RNP_Ghost

        Different DLC suits different people. However, i am inclined to agree with you.

      • Casavult

        It’s not even out yet so how can you say it’s the best? We’ll see.

    • Please stay in CoD… CQ ? really?

  • Wow I really like the sound of this! Didn’t enjoy Close Quarters anywhere near as much as I thought (the guns were the only good part of that one) and I think I’m going to find most of Armored Kill to be quite boring. Aftermath sounds exactly like what I’d love! Basically 4 maps similar in design to Grand Bazaar and Seine Crossing, but a way cooler setting

  • I Had a feeling it was going to end up urban like metro, bazaar, sien ect. Going by the cover art I’m assuming we get a new knife, and with the lights on in the background, my guess is night time map. I bet that mission where you crawl in the earthquake ravaged town in story, you know the one with the rat you stab ends up as one of the stages.. or if not the very stage they are talking about in this article. If real night time maps are coming buff that damn IRNV then.

    Im still hope from story mode the NYC stage ends up in the map packs.

  • Casavult

    Sweet! Even more weapons to feast my hands on! =D


    • SamR0ck

      Wow! I never thought I will see an Insurgency player here 🙂
      That was an awesome Mod!

    • Whoever downvoted you never played Battlefield 2

  • DICE dlc’s are truly phenomenon !!! all of’em B2K,CQ and the AK and AM … the ideas behind them are innovative, i enjoy all! DICE is really wise

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  • Norwegiantroll

    Is it just me, or is it a dino in the back?! If you look closely…

  • Sebax55

    So.. we also know how two maps will look like, the first tip is from cover of Aftermath and it will be at night and there will be rain and the second you see on the new picture 😀

    • I hope it’s actually a night time map like Nelson Bay(Rush) and not a late evening Tehran Highway

  • pot51e

    Here comes the Toyota pick up – “Libyan Style”!!

  • Kaelthuz

    I didn´t see anyone say that but am betting we probably will get some kind of customization just look at the soldiers they are different from the ones we got

    • Probably more skins we can choose from in the Appearance section of customization. Im hoping for new factions but that’s asking too much for a Battlefield game nowadays sadly :/

      • wdwleij;ilj

        it’s possible they have a few tricks up their sleeve they are not telling us about.

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  • BrokenThinker

    Merry xmas, city street fights are my favourite kind of battles.

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  • Viltsu99

    Civilian vehicles? That’s what I call a jihad jeep.

  • I hope as far as weapons are concerned that we get the XM models back. Like the ones from BFBC2

  • csmith

    armored kill isn’t even out and we’re already speculating about future dlc

  • maybe the guns will have damage to them but only affect them appearance wise like look like they have been under a rock or something. maybe a jeep with a mini gun, cause i like the way they sound like they are tearing up the atmosphere itself 🙂 i would love to see some skins that actually change the way you look instead of just changing the colour, damn dice, i have a huge wishlist 🙂

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  • Yoshi

    Look above the guys right shoulder see the shape of a Dino in the smoke

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  • NoobAnnihilator

    Looks as though there’s a new knife! check out the poster