Battlefield 3: Armored Kill – All Map Names Revealed, More On Gameplay and Level Design

DICE Senior Developers Niklas Fegraeus and Gustav Halling give Battlefield fans a deeper look into the upcoming Armored Kill expansion pack, revealing all four new map names.

So, what is Battlefield 3: Armored Kill all about, asks EA France’s Battlefield 3 TV? According to Fegraeus, “Armored Kill is about the epic scale Battlefield – the big big war that Battlefield is so famous for.”

One key feature that the latest DLC, Close Quarters, brought to the Battlefield was HD Destruction, a more detailed and compact form of what the Battlefield series has become known for. But, what about Armored Kill? What is it introducing to the series? “I think the key feature of Armored Kill is the epic battle,” explains Fegraeus. “It’s how we produced the huge maps and these large scale warfare. That’s the key feature. But it comes to life through all the small things that we’ve added – the new vehicles, the new modes, the new game mechanics.”

He adds, “in Armored Kill we have four new maps. We have Death Valley, Armored Shield, Bandar Desert and Alborz Mountain,” of which the latter two were shown off in the latest Armored Kill gameplay trailer which we highly recommend you check out right here!

Battlefield 3 Lead Developer Gustav Halling hard at work tweaking what could be Armored Kill’s Bandar Desert.

Speaking to Battlefield 3 TV, Gustav Halling details what sort of gameplay you can expect from the upcoming expansion pack: “We have 20 vehicles on all levels. We place them around, divided into each base. We’re going to have quad bikes, tanks in home base, but also, you’re going to be able to capture bases to get new tanks, for example, or to get a gunship.”

Level design in Armored Kill will obviously differ from that of vanilla Battlefield 3 maps and, especially, Close Quarters maps. “Since you have to cover so much more area, you really have to use vehicles very tactically and squad play very tactically,” mentions Fegraeus. “You have to play defensive, and also, you have to really plan your attack because sometimes.. ‘okay, so we’re going to take that flag,’ and two tanks are guarding it, and that’s not something to take lightly. You need to really plan ahead and be really tactical about your approach:” words of wisdom to take with you as you enter the epic, vehicular-based expansion pack.

Where the “Epic-ness” is created

Fegraeus was also asked what type of influence the community had in creating this particular expansion pack. As it turns out, quite a lot. “Yeah, we always listen to the community,” he says. “We have lots and lots of feedback coming in and I think one example in Armored Kill, I saw on a forum, one person who actually had an example of what he thought, “you know, this would be an awesome idea for a big map,” and I think he was actually right. I think it was a really good idea. So, one of the maps in Armored Kill is heavily inspired by that. So, that’s just one example.”

Look forward to Battlefield 3: Armored Kill this September!

  • Looks good.

  • Battlefield

    So how will 20 vehicles work for consoles? Maybe 10 perhaps, but they should really up the player count from 24 to 32.

    • only way that will happen is if they decrease graphic quality which is not as bad as it sounds they just need to decrease view distance and reduce the bullet hole life. and it could run a couple more players

      • nickmaster1150

        ni view distance is the differnce berween winning and losing on the battlefield, it would suck if they lower that

        • not that type of view distance i mean the out of area places were you die in 10 seconds reduce that

    • Jason

      No, Caspian on Xbox 360 has 18 vehicles on it i think? It has 2 jeeps, 2 tanks, 2 Jets, and a attack Helo at each spawn! Then 1 Tank and 1 Jeep at (A) and the same at (D) so I think 2 more wouldn’t be that big of a deal lol!

  • MikePembo951

    Cant wait !!!! Its gonna be so much better than close quarters. 😀

  • I want my Mommy

  • Death Valley sounds awesome hope its a medium map instead of 12 miles wouldn’t mind karkand type maps 🙂

    • nate

      I don’t think armored kill is going to have medium maps. It would go against “epic battles” and all out warfare, as they have been advertising it. Could be medium on consoles though.

  • The Rock

    These maps are going to run at 15 fps on the ps3. I can’t wait.

  • gggggg

    i prefer want 64 players on console if they dont put 64 players though, this dlc is gonna be shitty on console

    • Oliver Cooksey

      64 isn’t even standard on pc, it’s a bonus amount. 32 is the standard amount.

      • Casavult

        Yup, that’s true. I don’t understand why people think 64 is “standard” for PC…

        • Because we are misinformed

        • Geoff

          What? A lot of people enjoyed BF2’s 64 player–that’s why!

    • nickmaster1150

      you think? I love the player amount on console right now, I don’t get it, if you play it right you got fun, right?

  • They couldn’t come up with better names than Death Valley and Armored Shield? I mean, Death Valley is fine I guess, but Armored Shield sounds pretty boring.

    • sound like a defense system than a map.

    • LaDewd

      Death Valley is a real desert located between California and Nevada
      Maybe an American map?
      As for Armored Shield, it sounds like an urban map :O That’d be so awesome.

    • Nate

      That and aren’t all shields armored? Lol.

    • MasonMei

      I think all the maps of BF3 are named with a location… like Noshahr Canals… Damavand Peak… Except for Op Firestorm and Operation 925…


    COD ain’t got nothing on this!!

    • COD has nothing to do with this you random son of a *****! lol, and no i don’t play cod, if this map pack sucks i’m throwing out my bf3 disk and going back to bf2.

  • Viktor

    That’s it. Building myself a pc for bf3. Playing this game on a console is like using Lamborghini as a lawn mower.

    • wolf onatshirt

      Oh God. So the grass looks more realistic. Big freakin wow. Other than that, you can’t really tell a big giant difference. It’s not like bullets fly in your face and shit. Get real PC elitist.

      • Mikey Spangler

        You’re an idiot. He doesn’t mean he wants it for the graphics, he wants it for the 64 players. Basically what AK is designed for. Im not a PC elitist, I have a PS3.

      • jake

        Actually you can tell the difference dude to there being 32 more players… in which benefits large maps a la armored kill. don’t be mad cause he decided to play bf3 on the hardware it was really made for. btw I’m on ps3 I wish I could afford a pc right now.

      • Duhasst123

        Everything looks better, textures, no jagged, awesome shadows, motion blur (this is huge), 60+ FPS, polygon count, lit particles, draw distance (no grass suddenly popping up as your running across the fields in caspian border, this list goes on. Not to mention 64 players!!

      • BrokenThinker

        I think you’re on the wrong page kid. This is the PC section.

      • Wolf

        You’re retarded.

    • Whats with the movie reference?

    • arendsb

      Really? Like using a Lambo? I’d say its more like using a Ford Pinto. I’d gladly use a lambo as a lawn mower. Trust me, the grass would NEVER come back.

  • notworkingforea

    5 flag Wake Island had tons of vehicles on the ps3, and they incuded it after some optimizations. They keep the flag count, and wont reduce the size of maps as far as I heard. DICE knows how to make this fun on consoles, so im not worried.

    • nickmaster1150

      they are scaling it down a bit on console, but it isn’t that bad, because 24 players is anough for me.

      • Wolf

        Not sure why you’re being downvoted.

  • patrick

    i think armored shield will take place in the canadian shield, and if you win your characters will shit gold.

    • TheEuropean

      They said all maps are located in the Caspian sea area.

  • MasonMei

    Bring on 96 or 128 players battle on PC!

  • Hot-Wire

    I think that one person said that snow was awesome and they agreed.

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  • irani!

    Alborz is my state! wow 😀

  • If you have bad team it doesn’t matter 32-64 whatsoever

  • Do you people really think that DICE will be making all the Ak dlc map that big, that wont be good enough for consoles !? u’re an idiot, Except the “BD map” rest of them will either be equal to kharg or smaller, why would they piss off 90 percent of their customer (console owners), just to give the %10 percent PC players an advantage to play in super big maps with 64players? hu! they won’t, All those maps will be playable for consoles as they will be around size of kharg or less, except the bandar desert, that it’s gonna be horrible for consoles. >> with that being said, Patiently waiting for next gen n hopefully BF4!!! 😀

    • derpalerpa

      go to bed.

    • Wolf

      Did you see Alborz Mtn? Fucking massive.

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  • dan

    the game mode for pc gamers, and a good practice mode for console gamers coz you’ll feel alone in the big maps.

  • knowing they took inspiration from the battlelog.battlefield3 community kinda worries me a bit… so what next will be nerfed..

    • derpalerpa

      can you even prove that? i didn’t think so.

  • John

    We always listen to the community……

    Yeh right… what community is that then ?

  • Jason

    I think Death Valley is “Heavy metal” from BC:2!

  • …”Because two tanks are nothing to take lightly…” right like vehicle fire is scary to infantry. Right… Vehicle fire is so punked out some jack ass can bunny hope past it or take it enough to get close and c4 your ass. One shot from any vehicle should instantly kill infantry, but no.

  • uwantSAMOA

    Here’s hoping they kick the player count to 20v20 on console for AK

  • FritztheAssassin

    Eh, I don’t think it’ll play tactically. It’ll probably play out similar to Firestorm and Caspian, or Oman. I just don’t believe they can cause tactical gameplay just because of a map.
    Also, I think they confused Battlefield for ArmA, because Battlefield does not have maps that big. Big enough to have some good tank fights and dogfights, but not that big.
    Nonetheless, sounds like it will be interesting in spite of EA-DICE’s imagination.

  • ownzu

    Yeh pc best consoles full of kiddie