Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Dev on Tank Destroyers, Mobile Artillery and More

Get the lowdown on some of the brand new vehicles that Battlefield 3: Armored Kill will be introducing this September, including the new tank destroyer and mobile artillery classes. DICE lead designer Niklas Fegraeus details these machines of war.

Fegraeus states, while speaking to VG247, that Bandar Desert, the biggest map in the Battlefield franchise, takes place along the coast of a body of water not too far a way from a luxurious city under construction. He explains that here will be the focal point of most of the battles on this map as well as the artillery base which will provide a clear view of  the city.

When asked about some of the new vehicles, such as the tank destroyer and mobile artillery, Fegraeus first explained that the new tank destroyer vehicles will feature more firepower and mobility then the bulkier MBT, but in exchange for less armor.

As for the mobile artillery, it will feature long range fighting capability and decent firepower, but it will pale in comparision with the other vehicles in terms of armor and mobility. In order to rain down missiles, the mobile artillery will have to be stationary, which will also make it a big target if it is not a considerable distance away from all the action.

In addition to more vehicles being included in Armored Kill, DICE will also be adding an array of upgrades which can be used with the vehicles currently found in the game.

If you missed the latest Armored Kill gameplay trailer, be sure to check it out right here. You can also learn more about the gameplay and level design right here.

  • 3DArtistExtreme

    We will see how good AK is in september. Hope it`s worth the waiting.

    • Casavult

      I hope so too.

  • did i just hear him say out on a carrier for a flag? holy mother of awesomesauce

    • Beanz3

      That’s what he said? I had issues hearing what he said at times during the interview while writing this.

      • stevenStefano

        I think he said a “Wasp carrier” which I believe is a class of US Aircraft Carrier

        • VIPER5051

          to get technical it is an AAS(Amphibious Assault Ship) but it can carry helos and vtol. not designed for jets

  • and on consoles………..24 players

    • Azza

      Yup will be great to see tumble weed in the frostbite engine

      • Its on rush too right I dont think it will be that bad on rush

        • nate

          Too bad rush is awful when compared to conquest. And the jets are way too OP.

          • really and who wants to add me on PS3 i got hacked and had to start over and my clan mates i can add all of them

          • Wow because 1v1 jets in rush with no afterburners is OP I played Conquest just enough times to earn my medal and hardly touch it except when playing with friends who prefer Conquest. Maybe next gen when its classic 32 player conquest variants like how it should be, I may(or may not)have a PC by then … back on topic, DICE already stated that the console versions of the the AK maps will be custom tailored for consoles

            • fgfdgd

              hmm rush jets do have after burners listen/look at your speed increase when u push them. and by OP he means the guns.

            • nate

              The rush jets kill tanks in a second or two… I would know, i have 3K jet kills and over 1 KPM with the rush jets. Ive used the frogfoot two times and have 70 kills. seems fair…


    “In addition to more vehicles being included in Armored Kill, DICE will also be adding an array of upgrades which can be used with the vehicles currently found in the game.”

    This part intrigues me the most.

    • RNP_Ghost

      Definately. The new vehicles will be great, but new attachments for old vehicles? It’s been banded around a lot that we might see dropable bombs for jets once more, like in BF2. Could this be a new attachment to compete with heatseekers and rocket pods? I don’t think the attack chopper needs a new attachment (but it would be amazing if it does have one), but they talked about rocket pods for the scout heli at one point, but said that the rocket pod launcher on the vehicle looked ridiculously big. Could it be that they’re finally shrunk it for the scout heli?

      • Beanz3

        I wouldn’t be surprised if dice added droppable bombs for the jets on AK also, if you look at the AK cover art, the jet on it appears to carry multiple bombs.

      • ryan

        bombs for jets is something I have been waiting for and was very disappointed when I found they weren’t there when the game released.

  • uwantSAMOA

    Please, if possible DICE, up the console matches to 20v20 for AK.

    • ryan

      consoles literally can not handle that many people at the current level of detail and effects in the game. Games have been able to have many players before but the games engine was designed around player count not graphics / physics like frostbite 2. If they could have 20 v 20 they surely would

  • Swipes

    This will be like arma for consoles: walk miles to see the enemy.

  • Viltsu99

    I think they’re adding rocket pods to the scout helis. I think I saw a Z11W shooting rocket pods in the newest gameplay trailer. It destroyed tank fairly easy and when I stopped the video in youtube there was clearly a rocket pod that was shot out of the heli.