Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC Gets First Gameplay Trailer, Snow Map Confirmed

Tanks, jets and choppers. Oh my! DICE unleashes the armored fury with a brand new multiplayer trailer for Battlefield 3’s upcoming DLC, Armored Kill.

Having previously been introduced to the Battlefield series’ largest-ever map, Bandar Desert, we now get a look at the brand new snow covered map Alborz Mountain, much to the pleasure of many fans who’ve been dying for the white stuff since the launch of Battlefield 3.

Check it out and leave your thoughts below!

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill also introduces a brand new mode to the Battlefield franchise, Tank Superiority, where heavy vehicles clash in order to control key areas of the map, wrote Tommy Rydling on the Battlelog.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is set for a September, 2012 release.

Update: Two screens from the map, Armored Shield: (click on the image to enlarge)

Original story by David Veselka, contributions by Fahed Jaradat

  • IMP3RlUM

    frozen lake=epic

    • PTFO Nico

      Even more so if said lake can be shot to shit, sinking vehicles into the lake – fuck yeah!

      • MasonMei

        LOL, wait for all their vehicles on the lake, and AC130 cannon aimed at the lake, and BOOOOOOM. Holy fuck it’s 2012

  • Awesome can’t wait have been waiting for snow maps since BF3 came out

  • DrBcD

    I wonder how its going to turn out on consoles…

    • dr randog

      I was just thinking the same thing.

      Unless the player count gets upped (which is unkikely) there will be a lot of open space with not much happening in it.

      • Wtf

        You’re doing it wrong..

    • nickmaster1150

      if you play it the right way it’s going to be fun, I’m havin a fun time playin caspian border and op firestorm on ps3 though

      • Johnny Neat

        Sometimes consoles can be great, other times if a bunch of CoD or selfish K/D minded players are on the server the games are BORING. Even when that’s not the case and the majority are in vehicles it slows to a crawl on land for infantry.

        • TriguyN

          Exactly right. When I get in a tank I like to have people around me so I can be repaired and have some help taking down vehicles. Half of the time people go lone wolf or camp with a sniper.

        • it’s like that on every platform all the time, unless of course you know the people you’re playing with.

  • nickmaster1150

    finally snow maps!!!!

  • Dat snow map….

  • PiskellettoHouz

    Best bf3 maps

  • HolyBoyy

    cant wait 2 get hands on AC-130..! 😀

  • Kevin Campbell

    please do allow me to jizz in my pants for a moment while i watch that again, wow

    • BingXP


    • EA’s advertising at it’s best! congratulations sir, you have been brainwashed by them yet again.

  • MasonMei

    The snows aren’t too shiny, that’s cool! So you dont need to worry if you will be blinded and can’t see shit… And anyways… this screws the BO2 trailer UP!

  • Cpt_Balloonhands


  • I’m not a big fan of vehicles in any shooter, so meh. The maps look great though.

    edit: funny how this comment gets dislikes en masse, seems like disliking vehicles makes you a baaaaaaaaad person. Infantry ftw XD

    • michael oakley

      then y u on a BF3 post witch is sentered around vehicles

      • I’m a BF gamer too!!

        am I not allowed to play BF just because I don’t like vehicles? I’ve played every single BF that has been released so far. Just because there are vehicles doesn’t mean I have to use them. I hate using vehicles and I hate fighting against other vehicles but I enjoy the infantry fights that BF offers.

        • Johnny Neat

          very oxymoronic.

        • Strike

          Totally get what you mean. Theres those annoying retards that cant do anything but drive tanks. BF does have vehicles, but some retards wont even spawn unless they see a tank or a jet. Those of you that do so are pathetic. Theres an infantry side of BF that exists you know…


      Thats because your probaly a camper and you like your girly hiding spots GTFO here COD pussy.

  • asspickle


  • Schulzey

    Shockingly, the jeeps and infantry combat look great too, but I guess it’s time to stop putting it off and up my air combat skill.


    On PS3 i can easily play Caspian Border and have fun, but Op Firestorm = Yawn :P, but either way ill still get this, even with MOH coming out around 4 weeks after this is released, i will be alternating between BF3 and MOH when my fireteam buddy(s) are online.

    • Monkeyzking

      Flag Placement is key. Firestorm has very linear flag point placement, which makes the gameplay just running from A to B. Caspian Birder offers lots of different playstyle options, and has great placement and pacing as well. The armored kill maps look great, and they can play great if the flags are placed well.

  • Legion

    New gamemode for PS3 and XBOX360 only – hide and seek

    • michael oakley


    • QwietStorm

      lol that’s terrible man

    • RiverRat1986

      That’s exactly how it going to be lol

  • jonchr2

    this looks awesome!! i wonder if that truck with missiles is driveable? im not sure if i saw it in the Bf3:premium presentation.

    • TriguyRN
    • Yes they are. One of the new vehicles is a missile truck. It was one of the new vehicles on the little spinning wheel of new vehicles on the premium presentation. I can’t remember exactly, but it’s either an AA missile truck or an artillery truck that can shell things from afar.

  • princefartsalot

    Alborz Mountain will have much more white stuff on it come september…

  • Anyone else notice that the icons above the minimap now tells you what flag it is 😀

  • Freez Yomal

    SNOW YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YES YES YEssssss yes yes makes me so happy in the pants!

  • Brian Anthony

    Looks sick! Can’t wait for next Gen Consoles!

    • Johnny Neat

      you me both. All of my pals and I are itching for next gen to be able to play frostbite 2 at max settings.

      • @Johnny

        You dumbass. Next gen consoles wont play frostbite 2 at max settings. If you want to play BF3 smoothly on max settings, you gotta play PC. Next gen Consoles would be medium to high settings.

        • And you know this how?

        • Jason

          Johnny stupid! DICE already said that if current gen Consoles only had 2gb of ram that it would be comparable to PC at Max Settings! There is NO OS on consoles so we don’t need as advanced “Tech Specs” to run what you can nub…. you should know this! and if next gen does NOT have at least 2gb then all hope is lost lol

        • piece a sh8t, i was once a PC player and i’ve never ever remember to bitch about consoles, why r u so desperately obsessed with consoles ha?! soon PC support for most of games will come to end, then u have to shove ur mouse n keyboard up in Azz. Learn to respect people idiot, and OH how da f8ck yo know about the potential of next gen consoles ?!

        • Johnny Neat

          How am I a dumbass mental midget? Area designer of an next gen console? I doubt it, so frak off back to your basement. Douche.

          • Because you’re talking of things you know nothing about.

  • BattlefieldForever

    OH MY GOD THAT IS THE MOST ACTION-PACKED MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN AND YOU GET TO PLAY IT TOO OMG BATTLEFIELD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don’t Give a Fuck

    It’s funny how if they played the same trailer, but put the Call of Duty logo at the end. Everyone would be talking shit about how terrible it looks.

    • grow_up

      No they wouldn’t. Stop posting, you’re retarded. This looks nothing like CoD.

  • Mike L.

    I think we see another tank destroyer (Sprut SD) at 1:04
    Looked it up on Wikipedia

  • YoMomma

    Now the COD converts and BF noobs really get put to the test in september. Finally BF is BF again.

  • Patrick Bateman

    I stopped watching when I saw the AC-130? Really? I expected this to be BF3, not cGay of Nooby, I mean, Crap of Doodoo, I mean Call of Duty crap!

    • Legion

      So from now on every game which has AC-130 is copying CoD? even arma?

      • Patrick Bateman

        I wouldn’t say “copying COD” more than it is noobifying and gay-ifying the franchise. Remember when BF required skill and was actually realistic, without gay COD weapons like Spas-12 or vehicless like the AC-130 and MH-6? Those were the days. Now we have COD fanboys polluting this game who think AC-130 is so hardcore and realistic. Fags…

        • IINAYDOGII

          so the USAF is “gayifying” and “nooby” – good one.

          • Patrick Bateman

            Except the USAF doesn’t use the AC-130, since they’re soldiers and not 11-year old CODfags.

            • IINAYDOGII

              you do realize that the AC-130 is a real aircraft and it currently in active service with the USAF?

            • Patrick Bateman

              You do realize that the AC-130 only exists in the minds of COD children who think everything in COD is realistic?


    • One of the best Battlefield mods in history, Desert Combat (which pretty much paved the way for BF2, and all that would follow), had an AC-130 that was playable, and pilotable. The BF3 version is automated, can’t fly it on your own. Only man the guns.

    • Casavult

      So because BF3 has an AC130 it means it’s copying CoD? You must be new to the Battlefield series (converted from CoD?) and have a lot of learning to do about the history of Battlefield.

  • cant wait for ak i aint playing bf at the moment close quarters is so crap bring on big maps thats why i play battle feild and not call of gay dutie fix up dice dont become sheep be origanl

  • Jason

    I hope they put a Snow (man) Dinosaur as an easter egg! 🙂 SNOWWWWWWWW!

  • lets get a decent dlc pack first then we can think about easter eggs and dinosars some kinda zombie mode but with dinos that could work lol id buy it

  • BennyMac

    Look at the first still pic, is that Heavy Metal?

    • Jason

      I was just thinking the same thing lol!

  • Papa Smurf

    I worry that there will be so many people in jets trying to ram the AC-130, which will of course ruin the gameplay just like with attack helicopters.

    • Well you wouldn’t want some noob in the ac130 all day destroying tanks will you? and you should be able to take the jets out before they ram you with the 30mm

  • Res

    anyone want to buy me premium? I’m broke for the next month haha

  • Hotwire

    This is delicious

  • DX D: 🙁 :[ 😐 :] 🙂 😀 XD

  • Faraz

    Oh I am in love with this game ……….

  • So much epicness. Hopefully the actual gameplay will be at least as epic as it appears in the trailer.

    My concern, however, is that they’re making you buy MoH to get into BF4 beta. MoH players and BF players expect different things from their games. I understand if DICE wants to promote MoH and get more BF players to try it out, but having MoH fans provide feedback on how to make BF4 better is not exactly a brilliant idea…

  • now this is the battlefield I’ve been missing so much…

  • The AC-130 is on the snow map too?! /drool

  • Jimmy

    I’m bying a Mac just to truly experience real battlefield. I don’t think that console gaming can really hold it’s own on battlefield compared to PC.

  • DoYouReallyWant2Know?


  • tyler

    we can finally see friendly aircraft on the minimap/air radar again! lol

  • terrible1fi

    can’t wait for this to come out so that all the vehicle whores will play this

  • wolf onatshirt

    I just got the most epic and painful boner I ever had just right now. OMFG!

  • hgrughrg

    dice plz let us have more players on console

  • AMAZING DISCOVERY!!! about this trailer that even this website didn’t noticed that. At around 1:06 (where jeeps are chasing each other) if u stop the video right on 1:06 u r gonna notice a C4 has been planned the on rocks of the mountain by the team of jeep that being chased (it’s hard to see but it’s on mini map) and right on 1:07 their team detonate the C4 and the whole rocks blew up and destroyed the jeep that was chasing them, It’s AMAZING GUYS !!! thumbs up if u c