Battlefield 3 – Armored Kill Easter Eggs, T-Rex Skull Found

For all of you PlayStation 3 premium members enjoying the newest Battlefield 3 expansion pack Armored Kill, we have some easter eggs for you to find. One most importantly being a giant T-Rex skull. Could this potentially be a tease by DICE for a future Dino Mode? Or is this just simply that, DICE teasing us?

Alborz Mountains Easter Eggs

It’s clear to see DICE has their ear to the streets after the massive #BF3Dino response on Twitter. Dino Mode has been rumored for quite some time but has not been announced in any capacity for Battlefield 3. Thanks toΒ ShockblastmediaΒ for supplying videos for each of these easter eggs. Below he shows you exactly how you get to the T-Rex skull.

Also available on Alborz Mountains is some garden gnomes. These gnomes are in two locations which can be found in the video below. It’s a little weird seeing gnomes found on an ice mountain, but we’re sure there’s a reason for it.

Death Valley Easter Egg

Seems like DICE is paying homage to Mirror’s Edge on Death Valley. You can find yourself a Mirror’s Edge Messenger Bag here in a shipping container. This easter egg takes some patience and time to find, as it’s one of the harder easter eggs in this expansion to navigate.

Armored Shield Easter Egg

Nothing too exciting here, just what seems to be a bunch of garden gnomes chilling out and having a party. Don’t destroy them though, they may explode and cry.

At the time of writing, there have been no easter eggs found on Bandar Desert, but we will update you guys on any discoveries. Any PlayStation 3 premium players out there that have found any of these easter eggs? Let us know what you think of the creativity below.

Xbox 360 and PC premium players can download Armored Kill on September 11th. Non-premium PS3 gamers can pick up Armored Kill on September 18th, and non-premium Xbox 360 and PC gamers can pick up Armored Kill on September 25th. The pricing for this DLC is locked at 1200 Microsoft points, or $15 USD.

Special thanks to AnalogHype for compiling this list.

  • Cool, nice to see new Easter eggs. i hope nobody gets their hopes up for dinos, its obviously not gonna happen :/

  • plasid93

    Guess that’s as close as we’ll get to dino mode. But maybe they are just teasing us, dino mode in End Game maybe?

    • pollinho

      even though i’d like to see dino-mode just for the lulz i dont think we are going to see it. I guess it would be too much of a risk for dice to piss people off w/ premium even more than some actually are right now because of bonus content blah blah. The only way that i could see it coming is as an free DLC, but we all know that EA/DICE would NEVER do that… Not even as one of the next premium content drops, sad thing, I’d like it…

      • The Bonus content for Premium was never suppose to be something amazing, it was just something extra for having premium

        • pollinho

          I think they planned something bigger for the content drop, just because B2K was originally included as “bonus content” in premium in the calendar, but they took it out when they announced the artbook (i actually liked the artbook in the end, even though I would have liked more multiplayer artwork, since the singleplayer stuff wasn’t too interesting for me….
          I dont expect Dino-Mode to be an premium content drop, but it would be cool nevertheless πŸ˜‰

      • Klone

        DICE added Conquest mode to Bad Company. 1, free.

  • Sebax55

    Poor Gnomes πŸ™ by the way I think Dino mode will be in BF4 just my thought πŸ˜›

  • Nick Loner

    Maybe garden gnomes are a reference to Left4Dead series, which had a gnome hidden on one of the levels and you could use it as a weapon:

    • Michael Kelley

      I was thinking they were a Fallout 3 reference

  • Faraz

    I dont wanna see no noob damn Dinos in my bf3!

    • Michael Kelley

      Speak for yourself. The number of people who want dino mode is far greater than the number of people who don’t want it…

      • Damn is there really many kids in Battlefield now a days. shame.

        • I’m certainly not a kid and I would welcome a dinosaur survival mode.

          • But why. This game has nthing to do wwith dinosaurs. i understand if DICE made a totally different dinosaur game using Frostbite2 but come on. its Battlefield 3. And BTW to everybody else that thinks that Dinosaurs will be in BF4, youre wrong because Dice/Ea said it as in modern times.

            • You need to think outside the box for a second. Just because dinosaurs have nothing to do with Battlefield directly doesn’t mean they shouldn’t or won’t use them. It’s all about creativity. What other game uses dinosaurs? None. It would be unique.

              When survival modes are done right they are super addictive. Look at Horde Mode in Gears of War and Zombies in Call of Duty. They are the most popular modes in those games. I think, if done right, a survival mode against dinosaurs could benefit the Battlefield franchise. Battlefield currently doesn’t have a survival mode, and implementing one would be beneficial to them.

            • B_Boss

              Just imagine Alex M., BC2 had the awesome Onslaught Mode, a Dino Mode could be (theoretically) like that but even moreso insane. This would be a dream come true lol. Bring on the Dino-insanity DICE, please.

            • Exactly, imagine flying a jet kamikaze style into a giant T-Rex or driving a jeep up next to a stegosaurus to plant C4 at it’s feet then drive away and blow it to bits. There’s so much fun that can be had messing with dino’s.

            • @PR0TENTIAL:disqus @B_Boss:disqus Sorry but my mind is probably not as creative as you guys. If DICE wants to make a good survival mode they should make it with high tech robots from Area 51 or something that is much more realistic than Dinosaurs and more “Possible”. i just don’t like the fact that Battlefield will sell out by doing a Dino Mode. They should really stick to their roots, they’ve fallen off already with OP Metro, Noshahr Canals (TDM), and Close Quarters enough. Big Maps, lots of guns, vehicles, and more destruction is what Battlefield needs. I totally see you’re point of view in this and i can see were you’re coming from. i would prefer if DICE made a separate Battlefield game for dinos like for ex. “Battlefield Dinosaurs” Something that would not interfere with the regular series at all.

            • Gannon

              I agree alex

            • So adding a Dino Survival mode as a separate survival mode on BF3 or BF4 would bother you that much? You don’t have to play it if you don’t want to. Try realizing that LOTS of people want it. Just be happy for those people. Games have to evolve, playing the same old thing every day gets boring.

            • I give up. Ok, let there be Dinos :/

            • You’re allowed to have your stance. I just don’t understand why people don’t support something that is completely optional.

            • Well if DICE likes the idea then im all on for it.. or am i just saying this cuzz im drunk… no no no im totally saying this for real…

            • Gannon

              I get what youre saying. It could be fun. I personally just wouldnt like dinos in a fairly realistic war game. I agree with alex that it should be a seperate game. I just think that it would be a shame for the developers to spend their time on that instead of making the normal game better.

            • Sonic

              Battlefield is not about realism, when will you guys understand that?

            • Gannon

              Sure it is. I know theres many unrealistic things about it. But overall the idea behind it is realism. Thats why they arent like CoD. The only reason its not completely realistic is because if it was, it wouldnt be fun at all. They find a balance. But as a whole, its a realistic videogame.

            • Cod is based on the same realism its just small scale skirmishes

      • Faraz

        read again what I wrote. I wrote “I dont wanna ….” I didn’t write, “WE dont wanna ….” okay? get it? makes sense?

  • Casavult

    It’s not a T-REX skeleton. It’s the remaining Skeleton from a Frost Dragon (because the map looks like Skyrim.) πŸ˜€

  • IcyGuy

    I’m not sure how many more Mirror’s Edge references I can take. πŸ™ First there was the Runner bag in the locker on Metro, and now there’s this…with the theme song to boot. The next logical step is for Aftermath or End Game to have a video feed showing ME’s crane jump.

  • Jack

    I found the T-Rex, but didn’t realize what it was.

  • Alexis

    ejericito pajero de duxa

  • Notorious

    Gnome Chompski? How did you survive the zombie apocalypse?

  • Kevin Campbell

    The t-rex skull easter egg is awesome

  • Amir

    Mirror’s edge means ME 2 …
    and T-rex means End game DLC !!!

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  • B_Boss

    Hell, I almost want them to release a zombie mode but I KNOW exactly where that will end up lol (BF is not unique blargh blargh, they copy CoD, yadda yadda)…..every FPS should have zombies not just Activision’s game (look at Arma and I just finished watching Walking Dead….go figure and Zombieland is one of my top favs, especially with the way the film made certain ideas literally (and graphically) ‘pop’ on screen, as if the film was a gaming experience) I bet DICE would do it very well and creatively but I’ll take Dino’s any day of the week. Going on tangents, sorry lol.