Battlefield 3: Armored Kill – Incoming Fixes and Updates

DICE lead designer Gustav Halling lays down a few upcoming tweaks to Battlefield 3: Armored Kill.

On his blog, he writes,

Tomorrow we finally open up the flood gates and releases BF3: Armored  Kill for PC and Xbox360 Premium player!

We have gotten some really great feedback from PS3 owners and awesome reviews. There are also a few minor good experiences and feedback which I wanted to address now to inform everyone we are on it and will update them as soon as possible.

These updates are expected to go live either late this week (Thursday/Friday) or early next week (Monday/Tuesday) for all platforms. Its too early to say when yet.

Check out the list of fixes and tweaks below:

Mobile Artillery

The Mobile artillery’s “Proximity Defense” unlock is causing players to “suicide” when being used in both vehicles with higher reprorate in the US HIMARS.

Gunship in Rush

Defenders have been having a hard time winning the last week and we are making tweaks to even out the battlefield. The Gunship will respawn after 90 seconds instead of 60 seconds in Rush after being destroyed.

Alborz Mountains Conquest Large (PC only)

On conquest large there is a bug where the Russian attack helicopter doesn’t show up in the spawn menu. It is however spawned in so either drive down to it or use a airplane as a “spawner” closer to it.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to read up on some of the latest Armored Kill easter eggs!

  • mwjk13

    OMG DICE patching something within a week, Did pigs fly today ?!

    • zbb

      this is a plane to patch, not for this month for sure…. and what about the other vehicules (tank, flying vehicules) not show up in the spawn menu IN THE OTHER MAPS !

      • Oliver Cooksey

        Tank? They have nether shown up in the spawn menu!

    • BingXP

      only one unfortunitly it was my bacon 🙁

  • Legion

    Wow you’re fast O.o

  • acer25

    Because a 30 second increase in gunship respawn is going to help the defenders a lot.

    • ar00043

      I reckon rush is still gonna be broken.. The only fair would be if both sides have a gunship or none.

      • RyGuy

        Or give defenders a jet (maybe two) or a MAA.

        • Casavult

          Agreed on MAA.

        • Notorious

          2 jets might be the best thing to do. The attackers have the AC-130, a jet and like 4 tanks, the defenders have maybe 2 tanks and a jet. Two jets will level the playing field considerably!

      • I rate none…really impossible to defend a HQ with cannons launching from the sky.

  • Espen

    That’s it?
    I was expecting them to fix more than just three things…

  • ONLY 90 SECONDS? The thing should be removed from Rush. It’s so f*cking stupid!

  • That one about the copper is kind of bad, lol. Looking forward to the 90 sec pawn of the gunship, so far, a lot of people already complain like they will die when they don´t.


    Cool. It was annoying to get killed when using prox. defense. Perhaps now it will work properly.

    • You can still use it but you have to be moving. Have you realised mobile artillery service stars are really easy to get? 9000 points only..

  • plasid93

    Wait with the major patching, DICE. Let the other two platforms first experience the way you released it, and let us whine about more bugs, horrible game balance issues (see who I’m trying to imitate there), etc etc etc. But really, wait a couple of weeks and release a full patch which will include PC and Xbox complaints.

    • night wing

      i actually agree with this one (im a PS3 player but the PC players will have major issues that the PS3 guys wont see because half the maps arent playable

      • QwietStorm

        Half the maps aren’t playable? What?

  • I seen that the gunship on Rush was the biggest issue, glad they are fixing this so quickly.

    • joe

      It isn’t an issue for me as I usually don’t play RUSH. Either way good for DICE on this quick fix. Now if they only fixed the client side hit detection.

    • Jay

      I’d prefer them to actually remove it in rush, in conquest it’s not over powered because there are many objectives to defend at once, whereas in Rush there are only 2 objectives that are often quite close together which means the Gunship can just keep hammering down on the bomb sites and spawns. (Indoor bomb sites and spawns could fix this issue aswell)

    • I like having it on rush plus it evens out when the other team switches to attacker maybe put another ac130 in there hahaha

      • derp

        except that the entire attacker team leaves the server when they win therefore balancing the teams and leaving half the defenders to defend again. I have played rush mode 5-10 times and have yet to be on the attacker side.

    • lol you got down voted even though your a mod and said something relevant XD i miss the old diquis 🙁

  • badkuki

    Praise the Lord! We got 2 patches in 2 weeks!

  • does this mean my bullets wont get stopped by invisible rocks anymore?

  • Bar0n

    A 30 second increase to spawn time? Why don’t you offer a server option to remove the gunship? ‘Play it your way’ wasn’t just a gimmick, was it DICE?

  • huffe16

    i wanted to personally thank you premium players for being beta testers for us non premium players who do not want to pay the $50.00…….thank you

    • You’re welcome. I held out on Premium for a while, but eventually I realized I’m going to be playing this and nothing else for the foreseeable future so two weeks early access is a nice bonus. Plus the $10 savings by giving them my money up front. Of course…if you’re not a Premium member already and you bought Close Quarters, there’s no “partial” join rate which kinda sucks if you change your mind.

      • joe

        The peasants are mocking us. How dare they.

    • Jason

      Says The Guy who does not get all the premium content and will pay $15 per DLC = $75 lol, your welcome 🙂

    • huffe16

      no seriously though glad you guys helped figure out some of this makes it so much more enjoyable in a week when i can buy it…… an fyi i preordered so i already had B2K and i am not much of a close quarters fan so i did not buy that one….so far made sense for me to not buy it….keep up the good work, glad Dice is actually listening

    • QwietStorm

      Nobody gonna judge you if you just say you’re broke.

  • Jason

    Cant wait for tomorrow! Im glad that “supposedly” the console version plays good, Guess i will find out tomorrow!

  • roguezink

    Again, how didn’t this get tested? It’s been a week and only PS3 players got to try it out, but the AC-130 was an obvious issue for defenders that I realized in my first few games. Lets see if it works, i personally think it should swap from attacker to defender after the second mcomm base.

  • Jamic

    So Conquest is somewhat decent but doesnt offer the action and rush is ruined.

    TDM is where it is at.

  • swipe_06

    Someone at DICE mentioned that there will be some content that we can “bring back” to the vanilla maps in AK. Does anyone else remember where it was mentioned? I think some stuff was cut from AK in the last minute.

    • Yeah it’s weapon camos for the Mtar ump and a couple other guns

      • No

        It was supposed to be five vehicle unlocks. Get your facts straight, the camos are the soldier upgrade.

        • Logic

          We have to wait until the non-premium members receive Armored Kill.

  • Alco

    Oh great, no positive word about Below Radar on helicopters. I look forward to at least another four months of helis being absolutely, utterly, totally, completely useless.

    It’s a shame to see Alan Kertz move on to another project, because quite frankly this Gustav Halling figure is a stubborn fool who clearly lets his narrow personal experiences dictate how the game is changed.

    Click on his blog link in the article above and read the comments. The fact that they took out not only gunner flares but ALSO Below Radar against Stingers is absolutely absurd and indefensible for anyone who plays the game with skilled players.

    As it was heli pilots had to watch out for and were REGULARLY taken out by:

    -Tank shells
    -Other Helis
    -The map itself

    Now we STILL have to evade those things, but if the pilot is ANYWHERE NEAR the combat zone, he can inescapably be taken down by a single Engi with Stingers/Iglas. Even if you fly off to fucking repair, the heli can still be locked onto by Stingers.

    Basically, unless you sit in the fucking stratosphere, you literally cannot do anything in the helicopter. And even if you are at 10,000 feet, two successive Heat Seeker barrages from enemy air is guaranteed to take you down.

    Oh well, guess I’ll just sit here and wait for another Boss JediZohan article telling me how DICE constantly changes the game for the better xD.

    • Jason

      You must like heli’s alot?! I am decent at them and understand that a good attack Helicopter Pilot and co-pilot can instantly control a match to the point where it is unbearable if your the enemy, but is the below radar a glitch or they just took it out? And if you get hit with a tank or a rpg then either you are too low (below radar) or they got a damn good shot on ya! lol I honestly think that the Attack Helo’s with a good pilot and co were a little OP in balance terms unless I were in a Jet (8 stars) i wouldn’t worry about them but in a tank or other IFV’s and as infantry you would continue to get raped by Attack Choppers unless you bombard them with igla’s all the time, just my opinion though :/

    • Nick Loner

      I’m a helicopter fan as well, and I still think that taking out gunner
      flares/ECM was a good move. Two sets of flares/ecm could make a competent heli team pretty much unstoppable. They could wreak havoc across the entire map like they own the place.

      Now you can still do good damage, you just have to be more careful and either take out a threat before it locks onto you, or flare, retreat, regroup, find the threat and plan a move to take it out. That’s how I played after the patch – didn’t rush in the middle of the enemy base, flew behind obstacles to break locks, retreated to friendly territory while countermeasures were reloading and had a pretty good time and got a plenty of kills.
      Taking out an enemy heli with stinger still isn’t that easy. I was on wake island (a very open map as you know) sitting with a stinger on an ammo pack, spamming rockets at an enemy heli. He was doing a good job ECMing and hiding behind hills and buildings, so took me about 7 rockets to even disable him.

      I think we all just got too used to how easy the life was with 2 sets of countermeasures. Remember previous Battlefield games.

      One thing I do agree on – is that below radar really has been either overnerfed or just broken. It doesn’t seem to be working at all. While it was OP against stingers before, now it’s completely useless. It should be more effective than now, but not as absurd as before.

      • pot51e

        About as balanced and well thought out a response as you’re likely to find. Good job.

  • Honestly its the players not knowing how to deal with vehicles that are ruining rush on AK. I played some games where we had 3 recons sniping the tanks and not a single person using handheld AA missiles except for me. -_-

  • MasonMei

    What does it mean to patch something for PC which isn’t even released?

    • QwietStorm

      Because the base code had already been completed, obviously.

    • sasmon

      Yeah I caught that too i guess they have internal testers on pc like them selfs cause none of us would have known about it to post it till today.

  • Mr ivory

    What about removing the minimap out of hardcore games?

  • Rave

    The Gunship is going to be hard to balance because its a powerhouse on rush and a death trap on conquest thanks to the 2 enemy jets always on your tail. I think they should increase the time it takes for the gunship to spawn from 1 minute to 2 minutes on rush but also increase the armor because after all, the AC-130 is supposed to be heavily armored but right now in conquest it feels like im riding in a paper plane.

  • quit griping

    Wish they would put patch to where only battlefield vets can play armored kill so all these bitch ass cod players would stop bitching about map sizes this is true battlefield dlc if you dont like it go play shitty close quarters

    • what about stop bitching and go continue beeing a vehicle whore….

  • i’ve just tried playing on the armoured kill maps, as i’m a premium player. however, i get a message stating i’ve not got the maps/content necessary and to check my downloads. i’ve downloaded the new patch already for sbox (1.44GB) and am stumped… any ideas?

    • QwietStorm

      Well do you have the maps? Did they even release yet?

    • sasmon

      Well the AK dlc is around 1.56 gb and its is separate from the patch, you have to go to the ingame store to download it I did mine at 8am this morning and played a 30 sec round to test that it works before heading out to work 🙁

  • Phoenix

    The AC130 wasn’t a huge deal in Rush when it had a 60 second time if you know how to fly. I played a Rush game on Death Valley where I could take out the AC130 within 20 seconds of it spawning. I’m not really going to complain about it having a 90 second respond time now, though. It’ll give me even more time to help my team take out enemy tanks and ATV’s. For me, the AC130 is just a giant coffin if you’re facing someone who can fly. I haven’t really spent as much time in it as I have destroying it.

    Also. No Stringer nerf? I was okay with them taking out Gunner flares; but they should REALLY reduce the damage that they do. They should change stingers to how they were when the game first came out. A lot of range, slightly longer lock-on time, but NOT a 1 hit disable. The only good thing about that is the fact that since most people are running with Stingers now, they need to use to repair torch to take out any land vehicles. And that’s hilarious when they try to run at you from 50+ meters holding the torch. I wait for them to get close before shooting them.

    Another thing. Am I the only one who thinks that they should increase the amount of points gained from playing Conquest? Ever since Domination was added, Conquest has seemed really slow. I mean; it’s more fun, but it gives peanuts compared to Dom. In Dom, I can usually get 20-30 thousand points in a 30 minutes game. A one hour game of Conquest usually gets me around 8 or 9 thousand. I’m just giving my opinion here. I doubt anyone would agree with me on this.

    • QwietStorm

      That’s Death Valley. There is NO defense against that thing in Bandar Desert. The attackers gets a million vehicles.