[Updated] Battlefield 3 – Battlefield Premium Leaked, More DLC, New “Bonus Content” and Double XP Weekend

Update 2: DICE has just announced on their official Facebook page that the double XP weekend will begin at 12:01am PST tonight (early Saturday morning):

Be Advised, Battlefield 3 players – This weekend we’ll be doubling every experience point that you earn on the Battlefield ranked servers. Every kill, assist, revive – you name it, it’s doubled.

At the conclusion of each match the bonus XP will be reflected as “Additional Points”. Double XP will be accrued across all ranked servers and matches.

See you on the Battlefield.

Update 1: A double XP weekend has been confirmed by Battlefield 3 German Community Manager, Andreas Koch.

Original Story: It looks like Battlefield fans can anticipate a very interesting month in the Battlefield 3 universe this June and beyond.

According to information we have received from reliable inside sources, we’ve learnt of a recent fact sheet that lists some interesting dates as well as some very interesting pieces of Battlefield 3 content that DICE and EA seem to have planned in the near future. On top of some extra “bonus content,” including the Close Quarters DLC and a player guide, can fans also expect a “Premium” service to bundle these content drops together?

Check out these release dates of upcoming pieces of Battlefield 3 content as listed on the fact sheet:

  • 04-06-2012 – Battlefield Premium
  • 12-06-2012 – Close Quarters
  • XX-06-2012 – Guide
  • XX-08-2012 – Bonus Content

Battlefield Premium: This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, seeing that EA has toyed with the idea of a subscription-based service before. However, it’s not clear whether Battlefield Premium is actually a subscription-based service or if it is simply a one-time cost that will cover the content included in it. The official description reads:

Battlefield™ Premium will land you a number of content drops with unique in-game items not available anywhere else. First out is the one-of-a-kind Premium knife and black dog tag, plus a set of soldier camos, weapon camos, dog tags and Assignments that will make sure you stand out and get more personalization options.

If this comes to fruition, we can expect to learn more about it in the coming weeks before it releases June 4th, 2012.

Close Quarters: Close Quarters is DICE’s second Battlefield 3 expansion pack which will focus on tight, infantry-based combat and will include new 4 new maps as well as 10 new weapons and assignments. It will also feature the brand new game mode, Conquest Domination. You can check out the latest gameplay trailer “Donya Fortress” here. While most of this was known earlier, what has not yet been revealed is it’s release date. According to this fact sheet, we can expect Close Quarters to drop June 12th, 2012, meaning PS3 owners will get a head start on June 5th, 2012.

Guide: Sometime next month, Battlefield 3 players can “get the upper hand with this strategy guide, teaching you how to improve and become an even more skilled player.”

Bonus Content: Not much is known about this “bonus content,” other than it will be available some time in August, 2012. It’s official description reads, “enhance your Battlefield™ experience with this bonus content drop.”

March 2013 DLC: We were also told a 5th, unannounced expansion pack is to hit Battlefield 3 sometime in March, after DICE’s already announced End Game expansion.

Double XP: Additionally, it has also been revealed that starting tomorrow, May 12th, until Monday, May 14th, Battlefield 3 fans will be able to earn double the XP as they play throughout the weekend.

Though this news is unofficial at the moment, make sure to stay tuned to MP1st on Twitter and Facebook as we learn more!

  • Howard

    Cool I hope it ain’t subscription though.

    • The description suggests more permanent items. I can’t imagine that you could pay for one month, earn the described items and then have them locked again if you don’t pay for an additional month. That would just be ridiculous and would do more harm then good to the game.

      Especially after the last shitty patch they just put out. (I have avoided the game since the patch myself… It feels WAY off kilter now. Waiting for the next patch…whenever THAT may be.)

      Hard to say, really. I imagine that you’d get some kind of status on Battlelog and you would lose that status for not paying the next increment due… But you would probably keep the items you earned while you were “subscribing”.

      Sounds to me like a business model destined to fail if that’s the case.

      Who the hell knows what EA/DICE have planned nowadays. I already hate the CoD franchise myself… I hope they don’t make me hate Battlefield down the road, too. (Which would make me sad as I’ve been a long-time BF player. Clear back since BF2 was released.)

      Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I think their bigger obstacle that will pose the more immediate threat will be when they release the Close Quarters DLC and everyone starts spitting venom about how “It’s just like CoD!”.

      • *Sigh*
        I personally hope Battlelog remains free of any subscription-based requirements.  Not that it’ll be too bad, just slightly annoying.

      • cyrylthewolf

  • Copying

    Look whos copying now battlefield fans (double xp)..

    • a lot of games do double xp, could be considered industry standard

      • ButteredBread

         MW3 announced the other day that they are having double XP this weekend.  So BF3 isn’t copying them??  Really?

        • MW#3 SUCKS BALLZZZ

          who really cares if they did or didn’t no matter how you roll the dice, MW3 is a skill less game where team deathmatch flunkies play camp confimed to sit there and camp to get kill streaks guess what no kill streaks on bf3 and you know what bf3 is just more fun, for f*cks sake you can fly your own jet no need to call in an air strike , i am the air strike.

          • Nerd

            “for f*cks sake you can fly your own jet no need to call in an air strike , i am the air strike! NERD ALERT!! hahaha

          • We’re all entitled to our own opinions, but I agree.  After playing BF3, returning to Modern Warfare just didn’t feel as fulfilling.  The points/ experience given in BF3 were more rewarding to me than any “Perk” or “Kill Streak” obtained in MW3.  I think just being able to continuously sprint was the cementing factor I needed to become a full-fledged Battlefielder. 

            However, just to clarify, I DON’T hate Call of Duty, I just prefer Battlefield over it. 

            PS: I for one liked your airstrike comment, you sir, are cool.   F*ck the haters.

        • *facepalm*

          It’s not just some kind of meaningless coincidence, jackass. It’s also not a new concept by any stretch. (Call of Duty is definitely NOT the first game or franchise to implement that element of gameplay you know…)

          It’s a well-timed method of enticing players away from a competing franchise.

          Marketing 101, n00blet.

          • ButteredBread

             Wow, really?? Did you not read what I wrote?  I said ” You can’t tell me that’s just a coincidence”.  I’ll give you a little English 101, that meant that I knew it wasn’t a coincidence by the way I said “you can’t tell me…”  Jackass/nOOblet (ooooooh… you made up a new word for noob,  maybe everyone will use it now and you’ll be famous, no more peanut butter and jam sandwiches for you).  And where did I say that it’s never been used before?  Lol you really need some glasses or some comprehension of the english language.


  • I’m all in.


    What is this Call of Duty news or news for Battlefield because I can’t tell the difference?

    • Then I guess you didn’t see the rather large Battlefield 3 image at the top of the article?

      You know… The one that DOESN’T say “Call of Duty” on it?

      • BK

        Someone here appears to gave a hard time with sarcasm. I fear for our future.

  • myvb123

    All great…but a fucking “guide” 7 months after release? REALLY!?

    They need to focus on the important issues.

    – Game freezes

    – Return of DICE servers (although I rent a server) not fair to others.

    – MUCH MUCH MORE….but a guide? WTF!?

    • Howard

      I’m pretty sure they have different teams dealing with this. The programmer doesn’t janitor too if you know what I mean. Them having other projects doesn’t mean they don’t have a specific team working on game issues 5 days a week…. And if they were to get everyone to focus on the game issues, how much do you think marketing can do to resolve the programming issues? You’re make an issue out of a non-issue.

    • UK-Elite_Beta_G

      There are DICE servers!!! If your on console go to the search tab in the server browser and search for DICE or P24. Please spread this information because I’m tired of incompetent people crying about “no official servers”

  • ButteredBread

    Double Xp….great, way to cheapen the Battlefield!  12 year olds win again!  Battlefield series is officially no more.  RIP

    • Oh for fuck’s sake.

      Quit being such a drama queen.

      If you don’t like it then don’t participate in it.

      • ButteredBread

         Good answer!  I can see you put a lot of thought into it.  Very concise, you really gave me a lot to think about.  You should really think about being a reporter, you really give a meaningful answer.  How many rewrites did you do?  Did you have anyone proof read it for you (your mom maybe)?   Bravo sir …Bravo!

        • lol.
          Cory is right. if you don’t like it, quit whining and do something better.

    • really? that was the nail in the coffin for you? okay!

    • airsoftsn1p3r

      you stereotype kids… some will be just as good if not better than you as teamplayers

    • dpg70


    • You are out of your mind.  Double XP means that anyone playing against those “kids” ALSO gets double XP.  You didn’t really think this one through all the way, did you.

  • Nathan Cox

    … why in the world would they schedule a double XP event for mother’s day weekend? Do they just not think at all? It’s almost as if they’re encouraging you to not spend time with your family.

    • GOODvib

      OMG PPL cry about everything , if they will make 2xp on the weekend so what ? Good for who will play , u dont need to arg about it

      • Nathan Cox

        I love these arguments, and you’ll see why in my retort:

        OMG PPL cry about everything , if they will cry so what? Good for who will cry , u dont need to arg about it

        • ButteredBread

          Me too, I think it’s more funny to see the people cry about all the people crying.  Kinda defeats the purpose.  Someone says “I don’t like this idea” then you get 10 posts of “then don’t play it drama queen F this F that you F’in F…. wah wah wah”  Funny stuff!

          • Power

             This is a present for Battlefield Mother’s Players!

    • Trolololo

       Maybe because it isn’t Mothers Day weekend in a lot of places. And more to the point…who cares?

    •  Mothers day isn’t a worldwide holiday, you (probably didn’t) know. Also, if you’re the type of person who would ignore your family for an entire weekend just because Battlefield 3 is doing a double XP promotion, then Mother’s Day probably wouldn’t mean much to you in the first place.

      • Momma Bush

        Wait, not everyone celebrates Mother’s day?  WTF is wrong with the rest of the world.  Can someone post a list of countries that does not celebrate Mother’s day or as I like to call it, the nations we are going to bomb next.  Terrorists!  Don’t you worry, in four more years, I’ll have another son ready to start some wars.  I love ya Jeb.

        • Boogers

          It’s celebrated on different dates across the world. It’s still celebrated most places.

        • Anonymous

          In Lithuania Mother’s day is celebrated on first sunday of march.

          • PSNID…….UnveiledPanic

            in romania it’s on 8th march

        • Dick

           You have serious fucking issues. Get out of your own ass and realise that not all countries celebrate mothers day on the same date as America.

        • NSM

          LOL I thought you were serious, then read your last sentence + your name.

          Well played, good sir.

  • ramirez19pl

    In Crysis 2 is the double XP from time to time right? And it is free right? I guess EA does not want from us for this money?

  • Oliver Cooksey

    If this service is a one time fee (for the whole bf3 season) then paying $80 for all content sounds worthwhile. Think about it. 4 DLC, bonus content and a golden knife :O

    I do hope that there is a double xp weekend today…I’m ready 😀

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  • blondbassist

    Battlefield Elite Much?

    • WhoDat?

      I hope its not like Elite with all the problems and issues.

      • Worker662

        Problems AND Issues? Good god, that’s messed up…

  • Battlefieldo

    Do your reliable inside sources include Battlefieldo.com

  • Ketchupzz

    Black dog tags?, Weapon Camos?, New Soldier Camos?, New Knife? man if this premium thing is at least 5-15$ a month i will definitely get it!

    • Batslav

      thats why they dont fix the game coz there are ppl like u to feed em with more money
      for some silly bonuses

      • rasm467b

        It’s called “SARCASM”

        • Ketchupzz

          Hahaha, it will be probaly 50$ a month

          • Jonathan

            I wouldn’t be surprised if it was unfortunately… 

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  • not sure how i feel about the whole subscription thing… i mean ive never liked how DICE sells in game weapons/etc to players that are impossible for other players to get, like the way the M1911 is the best pistol in BF3 yet only certain players can get it, giving them a slight unfair advantage.  but whatever

    • no everone can get it u need vet stause if ya never preordered but i pre so

      • CitizenJp3g

        Actually, I think anyone can get the 1911 by going to the ea gun club and signing in with your battle log id. That’s how I got mine, no preorder needed. You can also get dog tags in there. It has a whole list of achievements to unlock things…


        You get the 1911 stock, tactical and silenced variants just for signing in the first time I believe.

    • L33t

       lol u just have to register on ea gun club to get that weapon. Everyone can have it not just some players 😛

  • on a side note, i wonder how “double xp” is going to work in battlefield 3…seeing as how you get points for stuff..not xp.  Is it just going to be like everything is doubled? so like kills are 200, flag caps are 400? etc.?

    • Nathan Cox

      Objective points, kill points, ribbon points, et cetera are directly tantamount to experience points (XP).

    • QwietStorm

      lol semantics. Pretty much every game has XP. A name is just a name.

      • Jaskdavis

        OMG he used “Semantics” ! +1

    • Yamahahar6

      It will double your score at the end of the match  thru the “additional points” you sometime’s get at the end of the round.

  • Sly

    Battlefield Premium, I’m pretty sure this won’t get patches out any faster. 

  • These are all very nice; I’m especially interested in the Premium content along with DLC3 “End Game”.  Bring on them dinosaurs!  -though it probably won’t have them, but we can all wish 🙂

  • Aria_sj

    i sold my MW3 after 1 month of play then i decided that i have to stick with BF3 until BF4 comes so ill definitely gonna buy all their dlcs, all of’em cuz they are truly worth it, so much contents in them !! so assuming that i have to pay $15 for CQC and $15 for armored kill and maybe End game … i would rather to pay. say $40 to get all of’em plus some extra contents, or who know maybe some earlier access… it’s totally worth it… but really hope it won’t subscription like that elite

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  • Wade R

    Doesn’t that article have a different shooting game in mind. Oh wait, they’re exactly the same now.  I was gonna play MW3 for double xp, now I guess I’m switching to BF3. There are shooting games that can keep me playing without xp, but not these.

    • QwietStorm

      Exactly the same? Thats just embarrassing.

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  • QwietStorm

    So is double xp across the whole game or just DICE servers?

  • Jaskdavis

    LOVE it! Keep it coming! 🙂

  • dpg70

    Wow. One of the unique things about Battlefield is that there were no bonus XP periods. This is disappointing that they’d go this route. Thankfully, I won’t be on much due to Mother’s day anyway.

    • Jaskdavis

      How is this Bad or Disappointing?

      • dpg70

        If you don’t already know, then you wouldn’t understand.

        • Jaskdavis

          If I knew I wouldn’t ask! Please tell me you do have a logic answer for your post, right?

          • Jonathan

            It’s turning more and more into CoD. It’s trying to be like CoD, no true BF fan enjoys watching this happen…

          • dpg70

            What he said. I have nothing against other games that use this crutch to get people playing. I enjoyed the hell out out numerous KZ3 xp weekends. BF has always been above that. Just sad that they’ve jumped the shark and joined the mass of normal old shooters.

        • Jonathan

          I understand what you’re saying, being a long term fan myself.

        • Jaskdavis

          Ive been playing since BF2 sooooo, I still dont get what you mean? They are just being innovative and trying to gain more players! You would do the same…. IT’s STILL BATTLEFIELD! It has WAAYYY more Than BF2 had so COME AT ME BRO!

    • So more XP is a bad thing…I don’t understand what people’s problem is with a double XP weekend. I won’t change anything, after Lv50, you dont get anything besides Service Stars and Dogtags, nothing that makes you a better player. If anything this is neither Good or Bad.

    • Niosus

      I actually like Double XP weekends. I do not have a lot of time to play games but when I do I try to be actually a worthy ally. I’ve played some of the older BF games and I would call myself relatively skilled in shooters in general. So when I do play BF I end up on the top half of the scoreboard with a positive K/D while also playing the objective most of the times. However I’m still level 18 with barely any unlocks. These weekends give me a chance to catch up, even a little bit.

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  • Squggy

    I’m fine with this I’ve played battlefield since Vietnam, and they’ve given us such good content , and given me so many hours of play time. I don’t mind at all Subscribing for them or giving them a little extra money, I’m a loyal Battlefield fan, and I mean come on it’s camo and guns that are probably gonna be re-skins of guns in game you do realize that right?

  • We already pay money for the game, the console, the internet, and possibly the live service (for xbox). We don’t want yet another fee that is subscription based. C’mon Dice, make the smart decision…Don’t make it subscription based.

    • Dice ain’t got nothing to do with this. This is all EA, they want that ACTIVISION MONEA!

  • Balal

    fuck your double xp weekend.. the game is now double hackers every day.

    the game is INFESTED with hackers now.  You can’t join any game without having at least one hacker and dice isn’t saying shit about it.

    Just go look on the forum.. their is at least one topic on it every hour and dice doesn’t recognized that the community has a DEEP concern about it… It’s like they don’t care or they are in on it.

    • Jaskdavis

      What is this “Hacker” you speak of? I play on Xbox!

      • Niosus

        Ever played old CoDs on Xbox? It’s just a matter of time 😉

  • R3PTIL3

    Fix the game you already have out DICE. I love all this extra stuff, but the main game needs some TLC. Like yesterday.

  • so based on the update,  “At the conclusion of each match the bonus XP will be reflected as “Additional Points”…correct me if i’m wrong but don’t additional points only apply to your overall rank score.  So example you get 3000 pts for playing support, at the end of the match those go through, then ribbons, etc. then additional points pop up..you should technically get 3000 more for support class, but you won’t cause its additional points.  So in theory double xp would only be beneficial for folks looking to level up their solider, not particular classes?

    • Ribbons do not go to the class they were achieved with. At the end, notice it says “Support Class 3672” then “Ribbons 1200” is different. Ribbons never go to the class you played when you got them.

  • Engineer

    In the part where the original story begins, the word “anticipate” is spelled incorrectly.

    On topic, this is some interesting news.

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  • Apa


  • Jwm2hot

    You guys talk so much crap! I would pull my gun out but I might have input lag……

    • Jaskdavis

      Play Xbox Then 😛

  • Jonathan

    EA seems to be making DICE make Battlefield 3 be more like Call of Duty every day… Their number one focus right now should be to FIX THE DART/other things in the game and make it more polished, not focusing on more content. We already have CQ and Armored Kill coming up to look forward to. 

    We as consumers simply don’t have enough money to put in to a game for so much content at one time, especially when most people would rather have them be fixing the game rather than adding to it. 

    I feel as if EA is making DICE do this though, and I can see why because they’re trying to compete with other shooters in the market right now, but they have to understand that we like Battlefield because it’s different. If we wanted to play a game that was like Call of Duty, WE’D PLAY CALL OF DUTY. 

    /end rant and long post

    • JustinD

      I very much love the new content and want more stuff like all I can get with this game I play on 360 and never have problems with the game except for the dart after the last patch. I like it how it is but I only play hardcore. The more stuff the better

    • BAttlefieldplayer

      wow, before bf3 dlc was announced people complained it was taking to long, now people are complaining about it. don’t compare it to cod, considering dlc is always good for a game. and the next patch will be when close quarters hits with the mappack.

      • Jonathan

        I’m not complaining about the actual content, I’m saying that their priority should be to patch/fix the game before announcing more content.

  • J_mckay93

    I SINCERLY hope this isnt connected to battlelog I cant log in with my xbox account my email was hacked years agoo :/ they really need to do something about that 

    • Niosus

      If it really is your account you should contact Microsoft support and say your email got hacked. I’m pretty sure they can help you out.

  • lol nathan stfu yeah dude mothers day… play games

  • Bill Gates

    I’m not giving these bastards another dime.

  • Consumer

    I guess I knew that the speculated Battlefield 3 content wouldn’t be anything free considering we’d already be dropped $45 on the next three map packs, why would it anymore?

  • sounds great..battle recorder is wanted but they have to entice bf4 fans i guess with a bigger carrot so I dont think we will see it

    • Eeyore

      I was thinking maybe that August bonus content would be the battle recorder.   Wishful thinking?

  • Why is everyone crying about Double XP? Seriously?
    Is the bullet speed to fast for you or are tanks too big?
    Get the fuck over yourselves.

  • Bonus weapons/camos/dogtags/other goodies – me wants. Though the price is still the question. Hoping it’ll be reasonable. March 2013 DLC – very nice surprise. I thought they’d be done after End Game. Looking forward to all of that.

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  • CobraOsmajic

    If they include battlerecorder in their premium service, i’ll be a sad panda

  • Spiritghidorah

    > Laugh at COD players because they buy COD Elite for early access to maps.

    > Buy Battlefield Premium despite the fact that you only get a fancy knife and some cute camo uniforms.

    • Timothyps96

      ^^ poor bastard who probably can’t aford the new DLC’s, and is jealous

      • Spiritghidorah

        ^^ poor bastard missed the point of my post entirely.

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  • Premium content? Double XP?  Today I’m officially a X-Dedicated Battlefield Series PC Gamer.

    Forgetwhere you came from DICE?  Should have made the game WITHOUT EA.  You could have done it but you didn’t. Once EA had you by the balls, the BF franchise went downhill    Bye Bye Battlefield…  🙁

  • Jesus

    Battlefield 3 double XP weekend! Premium! Just 15$ a month!

    My response = Shelf for good.

    • ThaFallen5oulja

      This Game Isn’t Fixing TO Die Out Soon

  • erp

    to the people complaining “Oh muh gawd fix da dart pweazee!”

    it costs 40 grand for them to get the patch on xbox/ps3, PLUS office hours to fix it.. it would be cheaper for them to put the patch out with a DLC, expect a fix for it when close quarters comes out so get your thumb out your ass and stop bitching.

  • Outlawz

    BF3 premium? Dogtags and camos? Lol EA/DICE. At least offer something worthy for my money. Idiots.

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  • Fitzgerald69

    I played all weekend and never got the double XP….none of my platoon did either.  Was this only on official DICE servers?

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  • 6in6erbread

    the double xp weekend was delayed… good job updating this mp1st :/ you’ve gone down hill 

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  • Bc2profile

    New Game Mode- Stronghold. It will rock.  Look it up on the forums and leave your feedback.

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  • B_m_x-bner-

    is the premium monthly payments???

  • Adam

    Are you sure because I’m 100% positive I was getting my double XP after every round just as it was stated when it was said it would appear as “Additional Points”

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  • colin

    LOL @ it glitching and giving me additinal points and double vehicle score… got like 7 jet service stars in a few hours 🙂

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