Battlefield 3 Bugs and Glitches Being Looked Into by DICE

Feedback from Battlefield 3 fans is coming in hot as DICE acknowledges bugs and glitches requiring attention.

While it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not these bugs and glitches will be fixed in the upcoming February patch, DICE has confirmed to be looking into them. What has been confirmed, however, is an incoming fix for PS3 VoIP issues. Read here to find out more. Without further adieu, here are a number of glitches players have been reporting in to DICE who claims to be seeking fixes.

To start off with some of the less common ones, some players have been noticing that the points earned whilst flying a jet are not accounted for at the end of some matches. DICE: “This is a known concern that we are investigating.”

Others are reporting an instance of being stuck on a black screen, at which point players need to back out of the game through other means than selecting quit. DICE: “We are aware but are continuing to make a note of this.”

Two more common weapon glitches are also being reported in. The first is an instance when the player’s character model holds his weapon way above his head. As the player, one is only able to see the arms, blocking most of your field of vision. This seems to happen more commonly with some weapons than others. DICE: “The developers are aware of this glitch.”

Maybe even worse, something that can only be fixed by either turning off your platform or uninstalling/re-installing the disc, is the infamous “no-gun glitch”. In this case, no weapon appears on screen at all and players are unable to shoot. DICE: “We’re aware of this glitch and are looking into it.”

Some of the more serous bugs appear in instances of trying to play with others in a squad. Many players across all platforms report having their team either split up soon after joining up, upon entering a match, or after teams “auto-balance” themselves. This is one of the more serious bugs as Battlefield 3 is primarily a team-oriented shooter. It’s a shame to not be assured that your squad will be sticking together throughout play sessions. DICE had this to say regarding squad issues: “We are aware that this is happening to some people. Please contact EA support about this.”

What are some of the bugs or glitches you’ve been experiencing, if any? Let us know in the comments below

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Note: featured image is of Beta gameplay and not of current build.

  • Steve

    a lot of times during hardcore rush games, i noticed not just from it happening to myself but to a lot of other players.  that who ever arms and destroys the last mcom, the points are never given to that player, only that they or myself will get the points to arm the mcom itself. we win the round but the points are still at what ever number it was previously to only arming it.

    sometimes i feel that since we won the round, it can be slightly acceptable, however if at times we arm all 6 mcom stations [PS3] individually, then we should receive 2 mcom attacker ribbons, and yet we only get 1 due to the game not acknowledging the 6th and final mcom destroyed.

    the game screen ends and the match is won and the points and the ribbons are never achieved. even the objective score is lessened.  this happens more times than not.  

    i dont know if it is really an issue as the gameplay is team oriented, however as an individual who attacks all the mcoms, it would be nice to get the points achieved.

  • Speaking from personal experience, and solely as an Xbox 360 user, I’ve found that while having the disc uninstalled from my harddrive, I’ve never ran into any of these glitches, save the squad issues.

    To take things a step further, I’ve installed ONLY the HD texture pack to my Xbox 360 harddrive, while ALL OTHER battlefield 3 content to a 16GB USB flash drive with 32MB/sec read speed and 18MB/sec write speed. Again, keeping keeping my disc running from the discdrive and not the HD.

    Of course my Xbox is a little louder, but this way, texture pop-in is much faster and almost instantaneous on some maps. On top of this, I haven’t been experiencing any of the aforementioned glitches.

    Basically, if you’re running into some of these problems as an Xbox 360 user, try playing with the disc uninstalled. May or may not help.

  • i dont like to complain but all of this has happened to me other than the jet

  • M3ow131

    They acknowledge to much, and not enough of actual work being done.

  • Dub

    Fixing the squad system and keeping our squads TOGETHER is the #1 most important issue that DICE needs to fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oh yes this and MW3 surly deserved the sales they got -__-

  • Anonymous

    I have a couple. Sometimes my cross hairs completely disappear for a while but eventually return. And somehow the 12x ballistic scope is unlocked on a few assault rifles that I have never used or have less than 10 kills with which is completely useless.

    • percy gonzalez

      u unlocked it from the karkland map pack and they all come  with 12x ballistic scope

  • Mr. L337

    Fix the SPAWNING.

    • fixit

      i watched 3 players spawn 5 feet in front of me, back turned while playing rush. i was cool about it by spotting them instead of killing them to atleast givem a chance. that has to be fixed

  • Ronsays2

    I continue to receive damage after I successful get behind cover. Especially around the corners of buildings. I think this falls into the “more serious” category of bugs. I don’t know if the corners don’t work as cover or its lag. I feel my lag is great in nearly every other situation.

    Fix the corner of buildings for use as cover, please!!!

    • Seko

      It is not your lag. If your opponent has high ping, he still sees you even if u enter cover. 

      Welcome to the world of client-side hit detection.

      • Ben Bourjois

        I had to remove the Karkand update because I was having so many problems with lag and ping. I have it on a USB stick so I can quickly switch between Karkand Update and ‘None Karkand Update’ to test the differences. It really is like playing 2 different games. Without the update hit detection is mostly spot on, with the odd moment of ‘WTF?’ as one would expect.

        With the update its just a constant mess of WTF moments. I can barely win a 1v1 with anyone, even against level 1 noobs… and Im constantly killed when I’ve retreated behind cover. The worst moment being when I ran into one of the buildings on the final stage of Op Metro, whilst taking fire from someone down the street. It wasn’t until I was at the top of the stairway that I got killed. And the guy was still outside and round the corner. I also have a lot of moments where I empty a whole clip into someone (watching their body jerk as the bullets hit) and they one shot kill me.. and still have 100% health.

        And why the hell can I see an enemies claymore on the map in bright orange as soon as they place it?

        Why couldn’t they have just kept the game the same and added some new maps? Is every DLC going to have its own separate update that I’m going to have to keep on a usb stick in case it’s just as unplayable as Karkand?

        I really love this game, but I’m getting bored of the standard maps and if every DLC is going to be like this then I can’t see me really playing it for much longer.


        • I’ve resolved most (not all) of the hit detection problems I was experiencing by not joining servers with the lowest ping. I’m getting kills without having to empty a full clip and experience less deaths behind building walls. No sense in me sending up Max mbps over an optic line giving someone on dsl connection my hitbox update as an advantage. People with slower/lag connections benefit from client side hit boxes.

      • Guest

        They really need to switch to server side hit detection, because sometimes this is game breaking and it just isn’t fun anymore.

  • Syson551

    Fix the USAS 12 thats is really over ranged it f**king annoying.

  • Music43

    I love this game, but somethings need ironing:
    Lag (sometimes freezing), getting shot round corners, getting into a server as a squad, getting split up when we do make it in, bad luck deaths, some weapons lock up (with ammo), knife animation doesn’t always kick in when it should, the B button can
    temperamental when entering vehicles or arming crates, SOFLAM too bright.

    Some where safe to learn to fly as 30 seconds in a jet is not enough.  30 seconds is all I can manage due to experienced pilots with all the unlocks are using me as cannon fodder. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind dying but a little air time unhindered would be great.

    Xbox 360

  • jeepppistä

    “Some of the more serous bugs appear in instances of trying to play with others in a squad. Many players across all platforms report having their team either split up soon after joining up, upon entering a match, or after teams “auto-balance” themselves. This is one of the more serious bugs as Battlefield 3 is primarily a team-oriented shooter. It’s a shame to not be assured that your squad will be sticking together throughout play sessions.”
    I and all my friend have this!! It is so annoying! And the flashlight! OMG, why this is not in the voip patch?

  • guest

    On some occasions the 12x ballistic scope on the M98B will shift to the right, while holding breath and for some its ok, but for an experienced sniper like me its the split between my 800m head shot and me getting sniped back, please fix its very annoying.   Thank you 

  • boom!

    For the “No Gun Glitch”
    Facebook group for those afflicted. Spread to whomever. Maybe we can actually have a unified voice now.

  • CapitalD

    No gun glitch really sucks, hey no gun then no game and no game then why did I buy this peace of crap can u say refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $:-(

  • Barry Kilian

    i get this bug every now and then