Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Easter Eggs

Update: Added another Op. 925 Easter Egg sent in by Rubén Santana.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is now available to all Battlefield 3 Premium members and, as it was the case with the previously released Back to Karkand expansion pack, Close Quarters is riddled with a few interesting Easter Eggs.

Our friend in the Polish Battlefield 3 Community, Colonel Ramirez, has put together this video index of some of the Easter Eggs you may or may not have yet spotted in Close Quarters:

Ziba Tower – Care for some “Frostbite 2” or “1942” wine?

Operation 925 – Random DICE Logos and Paska… whatever that means.

You might, however, be interested to know that “Paska” in Finnish translates to “sh*t”. Go figure!

Operation 925 – Over 9000.

This is just too good.

Donya Fortress – Jets, Planes and the Mass Effect 3 Normandy SR-2 space ship.

Donya Fortress – Level Designer Portrait.

At first, we weren’t sure who the guy in this portrait was, but according to Battlefield 3 lead designer Alan Kertz, “It’s a self portrait of one of our level artists, if he was Persian.”

Colonel Ramirez reached out to DICE lead designer Gustav Halling on Twitter, who responded, “I don’t know them all but I know you missed one on Donya fortress.” We also have yet to find any on the map Scrap Metal, so there could potentially be some hidden goodies there as well.

We’re going to leave it to you guys to figure out any more! Let us know your finds comments below!

  • The_dan

    Awesome job man, nice finds

  • Stef Man

    Portrait looks like the 300 dude, Gerrard Butler or whatever…

    • medric822

      This isn’t Sparta

      • Hot-wire

        No but it is his defiant stand against the persian army. Modern day persia is iran.

  • Yup.

    Theres a news helicopter on Ziba Tower that circles around the map occasionally.

  • Mike

    Does anybody know if you can stinger the Ziba Tower chopper? That’d be sick! Have it crash into the map too!

    • Stef Man

      Rockets just go straight through it like it isn’t there!

  • wolf onatshirt

    Like were going to have enough time looking at these Easter Eggs.

  • lrishjake

    1 more on Op. 925.. the TV with the stock market on it, in the bottom right corner lists an aircraft “MIG SU-25”

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  • gph456


  • medric822

    On fortress, near C you can hear the back to karkan music.

  • Gigers

    great job

  • DelightfulDonut

    ”PASKA” is similar to ”APASCO” concrete…. I’ts a Mexican (I’m not sure) company which makes that concrete… The logo it’s almost the same, you can google it and prove it.

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  • on op.925 you can splash the red paint all over the wall in the unfinished office