Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Xbox 360 Achievements Hint At New Game Mode

A list of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Xbox 360 achievements have been outed hinting at a new Battlefield 3 game mode called “Gun Master.” Close Quarters is just around the corner and is said to release along side Battlefield Premium June 4th.

PS3 Trophies have yet been revealed but it’s safe to assume that the titles and descriptions would match the 360 achievements. Check out the list below courtesy of

Dominator: Win a round in Conquest Domination – 20G

Deadly Tools: Without dying, get a kill with a Carbine, Pistol and Rocket Launcher – 30G

Show of Force: Get 10 kills with all ten CQ weapons – 30G

Man of Calibre: Complete a round of Gun Master – 20G

Secret Achievement – 20G

The second to last one, Man of Calibre, is particularly interesting as it suggests, perhaps, a new of game mode on top of the previously announced Conquest Domination.

DICE will be performing maintenance on the Battlelog June 4th, most likely in preparation for Close Quarters.

What do you think “Gun Master” could be? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Bennie_Hair

    I’m so fucking giddy! Hopefully the 4th is the release date even though most PS3 store updates happen on Tuesday which would be the 5th

    • Liquid_stranger

      I don’t think that will matter, being that its e3 and usually they update the psn store throughout the week with content.

  • yah better be on ps3

  • BSBI

    hey david you put july instead of june

  • Kaori

    Obviously it’s a gun game type mode p:

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  • John

    I saw these achievements like 5 minutes ago and I was going to inform you guys

  • Stef Man

    Oh, Gun Master sounds interesting!


    Just take a look at whatever Call of Duty is doing and there’s your answer…

    • JustinD

      Lol that’s what I say

    • dpg70

      Holy crap you beat me to it! lmao!

      Still, adding a few arcade-ish features to BF3 isnt a big deal to me. It’s funny to see these CoD converts that play TDM all the time get their asses handed to them in CQ.

      • JustinD

        Lol true I’m colonel service star 21 and I’ve never played a tdm round on bf3 it still sucks seeing them add shit that is like cod

        • But it’s not like CoD. CoD isn’t the first game to have gun game. A whole lot of fps games on pc have it in some way. CoD is just the first to have it on console.

          Gun game is gun game. It is not specific to any one fps.

      • QwietStorm

        Yesterday was the first time I played more than 1 TDM match in a day. I actually played at least 5 in a row, and I could not believe how easy it was. I got MVP almost every match just playing normally. It didn’t even make sense. I was killing soldiers right next to soldiers and they wouldn’t even react. I should have been playing that crap all the time to rank up. I’ve actually noticed a lot of low ranks players on BF3 lately. Is it just me?

        • nope its not just you

        • It’s pretty much new players coming to the game, most likely from cod, and going to the first game mode that looks good to the, which would be tdm since it’s the main game mode in cod.

    • ebonnnn

      Gun game is based on a counterstike mod u fool

  • AnthonyMan

    It’s probably just ganna be a gun game where getting a kill with a gun lets you move on to another gun.

    • Babyclami

      I think that’s what it will be too//

  • poop

    Shooting Range

  • sir die a lot

    Gungame Normal: M9, 1911, magnum, g18, 870, saiga, pp2000, mp7, p90, ak74u, g36, m4a1, f2000, ak74, m16, aek, m27, m249, pkp, sks, mk11, m40, m98, rpg, knife

    No DLC weapons, 2 kills per gun to advance, knifing an enemy advances you one level and reduces them one level.

    Gungame extended could have all guns including DLC. Thatd be a long fun game, like over 50 guns.

  • bryan

    dont think thay can make a gun game copyright?

  • aaron

    Ugh, I wish they would implement the idea of the new gamemode I call Stronghold onto armored kill, base vs base action with the objective of destroying your enemies base before they destroy yours would f-ing sweet man. They could add support stations with artillery and bombing as options in the middle of the battlefield like they did in 1943 wake island. It’s too bad they dont listen. Look the idea up on the forums for complete details and vote! We need your support!

    • Taylor

      I think they should make some game type that is similar to titan in 2143 for armored kill

      • jgalena

        But instead of titans you could have aircraft carriers

    • RabidTurtle

      You’ve just made a modern warfare equivalent of Titan mode from 2142. Not that it would be a bad thing (titan mode was amazing).

      I have to disagree with the stations though. The whole point of battlefield is that you do it yourself. Rather, I want bombers (something that is oddly missing is airplanes with dumb bombs) and artillery (which they are adding).

  • Kevin

    Based on the fact that there are a few missing words, really obvious achievements and suspect UK spelling, I’d say this list might be fake. If it isn’t, then it could mean completing a level of weapon mastery, like as in an assignment.

    • Kevin

      Never mind, I actually clicked the link and they’re legit, Deadly Tools is missing the word ‘Without’ on here.

    • jgalena

      In the leaked trailer you can see the words gun master when it says new modes

  • dlaskowski

    its sounds like gun game

  • PrinceFartsalot

    Could it possibly be you with only one gun and unlimited ammo? You have no gadgets and don’t have to reload. interesting

    • QwietStorm


  • Maybe the gun master is practically the same as the recent “knife only” servers? same load out for everyone, to see who’s the best with it.

  • Michael Kelley

    Knowing how Battlefield matches generally take a while to finish, I would not put it past DICE to make Gun Master use ALL the base guns. Would make the game last quite a while if we had to use every base weapon in the game.

    Also, Deadly Tools will be infinitely easier to get compared to Complete Warrior.

  • YinYang27

    These 4 PS3 too?

    • jgalena

      They’ll just be called trophys

  • Carl

    It could be referring to a free for all game mode. But what would really like it to be is an elimination or search and destroy type of game mode they DICE are going,to have to add that in sooner or later 🙂

    • Casavult

      Free for all in a team based game? Lol what?

      I don’t want to see Search and Destroy. I remember in CoD4 (the last CoD I played) nobody cared for the objective but instead just wanted to eliminate the other team instead…

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  • Eatsomething

    but battlefield has always focused on keeping you in a team, so why would they add free-for-all gamemodes, i know it doesn’t say it, but that’s what gun master sounds like.

  • Lauri Olkinuora

    Goddammit, another one of these ”
    Without dying, get a kill with..” The Karkand one was a bitch to get, and now another one?

  • KyleeeeeeDeanioooooo

    Jump off the side of ziba tower and parachute. for the secret acheivment.