Battlefield 3 CM Congratulates Modern Warfare 3 for “Best Shooter” Award

Daniel Matros’ reaction to Modern Warfare 3 winning the VGA’s best shooter of the year.

Last night, Modern Warfare 3 pipped Battlefield 3 to win the VGA’s best shooter of the year. Battlefield 3’s global community manager, Daniel Matros, congratulated Modern Warfare 3 for winning the award. He went on to say that Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games “made one hell of a game.” However, in Matros’ “heart and mind” Battlefield 3 is “still number one.” Matros must be glad that he dodged a tea-bagging. It should be noted that neither shooter was nominated for the game of the year category, and Skyrim snagged that trophy. On the multiplayer front, Portal 2 was the winner against the two FPS games mentioned above and Gears 3.

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    Just stopping by to say Battlefield 3– PS3 INPUT LAG–

    • Anonymoose77

      Just stopping by to say: Throw away your 6 year and a month old paperweight so we can all move into the next-gen. MW3 is horrible and the VGAs are like the Grammy’s…who gives a fuck?

    • nice throw away account?

    • Jrmeister28

      Hi this is my problem with bf3 too the input lag. Do you think dice will patch this ? They don’t seem to know how to fix this. Can I add you on the PSN ?

  • meh. mw3 didnt deserve it. all about money and influence. BF3 has a way better and more satisfied community and did a completely insane job of postgame support. mw3 is completely sad and pathetic. the game is so broken.

    • more better, satisfied community? I look at the EA forum and they are complaining about something new and old every day.

      • Yahoosucks

        you see the metacritic user score for MW3? On of their executives had to tweet to the fans to go on and try and give it a better score

        • Yahoosucks


        • not everyone on metacritic needed the game to rate it, people probably just flooded in with hate that they gathered from losing in BO and MW2 and just voted it shit, but i do believe battlefield 3 shouldve won the best shooter award

        • Most of the user score and saying are generic . Even some people  copy and paste the same thing on different console even before the game came out.  Most of these “reviewers” have only look up BF3 or only made one account just spam zero to lower the score. I don’t believe those score are accurate

          • There are thousands and thousands more ratings for MW3 than BF3.  Even if every single one of the people that rated BF3 went over and rated MW3 poorly, there are still thousands of negative votes unaccounted for.  It looks like to me that despite selling less copies, BF3 has the better user experience.  

            • You can make one account to post the comment and be done with it. I still don’t believe that BF3 has the better user experience. More like mixed

            • Finally, I typically trust user reviews online.  Ever shop on Amazon or Newegg? I do all the time, and other customers’ reviews are incredibly helpful.  Just like ‘Ask the audience’ on the show “Who Want’s To Be A Millionare”, they were rarely incorrect.  

              I looked up average ratings for both games on Amazon.  Depending on the platform, they are either equivalent, or BF3 has the edge.  

              Lovers’ Loving > Haters’ Hating

      • Anonymous

        Everyone and his cat knows the EA forums are full of BF2 elitists, that bitch about anything.
        Even some devs at DICE already joked about that forum because the mindset there is full of shit.
        Look at ANY other forum and you’ll see most of the community is positive about the game.

        • well bf3 was suppose to be the true sequel to bf2 it just doesn’t feel like it

          • Michael Quiroz

            And people will always cry for it. Do what I do. Treat it like it doesnt have idiotic expectations tacked on to it and just fucking play the game.

            • meh i like BF3 its not like BF2 almost at all (more like BFBC2) but i like it all the same

    • MW3 is broken???   what the fuck r u smoking???   MW3 is perfect as is…. there is NOTHING broken about MW3…  i understood when people complained about MW2 a few years back, but IW did a very good job with MW3…   well deserved shooter of the year award…  get the fuck oughta here, BF3 nuthugger and shut the fuck up, you jealous cocksucker……

    • CRY BF3 Fanboy! CRY!!!!

      But still it wont change a thing……

  • crysis 2 deserved it more then mw3 bulletstorm deserved it more hell every other FPS this year deserved it more mw3 deserves nothing IMPO skyrim doesn’t deserve GOTY either it aint that good of a game

  • irish

    Hi Fahed,

    Any more information on the PS3 input lag?

  • When Portal 2 manage to win Best Multiplayer Game, my mouth drop. How did they manage to  defeat 3 triple  A shooter games with only 2 player co-op?  it must be a lot of fun playing that puzzle game with another person….

    • Anonymous

      Actually it really is… Portal 2 is BY FAR the best coop experience I ever had. If you look at innovation, fun factor, satisfaction, etc Portal 2 beats MW3 and BF3 easily indeed. The only bad this is that it’s over after a few hours… Ah well… didn’t stop me from completing Portal 1 like 5 times 😉

  • hands

    What! this was a no brainer….the only reason I play first person shooters soo much is because of call of duty modern warfare games and battlefield 3 is what modern warfare 3 should of been. Frostbite engine is amazing kudos to dice for their hard work I think you guys should of taken the award

  • Anthony Borelli

    Call of duty winning best shooter still makes VGA seem like a joke to me..

  • Anthony Borelli

    a game with a six year old game engine beats out battlefield 3… unbelievable..

  • Dan

    Battlefield completely deserved best shooter and best multiplayer. I was hugely disappointed MW3 had won, it doesn’t deserve it, out of all Call of Duty games to win an award, MW3 deserved it the least. Portal 2 is a great game, I felt they should of made a seperate category for co-op and competitive multiplayer, because all the shooters do not at all relate or fall in a category with Portal, and then Skyrim was a disappointment too, I wanted any other game but that one to win, its so broken, especially on PS3 and I didn’t like it at all (but I’m a little biased not being a fan of RPG’s or game in that style, but this to me felt the most boring of the ones I have tried :P) I saw nothing of what everyone else saw in  Skyrim. I mostly saw the VGAs for “The Last of Us” trailer which seemed great, and the Metal Gear Rising trailer which now got me excited! (Metal Gear Rising before Platinum games, didn’t look to interesting). Hope they have a Grayfox skin 😛

    • if you want an epic RPG experience (10x better then skyrim) try dark souls

    • Ak

      Battlefield 3 doesn’t deserve it.  Battlefield 2, and Battlefield Bad Company 2 deserve it, but not Battlefield 3

      • Bobby

        You sir, are an idiot

    • everyone has their own opinions, when i first saw skyrim, i thought it was going to be a boring rpg like most rpgs are to me, but when i played it i found myself spending hours on end on the game, my opinion went from “what a boring looking game” to “i wish this game wins GOTY because it’s that good.

  • Larry Palmer

    Dice should have hired Kanye West to interrupt MW3’s Award Acceptance Speech and talk about how Battlefield 3 is really the best shooter of all time. Would have been epic!!

  • Harpdarp

    the VGAs have no credibility within the industry. 

  • Diago

    Nobody in their right mind gives an award to MW3 bypassing the great Battlefield 3.
    Its all a hoax and setup to cater the low level minded mass.

  • DaEmph

    both are great games in their own right

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  • mw3 won because bf3 betrayed bf2, so ea and dice can go fuck themselves.

  • KING

    bf3 has huge battlefields and tons of vehicles and better physics.mw3 and others afer are still good.but not has realistic has bf3