Battlefield 3 Dev Teases New Audio Easter Egg, Deeming it “The Hardest One to Find”

Update: Two more hints have been given by Tomas Danko as the easter egg has yet to be found.

According to Danko, “it will only happen if you are >110m and <350m from spotter + <350m from spotted AA and only if you are US faction.” Additionally, he’s provided this “Frostbite VO System 2.0 data driven logic flow” below. If you can figure it out what it actually means, it should lead to even more hints about this easter egg. Good luck! Read the original story below for full details.

Original Story: Tomas Danko, VO Producer at DICE, teases another hidden Battlefield 3 easter egg.

“Can you find this BF3 easter egg? Hint: Team mate >110 meter away spots hostile AA, maybe something else is spotted afterwards. What is it?” Tweeted Danko yesterday. So far, no one has yet to find it.

As for further clues, Danko has stated that it can be found on “any map where there are AA [Anti-Aircraft, mobile or stationary],” meaning maps like Kharg Island, Wake Island, Caspian Border or Operation Firestorm (CQ). Obviously, this easter egg is VO (Voice-Over) related and could be pretty tricky to catch. Danko admits it’s “the hardest one to find” and that “it’s probably ridiculously hard to spot it, and you can’t really repeat it at will.” He mentions that the real question is “What is being spotted that is not the regular hostile?” His latest hint states that “It’s not a vehicle.”

You may wonder why he teases such an easter egg six months after Battlefield 3’s release. Apparently, “…a bug stopped this easter egg from working and the bug got fixed in a major patch a while ago. That’s why,” according to Danko.

So, what could it be? You may remember Back to Karkand and it’s radio easter eggs in certain locations which featured classic Battlefield 2 music. These were quickly found, however. We wish good luck to any one on the search of this particular goodie. Make sure to leave your findings in the comments below!

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  • “enemy boat spotted”? 

    • Hol_Up

      It’s not a vehicle, but it would be hilarious if it was that.

  • Gingers do have souls

    Enemy wheelbarrow spotted

    • SoccerSpartan

      This must be it.

  • “im tired of these mother f*cking Russians in these motherf*cking choppers!”

    • Nate

      Is that it? Lol

  • Enemy pony spotted.

  • Enemy pony spotted.

  • ButteredBread

    lol, they can’t even get their easter eggs to work properly!

  • So they took the time to fix a bug that makes an easter egg work but still have yet to make the game function properly for most people. Brilliant.

    • DuHasst123

      The game functions fine for most people. It’s the vocal douchebags like yourself that continue to bitch about tiny details. Find a work around or quit playing. That is all.

      • Gumpnstein

         If everyone dissappointed in the patch quit playing, there would be like 2 servers in the world and the entire franchise would end and you would be starring at a wall

  • “Enemy Dino spotted”

  • Ecks Sentrick

    Who gives a goddamn fuck, fix your trash game.

    • EvilSparrow

      Only Skyrim can compete with BF3 in which had and still have the most glitches/bugs. 

  • therapiist

    So we pay $60+ bucks to look for an fucking easter egg crap!! Who give a shit about easter egg shit in games, we pay to play a good game. NOT half broken bullshit

    • Dickhead Above Me

      Calm ya tits. Lots of people care about easter eggs. I care about easter eggs. But it’s none of your business to go around calling easter eggs crap. And your username? Do you think rape is funny, you fucken asshole? Go back to CoD, no one wants you here.

      • therapiist

        U mad bro??  im sorry that I shit on your easter egg girly boy.. oh ya, I also play other fps games not just bf3 and cod dump fuck. Why people like you always think that CoD is the only game people play on? man you stupid… and my name if you dont like it TO FUCKING BAD bitch

        • You should check your grammar prior to calling others idiots.

          • Alex-crook

            Thankyou Benjamin Elliott, now I don’t have to say it.

          • therapiist

            If people don’t like what I said about easter egg, then too damn bad.

  • Arendsb

    Unless this is a hint at Bf2143, who gives a shit?

    A “hostile” that is not a vehicle is thus infantry.

    Who gives a hit about infantry? Unless/ a “mech” is not a vehicle.

    • Arendsb

      Oh duh- Its a new UAV.

      Not infantry (because AA doesn’t target infantry)

      Not a vehicle (cuz they told us that)

      Most be UAV (cuz the Mav is pointless), and we all miss the old UAV- 50 cal plus hellfire missile strike. AA targets UAV, and it’s not a “vehicle” in the traditional sense, as bF vehicles suggest u can be in them. Only a UAV is not a “traditional vehicle” and is also something that has existed before, and is missing this time around.

      •  So the special VO will occur when you are in a anti-aircraft gun and you aim at a MAV?

  • LaDewd

    People… are so so so… mad…
    at this easter egg for some reason…
    If you are not happy with the game, stop playing it and stop bitching! Or at least express the things that you think need to be fixed and wait for a patch and play the game if you wish, but don’t bitch everywhere.

    • Tescamilla74

      People wouldn’t if dice put a shred of effort into fixing all the problems with this game. One patch every 3-4 months is unacceptable, especially with the number of glitches that plague this game.

      • DuHasst123

        A shred of effort? They put out a 1.3 GB patch. The game funtions fine with a few small bugs. Quit bitching, find a work around or move on. That’s it.

      • ostrichbean

        in addition to 
        DuHasst123’s point, they have fixed some problems through server-side patches

  • Mark531


  • So I heard someone on Battlelog said that he once spotted a MAV with maybe the anti-aircraft gun and the VO reported “ENEMY (M)OBILE (A)RTILLERY (V)EHICLE SPOTTED!”  Anybody wanna confirm?

    • StrikerSVK

       I think I remember hearing “(mobile) artillery vehicle” when spotting, but I thought “meh, just a tank”…  I’m not quite sure about the MAV recon drone being spotted, because I didn’t pay much attention to that message, but this might be it

  • Tescamilla74

    Its there an Easter egg to find the footsteps?

  • Maphyn

    AA and then MAV 😀

  • ichas

    Dice untested new patch notes spotted

  • EurbadGeneric

    “Enemy artillery spotted”

  • Dkdusty

    I don’t give a Lalala about easter egg’s, Fix the damn glitch of a m26+dart+HB

  • TheVardogr

    It must be that the sound cuts out randomly while playing.

    • blah

      lol. I seem to find this easter egg a lot

      • Name Name15

        lol same here

  • EliteGamerMitch

    im just gonna guess but im guessing it might have something to do with dinosuars…

  • blitz1904

    This means nothing to me. Fix this broken ass game.

    • blitz1904 is a retard.

      The game is fine as it is.

      • Akvjgod

        Well, actually the game is broken in many ways. There is a lot of stuff DICE should fix, but it seems they simply do not care.

        • Jblie

          If they didn’t care why are they releasing the massive patchs to tweek gameplay and shiz?

    •  the game is not broken.  your thumbs are broken

      • blitz1904

        I disagree.

        • ostrichbean

          notice he got 8 likes, lol

  • Stef Man

    It’ll be something stupid and not worth the time figuring it out.

  • Sly

    Oh I found this already. All it does is cut the sound out completely and you can’t hear anything at all. The egg isn’t all that great tbh. 

  • Nate

    So is it something extra being spotted or just VO?

  • EliteGamerMitch

    CAN EVERYONE STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT BEING BROKEN WHEN THEY HAVE FIXED IT! im guessing its all the stupid/jealous cod fans -_-

  • mondrianaire

    According to the logic flow, there is a 1/2000 (probability .05) chance of the VO happening if all of the correct criteria are met. It has to happen within 10 seconds, the teammate that is spotting has to be between 110 and 350 yds, the AA spotted has to be outside of 350 yds. The weird thing is that he mentioned that the soldier spotting needs to be US, however a quick look at this diagram shows a section where (in order for this to execute) the soldier_spotting must match RU label. This means  the spotting soldier would need to be russian?

  • Ivaan

    To begin, the four events in the left must all occur at once. The way this, and any other data flow chart works, is that any one event will only trigger if it’s conditions are fulfilled. So let’s take a look.

    First off, let’s consider the starting variables. We have the AA gun being spotted as the lowest starting event, the next one up “soldier spotted” is more confusing- perhaps the enemy in the AA, soldier spotting is the person who spots the AA, and the top is You.

    The condition flow for you: you must see a certain object, which (along with one constant source, and the soldier spotting being the said minimum distance away). Doing this activates the distance block, which in turn will activate another for maximum distance, which in turn branches out to you HEARING two different results. One is the common “I spotted blah blah” at a 100% chance. The OTHER, however, has a probability of 0.05. Meaning that our Easter egg will occur one twentieth of the time.

    • mondrianaire

      Almost all of what you said is incorrect. 

      The four on the left are not events, they are objects, the starting event is at the bottom left named comrose_spotting. The probability 100 conversation only takes place when all conditions leading to its (?) occurs (I count 8).

      Finally, if the probability of the left conversation is 100, the assumption is that these are percents ergo, a probability of 0.05 is not one in twenty, but rather one in two thousand.  

      • mondrianaire

        There are 8 conditions that have to be met for the easter egg to have the (.05%) chance of being executed.

        1) Soldier spotting has to be russian?
        2) soldier spotting has to be on the same team as you
        3) Local player (you) is NOT the one spotting
              the code just shows the value 10 (IntervalSpottingMP) going into an Interval box, only when this is true does the easter egg have a chance of being said. 
        5) distance between local player and player spotting more than 110
        6)soldier spotted must be a AA vehicle
        7)distance between local player and player spotting less than 350 
        8)distance between local player and player spotted less than 350

        I am at a loss for what the 4th condition is. It starts with the 5th box from the top, second column.   

        • mondrianaire

          SOLVED: Game time has to be at an interval of 10. Even then, it only happens 1/2000 times. 


          • KoffeinFlummi

            Game time?

          • mondrianaire

            At the moment the US soldier spots the RU soldier in the AA the time clock in game must have a time showing that is in intervals of 10. For instance the clock must read 10:00.. or 5:20.. any 10 sec. interval will work.

        • Curious

          …you wouldn’t happen to still have the jpg of the flow chart would you??
          Dice seems to have not only deleted the dev’s twitter but removed all traces of that photo.  if you have it in your history i would love to see it.

          • I dont have it now, but I definitely have it at work. Ill upload it tomorrow. Since this whole thing went on, Danko’s twitter was taken offline right after it, and then all traces of the idea of the easter egg kindof have stopped. It’s pretty crazy. Im sure it was some kind of confidentiality that danko broke with releasing that photo. Crazy. 

          • It comes back from the dead! Just like Jesus!

  • Thepenguin125

    Still waiting for the M26 MASS fix…

  • SuperN1

    I’m guessing you need to be 2 US soldiers and one RU in an AA vehicle.
    One of the US soldiers will need to spot the AA and at the same time the other US dude needs to be at a distance greater than 110m and less than 350 meter from the US spotter + less than 350m from the AA.

  • Irishjake427

    Ok gents: 2 US soldiers, 1 spots the AA and is >110m-110m-<350m from spotting US soldier. The 3rd soldier must be RU and must occupy the spotted AA. At the moment the US soldier spots the RU soldier in the AA the time clock in game must have a time showing that is in intervals of 10. For instance the clock must read 10:00.. or 5:20.. any 10 sec. interval will work. If all of this is true, then you will trigger the voice over. After voice over has finished it has a probability of 1 in 200 of playing again in the same game match. 

    • Irishjake427

      The “static” US soldier is the only one who will hear the voice over. 

    • Irishjake427

      oops that probability is wrong.. but you get it. Its not that hard, its just hard to have it replay over and over.. hope that helps.

  • Someone gotta make a youtube vid for this lol.

  • PTFO

    If we find it can we get PC VoIP?

  • adum

    His twitter was deactivated?

  • Klone

    “Bigfoot spotted”

  • Hey, he closed his twitter? What i lost?

  • Leit3
  • Leit3
  • ew0345

    It has been found by Jackfrags on youtube (Well, he found the audio file.)

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  • Charlie O’Hare

    John Goldfarb I actually found it in game

  • Jake Penny

    We have spotted a hostile Goldfarb I repeat hostile Goldfarb in your area.

    Thats it,

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