Battlefield 3 – DICE Dev Hints At Conquest Domination On Vanilla and Back to Karkand Maps

Could the brand new game mode Conquest Domination, introduced in the recent Battlefield 3: Close Quarters expansion pack, be making its way to Vanilla and Back to Karkand Battlefield 3 maps? According to lead gameplay designer Alan Kertz, there is a chance.

“So it seems Conquest: Domination is pretty popular already,” stated Kertz on his Twitter account. Being the close quarters version of the already fan-favorite Conquest mode, this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. CQD basically takes the same idea of regular CQ by placing three “flags” on a map which players must capture as they bleed the opposing force of “tickets”. CQD, however, allows for a much quicker capture time, contributing to the much more frequent change of ownership, and does not allow the owning team to spawn on their captured flags. Instead, spawns are more similar to the classic TDM mode. This action-packed mode, along with the frantic new Close Quarter maps, is sure to become the talk of the Battlefield.

Kertz wonders, however, “would you play it on other maps? I’m just curious.”

Yes, Kertz. The answer is yes. While this is obviously no confirmation that it will actually happen, chances are it’s possible if he’s asking, right? We sure hope so. Surely many would agree that CQD would lend itself well to both Vanilla and B2K Team Deathmatch maps and would give Battlefield fans a new way to rediscover their favorite maps. For a few concerned followers, Kertz clarified that CQD “would never replace normal CQ.”

Others have also been asking about the newly introduced weapon camouflage patterns, wondering if weapons other than the F2000, SCAR-H, PKP Pecheneg and L96, will be seeing camo unlock as well any time soon. Kertz explains, “It’s limited to certain guns right now and we plan to build up the number of guns over time.”

While it would be great to see the CQD game mode find its place among older BF3 maps, no word has been given if the other newly introduced Gun Master mode will be making its way to older maps as well. That, along with newer sets of weapon rotations, would surely be welcomed with open arms among the Battlefield community.

What do you guys think? Would you like Conquest Domination and Gun Master to make it to older BF3 maps? Or, perhaps just one or the other? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Perhaps, together, we can grab the attention of DICE developers.

  • JustinD

    Id say I got premium largely cause I thought all guns would get camo patterns. Boy was I wrong. I still have premium and can’t wait for all the other map packs. I was excited for CQ but honestly I don’t like it. I use 5 of the new guns though.

    • I figured that earning the Premium Assignment for the weapon with the camo would unlock that camo for all guns. Guess not 🙁

      • Stef Man

        What about camouflage appearance option for the vehicles? Now that’s what I want! Already been all over Battlelog forums with it…

      • JustinD

        Yeah hopefully they add it. It just makes you that much more comfortable with your gun having the way you want. Plus they look cool. But only 4 guns? And guns I’ve never uses or will.

  • PlatinumSoldier

    Pardon my ignorance but, what is vanilla in bf3?

    • ATrollinSloth

      The original maps

      • wolf onatshirt

        Then what is chocolate?

    • Vanilla in everything (except cooking :D) usually means the original stuff that came with the product

      • PlatinumSoldier

        thanks 🙂

  • dablack

    I do NOT want CQD on old maps. It sucks

    • dablack is a retard

      Then just don’t play it…

      • No really? He’s saying he doesn’t want them to waste the time and effort on more CQD when they could be using it to make more actual BF content.

        • Oliver_Cooksey

          They have promised the additional content already so this is something new.

  • Generaljim

    Dice must make some more camo’s for all THE weapons if they want to make

  • Dec1ma7ion

    I don´t really like Conquest assault but the maps are fine, but to be hones I was never excited for the CQ just got premium for all the other stuff

  • Thank god! The cqc maps suck with the exception of scrap would love to play metro or siene with CQD would be great

    • lol what???? The CQ maps are awesome, and most people (including myself) would say scrap is the only bad one

    • wolf onatshirt

      You’re crazy. The CQ maps are fun as hell and a big change of pace. I would have to play Metro to have any CQ fun.

    • Casavult

      Agreed. CQ DLC maps are terrible. And before anyone goes “You’re crazy, they’re awesome” that’s my opinion, deal with it.

      • asgaro

        (wrong reply.)

        • Casavult

          Lol, I couldn’t give a shit if people thumb it down. Fact is, people have opinions! And some people can’t respect that.

          • asgaro

            Yeah, I meant that i had posted something but to the wrong person. So I edited it and put “wrong reply” 😉

            • Casavult

              No worries. 🙂

    • asgaro

      Go play CoD or Medal of Honor then!
      Heck, any shooter should do. But stop giving dumb ideas to DICE.
      Battlefield should stay true to its key elements: big maps, lots of vehicles, tactics, team/squadplay.
      Now with the addition of TDM and now this article, makes me sad.

  • RigbyPA

    All I want in DICE to offer official servers running ONE game mode on ALL the maps in the rotation! How hard is that DICE!? I do not want to play on 5 “favorite” maps or INFANTRY ONLY maps while the game mode keeps changing from TDM to RUSH to CQ. Get it? The bullsh!t rented servers have all but ruined BF3 for me. Bring back official one game mode on all maps servers DICE!!!!!!!

    • Retro

      I’ve given up hope on that one.

      • Yeah, but actually EA I believe host one game mode servers whereas DICE hosts mixed modes…I say “I believe” because I play Hardcore and EA doesn’t host any HC servers, so im stuck with the one mode customs

        • JustinD

          Hardcore is the way to go and if there wasn’t butthurt admins kicking and banning they are pretty good. I have noticed 3 or 4 official dice servers on HC but that’s all I’ve seen in a month

          • dkdusty

            Naa hardcore has rarely said anything to me in any game this last 5-10 years…

    • dkdusty

      Yep I miss that to!

    • Fresh191

      I can see where you’re coming from totally and to an extent I agree BUT for me some of these “custom” severs have been so much fun. I have found some of my favorite maps with high tickets giving me the most out of the game. However when you get these crappy messages at the start listing which weapons you can’t use and telling you how you may play the game which you already put £40+ on I start to miss the original and reliable severs of old.

    • frietzaak

      Are we talking console here? Because on PC most conquest servers I play on just serve conquest.

    • dkdusty

      Yep I miss that to!

    • Casavult

      Amen to that!

  • Hol_Up

    I’d love CQD on Siene Crossing, Op Metro, and Nosahar Canal. it’d be cool.

  • Jefrry NIIIIhes

    I like all these ideas.

  • jrstryker

    Metro and Grand Bazaar could make some decent CQD maps.

  • premie master race

    I think that’s what all the bonus crap each month is.. New camo and stuff

  • jspanghurst

    cqd completely eliminates the use of squads. I hate not being able to spawn on the guys km playing with. now gun master on the other maps.. now youre talking

    • CQD makes squads more important. Dont need a spawn when you got a great medic keeping everyone alive.

      • How does CQD make medics take over the function of squad spawns?

        “Dont need a spawn when you got a great medic keeping everyone alive”

        You cold say the exact same thing for regular conquest. That doesn’t remove the importance of being able to squad spawn.

        • Hot-wire

          The heck you guys talking about. You can spawn on your squad members in CQD. Just not on the flags.

    • How does CQD eliminate the use of a squad? 8 player teams are perfect for Xbox Live parties because you wont have to worry about the extra 4 people with no mics being dead weight by doing their own thing. On my server when we do CQ maps my party owns almost everytime. communication, call-outs are still used and supporting members of the other squad is actually easier for us because we dont have to travel long distances, and for added fun we can organize games with just 16 friends easily.

      • Uh did you miss the part of his post where he mentions how he hates not being able to squad spawn. That’s what he’s referring to.

        • Maybe he should try not playing Team Deathmatch CQ because I’m sure you can squad spawn in COnquest Domination

  • I think CQ Dom on all maps would be awesome. I’d also love to see regular CQ brought to all the B2K maps. I would also love to see single gametype CQ servers with all bf3/b2k maps in rotation. I can only find all maps in rotation for TDM.

  • dpg70

    Replace running in circles with driving in circles. Genius. I really don’t think they’ll stop until Battlefield doesn’t resemble anything remotely close to Battlefield.

    • Replace running in circles with driving in circles.
      1. The mode is infantry only so we would still be “running in circles”
      2. We already drive in circles in normal Conquest so what difference does it make?

  • 000

    Conquest Domination is a pile of crap. I’d rather not have it on existing maps.

    • You’re aware that it’s optional, right? Why not let players who want it play it while you can play the classic Conquest mode. Who does it really hurt in the end?

      • Exactly dont play it lol go play classic conquest or CQA

      • It hurts the players who don’t want BF to be like CoD. The dlc could have been something true to BF style, but instead it’s wasted on appeasing the CoD crowd.

        • Oliver_Cooksey

          These people who played cod make up a major number of players which also mark income for EA. I am sick of people like you saying dice shouldnt attract these players, there a company, not a charity!

  • Stef Man

    So, now there won’t be any time to stop someone from capping your flag? I’ll stick to normal CQ! I like long capping times.

  • This is absolutely perfect.

    Allow the Battlefield vets to enjoy their classic Conquest mode with vehicles and let the other Battlefield players who enjoy Infantry-only combat to enjoy Conquest Domination. It’s a best of both worlds. You DON’T have to play the mode if you don’t want to, and there’s nothing wrong with offering more game modes, or extending this one to the older/B2K maps. Those maps would need to be scaled down considerably though for this to work, but I’m all for this.

    • Except for the fact that this is all effort wasted on turning part of BF into CoD to appease new BF players, instead of sticking to their unique style.

      This dlc should have been more big maps. Battlefield maps. That’s what the game is about. I play it because it’s NOT CoD. If you want to play a game like CoD, guess what, there’s CoD.

      They’re trying to spread themselves too thin. Trying to please everyone by turning the game into something it’s not. They need to focus on what makes them unique and what makes it a great game. Focus on what they can do to make themselves more distinguishable from the competition, not what can they do the same as the competition to attempt to steal them away under the guise of “hey guys, we do pretty much exactly what they do, but a bit better!”

      • asgaro

        Couldn’t have said it better!

      • That’s the thing, we know Battlefield is not CoD and that’s why we love it. We don’t want to go play CoD.

        I would understand that if CoD did close quarters better than BF, then yeah, go play CoD. But I don’t think it does. BF3 does TDM and CQD extremely well, better than CoD, in my opinion, and If I know that I paid 60 bucks (plus DLC) for a game that can serve me a quality experience on all fronts, then I know my money was well spent. I don’t need to go spend my money elsewhere.

        I’d say its safe to assume that a lot of gamers are like myself, however, and don’t want more CQ game modes just so they can ONLY play those modes. If that’s ALL they want to do, then again, go play CoD. But it’s just nice to have some variation and add more worth to my investment.

        Personally, I can appreciate the epic vehicle-based combat on large maps even more when I have the ability to dive into some close quarters game modes every so often. It keeps things fresh and doesn’t make BF3 a one-trick-pony. Personally, I use TDM (and maybe now CQD if it happens) as a warm up before i head into game modes like RUSH or CQ. I think that’s reasonable no?

        I think we gotta remember too that the devs who makes these games aren’t people like us. Personally, I don’t think DICE is even concerned with CoD. EA might be, but not DICE. They know they have a kick as game (despite its bugs) and I think they honestly believe that they are trying to give us BF players THE best FPS experience, regardless of what other PFSs are doing.

        I also get that many might be upset over the CQ DLC. That’s understandable. But now that the damage is done, why not bring some of these new modes over to other TDM maps? It’s just an added bonus, I think.

        I think you can trust me when I say, however, that we all fell in love with Battlefield for the same reason 🙂

        • Having said this, I’d like to make it clear though that I think they should definitely be done with the CQ stuff by this point. We definitely don’t need any more 🙂

          • All I’m going to say is that thanks to the new maps, I actually feel like playing Sqd Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. After 7 months I finally have the medals for those game modes because the maps are worth playing them on

      • Umm.. nobody brought COD into this but you. If I wanted to play COD then I would play it. What’s wrong with Battlefield offering alternatives? Adding CQD to other maps does not hurt anybody because it’s OPTIONAL to play. I have a Vet status of 10 and I thoroughly enjoy the CQ expansion so I don’t get what the big deal is about this.

    • asgaro

      If you want infantry-only, please go play CoD or Medal of Honor or any other shooter.
      The problem nowadays is that ALL shooters try to cater to the CoD population. Battlefield is an exception and that’s what attract people like myself. But now with the addition of TDM, and now this article… It’s going the wrong direction.

      Really, you have 20 shooters that you can play if you want infantry only.

  • it be a smart move. . long as they make the vanilla and b2k map areas work well enough or give us a new area to explore in the maps. they should take CQA with the 4 maps and make it on all the maps as well that be even better. So yes dice start doing this. ASAP.

  • Not adapting some of these new gamemodes to vanilla maps is a huge waste. Just let players play Conquest Assault or Gun Master on any map. For CA just let one team have all flags at the start, and for Gun Master just use regular TDM layouts. That’s only a matter of changing a few variables. Adding some cap points for CQD should be an easy job as well, and if anything – can be tweaked later with community’s help. Compared to making a DLC or even making patches, this should be a piece of cake, especially if you keep your ears open and listen to community suggestions and feedback. There are many people who would gladly give you ideas for where to place cap points in CQD, free of charge. Great deal, right?

  • ziba tower is already ruined with players being able to get up on the roof which over looks the B flag.

  • Ulxsox

    Wtf is vanilla?

  • ostrichbean

    DOM wouldn’t work on the normal maps. GM, however, would be nice.

  • JustinD

    CQD on bigger maps will just make them end faster and give more of an unfair advantage to teams that already spawn rape on half the games. And gun master shouldnt even be on CQ I love battlefield to death but after “gun master” came out the only thing left now Is kill streaks.

    • You do know that CoD wasn’t the first to have gun game, right? They don’t own it. It’s not their idea. So it’s not some cod like addition.

  • dkdusty

    LOL for me the new cq and CQD is not popular for me. It didn’t really say anything to me. I prefer old school BF CQ. Looking more forward to Armored kill, in the mean time I will be taking a break from BF3.

  • rival

    i’d like to see rush on the CQ maps before CQD on the vanilla maps. I know LevelCap agrees with me

    • 000


  • Kaughan

    The thing I don’t like about the DOM spawn system is people randomly appearing behind you in an area that you just cleared. It’s frustrating as hell to fight soldiers who can teleport in behind you and shoot you in the back from a position you confirmed was safe three seconds ago.

    I would welcome DOM as an additional mode in the vanilla maps but not as a replacement for normal CQ. I’m not sure how much people would play it though, or for how long.

    • Kleptic

      This is exactly what ‘skewed statistics’ are. DOM is currently ‘popular’ because its brand new…there hadn’t been new game modes for half a year prior to CQ’s release…You can’t take data over a 2 week release window and say ‘yep, our community wants this attached to everything’…

      DOM is a mixed bag for me. while I think the cap time and pacing it creates is perfect for the new maps…the TDM spawn system is little more than a joke, with absolutely no real programming being used to determine spawn ‘safety’ or fairness. Its 100% random, no matter what DICE says to the contrary. I’m a player that LOVES the pacing change with Close Quarters, as its a great change for the time being, and guarantees a lot of action even when stuck with terrible randoms. Just like everyone else though, i HATE the spawn system.

      Conquest Domination on bigger maps will remove the best part of CQ in general (the fact that the spawn system is good enough that you know exactly when you’re in random spawn danger)…so i don’t see how it would work at all on consoles at least.

  • ACR-W buff

    THEY NEED TO BUFF THE ACR-W!!! I don’t care if its a recoil-less laser gun w/ decent range…its useless on single shot at even 5m!! Its supposed to be AT LEAST as powerful as the M4 in single shot and right now, they are forcing people to use full auto. I tried an experiment (on xbl) and the glock 18 did almost the same damage up close!! Thats my feedback…until they buff/patch the ACR-W, I am not too happy with my DLC guns (except for 417 and SCAR L which are pretty rad but thats it imo)

  • dr randog

    It’s not a bad idea but maybe they could scrap random spawning, give us a home spawn with multiple routes out and increase the player/flag count.

    Most of the large maps just need some smaller out of bounds areas and flags in different places.

    Eg. Caspian border to use ABC flags as they are make a smaller playing area, no. Ehicles and 2 new base spawns. This would suit a lot of console players as a lot of the maps were clearly designed with 64 players in mind creating a lot of dead zones and ghost towns.

    Bottom line is its a good idea if it is implemented right and not rushed.

  • Jamic

    Conquest assault pl0x

    CA would work interestingly in noshar, damavad and terhan highway.

    On the other hand, there is few places where IMO CQD would work.

  • fellow acr fan

    Absolutely right acr is crap until they make it as good as other engi weapons. having a blistering rof means nothing if its only good w/ HB in hc mode…and from what i can tell, y’all at dice think its “balanced” but its not. If people are so into high rof, use the f2000 and spray the place down. but the acr needs a tweak so it can kill reliably at range without full auto in hc

    • dpg70

      I’m sorry, but that ACR is a friggin’ beast. You are actually the first I have seen to think otherwise.

      • Irvine

        I agree that the ACR is not a weapon that needs to be buffed. The engineerclass don´t have a long range carbine. Thats their drawback. Play another class if you want more range from your weapon.

    • Casavult

      Get good at the game. Obviously your lack of skill has made you think the ACR is shit when it’s actually not. It’s balanced well along side other engineer weapons.

  • I’d rather they improve conquest large flag placements! Give us 7 flags with proper spacing. Conquest Domination is fun for a short time then it becomes pretty boring.

  • fiqst

    Use the existing TDM maps and spawn system, and since there’s no micro-destruction on the vanilla/b2k maps, CQD and GM can handle 12v12.

  • As more of a CoD player, I welcome this move… Would definitely get me to play more BF3 without having to buy premium or just the CQ “expansion”.

  • Timmy

    Conquest domination has been a great game mode. I’d enjoy playing it on other maps; but flag placement will be difficult. The flags are all ready a little cramped in CQ.

    My favorite part of conquest domination is the random spawn. It prevents spawn trapping. This would make any big ticket conquest map much more fun to play. It really sucks being on both sides of a spawn trap. Unless you play like a dick you wont get many points or kills.

    Maybe having squad leaders being allowed to random spawn with their squad mates spawning on each other or a flag.

  • MasonMei

    Generally CQD is awesome. But here’s the thing: You neutralize and capture flags way toooooo easily!
    I understand that in a CQB fight there aren’t many chances for you to just sit there for half a minute just doing nothing, but… well capturing is wayyyyyyy to fast… it takes less than 1 sec when 3 players are capturing. And it gives the same score as large CQs or CQLs (450 for neutralizing and capturing) which takes much much longer. What i’m worring about is that it might be a good place for the stupid score boosters to boost.
    So considering that one have to keep on moving, just reduce the score for neutralizing and capturing!
    IMO 50 for neutralizing and 100 for capturing will be the best.

  • Jesus

    Close Quarters guns were amazing, karkands weren’t that good. Karkand maps are amazing though.

  • I’d like to see this game mode on some of the older bigger maps

  • Roblestico

    We want some kind of ” map mode unification ” so we can play all modes on all maps

  • @TonetheBone925

    Is anyone else annoyed (who doesn’t have premium) that the window pops up “BUY NOW” every time you start the game?

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  • hvymtal (PS3)

    Absolutely, the park would be a great place to do CQD on Metro, since it brings frantic CQ action along with long sightlines, allowing for an excellent mix of short and mid range gameplay, and there are many good spots on other maps as well