Battlefield 3 – DICE Identifies Possible Cause Of Stats and XP Loss Issue, Don’t Use The FAMAS

Update 2: DICE has just clarified via Twitter, “It’s any game where the FAMAS is used so if anyone including you uses it.”

Update 1: Also via Facebook, DICE has mentioned that they will be sharing information tomorrow on an upcoming Battlefield 3 patch: “Stay tuned, Battlefield fans – We’ve got details on the upcoming patch coming tomorrow.”

Original Story: DICE has identified a possible cause of the issue a number of Battlefield 3 players are currently facing.

A few days ago, reports began surfacing that stats and experience points earned in-game were not being recognized by the Battlelog or by the end-of-match screen for a number of unlucky Battlefield 3 players. DICE has addressed the issue stating that they were aware it, though progress has yet to be made until just recently.

Via a Facebook announcement, DICE has surmised that the use of the FAMAS assault rifle could be the possible source of the bug. You can read what the developers had to say below:

We are aware that some players are experiencing a problem where their in-game stats and experience are not being recognized towards their progression on Battlelog or in-game. While we are working to resolve this issue we have also identified what can cause this problem to occur.

This issue only affects games in which a player uses the FAMAS weapon. In any game where the FAMAS is used there is a chance that player stats and experience will not be recognized after the game. We are temporarily recommending that players avoid using the FAMAS and spread the word to fellow players to avoid the problems this error can cause.

This advisory and problem are temporary and we expect to have them soon. Thank you for your patience.

So, consider staying away from the FAMAS for the time being. Make sure to say tuned to MP1st for more on the matter. Remember, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • I don’t even use the Famas.. and my stats didn’t register..That’s not the problem

    • josh

      same bro

      • you dont have to use the famas, if anybody uses it on either team the stats may not count

      • angry

        You fucking 2 idiots? If anybody using famas on a server ,not that you using ,fak sake

        • Lulu

          Was swearing at them necessarie? I don’t think it was.

        • Angry is just mad cuz his two dad’s raped his ass..

          • QwietStorm

            He’s just angry that people don’t read

  • Hahaha, thats funny. The Famas is causing this bug? How in the world is that possible?

    • they be reseting all the famas users 😀 should have done that to the USAS 😉

  • josh

    This doesn’t make any sense. I never use the FAMAS and I’m having this problem??? HHMMM!! Wierd?

    • did u pick it up

    • debue

      Well if you read the post closely it clearly sais that if anyone on the server is using the Famas there will be a loss of statistics, so it doesn’t matter if you use it or not..

  • Phoenix

    People still use that gun? That thing got nerfed to hell and back! Not that I’m complaining about it, though.

    • It stilll shuold atleast be the famas it feels like an smg!

  • So what DICE are really saying is we have no clue what is happening and a fix will come up in the patch in a few years oops i mean months 😛

    • WTFray

      At least patch notes are coming out tomorrow 😛

      • Just yesterday I asked them for patch notes on twitter. You just have to be polite, and they deliver 🙂

    • just like with input lag….still there to this day

      • airsoftsnip3r

        look at the notes now then! and you can stop your complaining!

  • Iury Simas

    yeap… not the problem. I never used the famas again after the patch. The bug is happening to me on all 3 platforms.

  • This problem has been around for a while now though.. I have played 310 hrs 😀 and I haven’t even got my RU and US service medals that unlock after playing 100hrs each..Go figure..Maybe the rest of the hours I played were for the Swedes or something 😛

    • fuc

      Vehicles you spend rest time fuckhead

      • BF3 is getting worse :(

        Well considering i got US 100 hours whilst I was in a tank, I think you’re the true fuckhead mate

      • You’re still in either US or RUS side when you’re in a tank you douche..

  • Awoken

    They stated if ANYONE in the match was using a Famas.

    • Billy Ho

      Actually that is not quite what they stated. Though that is probably what they meant.

      They specified player (singular) in the first sentence in the paragraph and didn’t specifically identify multiple people using the FAMAS in the second sentence. Thus the proper assumption would be that the second sentence refers to any game that player (singular) uses the FAMAS in will have issues.
      “This issue only affects games in which a player uses the FAMAS weapon. In any game where the FAMAS is used there is a chance that player stats and experience will not be recognized after the game.”

      • Nope

        They would have said ‘the player’ to be specific. ‘A player’ is a general statement for anyone on the server.

        • Billy Ho

          When the paragraph starts out singular… then it will stay so until changed. Using “a player” does not properly change it from singular. Though as stated before that is probably what they intended. They just din’t properly word it correctly within the paragraph.

  • It says “Any game where the FAMAS is used.”. From what I can gather from this, is that no matter if it’s you who use it or someone else, that game is busted?

    Ironic that it’s the FAMAS causing the bug.

  • Stef Man

    Not played the game for like 3 weeks. I missed double points and never heard of this problem before… Double points created this bug?

  • Casavult

    “This issue only affects games in which a player uses the FAMAS weapon.”

    So are they saying that even if you’re not using it, XP and rewards can still not progress if other players are using it in-game?

    I’ve lost a total of 110,000 XP. I was Col. Service Star 76, ranked up to Col. Service Star 77 earned 110,000 XP after about 10 games in the same server. I then left that server to join another and ranked up AGAIN to 77!? I haven’t even used the FAMAS in 3 weeks… DICE, please fix this… Thank you. 🙂

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  • FyrNdaHole

    They should have said it was the dart and recommend not using it.

    • Nails

      M26/hbar glitch usage causes total XP loss and ball shrinkage…

  • m.smalls

    me n my brother were having this issue the other day but we never use that trash ass gun! wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole!(after patch)

  • joe

    I’m guessing that what they are saying, but not clearly enough, is that one player using FAMAS is what triggers a stat loss for everyone on the server.

  • MW

    That also happens when using m26 dart and usas. So keep away from them ppl!

    • yeah and the pp19,mav,as VAL,m249,p60 and any gun that uses the M26…beware >_>

  • …..i used the famas like 2 games……… was utter sh*t why in the hell would anyone in their right minds use it? also yippie i know i should be angry but we are getting a patch :)!!!!!!

    • QwietStorm

      Do you mean you’ve used it 2 total games ever? Because it was a beast before the patch. Right now, yea its kinda gimped. Looks like its getting some balls back on the 4th though.

      • i starred it (100 kills) when B2k came out then i stopped using it for…..month only started using it recently

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  • GTReventon

    Well if someone uses the FAMAS in a server and everyone gets affected then DICE should quickly fix this. Some people would probably use it to piss everyone off.

    • Killakalikush

      It’s already being done.

  • Billy Ho

    i have seen no issue with losing points or XP. What I see is early issue of points before I actually receive them. I got the Suppression ribbon before I got the needed number of ribbons. And now I keep getting it over and over with the latter times not giving me points because I didn’t actually earn them, but still showing a medal for it.

    Same with Support Star… I got it before I had the needed points for it, along with the XP for it. Now I just got it again but got no points for it. Nor should I as I got the points given to me earlier. Something is screwed up.

    And it has nothing to do with FAMAS. 4 of us played a game with similar issues and NONE of us used the FAMAS. Only 4 people in the game… easy to know the cause was not the weapon.

  • Hot-Wire

    Or if you are the worlds biggest troll, use the Famas only.

  • Mark L.

    Thats bologna, I havent used the FAMAS since the first week of the rent-a-server patch and I still got afflicted with your bull once again DICE. You cant even get your game right the first time: disappearing ribbons/medals, vaulting is retarded, and now you break it when your not even trying to fix it (M26+Heavy barrel anyone?). Here we go again with your incessant stream of excuses and false speculations once again. Its a freaking pain because I still love to play BF3, it just bothers me when you try to pass yourself off as a professional company and you cant even handle your first “major” stab into the FPS genre. Basically what Im trying to say is, FIX YOUR FUCKING GAME AND JUST BE HONEST WITH US! Stop lying, and start solving. Nuff said, my rant is done. It’s been all pent up since day 1 lol.

    • debue

      Well if you read the post closely it clearly sais that if anyone on the server is using the Famas there will be a loss of statistics, so it doesn’t matter if you use it or not..


    gj dice. How idiots your must be, if that bug is moving out

  • MasonMei

    OH NOOOO ANOTHER PATCH!!!!! It means another ‘breaking more things than fixing’. When they fix the FAMAS stats loss problem… well other weapons’ stats will lost then D:

    • Billy Ho

      They show no info for a FAMAS XP Loss fix in the new patch.

  • Well then it is good I never use it then. haha

  • Dragelarve

    Hope they’ll nerf those pesky jets. Please remove rocket pods – they are OP, unrealistic and ruins the gameplay.

  • RabidTurtle

    Will we be getting back any lost XP? I’m holding off playing the game till this is fixed, since I’m slowly leveling up my PC account. Play about an hour a night, so having that hour mean nothing towards my rank just makes me play other games during that time.

  • Billy Ho

    I see that the list of patch fixes that just came out does not mention the fixing of this issue!!!